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Valid: Monday-Monday, Oct. 1 - October 8, 2012

Here is the Weekly Outlook.

Have a fine week and best wishes for an uneventful October. Indications are that the Northern Hemisphere winter is starting early which is good news.

Unfortunately, we are not out of the woods as yet. Remain vigilant!

Have splendid week with many blessings!


An upper to mid level circulation (Low) in the NW Caribbean is generating scattered, deep convection around and south of Jamaica, extending NNW over western Cuba as can be observed from the latest GOES IR image (Figure 1). The mid to upper low will drift NW during the next 24 to 48 hours pulling the convection over Yucatan and Belize by Tuesday, as it begins to interact with an upper level trough associated with a cold front zone in the central and southern Gulf of Mexico. The GFS model is projecting an increase in rainfall over Belize due to the interaction of these features on Tuesday through early Thursday. Thereafter, the activity will weaken and dissipate.

The model projections are also indicating that the westerlies are becoming more pronounced over the northern hemisphere at this time, and another cold front system will make its way southwards through the Gulf of Mexico reaching Yucatan and the extreme NW Caribbean by late Saturday and early Sunday. This system will provoke another bout of showers and thunderstorms over Belize.

No tropical cyclone is expected to form over or move into the Caribbean region during the next five days. However, close monitoring of the cold front entering the NW Caribbean early next week is necessary as the frontal zone interacting with moist, unstable tropical air often favor disturbances to form on the tail end of the frontal boundary. Remain vigilant!

Rainfall rates over Belize will be in the range of 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch on Sunday, Monday. On Tuesday through Thursday heavier showers and thunderstorms, especially in the interior could result in rainfall rates increasing in the range of 0.50 inch to1.50 inches locally in the hills and along central coastal areas. Rainfall rates will then reduce to 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch later on Friday through Saturday; but increasing on Sunday and Monday once again with amounts of 0.50-0.75 of-an-inch over most districts. Locally higher rates are possible in the hilly terrain.

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The San Pedro Sun

The San Pedro Sun partners with Oceana on International Beach Cleanup Day
Oceana in Belize teamed up with several organizations countrywide in joining the world in celebrating International Cleanup Day. On Ambergris Caye, The San Pedro Sun collaborated with Oceana to spearhead the event on the island along with the support of a handful of island residents and Leos Club members. A group of 13 gathered to clean two miles of beach along one of Belize's prime tourism destination, San Pedro Town. Starting at 8:30AM from the Boca del Rio Park, the group slowly progressed southward to end at the Esmeralda Park near the town's library. The two mile journey took about two and a half hours to cleanup. Under the heat of the early mid-morning sun, the group cleaned the beach of 24 bags of garbage totaling some 340 pounds. The group removed all sorts of garbage, mostly litter caused by human activities. On top of the list of garbage were a large amount of beverage caps and cigarette butts. Similarly substantial were the paper and plastic bags as well as food wrappers, straws, foams and beverage bott

Cabinet endorses decision to make Turneffe Atoll a Marine Reserve
When made into a marine reserve, provisions will be made in the SI to enact legislation that will seek to improve the enforcement and sustainable management of Turneffe's commercial fishery. In addition, it will also seek to improve control and monitoring of future development. The legislation will also seek to address and ensure sustainable management of the atoll's environmental, economic and social benefits for Belize as well as provide for scientific research and environmental monitoring for the atoll. It will allow for the support of catch and release sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and other sustainable tourism activities. Establishing Turneffe Atoll as a marine reserve is critical to the protection of Turneffe from destructive development pressures, as well as for the effective long term management of the atoll. As such, in of June 2010, the Turneffe Atoll Trust was established with its main objective to lead the effort to establish the Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve. The 280 page document was send to Cabinet in January of 2012 after which PM Barrow decided to embrace the decision on September 25th. The Turneffe Atoll is the largest of three atolls in Belize.

Ambergris Today

Creating Awareness of Belize's Child Kidnapping Emergency Warning System
On September 28, Community Policing and District Focal Point Officers met at the Police Training Academy where they were sensitized on what is Jasmine Alert, Jasmine Alert criteria, responsibility of national coordinator, responsibility of district focal point officer, responsibility of police officers (investigator), alert sound, text message and responsibility of community/other law enforcers. During the month October, communities (town, city, villages) and schools of every level will be sensitized as to their role in this program to make it effective.

Ronise Caliz Flies the Belizean Skies in a Male Dominated Career
Meet 27-year-old, Ronise Caliz; she is Tropic Air's only female pilot and Belize's second female pilot since San Pedrana, Florita Ancona was the first Belizean female pilot to fly with the airline. Ambergris Today met with Ronise Caliz and chatted with her about her experience on being a female pilot and working for Belize's largest and most experienced airline - Tropic Air. Ronise Caliz hails from the lovely town of Punta Gorda, Belize, and it had always been a dream of hers to become a pilot. Ronise shared with us that as a little girl her uncle, who is a BDF pilot, would always tell her and her siblings to come out and watch as he would do a fly-by. Since then Ronise knew she wanted to be a pilot!

OMG Pic! Car Flips 4 Times in Twin Towns Cayo
The residents of the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, in the Cayo District, Belize, teamed up to save the lives of persons trapped under a vehicle, which flipped four times at about 4:00p.m. on Sunday, September 30, 2012. The vehicle slipped to the edge of the George Price Highway, near the STAR Newspaper in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District. The police's response to the scene was immediate. A cab volunteered to take the most seriously injured to the hospital. One male was reported bleeding profusely from the head and his condition is still unknown at this time.

Beautifying San Pedro With Colorful Murals
Here we see Lenny and Neville Bonardy, to local island artists, finishing up their mural work at Isla Bonita Elementary School. They were commissioned by the school to beautify the surrounding walls of their playground with one of their beautiful murals they are so used to creating around town. The mural comprises of an underwater and jungle theme which showcases the rich diveristy of Belize's flora and fauna. The students at Isla Bonita Elementary can now have fun and learn at the same time during their outdoor activities at the school grounds.

Old Timer Or Modern Sanpedrano? Num. 18
You happen to know these police officers: P C Massam, P C Hope, P C Sambula, P C Fuller, P C Smith, P C Sutherland and P C Orio. You not only know them, but you respected them and appreciate their contributions to San Pedro. YOU KNOW YOU ARE A MODERN SANPEDRANO IF you only refer to the police officers as the short one, the slim one, the fat one, the kind one, the attentive one, the drunkard, the one who likes to shoot, the only one who really cares, the one who likes to curse, etc. Modern Sanpedranos don't seem to connect well and make good relationships with police officers as was done twenty five years ago.

San Pedro's Grassy Airstrip
Back in the 1960's Celi Nu�ez and her husband John Greif II convinced government that it was time to open up an airstrip in San Pedro if they wanted tourism to grow. At the time there were two hotels on the island- Holiday and Paradise Hotels. The late Jim Blake facilitated the land to government and all bushes and coconut trees were chopped and grass allowed to spread all over the strip. It was only about 1,200 feet long but John said he only needed a football field to land his three-seater. John Greif was the first to land on this strip and not too long afterwards Maya Airways commenced its commercial flights between San Pedro and Belize City. It was something to be proud of because there were no airstrips at Caye Caulker, Corozal, Orange Walk, Belmopan, Dangriga or Punta Gorda. San Ignacio in Cayo still does not have one.

SPTC To Hold Public Meeting at San Mateo Area
The San Pedro Town Council informs all residents of San Mateo to attend an important public meeting at Church of Christ on Saturday, October 6, 2012, at 7 pm. All residents are urged to attend as important matters regarding utilities will be discussed.

A Delightful Breakfast at Mathieu's Delicatessen
Somebody just recently commented that Gunter Mathieu has the nicest buns and I have to agree!:) He does makes some of the most delicious breads on the island, but his cooking does not stop with his baked goods because Gunter is a wizard in the kitchen. I don't know how he has all that imagination to create such great food; Master Chef I say!

How I Got My Butt Kicked by Seven Tough Ladies
Every week from Monday to Thursday, I greet the ladies at Train Station Fitness Center as they head up to the second floor for aerobics class. And the other day I shared this video on Facebook mocking them a little bit on how easy their workouts are, as compared to the heavy weightlifting that takes place on the first floor.

Misc Belizean Sources

JASMINE ALERT Sensitization
Since the launching of the "Jasmine Alert", Belize's Child Kidnapping Emergency Warning System on 31st July 2012, the Belize Police Department will be starting their National Jasmine Alert Sensitization Tour starting 28th September 2012 and throughout the month of October 2012. The goal of this tour (exercise) is to establish clear guidance to standardize an interoperable network of plans across the country, and to minimize potentially deadly delays because of confusion among communities and police department.On 28th September, Community Policing and District Focal Point Officers met at the Police Training Academy, where they were sensitized on, what is jasmine alert, jasmine alert criteria, responsibility of national coordinator, responsibility of district focal point officer, responsibility of police officers (investigator), alert sound, text message and responsibility of community/other law enforcers. During the month October, communities (town, city, villages) and schools of every level will be sensitized as to their role in this program to make it effective.

Add!ction Fall Fashion Show
The Fall Fashion Show is on, and it'll be on Saturday, November 3rd, at the Bedran Hall in the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Gabriela Berrera's new Add!ction lines will be on full display along with the Davina fashions. Sponsors include the SIRH, Studio 7, JCariddi Photography, The Dollhouse, Emmanuelle's Skincare, and Caesar Production Sounds.

Hard Work and Fun at SHC
Sacred Heart College students cleaned up and painted the school tables. It's great to see the kids having fun helping the school. Great way to get community service hours.

One Girl, One School, One Village
Feelgood story of the day. This is a video made by a receiver of a 4 the World scholarship. It's a great story showing how she received the scholarship, excelled at primary school, and at Eden High School, and now gives back to the community. "This video slideshow has pictures of one of our actual scholarship students over several years from the time that 4 the World built the addition to her villages school and started a computer learning center through high school graduation and on to her participation as a 4 the World volunteer at a medical clinic in her village and other villages in Belize."

Benque's Full Moon Concert pictures
The Benque House of Culture had their full moon concert this weekend. Thanks, Benque HoC! "The Benque Viejo Hoc hosted an Art Fiesta and Full Moon Concert on Saturday, September 29 from 2-9pm. The live music and art ambiance was a reflection of a peaceful gathering that is a rare commodity in other areas of the country. There were artistic performances by Caracol YCD Stilt Walkers and the Benque Viejo Marching Band. Along with local art works and crafts and food, the evening boasted performances by the Galen's Eagle's Band, Carolina Bonilla and the Anoranzas del Mopan Band. The Benque Viejo House Of Culture is using every opportunity to keep culture alive as well as bringing the community together. Hats off to Benque Viejo Hoc!"

Yeast cakes

Oceana and Garbage Warriors clean up CC's coastline!
Continuously we find ourselves bursting with pride for our amazing community spirit here on Caye Caulker and Saturday was yet another day!! The Caye Caulker Garbage Warriors, in collaboration with Oceana Belize, conducted a trash pick-ups with over 40 villagers and children yesterday. This pickup is part of a national and international effort to spend one day picking up trash from coastal areas and waterways and Oceana provided the trash bags and the gloves with Agua Dulce providing the water. The Garbage Warriors commenced at 8am and by 11am they were looking exceedingly weary with the mornings exercise - however, together they collected more than 60 garbage bags of waste which were polluting the mangroves on the South side of Caye Caulker. Suffice to say at the end of their endeavors the mangrove coastline looked not only clean of rubbish but quite picture perfect!! Thank you to all concerned for making our island one of the cleanest and most beautiful!!

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (29 September 2012)
Straight Line 100.00 Each (7 Balls) 25 �70 �20 �73 �28 �9 �47� Y 125.00 Each (16 Balls) 25 �70 �20 �73 �28 �9 �47 �34 �45 �24 �51 �22 �71 �18 �74 �12� Letter X 750.00 Each (26 Balls) 25 �70 �20 �73 �28 �9 �47 �34 �45 �24 �51 �22 �71 �18 �74 �12 �30 �69 �41 �7 �68 �72 �55 �19 �63 �17�

October is a month that will always have a special significance to me. It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone will be talking about it; cancer survivors will say thank you Jesus, families and friends of victims will say a prayer in memoriam, and the rest of the world will remain hopeful for a cure. All around the world it will be a sea of pink. Many will remember the infamous cancer and the fear that it evokes in the hearts and souls of women and men all over the world. This is the month that we most remember to offer support to families enduring this battle and organizations that are trying to find a cure for this awful disease. So we purchase items, support cancer groups, donate and attend fundraisers, give talks, walk for a day, run for miles � and yes, at the same time hoping and praying that we never have an encounter with this deadliest of foes. Breast cancer is a sneaky, insidious devil. It hides wherever it can and when you least expect, it wreaks havoc on the life of the woman or man it has claimed as "its own", their family and their friends. It can take over your life, ruling your health like a dictator. However, it is important to remember we have come far and today we know much more about this disease than ever before, making us better prepared to do battle. We know that our only recipe for a successful outcome is to prepare for combat - lace up your boxing gloves and fight with all you've got.

Channel 7

Belmopan: BELAM Murdered In Maya Mopan Mansion
A Belizean American couple who had built a home in Belize had their dream of retiring in Belize savagely snuffed out this morning when the husband was killed and the wife seriously injured in a home invasion turned murder. Here's the story from Belmopan: Jules Vasquez reporting This massive home - easily the biggest in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan - is where 53 year old Robert Lewis and his wife Ursula Patnett Lewis had decided to retire after working for years in the states. But that dream was cruelly destroyed at about 1:30 this morning when an intruder got into the house - and killed Robert Lewis in his home theater - while his wife Ursula had to jump fifteen feet from this second floor balcony of the master bedroom to the ground below - fracturing her arm. Martha Patnett - sister-in-law of deceased "She said that she jumped from upstairs to downstairs where fracture her shoulder." Jules Vasquez "Has she explained her ordeal to you? I understand she was tied up in the room." Martha Patnett - sister-in-law of deceased "Yes she says that she was tied up and the guy told her that she was lucky. She says that he was going to do her something and she told him to please leave her alone and so he went and attack her husband because he was downstairs in the theatre room and she was upstairs in her bedroom."

16 Year Old Slaying In City
A sixteen year old was murdered over the weekend. Around 1:00 on Saturday morning Jaime Dominguez was found dead at the corner of Vernon and Partridge Street Extension; he had been shot to the head. The police press officer told us what they have found out so far: Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "We had another murder reported in Belize City - this was on the 29th September, 2012`. CIB personnel responded to a scene at the corner Vernon and Partridge Street extension where they saw the motionless body of Jamie Dominguez, 16 years old of 16 Zericote Street laying on his back on the tailgate on an abandoned black Isuzu Rodeo with apparent gunshot wound to the right side of the head." "Initial investigation revealed that about 1am people in the neighborhood heard a single shot and upon making checks they found Dominguez already dead in the abandoned vehicle."

Fisherman Murdered In City
And there was a second murder in the city - this one happened early Sunday morning around 1:00 AM on Nargusta Street. 31 year old fisherman, Trevor Johnson was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body. Just minutes before the murder, he was being chased by a gunman - the police press officer explained: Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "it is reported that around 1:14am on the 30th September, 2012 CIB personnel responded to a scene on Nargusta Street in Belize City where they saw a creole decent male person now identified as Trevor Johnson suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the right temple, right jaw, right arm and the abdomen." "Initial investigation revealed that Johnson around 1:12am was chased by a gunman on from Mahogany Street into Hondo Street where he was shot. He was able to escape the gunman but was again approach on Nargusta Street where he was fatally wounded. His body was transported to the KHMH where a medical officer pronounces him dead."

Farmer Shot and Killed Ginger Thief
And a man was shot dead in St. Margaret's village which is at mile 25 on the Hummingbird Highway - but it was not a murder - it seems that instead a farmer was defending his property. On Friday night at 10:30, Jose Echeverria, was on his father's farm looking out for thieves who had been stealing the family's crop of ginger. He saw three Mayan descent men get out of a pickup and start to uproot the ginger plants that were in the ground. He spotted his flash light on them and one of them fired a shotgun blast at him. He returned fire in the dark and heard one of them screaming for help. The other two men ran into the bushes whilst one who was waiting in the pickup sped off. Echeverria did not go and look for the injured man since it was dangerously dark. He went to report it to the police in Belmopan and handed over his shotgun. It would be almost 24 hours later before police found the body on Saturday night.

The Perils Of Intelco Hill
The area known as Intelco Hill in the Mountain View area of Belmopan offers a spectacular night-time view of the capital city - but, increasingly, it is becoming known as a dangerous place to hang out. That became apparent on Friday night when Brad Bowman and his girlfriend were parked on the hill along with his girlfriend and they were attached by 7 men. It is a terrifying attack and the police press officer told us what happened next:.. Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "We had a robbery reported in Belmopan City. This is by Brad Bowman, a businessman - he reported that on the 29th September, 2012 at 11pm he was with his girlfriend in his 2001 dark grey SUV Chevy Tahoe valued at $75,000.00 - parked on the Intelco Hill in the Mountain View in Belmopan City when he was approach by 3 Hispanic male persons wearing rags over their faces. One of them was armed with a pistol. The men ordered Bowman and his girlfriend to get out of the vehicle which they complied and did and they were tied together - their hands and feet were tied together. The 3 men were then joined by 4 other men, one of whom was armed with a sawed off shotgun and the others were armed with machetes."

Weekday Murder In the West
And there was also a murder early on Friday morning in San Ignacio. A 35 year old was chopped up and killed one day after he was bailed on an aggravated assault charge. The police press officer told us more:.. Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "On Friday 28th September, 2012 around 7:35am; police visited a scene on Pilgrim Road in Santa Cruz area where they saw the lifeless body of a Hispanic male person face down in a pool of blood. This person was identified as Eddy Antonio Sanchez, 35 years old caretaker of Santiago Juan layout of San Ignacio Town."

Man Accused Of Rape
Tonight, 29 year-old Darrell Gray, a carpenter of Flamboyant Street, is on remand after it was alleged that he abducted a 15 year-old female at gunpoint, kidnapped her and raped her. Today, at the police press briefing, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood told us more about how it happened: Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "A 15 year old student of Belize City is reporting that she was rape and kidnapped etc. on the 28th September, 2012. She is saying that around 9pm she was visiting some relatives not too far from her home when she was approached by a dark complexion male on bicycle. This person began a conversation with her. She realizes that the conversation was going in a bad direction and she tried to walk off hurriedly. This person took out a handgun, placed on her side and forced her on the bicycle and took her to a 2 storey abandoned house in that area where he forced her to remove her clothing and he had sexual intercourse with her against her will."

Logger Caught In Chiquibul Earns 28 BZD Per Day
38 year-old Guatemalan Edgar Rene Amador Jenis, a resident of Dolores Peten, is in facing immigration charges after he was caught logging in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve on Saturday morning. According the Friends for Conservation and Development, the Joint Forces personnel based at the Tapir Camp heard chainsaws in the Caracol Archaelogoical Reserve in the late hours of Friday night. At around 1 a.m., the personnel responded and they caught Jenis and another man sawing a mahogany tree. When they realized they were discovered, both men ran into the jungle. The other man escaped but the authorities managed to detain Jenis, and he was taken to San Ignacio Police Station where he was charged with illegal entry, illegal logging, and drug possession. Under questioning, Jenis revealed that he was paid 100 quetzales - or $28 BZ - daily for his help to cut the trees.

Primary School Cleaned Out
St John's Vianney Primary School on Fabers Road was targeted by burglars last week. According to Principal Felix Sutherland, his office was burglarized. Police told us how seven thousand dollars in school property were stolen: Fitzroy Yearwood - Police Press Officer "We had a burglary reported by the principal of St. John's Vianney Mr. Felix Sutherland where he is saying that sometime 6:45pm on the 27th and 7:30am on the 28th of September his office was burglarize located on Faber's Road Belize City where stolen from that office was 1 black color Dell laptop valued at $1,400; a grey and black HP laptop valued at $1,500; a black metal safe valued at $7,000 containing $12,000 in cash - all the property of the school." "We had interviewed several persons in connections with this report but no arrest has been made as yet."

Flipped In Santa Elena
Citizens of Cayo ran to the rescue yesterday afternoon at 4:00 when a vehicle flipped in Santa Elena. It happened around 4:00 in the afternoon when the vehicle slipped off the Western highway. Police responded and a group of regular folks were able to free the driver who sustained head injury - but survived.

Belize Did Well In 3 On 3
On Friday night we gave you the exciting news about Belize's performance in the National Under - 18 World Championships for 3 on 3 basketball in Seville Spain. In the first day of competition, the team of Brian White, Brandon Flowers, Tree-vanne Moses, Akeem Watters turned heads by beating China and Poland. The team from the smallest country did big things and FIBA's website prominently featured an interview with the start of the team Brian White. Here's what he said: Reporter "We are here with Brain from Belize. Can you tell us what your first day was like here at the tournament?" Brain White "My first day was very great because it was very easy for me because I drive the ball easy, score easy and help my team mates to win." Reporter "You won 2 games, you lost 2 games. Is that a good score for you today?"

BTL Small Shareholders: No Dividend, No Problem
On Friday we gave you the news that BTL's Annual meeting would end in anti-climax, without the declaration of a dividend. So how did the small shareholders react? We were at the meeting and here's how it went:.. Jules Vasquez reporting The directors were there - so was the management looking spiffy in what we take to be 4g red the small shareholders were there too - in good numbers - but there were empty seats they got to see a high tech video - and bask in BTL's largesse. Everything in its right place in the biggest conference room in the country - everything that is except a dividend Executive Chairman, Nestor Vasquez "Agenda item #2 which deals with a declaration on dividends has to be changed to report the reasons for adjourning the declaration of dividends. This means that that agenda item is postponed in accordance with the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice."

US Researchers Look Into Climate Change And Mayan City Demise
2012 is the year which is fixes the end of the calendar developed by the Mayan civilization. Much about this civilization is still a mystery, and scientists are particularly interested about what caused its decline. One theory is that severe climate change caused their crops to fail, which caused the eventual collapse, and as a result, a team of scientists and students from several universities in the US took part in a research effort at the Vaca Plateau, which is situated in Central Belize. It is believed that the last survivors of the civilization took refuge here. With collaboration from the Institute of Archaeology in Belize, the research team took trips to the Vaca Plateau to visit several of its caves in hopes of finding empirical data to support the climate change theory.

Food Security Discussed In Belize
All around the world, there are millions of people who are suffering from hunger, and today, representatives from those of the Latin America and the Caribbean met in Belize to discuss possible solutions that can be applied in this region. It was held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel, and it was led by the Latin American and Caribbean Economic System organization - SELA. This 3-day conference is centered on the regional cooperation in the area of food security. Here's an excerpt of the address that the SELA representative gave to conference: Ambassador Carlos Vivero, Director of Relations - SELA "Our region is one of the largest food producing regions in the world but out of its 589 million inhabitants 218 million live in poverty and out of 53 million still suffer from hunger and malnutrition." "Although there is a long way to go the region is already designing policies to allow a greater portion of that needy population to ensure its basic food consumption through various state programs for direct transfers of income all through social security systems."

Channel 5

17 and executed; no one knows why
After a brief reprieve, the gun violence sparked up again over the weekend, sending the murder count up by at least three while other violent incidents had the police on their toes. In the city alone, there were two homicides. Just after midnight on Friday, a seventeen year old minor was executed at the corner [...]

Fisherman also brutally gunned down
Twenty-four hours later gunshots shook the old capital again. A fisherman later identified as Trevor Johnson of Regent Street West was shot multiple times to the right temple, jaw, arm and the abdomen. A gunman in hot pursuit of Johnson chased him from Mahogany to Hondo Street. Though wounded he managed to reach Nargusta Street [...]

Eddie gutted after being released on bail
In the west, Eddie Antonio Sanchez had a most violent death less than twenty-four hours after he was released on bail. San Ignacio Police found his lifeless body lying face down in a pool of blood early on Friday morning at the farm where he worked as a caretaker. Sanchez's throat was slashed and he [...]

John Doe dead; but was he involved in farm incident?
Another man, who was fatally shot over the weekend, remains unidentified tonight. But it is not known if the shooter will be charged for Murder. That's because, the deceased man may have been among a group that was stealing from a farm and shot at Jose Echeverria, a farmer of Saint Margaret's Village. Echeverria says [...]

Home invasion turned Murder in Belmopan
There was a fourth murder. An early morning home invasion turned murder has left a man dead and woman injured. Around one-thirty this morning, a single assailant gained entry into the home of Robert Lewis and his wife, Orsula Patnett Lewis. The man, who was said to be dressed in black, masked and wearing gloves, [...]

No dividends issued at Telemedia meeting
Telemedia held its annual general meeting on Friday night as scheduled. Seated at the head table were: Chairman Nestor Vasquez, and board members: former Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel, Ambrose Tillett, Doug Singh and C.E.O.s George Lovell and Audrey Wallace. The chairman said that the meeting had to be held within six months at the end [...]

Telemedia Chairman, internet cheaper than coke; no joke
Earlier this year, a survey of the Caribbean indicated that Belize is amongst the countries with the slowest and most expensive internet speeds. And as the dominant provider, the criticism landed squarely in front of Telemedia executives, we can only assume while they sipped on some carbonated soft drinks. Chairman, Net Vasquez, doesn't believe the [...]

Demonstration for justice for murdered 2 year old
In early September we told you about the story of the toddler who was killed in the Japan area of Ladyville. Days before her second birthday, Kaylee Burgess' went missing during a domestic dispute between her parents. A search was carried out and the child's body was found in a bucket of water in the [...]

St. John Vianney burglarized
Turning to more crime, thousands of dollars in cash and equipment have been reported stolen from a primary school in the Old Capital. Principal of Saint John Vianney, Felix Sutherland, reported to police that his office on the compound located on Faber's Road was burglarized sometime between six-forty-five p.m. on the twenty-seventh and seven-thirty a.m. [...]

Gray charged for kidnapping and raping a minor
A Belize City carpenter was remanded to the Hattieville prison on charges for an alleged kidnapping and rape that happened over the weekend. Twenty-nine year old Darrell Gray appeared unrepresented before the court where he was charged with rape, kidnapping and unlawful carnal knowledge. Gray, a resident of Flamboyant Street, is accused of kidnapping and [...]

Traffic mishap in Cayo
In the Cayo District, community spirit prevailed when the residents of the Twin Towns, San Ignacio and Santa Elena, teamed up to save the lives of persons trapped under a vehicle, which flipped four times on Sunday afternoon. The vehicle slipped to the edge of the George Price Highway, near the STAR Newspaper, which provided [...]

High level meeting on Regional Food Safety
The twenty third meeting of International Cooperation Directors for Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Cooperation in the area of food security is being held at the Radisson Fort George. The participants intend to identify initiatives to increase coordination amongst the countries while analyzing and updating information on initiatives to increase food security.   Mourad [...]

Sports Monday, James Adderley; amazing highlights
Good evening I'm James Adderly and this is Sport's Monday.   Week 6 of the PLB season saw Paradise Freedom Fighters being hosted inside the Isidoro Beaton Stadium by the Belmopan bandits as both teams sought to take advantage of the out of zone schedule to move up to the standings in their respective zone.The [...]


Deadly Home Invasion in Belmopan City
The nation's latest home invasion and murder occurred in the Maya Mopan area, a remote part of Belmopan, between one-twenty and one-forty this morning and claimed the life of fifty-three year old Robert Lewis, a retired Belizean who had spent twenty years along with his wife, Ors...

BDF Soldier Shot at Melitia Hall
A BDF soldier was reportedly shot this evening in Belize City. The incident happened at the Melitia Hall at mile two on the George Price Highway at its boundary with the Lord Ridge Cemetery. It is not yet known what triggered the incident or what the officer's...

Policeman Loses Home In Fire After Losing Both Legs in Traffic Incident
A Saturday morning fire in Punta Gorda has left a house partially destroyed. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent Love FM News Centre "An early Saturday morning fire has left a house partly damaged and household items belonging to a polic...

New School Building Opens in Toledo
An inauguration ceremony for a new school building for Sunday Wood Village Primary School was held on Saturday. Here again is correspondent Paul Mahung with the details. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent Love FM News Centre "After opening prayer by Pastor Mar...

Belizean American Killed in Capital City
Belmopan Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man from the Maya Mopan area. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ Belmopan Correspondent Love FM News Centre "Sometime after one this morning Belmopan Police was called to th...

Two Weekend Murders In Belize City
A sixteen year old boy was shot dead on Saturday morning in Belize City. Police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood tells us more. FITZROY YEARWOOD Police Press Officer Belize Police Department "CIB personnel responded to a scene at the corner of Vernon...

Belize City Carpenter Remanded For Allegedly Raping A Minor
Twenty-nine year old Darrel Gray, a carpenter of 4B Flamboyant Street in Belize City, who allegedly kidnapped and raped a 15 year old girl, was charged with 3 offences when he appeared today in the #2 Magistrate's Court. The charges were kidnapping, rape and unlawful carnal k...


Thieves target Ladyville primary school
A primary school in Ladyville Village is reeling from the effects of a burglary in their classrooms over Wednesday night. This is the fourth time since June that the school has been targeted and Principal, Carol Young, told Love News that the nuisance has adversely affected the progress of the school, which has to ask for assistance each time it occurs. Young says that the school has asked the Ministry of Education to post a security guard on the compound.

Robbery at St. John Vianney Primary School
There was a second burglary at a primary school, this time in Belize City and it happened early this morning during the heavy downpour. It didn't matter that Saint John Vianney on Faber's Road has a security guard because the thieves reportedly drove into the adjacent yard and parked their vehicle, walked across to the Principal's Office and cut open a number of thick padlocks and deadbolts that secured the door. All this happened while the security guard was reportedly in the watchman's booth about seventy feet away at the entrance of the compound, and which faces the principal's office. Principal, Felix Sutherland, told Love News that while the thieves did not take any money, the heist was major for the school - in excess of ten thousand dollars in items. Like Principal Young of Our Lady of the Way Primary, Sutherland also appeals to the public to not support thieves by buying stolen items that they sell.

The Scout Association of Belize is tomorrow embarking on its National Coastal and River ways cleanup. The cleanup is part of Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup. Ricardo Alcoser is the National Coordinator for the cleanup. Coca Cola is partnering with the Scout Association and Alcoser explained why partnerships like these are of importance for the initiative. The cleanup will begin at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning.

A new children's park in P.G.
A new children's park has been established in Punta Gorda town. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

A fire in Orange Walk Town
A warehouse was destroyed by fire in Orange Walk Town on Thursday afternoon. Our Orange Walk Bureau Chief Manuela Ayuso Cantun reports.

Updates on the death of Kaylee
It has been a few weeks since the body of baby Kaylee Burgess was discovered inside a bucket in her mother's family yard in Ladyville and so far, there have been no arrests in connection with her death. The post mortem conducted on her body certified that the child died of suffocation, which had strong suspicion among investigators that someone was responsible for her death. Initially, the child's maternal relatives had accused her father, Kevin Burgess of kidnapping her when she allegedly went missing on the same night she was discovered dead. Burgess, who is estranged from the child's mother, however, provided an alibi, supported by his family members. That led the investigation in a different direction and the police then zeroed in on one of the child's aunts in whose care she was left when the incident happened. Because so much time has lapsed without any charges, the families from both the child's mother's and father's sides have come together to hold a demonstration, candle light vigil and balloon release in the hopes that justice will be served.

Stabbing incident in Lady Ville
Sibling rivalries have been ongoing since the days of the Bible. But that is cold comfort for a Ladyville family tonight after a teenage boy caused his older brother a trip to the emergency ward and the minor a date with the police. Love TV's Marion Ali has the tragic story. Love News understands that Elias Bainton is now in the post operative ward at the KHMH. Meanwhile, a charge of attempted murder is being prepared for the fifteen year old brother.


One man dead in gruesome Belmopan home invasion
There were six murders across the country of Belize over the weekend. We start our newscast tonight with a Belmopan...

Man killed while stealing ginger from farm
Also in the Cayo district, there was yet another death by gunshot. This time, the victim was allegedly in the proce...

Man released from police custody found chopped to death
There was also a murder in San Ignacio, this one on Friday. The victim was not shot, but chopped multiple times and...

Another robbery on Intelco Hill in Belmopan
There was a robbery in Belmopan on Saturday night. 18yr old Brad Bowman reported to Belmopan Police that on Saturda...

Disgruntled policeman fires shot at crowded James bus
Rogue Police officer is forced to stand down when soldier intervenes. A report reaching our newsroom is that a poli...

Telemedia holds AGM but no dividends are declared
At its 6th annual General Meeting last night, Belize Telemedia Limited took a decision to comply with last Wednesda...

Guatemalan logger caught cutting trees in Chiquibul
In last week's newscast we told you about the millions of dollars Belize has lost due to illegal intrusions into th...

Cayo's Bishop Martin School wins nutrition competition
The Belize National Secondary School Nutrition Competition was held on Friday at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in...

New School building for Sunday Wood village
Government's is putting in work to improve the school environment for children in the southern part of the country....

Belize City fisherman gunned down in Cold Blood
Another murder was reported in Belize City where 31 year old Trevor Johnson was shot and killed. It happened someti...

Belize City teenager murdered execution style
The second victim to die on Saturday as well was a sixteen year old boy. This one happened at the corner of Vernon ...

Unidentified man murdered Sunday morning
The final murder report is about a man who was shot dead on Sunday morning. The body still has not been identified....

Teenager shot in Independence
There was also a shooting in Dangriga. The teenage victim of that incident has been recovering at the hospital. Thi...

Fifteen year old girl raped in Belize City
A 15-year old girl was reportedly raped in Belize City. The student said that on Friday Sept. 28th around nine o'cl...

Burglar gets away with over $12,000.00 from school break-in
There was a burglary at St. John's Vianney Primary School in Belize

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker Chronicles gets a New Editor in Chief
The Caye Caulker Chronicles is pleased to welcome on board as the new Editor in Chief, Ms. Shary Trejo, a native islander (born & raised) of Caye Caulker. Shary is a dynamic & progressive young lady of Caye Caulker how has continuously been involved with community projects in various organizations. Shary owns her own business, The Island Link Internet Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour as well as freelance work for several other business such as Frenchie's Diving. She is the daughter of Mrs. Chila Ugarte. Being the Editor of the Caye Caulker Chronicles is an unpaid labor of love to keep the community and those abroad who love our village in tune with the happenings of our island. It is a tireless selfless job and I would like to Congratulate Ms. Shary Trejo wholeheartedly for taking on the challenge and work. Caye Caulker islanders & readers are welcome to submit any news, birth, wedding, birthday or other announcements to the Chronicles. For postings on our online newspaper you can email at [email protected] or mail to: Shary Trejo, Front Street, Caye Caulker, Belize.

Caye Caulker Joins Coastal Cleanup with Oceana Belize
On September 29th, Oceana Belize joined in on the movement of the International Coastal Waterway Cleanup 2012. It was a countrywide and worldwide clean up and we are happy to say Caye Caulker was part of this movement. Residents teamed up at the South Point and about 40 residents helped clean up the beach and they all picked up over 60 bags of trash along the shoreline. Oceana Belize provided the trash bags and gloves. A big thank you to Agua Dulce for donating the drinking water,Carpet Care Plus for donating additional trash bags, Michael Joseph and Abel Novelo for transporting all the trash to the dump and last but not least everyone who came out to participate!

The Mesoamerican Reef on National Geographic
It is amazing to say how proud Belizean's are to know our Barrier Reef along with the rest of the Mesoamerican Reef is being featured on National Geographic's Magazine, October 2012 issue. The Mesoamerican Reef region lies within the Caribbean Sea and touches the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. It is the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. The reef stretches from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula down to the Honduran Bay Islands. It's not the first for Belize to be featured on National Geographic. The famous Blue Hole and also the Snake Cayes off the Cost of Belize, which was once featured on Nat Geo Wild; just to name a few.

October's Public and Bank Holiday
The Government of Belize has issued a release on the date observed for this month. Pan American Day will be observed on Monday, October 15th in lieu of Friday, October 12th.

Conch Season officially opens!
As you may have known, the Conch Season was closed earlier this year, almost 2 months short of its actual closing date which is June 30th due to the distressing of the conch in the country. The Queen Conch is easily recognizable by its large pinkish shell, reaching a length of 30 cm and weighing some 2 kg. Its favorite habitats are beds of Turtle grass and of Manatee grass and sand flats at water depths from 1 to 100ft. The Queen Conch mainly feeds on algae, as adults, and plankton as larvae. It may reach some 7 years of age and its main predators include crabs, turtles, sharks, rays and humans.Queen Conch Today, October 1st is the official opening of the conch season and fishermen have gone out on their early morning journey to fetch these beautiful and tasty conch. So head on over to your favorite restaurant and order that delicious Conch Ceviche or Conch Fritters!!

A Big Thank You!
We at Caye Caulker Chronicles would like to say a big thank you to Lizette Gutierrez for all her hard work, efforts and contribution she has made to the Chronicles. We wish you much success in your future endeavors and we hope to have you on board again!! Much Love!


Sunday songfest for a special cause
Last Thursday night in San Pedro, Karen Waldrup, an up-and-coming country singer/songwriter, performed at Wet Willies as a fundraiser for the Mama Vilma's family home charity. We missed it, but San Pedro Scoop and Tacogirl both did excellent write-ups. Fortunately, for me and for Mama Vilma's House, Cowboy Doug came to the the rescue and quickly set up a second fundraiser at Grand Caribe for Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't miss this one -- it was right next door, and Cowboy always throws a great party in the perfect setting that Grand Caribe offers. Check it out: Everyone was right -- Karen is a real talent! Country music is not my favorite genre, but I would classify her as more of a folk musician than what I think of as "country". And actually, reading her bio, she considers herself an eclectic mix of "folk, rock, country and blues". Yes, much more my taste! Karen has a sweet, soulful voice, and is one of those singers who could sing the phone book and make it sound good. When she's mega-famous one day, I can say that I actually shook her hand (thanks to Laurie for introducing me to her!) I have no photo evidence, but let me tell you -- this sweet, feminine, southern charmer has a firm handshake. She means business!

Yummy Brunch at Red Ginger Restaurant and the Beautiful Phoenix Resort
Where I'm from, Sunday morning brunch is a big deal. On a warm spring Sunday, around 1-2pm, the streets of Manhattan are packed with people either eating or lining up to eat and drink brunch. Here in Belize? It's only starting to grow in popularity. Estel's is a very popular breakfast place and always has a full house on pretty much every morning. But not too long ago Red Ginger Restaurant started doing a proper Sunday brunch. Not only is it a great restaurant but the setting is pretty spectacular. And guess what? They even have mimosas and bagels. But let's get back to the food and the restaurant which is towards the back of the resort. You can eat inside in the A/C or on the patio and we watched plate after plate taken out by the pool... I tried to be good and ordered a Grilled Shrimp Salad...

International Sources

The forgotten civilization: Evocative images show how modern-day Mayans have continued traditional way of life
The Mayan civilization came to an abrupt and inexplicable end around the year 900 AD, but the culture of the ancient tribe lived on not only in the spectacular pyramids, but also in the people who trace their lineage to the fearsome warriors of centuries past. Even as anthropologists and archaeologists continue to puzzle over the eclipse of the Mayan empire, the Maya themselves are still here. An estimated 1.2million of ethnic Maya currently live in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Another five million are spread throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and the cities of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Belize debt restructuring: 2007 vs 2012
... financing both fiscal and external deficits); significant debt overhang Effective interest rate of around 7.8% on government debt (more than 11% on external commercial debt) in 2005 Expected financing shortfalls from liabilities arising from nationalization of two utility companies and declining oil revenue; significant debt overhang Effective interest rate of around 4.4% on government debt in 2011, coupon on sole external commercial bond rose to 8.5% in 2012 Trigger Restructuring driven by economic necessity rather than willingness to pay The government faces some immediate financing gaps, but is accelerating medium-term solvency issues Willingness to pay is center stage; restructuring escalated from a campaign promise during the 2012 election; government does not face a liquidity crunch and solvency issues are more medium- term Restructured instruments Private external foreign currency debt instruments (6 international bonds with maturities...

Strong Latin American Presence at UN Today
With speeches from Cuba, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador and Venezuela, for Latin America, the UN General Assembly''s annual debate is expected to complete today. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez will be the first of the representatives from that region to speak the UN highest body. The minister will reiterate his country's complaint against the U.S. -imposed blockade for 50 years. That siege has been condemned for 20th consecutive years by the General Assembly, a body that will approve in November another resolution entitled "The Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America against Cuba." In 2011, that document was adopted by 186 votes for, with only two against: the United States and Israel. Cuba denounced 10 days ago that the U.S. blockade has caused economic damage valued at 1.066 trillion USD until December 2011, considering the depreciation of the dollar against gold in the international market.

Hidden Costs of Reef Erosion
Global specialty property and casualty insurer and reinsurer Catlin Group Limited has teamed up with Google Maps to provide landlocked viewers a glimpse into the secret and quickly-disappearing world of coral reefs. Besides being a prime feeding and breeding ground for ocean life, the insurer says the reefs are a natural risk indicator that displays early signs of global environmental changes. Reefs also act as physical barriers that protect vital shoreline properties from storm surge, which is an increasing worldwide risk due to climate change. "The Catlin Seaview Survey will use new technology to gather important scientific information about coral reefs that has never been previously collected," says Stephen Catli