And while they are touring in Belize - perennial local favorite Supa G is home from touring abroad.

He's releasing his new album - which is the 14th of his career - and the tenth solo recording.

He told us about it today:..

Supa G, Artist
"Actually it's something that just comes up. I was in New York at one of my friend's house and my friend ask me if I won't release any new album and I told him that I don't think so. While we were there, songs start to come out and when you see we came up with an album - just like that, very simple."

"I decide to release it at this time. We only took like 1 week to put this album together. There are 9 brand new tracks and 4 old tunes. That is one of the reasons why we are selling it for only $10. There are a lot of hype songs Suga G style and I also have one song that wasn't written by myself that is from Speedwagon - I did it in reggae. Its different styles of music on it; I have a paranda track on it also."

"It's something that old and young people can enjoy. Even now that I record the 10th album - I will not take any break again right now at all. I have to keep on working because then this is bigger than me and any single artist - this is about pushing Belizean music for Belize to get recognize not only for the negative stuff happening in the city but also for the positive things - the talent that we have as Belizean artists. I have to keep on pushing."

The album sells for ten dollars.

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