Mmmmm Ok so tacos are more Mexican food than Belizean food, but Part of  Belize's draw to people is it's diversity in EVERYTHING. We have many different cultures, foods, traditions, and even holidays that we've embraced. Yes, we celebrate everyone else's holidays too, for example, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, Mexican Independence (as a sign of good relations), and even the 4th of July, U.S Independence in some parts of the country. And while it's not a public and bank holiday we still say "why not?".

So today we go Mexican with some Tacos that has a slight twist on it that makes it by far the best tacos in the world. And trust me I've had MANY tacos from many places. Now, i will go out and give credit to Wild Mango's in Ambergris Caye, Belize because without them I would probably have never tried making a Curry Flour Tortilla. This awesome little restaurant on the beach has an amazing burrito that i dream of night and day, and one day i just couldnt take it anymore and decided to mock the curry tortilla. It's not their recipe but i'm pretty damn close lol. remember Im just guessing what all is in this bad boy. So hold on let me show you a picture of the burrito that inspired it all...and yes, I ate all that.

Mongo Burrito @Wild Mango's in Ambergris Caye, Belize.


Ok, so now that I've gotten your attention let's start with the recipe's...

Curry Flour Tortilla


4 Cups Flour

2tsp Salt

3 tbs Lard

1 cup water

1tsp Recado powder, Cumin, Tumeric, black pepper

2tsp Yellow Curry powder

2 tsp baking Powder


Mix Flour, salt, baking powder, and seasonings together, make sure it's evenly distributed. Use your hands mix it up.

Cut in the lard. Pour in the water (you might want to do 1/2 cup first then add in the rest). Knead the dough until smooth, this will take about 3-4 mins. Add more flour if necessary. Separate into about 10-12 small balls and let sit for about 15mins with a cloth over it. After that is done flatten with a 6" tortilla press and cook on ungreased skillet or comal.

Now, to make your tortillas nice and soft you must "sweat it" as we say in Belize. now, i know what you're thinking..."thats's gross" all this means is you put a towel in a glass or plastic bowl and wrap it and cover it as it's coming off the comal. Like in the picture above.  What this is doing is piling on the heat so the tortilla literally sweats and softens it

Now enough about tortillas, let's talk about what we're going to put into the tortillas...after all that's the really good part.'s the stuff that I am made of...I love the stuff and even thought it's claimed not good for you I think I'd prefer to die if I didn't have some sort of red meat in my life.

So let's get busy with the beef so we can eat already!!

Beef Recipe


2lbs Ground Steak

1 medium onion

3 medium tomatoes

1 bunch cilantro (optional)

3 cloves garlic crushed.

1tsp Jerk Seasoning

2 Bay Leaves

1  "Three finger pinch" of dried rosemary

salt & pepper to taste



First pour a small amount of olive oil or vegetable oil in your skillet, when the oil is hot add crushed garlic for about 30 seconds then remove them and set aside for later.  Add your onions, tomatoes, and cilantro cook in the garlic oil and sprinkle a little bit of the jerk seasoning. Cook it for about 1 min then add in the beef, seasonings, garlic, and bay leaves. Cook on medium heat til finished stiring occasionally.

While this is cooking you can cut up your avocado. I just cut it into small cubes squeezed lime over it and added a bit of salt & black pepper. Take your tortilla when the food is done put the meat mixture into the tortilla, put a couple pieces of avocado on it and sprinkle some queso blanco or cheese of your choice. In the picture below I added some chipotle mayo sauce to it and yes I HIGHLY reccommend that you do it. if you don't have access to chipotle mayo and want to make your own it's easy.

Chipotle Mayo Sauce

1 mayonnaise (big jar, not the gallon jar)

1 can of Chipotle Peppers

1 garlic clove

1 med lime.

*Put all ingredients into a blender and mix it. If mix is too thick you can add a little bit of olive oil or lime juice

Enjoy, you're belly will be singing your praises for weeks to come.

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