Soon after the US black listed Belize, the Prime Minister spent some time addressing the most pressing concern of the country, and that is crime. His most poignant moment was his admittance that the successes of the anti-crime initiatives were temporary. That is one of the reasons why Belize will be getting professional help from the government of India.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“But it is not as though no cloud darkens our sun, not as though we are without problems. And the stubbornest, most protracted of these is the continuing instability caused by the crime and violence in our urban areas, especially Belize City. When we come to lament the seeming intractability of this citizen security issue, some may be forgiven for feeling discouraged. We have tried well-nigh everything. Yet far from permanently improving, the situation overall seems merely to get slightly better, then worse again. But if this challenge won’t go away any time soon, neither can our determination to confront it. And we have had some successes. Indeed, in international forums Belize’s program of social interventions and initiatives to try to stem gang violence, has received rave reviews. Now this might be cold comfort since the successes we have enjoyed have all turned out to be temporary. But virtue doesn’t have to be its own reward. Attracted by the quality of our efforts, one of the largest social violence reduction organizations in the world is coming to Belize to assist with funding and capacity building. Similarly, the Government of India has offered technical and operational assistance to our Ministry of National Security. Thus a well-credentialed, law and order expert from the sub continent should be in post soon as advisor to the Belize Police Department.”

The P.M. also noted that the Police department is adding specialized intelligence and operational units to battle crime while a Cabinet subcommittee has been appointed to work with Restore Belize on a new strategy.

Channel 5