SP PUP executive asks the Mayor to "live up" to his campaign promise

The San Pedro Branch of the People's United Party Executive has gone public and is calling on the Mayor of San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), Daniel Guerrero to "live up" to his campaign promise and commission an independent audit of the past three terms under which Mayor Elsa Paz governed. The public announcement was made via a press release issued by the SP PUP committee on Friday, September 14th which was reiterated by the only PUP elected town councilor, Wally Nu´┐Żez JR.

The release makes reference to the Mayor's response during his July 26th report on the state of the council following the first 100 days at helm of the SPTC. The release says that the "meeting by the SPTC to present their report for their first hundred days of administration raises more questions than answers." The release makes reference to Mayor Guerrero's campaign promise to conduct an independent audit of the previous administration but backed off after he was elected. "The Mayor answered that he did not want to go on a witch hunt as to what and who was responsible for the perceived mismanagement. That, according to him, the past was the past and that he wanted to concentrate on the future.

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