Institute of Archeology combs excavation of old football field for artifacts and antiques

With the construction of the San Pedro Sunset Boardwalk replacing the old Saca Chispas Football Field, there is major excavation taking place. And with the excavation comes the unexpected unearthing of antique items such as bottles and Maya artifacts. For that reason the Institute of Archeology dispatched personnel to San Pedro Town on Monday, September 17th to rescue, recover, document and transport whatever antique bottles and Maya artifacts found during the excavation process.

The team, consisting of two representatives of the Institute of Archeology and senior students of the San Pedro High School as volunteers, combed through large piles of excavated material in search of larger pieces or intact old bottles and whatever Maya artifacts that could be found. Archeologist at the Institute of Archeology Silvia Batty said that they are also monitoring the excavation. "Currently we are monitoring the excavation because we received reports that there were bottles coming up so we wanted to see the amount of bottles coming up and salvage whatever we can. We are trying to salvage old colonial bottles that are coming up and by law an antiquity is anything that is over 150 years old, so that is what we are focusing on and we have found quite a few of them," said Batty.

After being catalogued, the antiquities found will be kept at the Institute of Archeology in Belmopan City where the archeologist will try to determine the make and age of the items. As per normal practice, the items will be housed in a safe environment by the Institute of Archeology and pieces of interest will be handed to the Museum of Belize or the future House of Culture that is being planned for San Pedro for display. The Institute of Archeology is encouraging members of the community who are aware of those who have in their possession antiquities that were found at the Saca Chispas Field and are being sold, to report it to the Institute of Archeology at 822-2106 or 822-2227.

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