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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

September celebrations highlighted by schools on the island
There were several events that took place in the week leading up to the Independence Day celebration on the island. The September celebrations events included the first ever Patriotic night, the annual Social Studies contest and a first ever George Price Biography group presentation. The events were organized by various organizations and held at different venues, all leading up to Independence Day. The first ever Patriotic Night was held at the Angel Nu�ez Auditorium on Tuesday night September 18th and was organized by the Ministry of Education. The event was filled with patriotism and had presentations such as dances, poems, folkloric songs and a bit of drama. Primary schools as well as the San Pedro High School and the San Pedro Junior College were on board for the event. The performance that captivated the attention of the general audience was the dramatization of the eve of Independence back in 1981. The re-enactment detailed the ceremony on the historic night when the Union Jack (British Flag) was lowered and the Belizean flag hoisted for the first time. Those in attendance were enthralled by the presentationgiven by the San Pedro High School.

Education Day held at Banana Belt
Student teachers of the Secondary and Primary Teacher Training Programmes in the Banana Belt Communities exhibited aspects of their training programmes at 10 am at the Georgetown Technical High School (GTHS) on Sunday September 23, 2012. At the event entitled "Education Day" some 150 student teachers showcased aspects of their work as they relate to new and unique learning initiatives that will improve the quality of early childhood and primary education for the children of the Banana Communities and by extension across the country. Visiting Belize for the exhibit was Ambassador Paola Amadei, the Head of Delegation, European Union Delegation to Jamaica, Belize, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands and Cayman Islands.

VIDEO: San Pedro Town Independence Day Parade
Many Faces, Many Dreams, one Goal -- Celebrating Belize!

Ambergris Today

A Fashion Tribute to Belizean History
As the smoke of the magnificent fireworks dissipated at midnight on the Eve of Independence, many felt a swell of patriotic pride. The entire country celebrated and expressed their "Belizean Pride" in different ways; we parade, we decorate, and we dance. But a trio of Belizeans decided to do something unique this year. Designer Rebecca Stirm, history student Cherisse Halsall, and photographer Monica Gallardo partnered to reveal the stories of four outstanding Belizean Historical figures - through fashion. "Well, it all began when I had the privilege of viewing Stirm's mini collection in her studio earlier this month; I found myself reflecting on the understated elegance and graceful detailing of the pieces," commented Cherisse Halsall. "They evoked within me thoughts of old colonial Belize with its wooden mansion's and red bricked cathedrals. Through conversations between myself, Stirm, and Photographer Monica Gallardo, we were able to come up with a plan for photographing the mini-collection as a 'Fashion Tribute to Our History'."

Spectacular Fireworks Display Commemorating Belize's Independence
This year marked the 31st Anniversary of our beloved Belize's Independence and throughout our great Nation celebrations were at its best since the beginning of September. On the eve of our Independence, Thursday, September 20, 2012, the festivities kicked off early with the annual block party rocking the night away on Barrier Reef Drive and Central Park. The official ceremony which led to the flag raising ceremony included several dance and musical performances by local artists that had the huge crowd rather entertained. Torch bearers followed by lovely Miss San Pedro 2012 Ms. Naiely Puc along with Deputy Mayor Severo Guerrero made their way through the crowded streets towards Central Park. Coming right behind them were the Isla Bonita Marching Band, The San Pedro Dance Academy majorettes and the Belize Coast Guard.

What is a curriculum?
By Gustavo Ramirez, Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant The 2012 high school year started this month. At first, it was exciting to meet new teachers and welcome back returning teachers; however, the excitement has passed. Students now must rely on their own abilities and think for themselves. By now, they have sized up each new teacher and class, and labeled each as "Great!" or "Here we go again!" By now, though, I wonder how many students know and understand what specific academic goals and knowledge is required by term end in each class subject. Those who have no idea of what those goals are will end up frustrated and over dependent on teachers. A school curriculum describes all the courses/classes that a student is required to study and master (pass) in order to graduate from that school. A course curriculum outlines and summarizes all the areas and topics in a specific subject matter, (i.e. English, Math, Accounting, Spanish, etc.) that a student is required to study and master by term/year end. Each teacher describes a course curriculum to students differently. Some teachers outline and explain to students from the first week of class all the lessons or units they will study during the term, including when to expect tests, homework, projects and class activities; some teachers provide students with preprinted handouts that summarize the course curriculum; some teachers explain in advance their grading system and how they evaluate each student; unfortunately, some teachers introduce the course curriculum to students, one lesson or Unit at a time only throughout the term/year.

Don't You Want to Parade Every Day?
Oh how I love September Celebrations in Belize, especially the Independence Day Parade in San Pedro. It is an amazing feeling how we all are out there celebrating one thing - our identity as Belizeans. It is one thing to view the parade from your home or on the street side, but nothing beats being a part of the parade and dancing for your enjoyment and that of everybody! I have been documenting the Independence Day Parade held in San Pedro on the 21st of September for quite some time now and nothing compares to being in the parade and walking through the large groups filled with vivid colors, loud carnival music and energetic people who are dancing to celebrate the freedom we have in Belize. It's inspiring and every time I am editing the pictures and videos I want to do it all over again - parade once again!

VIDEO: Belize Independence Day Parade 2012 (Part 2)
A look at the Independence Day Parade 2012 in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize through the eyes of Ambergris Today's Editor, Dorian Nu�ez, as he weaves through the party revelers and enjoys the music and dance that Belize has to offer.

Misc Belizean Sources

Candlelight Vigil at UB
The University of Belize is having a candlelight vigil forNorval Belisle, and other victims of violence, tomorrow. "The Office of Student Affairs announces that a Memorial Service/Vigil for Norval Belisle will be held on Wednesday September 26th 2012 at 6:00pm at the UB gymnasium, central campus."

Rumors Anniversary Dance
Rumors will be celebrating their one year anniversary on Saturday night. They'll be having a dance with raffles, prizes, specials on food and drinks, and live performances by Cayo artists. Don't miss it! "On September 29th, we make a comeback to serve the general public as a full-time Restaurant with upgraded services and menus... Come celebrate this important milestone with us and enjoy a fun-packed night with much to take advantage of. Thank you all for your support, we hope to offer you our ever-improving service because you deserve it."

SMART IT Seminar at Cahal Pech
Smart will be having a seminar today at Cahal Pech Resort for Cayo's teachers of Information Technology at the secondary and tertiary level. It will go from 9:00am until 11:00am. If you're a teacher of IT, stop by and find out about Smart's projects that might help your school. Thanks, Smart!

Eco Adventures Around San Ignacio
Island Expeditions has a great list of eco adventures one can do around Cayo. The SIRH's Green Iguana Conservation Project gets a great review, as do the Belize Botanic Gardens at DuPlooy's, and Chaa Creek's Natural History Museum and Butterfly Farm. David, from David's Adventure Tours, is shown preparing to explore Barton Creek Cave. "The eco adventures I recommend are going to the San Ignacio farmers' market, exploring Maya temples and Maya caves, Mountain Pine Ridge sightseeing, taking a day trip to Chaa Creek's butterfly farm, medicinal trail and natural history museum, exploring the Macal and Mopan river, visiting the San Ignacio Resort Green Iguana exhibit, touring DuPlooy's Botanical Garden, and Cave Tubing or Zip-Lining at Jaguar Paw."

Belizean Custard
This custard is made instant from a powder. When I was a child I use to watch my grandmother make this custard for us to eat on rainy days. When tried to make it for the first time, I came out horrible and lumpy. That is until someone, showed me how to make it. Now this recipe is simple for me to make and with a little bit of sweetener this dessert/snack tastes divine.

No Mosquitos on Caye Caulker!
Yep, it's true, there are no flies on us!! I have waited until the rainy season has passed sufficiently to be confident about this statement but now I am almost 100% sure that we can say that Caye Caulker is mosquito-less!! The wisdom or the reasoning behind his lack of bothersome insect varies depending on who you speak to � some feel it is because the oceans around us are less warm, thus less atmospheric activity ie hurricanes and also less mosquitos!?? I have also heard that some feel it is because tourism is down and therefore there are less tourists to bite!?? � the fact that tourism is not down should really be the argument against this reasoning!! There is a short and simple reasoning behind this phenomenon and it is our new mosquito deterrent created by our Village Council this year. Alberto Villanueva (our Chairman) in his endeavor to rid our island of these hideous creatures in ideally an environmentally sound way, approached the Ministry of Health for their advice. They had in storage a product called Abate that seemed to fit the bill but nobody seemed to want to use. Abate larvicide controls malaria and other vector-borne diseases by controlling pests before they reach maturity, preventing them from breeding and spreading disease through new generations of insects.

Blue Hole Listed Among The Top 10 Places To Celebrate
Exciting News! Belize's extraordinary Blue Hole has been featured in the Traveler's issue of National Geographic magazine. The August/September 2012 issue features a story on "World Wonders, 10 Places to Celebrate." National Geographic Traveler is the world's most read travel magazine and uses a sense of story-telling complemented by sensational imagery. "We're very happy to see our magnificent country being continuously covered in these world renowned magazines, especially that of the National Geographic Traveler" commented the Director of Tourism, Mrs. Laura Frampton. The overall theme of this magazine is "Nobody Knows the World Better." In this issue, writer George W. Stone attempts to bring recognition to "lesser known jewels of natural beauty and cultural tradition" that are sometimes overlooked and even threatened. The article mentions Jacques Cousteau's theory on the formation of the Great Blue Hole. He believes that this phenomenon is due to geological shifts from over 150,000 years ago. The Blue Hole is among other worldly wonders such as the largest mud brick structure located in Mali, and "the rock garden of the gods," the Wadi Rum Protected Area located in Southern Jordan. To learn more about this issue and the other wonders listed, please visit the National Geographic Traveler website at

Cayo 2012 Independence Parade Was Simply Magnificent [PHOTOS]
The Independence parade in Cayo, this year, was one to remember forever. The theme "Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal" was beautifully displayed with tons of colors and dances by the parade presenters. From Chinese dragons to clowns, the streets were filled with people jumping up and down celebrating the 31st anniversary of Belize independence. I even saw a very old woman, perhaps 70 years old, dancing to local punta music--How awesome is that? Honestly, I am not sure how the other parades were in the different districts but I certainly enjoyed the Cayo parade. I am looking forward to be there next year once more. Here are some of the photos that I took while I enjoyed the parade with my wife. Hope you enjoy them!

Sugar City Rum Festival
Have you ever heard about a Rum Festival in Belize? Well if you haven't, that is because there hasn't been none ever. Belize is now featuring its first Rum Festival and it promises to be huge. The BTIA's-OW Chapter and the Belize Tourism Board proudly present the 1st Annual "Sugar City Rum Festival"! We have teamed up with Cuello's Distillery, Traveller's Liquors, Bowen & Bowen Limited and the Orange Walk Town Council to bring to you a fun-filled family event on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at the People's Stadium in Orange Walk Town. Featured events for the day include lots of games, Kiddie Corner, cultural presentations, musical performances by popular bands, bartending competition, food stalls, and much more! Check out BTIA-OW Chapter's Facebook Page: for regular updates. For more information contact the BTIA-OW office at [email protected] or call 651-4860.

Channel 7

Min. Hulse: ASR Concession Is NOT An Accommodation Agreement
The term accommodation agreement has become like a bad word in modern politics - and that's because of the secret accommodation agreement that the Musa Administration signed with the Ashcroft Alliance for Telemedia. Well, the Barrow Administration is making no secret of the accommodation it has worked out with American Sugar Refineries, a US company that will become the majority shareholder in BSI. But disclosing the agreement doesn't mean it's going down with a spoonful of sugar. The details have been circulated in the parliamentary papers for tomorrow's Special House Sitting. It is described in the Sugar Industry And Cogeneration Development Incentives Act of 2012. And what lavish incentives it does give - including an exemption from income and business tax retroactive to 2008, with partial exemptions continuing up to 2016. It also exempts BSI and BELCOGEN from tax on dividends for 5 years and ten years on environmental tax as well as customs and excise duties.

Jury Deliberating Fate Of Man Who Stabbed And Killed Stepfather
A jury of 12 remains locked down in deliberation to determine the fate of 23 year-old Justin Orillana, the man who was charged with the murder of his 38 year-old stepfather, Cecil Thompson. In his trial which started last week, the prosecutor, Crown Counsel Thalia Meagan Francis, called several witnesses to testify but the key witnesses were the arresting officer, and another police officer who Orillano allegedly gave an oral confession. Both officers testified that Orillana, after being detained and duly cautioned, reportedly confessed that he was at Thompson's Vernon Street home at around 7 p.m. on March 27, 2007, he stabbed Thompson. He reportedly said that he did it out of anger, and he didn't mean for Thompson to die. While he didn't admit directly in this statement to stabbing Thompson, he said that he threw away the bloody clothes when he fled to Hattieville. One of the officers testified that when he asked Orillana to clarify certain sections of his statement, he admitted to stabbing Thompson.

Driver Foiled Attempted Robbery Of Delivery Truck On Hummingbird
A Quality Poultry delivery truck got a scare on the Hummingbird Highway this afternoon when a pair of bandits attempted to hijack the truck between miles 26 and 27 just outside of Middlesex. The assailants were armed but their attempt failed, because the driver managed to escape. No one was hurt. Dangriga police responded but found no one in the area.

The Ten Cents/Mile Myth Exploded and Reloaded
10 Cents a mile - that's what bus owners say they are entitled to under the law - and that's why the bus fare for Belmopan went up to five dollars. If you do the math, it's ten cents a mile for 50 miles and that gives you five dollars. But the ministry of transport couldn't find any law or any statutory instrument that entitles them to that ten cents a mile - even though the bus owners keep referring to it. That seems to create a bit of a legal quandary - but the ministry today issued a brief press release saying that it has given its support to the adjustment of fares to make it ten cents per mile across the board. A table of rates for major routes will be distributed tomorrow. We'll wait and see what that says because while the western runs are fighting for ten cents a mile, the southern runs are charging 15 cents a mile and up!

Man Gets Off Carnal Charge
Last night the news was about a man who got 15 years for indecent assault, well tonight's news is about a man who got off multiple counts of carnal knowledge. 32 year-old Edwin Flores was acquitted of 5 counts unlawful carnal knowledge against when his trial was completed today before Justice Adolph Lucas. The prosecution, which was represented by Crown Counsel Shenieza Smith, called several witness to testify against Flores in his trial which started last week, but the main witness was the victim herself, who was 11 years-old at the time. She told the court that Flores had sexual intercourse with her 5 times between 2008 and 2009. She said that on the fifth occasion, one of her relatives arrived and got suspicious that only the two were in the house. The minor said that the relative called her mother, who took her to see a private doctor. The doctor testified for the prosecution that there were signs that the child was carnally known, but there was no evidence to tell when it actually took place. When the prosecution closed their case, Flores, who was represented by attorney Hubert Elrington, testified in his defence that he never once had sex with the minor.

"Tyson" Gets 7 Years
43 year-old Henry "Tyson" Lauriano will spend 7 years in prison because he was convicted of robbery and harm today in Magistrate's Court. In Lauriano's trial, the victim, 51 year-old George Griffith, testified for the prosecution that at around 11:30 p.m. on December 28, 2011, he was on an abandoned lot on Amara Avenue playing dominoes with 3 other friends. Griffith said that Lauriano, who he identified as "Tyson", approached him and asked him for money, and he responded that he didn't have any. That's when Lauriano pulled out a knife and demanded money, and Griffith tried to leave but Lauriano blocked his path. Griffith said that Lauriano stabbed at him with the knife, and he attempted to block it, the knife caught him on the right hand, slashing 3 tendons in his palm. When the knife caught Griffith, Lauriano then reached into his pocket, stole $45 dollars, and fled the scene. Griffith said that he sought medical treatment and reported the incident to police who arrested and charged Lauriano with robbery and grievous harm. When the prosecution closed their case, Lauriano testified and admitted that he was at the location at the time. But according to him, he didn't threaten Griffith or ask him about any money.

DJ Tambran, Vindicated! And Victimized?
A few weeks ago, you heard DJ Tambran tell us about his woes with the City Council. Well, since going public, things haven't gotten any better. The standoff with the council only worsened with Tambran still claiming compensation for damaged items - and the council claiming he owns rent and trade license fees. But, tonight the news is that the deadlock has been broken, not resolved, but broken. The Council paid of Tambran and evicted him at the same time. He told us that he feels both vindicated and victimized:.. DJ Tambran "Today is the day they settled with me. It was clear that the Mayor Darrell Bradley let everybody knows that he will settle with me for the damages but that I can't be here anymore - you got to get out." "This is totally wrong but I am happy to know that they are compensating me and the court and everything is done but Darrell Bradley and the city council - these people.... I don't know why sometimes we have to live under this type of victimization. It is not worth it, I've been here for 14 years, they are slandering me and my name and look at it now - they are paying me off, they owe me more. They are the ones that owes me and I could have taken it further but you know what I am a business man, I cut my losses and I will move on."

Water Woes Plague Electric Avenue Residents
And staying on the subject of City Hall - construction works are happening all across the city - as multiple streets are being paved simultaneously. It's Mayor Darrell Bradley's big pitch for the Municipal Bond - but the truth is, BWS just can't keep up with the rapid pace of paving. And so the utility is all over the city - refitting the network of pipes that snake under streets. One neighborhood that says it has been acutely inconvenienced is the area in and around Electric Avenue in the Lake Independence Area. Work has been ongoing for weeks - and that has meant intermittent, daily water outages. Today, two neighbors, asking to appear off camera told us how badly it has inconvenienced them: Area Resident "Two weeks now the water pressure goes from like after 8 in the morning and it doesn't come back until after 6 in the evening. I am really frustrated because I have two kids; my son always runs up and down around here and I can't even bath him. My daughter doesn't have on her shirt because there is no water to bath her. We can't even cook; when we cook we have to buy purified water and that is really expensive because we are poor people."

OCEANA Still Wants Those Referendum Signatures Reviewed
As we've reported, Oceana Belize is seeking to have Justice Oswell Legall reverse the validity of several offshore oil drilling contracts which the Ministry of Natural Resources issued in 2007. That case is at the point now where Oceana will get their day in court in exactly a month from today, but Oceana Belize also has another case against the Government of Belize in Justice Michelle Arana's court. In that case, they are seeking judicial review of the February 2012 decision from the Chief Elections Officer to void just over 40% of the signatures submitted by Oceana to trigger a referendum on offshore drilling. But, currently the referendum case is much further behind than the offshore oil contracts matter because it is just in its case management phase. Today, Justice Arana called up the case in her private chambers, all parties discussed about the earliest date that this matter can be heard.

PUP Celebrates Birthday and Rt. Hon. Price
The PUP is celebrating its 62nd. Birthday on the 29th September. The post-independence years have not been great for the once dominant nationalist party - but today they were banking on the timeless Legacy of George Price to excite some potential new recruits. The party had an open day and it invited school children from across the city. We also visited and here's what we saw:... Mirtle Palacio, Secretary General - PUP George Price. "We have decided this year to push education - to encourage our young people to read and to know about our history - to know about our leaders and today is an open house." "While the general public in invited we are concentrated on school starting from the primary school level; standard 5 and 6 as you saw earlier today and we also have some high schools at the lower level. It's an open house and in this celebration we are educating through videos and pamphlets pictures about the political history and about the leaders. This is continuing on discussing the legacy of You can't think about political history without thinking about George Price. You can't think about Independence without thinking about Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price and his leadership, so that is what we are doing today. We have students themselves looking at the written word and also looking at videos and being able to asses for themselves. It's a different period and a different era for them looking at this and reading this for themselves will educate them on what it was like before." Tomorrow, the PUP will be hosting a Public Forum called "The Legacy of George Price" with Godfrey Smith - who wrote Price's authorized biography as the main presenter. It is open to the public and will be held at Independence Hall.

Diesel Price Spikes - Thank Petrocaribe
As we've reported, the Venezuelan fuel under the resurrected Petrocaribe agreement arrived in country over two weeks ago - and the effect at the pump has just started to be felt - and let's just say, the first impression is not a good one. The pump price of Diesel went up by one dollar and one cent on Friday morning - bringing it to 11 dollars and 18 cents a gallon in the city. That's the price of the Venezuelan diesel; it reflects world pump prices which are currently trending higher - and the fact that the previous price of 10.17 per gallon had been artificially low - because PUMA Energy was competing with BNE - which had started to import Diesel. The Venezuelan diesel is reported to be of a higher grade - but - in an outcome you can file under the law of unintended consequences it's probably not what's being pumped into your tank right now. And that's because all the dealers knew the price would have to go up - after staying unchanged for months - they stocked up on diesel at the old price - to make a modest dollar a gallon killing on their inventories when prices changed on Friday. The adjusted price for the Venezuelan regular and premium has not come into effect yet - but regular - at least is also expected to increase by a few cents.

Channel 5

Robbery attempt of Quality Poultry on Hummingbird Highway
Just before one this afternoon, an armed and attempted robbery on the highway left one man injured. Two employees of Quality Poultry Products were on the Hummingbird Highway on routine deliveries when robbers attempted to jack them. But due to quick action by Peter Harder and Ronny Vega, the robbery was averted. News Five's Duane [...]

Cane Farmers Assn. says American Sugar Refinery gets unfair advantage
Up to late this evening, cane farmers were meeting on a proposed bill that goes to the House of Representatives on Wednesday which provides for major tax exemptions and concessions in the sale of Belize Sugar Industries. The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association got hold of a copy of the Sugar Industry and Cogeneration Project [...]

Will cane farmers benefit from the sale of B.S.I. which is getting huge tax concessions?
Tonight's question is: Do you think that cane farmers will benefit from the sale of B.S.I. which is getting huge tax concessions? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected].

The economic indicators of living in the south
In this segment of Economic Indicators, the Great Belize Research Center, looks at specific factors relating to the southernmost district which is not only delineated by its geographical distance, but is defined by grave economic indicators. Unofficial figures put the poverty level of the country at a rate between forty to forty-nine percent. Toledo has [...]

Bad penmanship and the foiled offshore referendum
In the past few weeks, Oceana and the government have been back and forth in court in the preliminary stages of a case, challenging the validity of six oil exploration contracts. Well, they were back in court today; this time over the disqualification of over eight thousand signatures in Oceana's campaign to trigger a referendum [...]

Flores freed of carnal knowledge charges
A San Pedro resident waited anxiously for three hours as a jury of nine deliberated on five counts of carnal knowledge upon an eleven year old girl. And at two-forty-five this afternoon, Edwin Flores received the good news that he was found not guilty on all counts. Flores was arrested after a relative found him [...]

Neighbor gained access to minor through her window
In the lower court, twenty nine year old Ladyville resident, Kenroy Betancourt, a Security Guard was convicted of aggravated assault of an indecent nature upon a fourteen year-old girl who knew him well. The conviction was before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, where Betancourt was sentenced to three years in prison. Betancourt entered the [...]

Sentenced to 12 years for robbing and stabbing his friend
The overwhelming evidence before the court against forty-three year old Henry Lauriano, aka "Tyson", ended in a conviction and he was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment for robbing and stabbing his friend. The incident happened after a dominoes game when it is alleged that Lloyd George Griffith, aka "Ras Head" was robbed of forty five [...]

Teakettle man said he had nothing to do with rape
Four women reported they were raped over the celebrations weekend. Suspects have been identified in the cases and the police department has questioned them as well as potential witnesses. On Monday's newscast the police press officer identified the people who were detained for questioning in relation to one of the incidents in Belmopan. One of [...]

Largest living reef battles coral bleaching
The Belize Barrier Reef and, by extension, Mesoamerica is under threat by coral bleaching. The event is normally triggered when warmer waters than usual enter the normal eco system and it is felt that due to higher temperatures from global warming, coral bleaching is likely to occur more regularly. If not managed, the process can [...]

Conrad Jones still missing
It has been twelve days since sixty-four year old Conrad Jones disappeared without a trace and there are still no clues on his whereabouts or what could have happened to him. Conrad's relatives and police officers have combed the Hattieville area where he was last seen at around two-thirty on the morning of September thirteenth. [...]

P.U.P. celebrates its 62nd Anniversary
It has been a month of celebrations to mark the anniversary of Independence and over on Queen Street, the People's United Party is also gearing up to celebrate its sixty-second birthday. It's a huge moment because last September, the P.U.P. also suffered a major loss with the death of George Price, under whose leadership nationhood [...]


Activities for Senior Citizens Underway in Belize
Activities for Senior Citizens week are taking place around the county. One of the guests on the Love FM Morning Show today was Evan Dakers from Helpage Belize. He explains why the need for the observance of the week. EVAN DAKERS Helpage Belize "Every year...

Biscayne Primary School Gets Cafeteria Renovated
The Biscayne Primary School in the Belize district is getting a much needed renovation of its cafeteria. The upgraded facility comes courtesy the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The renovation of the Biscayne School cafeteria is part of the Chamber's twentiet...

Police News
Thirty-six year old Rudolph Smith, a.k.a. "Tubba", charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated assault of an indecent nature, was sentenced to 15 tears for aggravated burglary and three years for aggravated assault after he was found guilty of the charges on Monday. Chi...

Baptist School Principal Dismissed Following Sexual Misconduct
Earlier this month President of the Baptist Association Ruperto Vicente told Love News that the Board had met to discuss the fate of Principal of the Belmopan Baptist High School Norman Willacey. On Monday that decision was made public as the Board issued a release to say tha...

Midway Villagers Disappointed In Their September Celebrations
Activities for the thirty first anniversary of Belize's Independence have come and gone. But one community in the Toledo district is complaining that they were left high and dry this past weekend. Our Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung heard their complaints and files t...

Oceana and Government of Belize Go Into Case Management Hearing
Today the case of OCEANA Belize versus the Government of Belize was more of a case management issue than a proceeding. The case before Justice Michelle Arana has to do with OCEANA Belize, which is asking the court to review a decision by the Chief Elections Officer to reject the ...


A series of rape took place over the holiday
There was a series of incidents of rape reported over the holiday weekend in the south and in the Cayo district. Police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood shared the details in the weekly press briefing.

San Ignacio's mayor speach for Independence Day
In San Ignacio and Santa Elena, the celebration of Independence Day was also marked by official ceremonies at the Administration Building where Mayor John August along with area representatives Joseph Mahmud and Rene Montero delivered addresses to thousands of residents who turned out for the occasion.

The PUP leader speak for Independence Day celebration
For his part, the Leader of the Opposition People's United party Francis Fonseca in his Independence Day address to the nation, urged greater national cohesion in the tradition of the father of the nation, who was widely remembered on this the thirty first Independence anniversary for Belize.

P.M. Barrow announces the renaming of two highways
Prime Minister Dean Barrow this year used his Independence Day speech to announce the renaming of the Western and Northern Highways in honor of two of the country's national heroes. The Western Highway is now called the George Price Highway, while the road between Belize City and the northern border is now the Phillip S.W. Goldson highway. But the highway renaming announcement was not the only feature of the Prime Minister's Independence Day address. Mr. Barrow also used the occasion to speak on issues of national importance, such as the economy m and n particular the subject of Foreign Direct Investments. The Prime Minister also addressed the issue of crime and violence, calling them the stubbornness, most protracted of the problems confronting the nation. Mr. Barrow says that while the prevailing trend is for security initiatives to realize slight improvements, then deteriorate again, the determination of his government remains steadfast to confront crime and violence head on.

A new project dealing with the Climate Change's issue
A new project dealing with the issue of Climate Change was launched today in Belmopan. Correspondent Fem Cruz repots.

In Belize City's BTL Park had a press by Patrick Menzies
This week we heard from the Belizean Bus Association and Minister of State in Transport, Edmund Castro speaking on the issue of bus fares and the inefficiencies in the system. The Ministry of Transport implemented new regulations and the bus companies fired back by saying that they were going to re-adjust their prices, primarily in the west, to what they were back in 2002. On Wednesday night the two sides met and there seems to be some common ground on what the situation will be. The Association's spokesperson, Patrick Menzies, held a press briefing after four this evening at the BTL Park in Belize City and told reporters that the Ministry of Transport has agreed to allow the price adjustment, since it was something already in place ten years ago. But while prices were high on the Association's agenda, the Ministry was more interested in the measures that need to take place to improve the quality of public travel. Menzies says that while the two sides have agreed on the new changes, it will still take a while before people can begin to appreciate the fine-tuning.

The Bliss Centre hosted a benefit dance concert
The Belize National Dance Company is hosting a Benefit Dance Concert on Saturday September 27th at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City. The purpose of this event is to raise much needed funds to assist Assistant Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer and Board Member of BNDC, Rosita Baltazar, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Dancer and Board Member of BNDC, Denise Enriquez told us more about Rosita Baltazar and the upcoming Benefit Dance Concert. Everyone is invited to attend to attend the concert at 8:00 pm on Saturday. If you can't support by attending you are encourage to donate to the Scotiabank account number 1183.

Accident on the Northern Highway of Belize city
A man was knocked down and killed on the Northern Highway on Wednesday night. It happened at mile three and a half, along the same stretch that Stephen Okeke has been lobbying City Hall to install speed bumps and better lighting, after separate traffic accidents have claimed a number of lives there. This latest incident claimed the life of Serafin Acosta. According to the police, thirty-five year old Nigel Matus was driving a white Great Wingle pick-up truck on the highway coming towards Belize City when as he reached in front of Belize Tractor Parts Limited, he knocked down Acosta. Today Love News spoke with an area resident who was outside her house and saw the incident as it unfolded. She said that the victim was crossing the highway to go talk to her father who was the watchman stationed at Tractor Parts Limited next to their home. Police say that Matus' Wingle had damages to the hood, left front indicator and the left front bumper was torn off. Police have not indicated if Matus will be charged with any offence.

The Arana Family recieve donation from Courts
Two weeks ago the Arana family on Mahogany Street, lost their house to a fire. Since then they have been experiencing a great outpour of support from the community, friends and acquaintances and even businesses. Such is the case of Grace Kennedy and Courts, who this morning presented Mrs. Juliana Arana and her son, our very own radio announcer for Love Fm, Armin Arana, with a host of grace products, a new stove and a new refrigerator at Courts on the Northern Highway. General Manager of Grace Kennedy Alberto Young told us what his company donated this morning. Director of Marketing at Courts, Gaylene Tesecum says they had to be there for Armin and his family since he has become like part of the Courts family also. Juliana Arana says she is overjoyed with the new groceries and new household appliances. Alberto Young from Grace Kennedy thanks all those who bought the coconut milk paletas at the weekend's expo since the profits went directly into the purchase of the stove.

UB teacher starts train from the South side of Belize City
In 2010 a number of teachers in Southern Belize began training to improve their skills in the classroom. On Sunday they will be showcasing some of what they have picked up. Selwyn King is the head of Public Information at the University of Belize. A graduation ceremony for the student teachers will take place next month.

Tourist was robbed on Tigrus Street, Belize City
A Japanese tourist was reportedly robbed on Wednesday in Belize City. The incident happened while the tourist was on Tigris Street. But if the attack on a foreigner was not bad enough, the thief then reportedly knocked the tourist, identified as Agari Shohei, rendering him unconscious. Shohei, who had to receive treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, was released this morning.

Robbery in Belmopan, Belize City
Police in Belmopan are looking for suspects following a robbery. Correspondent fem Cruz has the details.


Child molester gets 3 years for assaulting girl, 15, in her bed
Rudolph Smith, 36, aka "Tubba," was found guilty of aggravated burglary and aggravated assault of an indecent nature against a girl, 15, in the court of Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who sentenced him to 15 years for the aggravated burglary and 3 years for the aggravated assault. The Chief Magistrate said that the sentences were to run concurrently, so Smith will serve 15 years total. The incident occurred around 4:25 in the morning of July 23, 2011, at a wooden house in Hattieville, located between Miles 16 and 17 on the Western Highway.

The Old Capital marks Independence Day
The September Celebrations climaxed in Belize City beginning last night, Thursday, September 20, at the Memorial Park with a cultural extravaganza featuring local artists and performers leading up to the annual Flag Raising Ceremony and fireworks to bring in Independence Day, today, Friday. This morning, the Old Capital's official Independence Day ceremonies took place at Memorial Park, hosted by the Belize City Council. Deputy Mayor Dion Leslie, in welcoming residents to the ceremonies, said that a nation's independence signals an acceptance of responsibility for one's affairs and that at ceremonies like these, there is always the call for national unity, repeated every year. Leslie implored listeners not to sever 1981 from its roots in 1798 and the Battle of St. George's Caye: "As a united nation, let us embrace our history, and make every effort to attempt to preserve every single event in this history, which draws the lines across our national face, makes our dreams sweet, and gives us the strength, courage and wisdom to perceive our national patrimony."

Whooping cough scare!
A small community south of Belmopan is facing a big problem, after six suspected cases of pertussis (also known as "whooping cough") were reported earlier this month. The community of Springfield in the Cayo District, located between the nation's capital and the village of Armenia, reported suspected cases in five children - one of whom was as young as six months old and had to be hospitalized - and one adult, to the Ministry of Health on September 3. The disease, which is highly contagious and can be fatal to babies less than a year old, is caused by a bacterium and gets its name from the 'whooping' sound a patient makes as he/she tries to breathe and recover from violent and uncontrollable coughing. It most commonly affects infants and young children and is characterized by severe coughing episodes, difficulty breathing that results in a "whooping noise" and vomiting when coughing.

Khalid Hyde, 18, passes
Kremandala is mourning the loss of Khalid Hyde, 18, of Brooklyn, New York - the eldest grandson of chairman Evan X Hyde and son of Cordel Hyde, former Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, who had resigned from the campaign trail earlier this year after learning that his son had been diagnosed with cancer. Speaking with Amandala from New York tonight, Khalid's father described his son as "bighearted." He said that Khalid - whose Arabic name means "eternal" or "immortal" - came face to face with his mortality. "He fought this disease with everything he had, even though it was ravaging him. He fought it and he was brave throughout. He didn't flinch. He was always a warrior; he was to the end," said Hyde. In a statement issued before this year's general elections, Hyde, in resigning as People's United Party standard bearer for Lake I in Belize City, said that Khalid had been diagnosed in a New York hospital on Monday, January 30, with Hodgkin's lymphoma. However, Hyde told us tonight that his son had a much more aggressive type of cancer than they thought. It was a type of large B-cell type lymphoma that was spreading faster than doctors knew.

Pastor and principal Norman Willacey fired - finally
The verdict is out. Pastor Norman Willacey has been fired. He is no longer the principal of the Belmopan Baptist High School. Moreover, the National Teachers Commission will meet on a later date to decide if his teacher's license will be revoked, rendering him unable to teach in any school within the country. The decision was announced today via a press release sent out by the Board of Management of the Belmopan Baptist High School. Allegations against Pastor Willacey are that he was conducting an affair with a female student, 16, of his school, during which time he sent her explicit sexual messages which were intercepted by the girl's mother. In response, the school management held a meeting on August 29, to investigate the allegations against Willacey. After the investigations were concluded, the management said that they found that the allegations were true and recommended the immediate dismissal of Pastor Willacey and the revocation of his license to teach in Belize.

FFB appoints National Team Committee
Mr. Rawel Pelayo, Vice-President of the FFB, in his capacity as Chairperson of the National Team Committee, has appointed the committee members that will be serving with him to manage the National Teams. The National Teams include the Women's A-Team & U-17 Selection and Male National A-Team, U-20 and the Futsal Selection. In a meeting held on September 11, the committee discussed the roles and responsibilities of its members, and Mr. Pelayo shared his vision for the direction of the National Teams. The committee members that will be working along with Mr. Pelayo include: Vice-Chairman - Onan Mclean Treasurer - Tony Zabaneh, Jr. Logistics (Local & International) - Dean Flowers & Wilhelm Miguel Event Coordinators (Security included) - Jesus Castillo & Marlon Tillett Medical Dept - Marlon Tillett & Antonio Zetina, both charged with the formation of a Medical Department Marketing - Richard Harrison Team Managers - Jesus Castillo Members - Victor Recinos, Ruben Cruz PR Officer - Luis Pe�a

Week 5 was upset weekend in Premier League football
This Premier League tournament continues to shape up to be one of the most keenly contested ever, as it is poised to enter into the 4-game out-of-zone series, beginning with Week 6 this coming weekend. Only 2 teams from each zone will make it to the semifinal playoffs, and, like a charging peloton of cyclists, where there are many lead changes, at this stage it appears too early to say who will be the front runners when they head down the home stretch at Week 14 for the coveted playoff spots. There were a number of surprises, and even upsets, over the weekend. It started on Thursday night, September 20, at the Norman Broaster Stadium, where home standing San Ignacio United posted their first victory of the tournament, a 1-nil win, over pre-season favorite Police United, on an 87th minute Police own goal by Gilbert Carrillo. On Saturday night, Verdes continued their strong showing and took over their division lead with a 3-2 victory over visiting Paradise/Freedom Fighters at the Marshalleck Stadium. Verdes got goals from Humberto Requena, Jr. (24 min), Pedro Guerra (63 min) and Emmanuel Martinez (82 min), while the Freedom Fighters replied with strikes from Robert Muschamp (70 min) and Alexander Peters (87 min).

We thought former People's United Party (PUP) Toledo area representative and former Toledo Progressive Party (TPP) Leader, Alejandro Vernon, last week made very, very interesting revelations about the financial support Rt. Hon. George Price and the PUP were receiving from Guatemalan governments in the 1950s and 1960s. These revelations were in last weekend's issue of The Reporter. The relationship between Price/PUP and Guatemala was an explosive political issue in the 1950s and 1960s, because Belize was British Honduras, a British colony, at the time, and so political parties which were in opposition to Mr. Price and the PUP during those two decades - the National Party (NP), the Honduran Independence Party (HIP), and the National Independence Party (NIP), made a very big deal of the Guatemala matter. But, the fact of the matter is that these were precisely the two decades when Price/PUP, supposedly in "contact" with Guatemala, were most popular with the masses of the Belizean people. Mr. Vernon's revelations are unprecedented in their precision, first, and their credibility, second, because Alejandro is so much a "fish from di river bottom." Over the course of the last four decades, Alejandro Vernon is the Belizean politician who has been most sympathetic to the Guatemalan claim to Belize and he is the Belizean politician who appeared to be most openly accepting Guatemalan assistance. In fact, Mr. Vernon went so far as to address the United Nations in the late 1970s to oppose Belizean independence and territorial integrity.

From The Publisher
I don't know that those of my children who run the different branches of Kremandala will appreciate what I will try to do in this column. I mean no disrespect to their respective managements, but I feel the need to return to my roots, business-wise. Incidentally, there's a part of me which would have liked to retire this year, but, like many other people who are reaching retirement age in these tough times, I have to continue working for my daily bread. When the domestic and international economic downturn struck in 2007/2008, our focus at Kremandala was on protecting the jobs we had created in this depressed area of the city over a period of more than four decades. This was a time when, as a business, we were seeking to diversify a little. The media business in Belize is a crazy scene. The competition is excessive, with many expensive newspapers, radio and television stations established and subsidized by wealthy, foreign-based religions, the different political parties, and other special interest groups at home and abroad. In late March of 2007, Kremandala had been attacked by the forces of Lord Michael Ashcroft. That attack was legal, and it was psychological. Lord Ashcroft's lawyers claimed that we owed him $262,000 for a $75,000 loan his bank had made to KREM Radio in 1994. The fact of the matter was that we had repaid that loan through advertisements placed in Amandala for four of the Lord's businesses over a period of twelve years. They ended up having to withdraw that claim. Some damage lingers, nevertheless, as a few of our more malicious opponents continue to repeat that unfounded $262,000 claim.

Letters -The Battle of St. George's Cay, 1969 in 1898
- by Rolando Cocom Sir, I can recall reading Knocking Our Own Ting about three years ago. I was captured by the opening lines: "The masters of any society, legitimate or illegitimate, have the power to shape historical accounts of events to suit their ends". The next day I found myself purchasing a copy of X Communications (1995). The writing style captured my interest, as did the life experiences balanced with some humour. My focus, however, is to address issues which over the years came as a result of "fine tuning" the perspective of the Battle ("Tenth Perspective", Amandala, 2007). In 1969, Evan X Hyde argued that the celebrations of the Battle came about through the efforts of "the sycophantic Creole bourgeoisie" to legitimize their "supremacy in the civil service" (1995, 1). You see, your 1969 thesis matches perfectly in the events of 1898 and deserves to be expounded upon. At the time of your writing, you were not deeply interested in all the details of the Battle. The recorded facts are not in dispute (Judd 1989). The essential question was, "When and why did the celebrations of the Battle take place? Why should we celebrate 'slave loyalty'?" This is where the year 1898 becomes important. This is the year the Centennial Committee came into being. However, before 1898 it is important to note that as early as 1823, the Battle was being used to project the idea of the "family affair of slavery in Belize" (Defense of the settlers). This idea would continue to inform many of the "patriotic" citizens and pseudo-historians, especially in 1898, but in contemporary times as well. The pattern that emerged was that the Battle was used to harmonize the master-slave/labor relations that existed in the colony. More than that, the Centennial Committee used this celebration as a means by which they could validate their emerging Creole identity and assert their status as the Natives of the colony.

Belize marks 31, Belmopan 13
"It was on these very same steps 31 years ago that Belizeans of all races and faces gathered to witness the historic transition from a British colony to a new and independent nation with all its territory intact - not one square centimeter given away," said Belmopan Mayor Simeon Lopez, in his welcome address at official ceremonies held today at Independence Plaza, Belmopan, to mark the 31st anniversary of the Independence of Belize. "With the attainment of Independence, Belmopan became our nation's capital, but it was not until the year 2000 that we took on the mantle of being a city, complete with a city hall, mayor and councilors� We are now in our 13th year� 31 years of Independence, 13 years as a city," Lopez added. Whereas Belmopan is the venue for the national ceremonies to mark the day, other municipalities across the country mark the day with local ceremonies as well, as they reflect on the milestone in Belizean history and take stock of the nation's triumphs and challenges at this climax event for the annual September celebrations. This year's celebrations were held under the theme: "Many Faces, Many Dreams, One Goal: Celebrating Belize."

Police sergeant loses both legs in road accident
Sergeant of Police Mark August, the administrative officer in the Toledo (Police) Formation based in Punta Gorda, is tonight stable in the recovery room at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after undergoing surgery this morning following a traffic accident. August's legs were reported missing by his police brothers, who processed the scene, apparently lost by the impact of his crash into a lamppost near the Swasey Bridge on the Southern Highway around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. Police report that August was traveling on his personal motorcycle on the highway, apparently headed toward Punta Gorda, at the time of the crash, which happened when he apparently lost control of the motorcycle. He was rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga before being brought to Belize City today for treatment.

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Way too many San Pedro Independence day parade pictures
I tried to narrow it down so I could post as few pictures as possible and I failed miserably, amen for fast loading wordpress photo galleries. Just in case you do not get enough pictures below, you can see last years parade pics taken from Tropic Air :) That was a fun time we caught the beginning of the parade while we were waiting for our flight to Belize city. Paul and I were heading to the Princess Poker room to blog ESPN coming to Belize for an interview with Bob Bounahra. I will have to dig up the photo shoot I did with Walter at the airport, he was all decked out for the parade. Overall this years annual parade for independence day was a lot of fun. It started on Belize time, seemed like a few less parade groups than past years and the after party in Central park was action packed. Music got people dancing, lots of food vendors were out, the beach and pier were packed, kids were swimming, the greased pole was getting some action and everyone was having a fantastic time.

Eight Things You Might Not have Known About Traveling to Colombia
When you hear that someone is travelling to Colombia, what do you think of first? Cocaine? Danger? Or maybe something more pleasant, more cultural...the famous writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez (author of: Love in the Time of Cholera and 100 Years of Solitude). Or maybe salsa music? Super cool wall art in Cali Or maybe you've had a friend stop off in Cartegena, Colombia on a recent cruise. (It is supposed to be BEYOND amazing but alas, I never made it there...) When I visited, I really didn't have any preconceived notions. Well...I was just a little Pablo Escobar obsessed and then Colombia stunned me. It kicked me in the proverbial nuts. It is one of the most amazing countries I've ever visited. Here is why. 1. You can drink the water. From the tap! For some reason, after living in Belize and traveling Central America, that really shocked me. And it took me more than a few days to really trust it. 2. They have the best fruit in the world. Before, I would have voted Thailand but this country wins. And Colombians love it. There are fruit vendors on every single corner of every small town making fresh juices and smoothies. Fruits you have heard of...and fruits you've never seen in your life. Lulo? Sugar cane juice (OK! not technically a fruit)? Who knows what this even is? The fresh tangerino juice...sigh...I could use one right now.

Relleno aka. Black Dinner w/ Homemade flour Tortilla
Now today's Blog is about Black Dinner or Relleno (pronounced reyeno) it's referred to by both names in Belize; and it's SUPER good and absolutely divine. So let's start. Relleno: A little background on Relleno. Relleno is a black soup made with Chicken, Onions, Tomatoes, Black Recado, Ground Beef, Ground Pork and Boiled Eggs (optional) and served with either rice or corn tortillas. Now there are a few people who are greedy like myself and will eat the soup with both rice and tortillas. It's a Spanish soup as far as I know originated in Mexico and since we're right next door it trickled down into our diverse little country. Now, this soup is especially good this time of year when Belize Celebrates several holidays, including our Independence Day on September 21st, making September one of the best months to party in Belize. The entire country celebrates and everyone is in good spirits. After a night/long weekend/week/month of celebrating and drinking trust me, this soup is the best for getting your nutrient levels back up. As we say in Belize about most of our soups "good fu put it back" meaning it's good to renourish the body. Now, I mentioned in the beginning of that paragraph that the sop contains Black Recado. What is that?

International Sources

Replacement Weather Satellite for GOES East
Like the National Football League referee situation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is utilizing the temporary replacement technique. In the case of NOAA the loss is due to an equipment failure and not the loss of critical personnel. A major weather satellite operated by the U.S. government to monitor the east coast of the U.S. and the Atlantic Ocean has gone dark due to technical issues. The failure of GOES-13 (GOES-East) satellite has left a gap for meteorologists trying to catch a view of the eastern Atlantic and has satellite coverage of the Atlantic Ocean and eastern North America spread a bit thin. Fortunately, NOAA had a backup plan in place and the outage has occurred during a somewhat quiet time in the tropical Atlantic. GOES-14 was activated and repositioned on Monday to fill part of the void left to satellite imagery in eastern North America and the Atlantic. While better than nothing, the substitute is not perfect. Images on the eastern edge of view, over the eastern Atlantic, are distorted because of the position of the temporary replacement satellite farther west.

6 amazing places to visit in Belize
From exotic animals to mysterious Mayan ruins; don't miss these six stops on a trip to this underestimated Central American country 1. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary Crooked Tree is a village rich in Creole culture and a reserve with abundant bird life. This is possibly one of the richest birding areas in Belize and Central America. It is recognised as a wetland of international importance and has the highest number of indigenous and migratory birds. The huge Jabiru stork (the world's largest flying bird) is Crooked Tree's most famous resident. Plan to stay the night and be there at dawn when the birds are most active. Explore the inland waters of Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary and experience the astounding diversity of birds and wildlife for which Belize is renowned� From northern jacanas, white ibis, and wood storks to the infamous Jabiru stork! Head for the jungle during May - the best time of year for birdwatching - when the lagoon's water level drops and the animals must stray further for their food. 2. Lamanai Magnificent Maya ruins surrounded by dense jungle; accessible by boat.

Fitch Upgrades Belize Sovereign Investments III (Cayman) Limited's Ratings
Fitch Ratings has taken the following rating action on the notes issued by Belize Sovereign Investments III (Cayman) Limited (BSI; the issuer): --$85.7 million notes upgraded to 'A+' from 'A'; Outlook Stable. The rating action follows the timely payment of the notes by Steadfast Insurance Company (Steadfast; Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.) on Sept. 20, 2012, as well as the recent upgrade of Steadfast's Insurer Financial Strength rating to 'AA-', Outlook Stable in August 2012. The rating of the notes addresses the timely payment of interest and principal on a semi-annual basis. Repayment of the notes is backed by two restructured government of Belize (GOB) sovereign obligations and benefits from two insurance policies underwritten by Steadfast. The two GOB obligations have an insurance policy which directly covers any non-payment by the GOB. Payments from the GOB on the underlying notes will pass through to the BSI trust to cover payments on the BSI notes. The amortization schedules are identical.

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