The National AIDS Commission is educating the young HIV and AIDS victim

Jimmy Leslie, youth empowerment coordinator

Today youths whose lives revolve around educating others on the negative factors that accompany stigma and discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS gathered to listen to new views on the issue. It is a topic high on the agenda for the National AIDS Commission over the next two years and it is taking an all-encompassing approach in every district across Belize. Jimmy Leslie is heading his group from Benque Viejo. He says it all boils down to having respect for other’s rights.

But the job of imparting information that will sway the mindset of some is easier to conceptualize than to make happen, as Toledo’s Chairperson of the National AIDS Commission, Joan Palma shared.

Joan Palma, chair, NAC, Toledo

The National AIDS Commission has as its focus between now and 2014 to change people’s attitude towards others.