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The latest Tia Chocolate column is ready for reading!!! Opposites, Part VII
When Eva woke up, it was not because of the jolting of the cart on the rough road, but rather the weightless feel of someone picking her up while she slumbered. It was the man who brought her back home, but he was taking her inside his house - where sister lived. Overhead, the skies had darkened, and soon, stars would come out to shine with their feeble light. Somewhere behind the large mountains, a moon was starting its ascent...

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

SPHS baseball team prepares for CODICADER games in Panama
The San Pedro High School (SPHS) baseball team is making final preparations to travel to Panama where they will represent Belize at the Consejo del Istmo Centroamericano en Deportes y Recreación (English: Council for Sports and Recreation of Central America) CODICADER games. The games will run for four days and will include all Central American countries, with the exception of El Salvador. Speaking to The San Pedro Sun, Team Coach Marion Mejia said that the team leaves on the 10th and returns of the 16th of October. "The competition is from the 12th to the 15th of October. The team will play five games in four days. Six countries are participating, all the Central American countries, with the exception of El Salvador who will not be taking a team. Each of the teams will play five games and the team with the best record will win the gold medal," said Mejia. As for the ongoing preparation, Mejia commented that "The team started practicing on April 28th, and since baseball is being introduced to the country and SPHS is the only high school that plays the sport, the team traveled to Chetumal four times and played eight practice matches. The team has come a long way since making the switch from softball to baseball, but the boys have dedicated themselves and are ready to represent Belize."

Coca Cola International Films in San Pedro, Belize
Coca Cola International Latino was in San Pedro over the weekend shooting a commercial that will be airing in Latin America. How cool is that!? Shooting took place mostly in downtown San Pedro after the crew spent a couple days scouting for the best locations on Ambergris Caye. The company hired all local actors and used machinery and products from the local Belizean Coca Cola company for their shoots. Assisting them was Horacio Chito Guerrero who was production coordinator for the San Pedro shoot.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro's Saga Humane Society Receives and Gives Back
On September 19, 2012, Clara lee Arnold (Hopkins Belize Humane Society) and Alexandra Rothlisberger (Humane Society International) arrived in San Pedro for the first time to check out SAGA's clinic and Forth Dog holding facility. It is through these people that the San Pedro Saga Humane Society achieves such great milestones in their development and assistance to the community. Clara Lee and Alexandra also attended the second annual Street Party cook-off that celebrated Central American cuisine. Saga's cook-off have proven very successful and a great way to raise funds for the organization. Everybody had fun meeting Saga supporters and the duo made many friends.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize National Dance Company Benefit for Ms. Rosita Baltazar
There will be a Benefit Concert to raise funds for Ms Rosita, who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Saturday, November 3rd. Auditorium, San Pedro Town. Show performed at Festival du Sud in Europe.

Bibliographical collection on the garifuna people

U.S. Imports from Belize of Crude Oil & Petroleum Products

Fitzroy Yearwood resigns as Police Press Officer
I'd like to thank the Belizean Public for tusting me enough to allow me into their living rooms on almost a Daily basis since the 17th February 2010. The time has now come for me to move on so effictive today I'll no longer be the Police Press Officer, but will continue being Inspector of Police Fitzroy Yearwood. I will continue to protect and serve the people of Belize. Thank you. Kindly contact Mr. Raphael Martinez at cell number 6650162 and discontinue calling my personal number 6020403. It was great working with you.

Belize and Nigeria Sign Agreement on Technical Assistance
The governments of Belize and Nigeria have signed a technical agreement involving the deployment of Nigeria's Technical Aid Corps volunteers to Belize. The agreement, which was signed Tuesday at the Ministry of Health in Belmopan, will see the provision of Nigerian professionals to contribute and share their experience and expertise in particular areas that may benefit Belize, the government said in a statement. Approximately 130 Nigerian volunteers have been working in Belize's health sector over the years as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians, attorneys and university lecturers. Their tours are typically for a period of two years in Belize, although that can be extended by mutual agreement between the two countries. It is the fourth time Belize and Nigeria have signed such an agreement. Nigerian High Commissioner to Belize Ambassador Otunba Olatokunba Kamson and Belizean Health Minister Pablo Marin signed the agreement.

VIDEO: Our little parade - Caye Caulker Style
Belize Style! Independence Day

Rotary's Wine & Cheese Fundraiser
The Rotary Club of Belmopan had their annual Wine and Cheese Fundraiser Saturday. They had a huge crowd, and raised quite a bit of money for the Belize Children's Project. Thanks, Rotary! "The 2012 Wine and Cheese was a record breaking event. With over 185 people in attendance over 40,000 was raised to support the Belize Children's project - - a service project that has help over 300 children receive needed surgeries that change their lives. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of two families that have benefited from the program. Their stories demonstrated in a very tangible way the dramatic change that can occur in a child's life when they have access to needed health care. There are many people to thank for the success of the event but at the top of the list are the many businesses and individuals that donated products and services that could be sold during the silent auction! Without them this event would not have been the success that it was."

Nine Eco Cultural Tours
Nine Belize Eco Cultural Tours has launched its website. Well done. Joe Awe's site looks and feels great. His philosophy, found on the 'About Us' page, is amazing, and explained perfectly. Best of luck! "'Nine' is the number that, for the ancient Maya, represents the 'underworld', 'Metnal', 'The Place of Fright'. This number in Maya numerals is represented by a bar and four dots on top of the bar - the logo of this company reflects just that. The second 'dot' in the logo has a fingerprint on it, reflecting the important element of uniqueness of culture and people. The bar, which is a small tree branch, has a leaf with two water droplets reflective of a green livable world that we must protect and infuse new leadership into from the depths of all our combined creation place!"

Beltraide MSME Seminar in Benque
Tonight, Beltraide and the DFC will have a business support information session for MSME's at La Casa de Teresa. It will start at 6:30pm. "BELTRAIDE/DFC Outreach of services in Benque Viejo Del Carmen"

September Celebrations Book Launch
Tonight in Belmopan, at the George Price Centre, they'll be doing the book launch for 'Celebrating the 10th and 21st September: Revisiting the Documentary Heritage.' It'll start at 6:00pm. "The Belize Archives and Records Service in collaboration with the Institute for Social and Cultural Research will be launching the book 'Celebrating the 10th and 21st September: Revisiting the Documentary Heritage' tomorrow October 2nd at the Museum of Belize at 10:00am and at The George Price Center for Peace and Development at 6:00pm."

Channel 7

Murder At Militia Hall - Teenage Soldier Is Suspect
Yesterday evening a volunteer soldier was killed at a BDF facility, the Militia Hall - which is at mile one on the Western Highway. The man who pulled the trigger is actually not a man, but a minor, a 17 year old - who is also a volunteer soldier - and was on guard duty with a loaded weapon. As we understand it - it's the kind of thing that could have been settled with a few hard words - but due to the ready availability of an assault rifle it exploded into a fatal shooting. Daniel Ortiz found out more about the death of Volunteer Clifford Cruz: Daniel Ortiz reporting It's a secure military compound, but this morning, Militia Hall was being processed as a murder scene after 21 year-old Clifford Cruz, a BDF volunteer, was shot to death by a 17 year-old who just started the program 2 months ago. The teenager reportedly shot Cruz in the stomach with a rifle like this - an AR-15. We can't show you the face of the accused or tell you his name because he is still a minor, but his cousin says that he was provoked.

PM Barrow On Bond Talks
Prime Minister Dean Barrow and most of the Debt Restructuring Team returned from Washington DC today. As we reported last week, the PM led a delegation to high level meetings with Executives at the IDB and IMF. Our reports were that the PM was going to lend his influence to try to swing support for a partial IDB guarantee of the debt re-structuring. But today, upon his return the PM was far more circumspect in his remarks about the outcome of the meeting:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "The idea was to brief them on how the restructuring process is going and to discuss with them the roles that both institutions can play particularly in a post restructuring scenario. We clearly will need technical assistance, we will need project funding, we will need all the other resources that these international financial institutions can provide as we seek after the restructuring to maintain debt sustainability to maintain fiscal viability. That was what the trip was about. We had very useful discussions at the two institutions and I thought personally that it was in fact a productive journey." Daniel Ortiz "The information coming to us is that your trip was to seek a partial guarantee on the bond restructuring."

Fire At The Foam Factory!
There was some excitement in the city this afternoon when a fire started at the BELFOAM factory at mile 2 on the Western Highway. Monica Bodden got there before the fire truck and she has this report:.. Monica Bodden reporting A thick cloud of putrid black smoke blanketed the skies above the western part of Belize City this afternoon. And though it was a huge mushroomed cloud, it really came from a small room - called the chemical mixing room at the Belfoam Factory. When we arrived on the scene just after 4 this evening - the entire concrete building was engulfed in flames. The thick plume of smoke attracted a huge crowd of onlookers. But they were only briefly entertained; it took fire fighters only minutes to bring the fire under control and extinguish the blaze. The building was used as a storage facility for chemicals which are used to create foams. At the time the fire started - 3 employees where inside.

Belama Bus Like Buzz: "To Infinity And Beyond..."
Tonight a Belize Transit Services bus is impounded at the Belize City Council's mile four compound - and it might not come out anytime soon. That's because the City Council says Belize Transit has been defying its authority by running busses in the Belama area - which is already licensed out to Haylock's bus service. But Transit Services says it has a license for the area - and an exclusive one at that - dating back to 1979. We're not sure Belama even existed then, but the license was affirmed in 1999 - and they're sticking to their guns. And so, every morning the transit service bus sets out to the Belama area - and every morning traffic officers force them to park their bus. Today - they called police to impound the bus and we spoke to the driver:.. Alexander Cardinez, Belize Transit bus driver in Belama "When I reach at the Pound Yard at 7:30 one of the officers told me not to run because they will impound the bus." Jules Vasquez "You still did run?" Alexander Cardinez "I still run yes because I have a permit to run. From last week they came every morning to stop me, they don't want me to run. I have a loan at the bank to pay for that bus; I don't know how I will pay the bank for that bus. I need to pay my house mortgage also."

Daylight Downtown Mayhem And Men With Guns
There was gunplay in the downtown and residential areas of the city yesterday evening. Reliable reports to 7News are that there was an altercation, which led to a shooting at the corner of Queen and Eve Streets. Because of quick police response, the culprits fled the scene, leaving behind a car and a firearm on the ground. And it is a very deadly firearm at that, a black .357 Magnum Revolver - which is a prohibited firearm - along with 2 expended shells. These men were seen getting out of another vehicle near Renaissance Towers running into Princess Margaret Drive with firearms in hand. Police pursued, but they managed to escape somewhere behind the MCC grounds. There are reports that the abandoned car had fake cocaine packets on the seat.

Man Detained for BELAM Murder Investigation
Police have detained one suspect in the home invasion murder of Belizean American retiree, 53 year old Robert Lewis. Lewis was stabbed to death inside his home theater at his residence in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan. The suspect - who is known to police as a burglar - was caught in Cayo with an injured thumb. You will recall that the culprit appeared to have cut his hand and left bloodstains all over the home and on the fence. The culprit was looking for cash and a gun and ignored a large quantity of jewelry in the home. There were no signs of forced entry. The wife of the deceased Ursula Patnett Lewis saved herself by jumping form a 15 foot balcony where she fractured her hand. In other news, police have identified the person killed on the ginger farm in St. Margaret's Village. He is a Honduran food vendor from the Collet area of Belize City, 21 year old Christian Alexander Landeverde. He told his wife he was going south to buy oranges and left in his truck. That truck is what his friends used to escape when they abandoned him in the ginger field after he was shot by farm owner Jose Echevarria. The vehicle was found abandoned near Belmopan. Police found that Echeverria was protecting his farm from thieves and was allegedly shot at first - so he is not expected to be charged.

Home Invaders In San Roman Wanted Drugs
Yesterday, 7News told you about the home invasion turned murder in Belmopan. Tonight, there is another similar incident to report in Corozal, but fortunately, it did not result in a tragedy. Margarita Lemus, a housewife of San Roman Village, reported to police that at around 7:15 p.m. on Saturday, she was alone in her house when 3 masked men - one armed with a shotgun - entered her home and immediately assaulted her. Lemus told police that one of the men asked her about drugs while he was tying her up and gagging her. The men then placed her in one of the back rooms of the house, ransacked the place, stole 3 pieces of jewelry and $160 in cash, and escaped. Police say that they continue to investigate.

A Book Launch With A Point Of Departure
A new publication was launched today at the Museum of Belize called "Revisiting the 10th and 21st". The book is a two-fold, with the first part depicting the documented facts leading up to and including the Battle of St George's Caye, and the second depicting the movement to and the declaration of Independence. It's a collaboration of NICH and the Belize Archives Service and its purpose is to provide actual documentation as a point of reference surrounding these two historic events. We found out more. Dr. Herman Byrd - Director, Belize Archive "This year we partnered both with the Museum of Belize and the other arm of NICH; The Institute of Social & Cultural Research with the Museum to produce the exhibit. We wanted to do something on a much larger scale than we have done before, so the folks here at the museum were able to do that for us and we also wanted to have something that visitors of the museum could walk away with and provide them the opportunity to dig deeper into some of the materials that they would have seen going through the exhibit."

Lives Spared In Fire, Property Lost
THERE was a fire through Taylor's Alley on Monday morning. A two storey wooden structure went up in flames just before 1am. Home owner Nikita Jones was not at home at the time - but her boyfriend and two children were sleeping in the upper storey of the house when the fire started. All 3 managed to escape unhurt. The Fire Department extinguished the fire - but unfortunately for Jones and her family, they didn't manage to save anything. She told us of her plight:... Voice of: Nikita Jones, Home Owner "The fire happened on Sunday about 12am. I sell food at the Belize Bank, when I came in I drop off the pots upstairs and I went to Princess to pick up my sister. In like 15 minutes after that they call me and told me that my house is on fire." Monica Bodden "Anybody was at home at the time?" Nikita Jones, Home Owner "My boyfriend was sleeping along with my two kids and the baby was at the babysitter; I have 3 kids."

Hold Up Hezbollah!: An Immigration Intermission
If you've been following the news, you may know that there was a recent immigration fiasco in which an alleged Hezbollah operative managed to get an official Belizean passport issued under a false identity in two days. Since then, Minister of Immigration, Hon. Godwin Hulse, and other government officials have been hard at work to implement new procedures which will hopefully curb the corruption that has plagued the department and shut off those loopholes. And in that vein, the government today issued a press release to announce the temporary closing of the passport offices in Belize City. According to the release, anyone who wishes to apply for a passport must go to the Belmopan and other district offices. There is no indication about how long the Belize City office will remain close, only that it was necessary for improvement on processing and service delivery.

Kim "Wu's" Taiwan For Inspiration Center
This morning, the Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize, David Wu handed over a cheque for two hundred thousand dollars to the Prime Minister's wife, Kim Barrow. The donation represents half of the funds pledged by the embassy and government to the Inspiration Center project in 2011. This first portion of the donation was released to coincide with the start of construction of the Inspiration Center. On Friday, September 28th, Mrs. Barrow and CARE-Belize Director Evan Cowo, signed a letter of intent awarding the contract for the construction of the Inspiration Center to Usher Construction. The construction company estimates that it will take approximately a year and 1.8 million dollars to build the center. The fundraising for this project continues as approximately a million dollars more is needed to complete construction as well as to equip and furnish the center.

Channel 5

B.D.F. volunteer murdered by B.D.F. volunteer in Militia Hall
A young B.D.F. volunteer soldier was murdered before news time on Monday night after a crime wave swept across the country over the weekend. Clifford Cruz was killed when another volunteer soldier pulled the trigger of his service Rifle. The murder at the Militia Hall of the B.D.F. on the George Price Highway is a [...]

Foam house burns down 3 years later
If you looked to the sky this afternoon, a large plume of smoke was hovering over the George Price Highway at the entrance to Belize City. The foam house for the Belize Foam and Furniture Limited at mile two and a quarter on the highway caught on fire for the second time in three years. [...]

Security guard found dead at workplace
A security guard from Dangriga, Charles Gamboa, was found dead at his workplace on Friday. The family believes he was murdered but the police are calling it a case of sudden death because a post mortem has not yet been conducted for lack of a pathologist. Gamboa, by family accounts, was in good health. But [...]

Stephen Lewis murdered during home invasion in Capital
One man from the Dangriga area is detention tonight in connection with the horrific murder of a retired Belizean American, fifty-three year old Robert Stephen Lewis. Lewis and his wife, Ursula, recently relocated to Belize and built their dream home in the Maya Mopan are of Belmopan. The couple was surprised by an armed and [...]

Why has no one been charged for Kaylee Burgess' murder?
Tonight's question is: Why do you think no one has been charged with the murder of Kaylee Burgess: No evidence, Sloppy police work or the Suspect may be highly connected. Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an [...]

PM returns from IDB and IMF meetings; partial guarantee in sight?
After making a partial payment of eleven point seven million dollars on the twenty-three point five million dollars August coupon of the superbond, bondholders agreed not to take legal action against the government during a two month period while negotiations take place. The Prime Minister, accompanied by members of the Debt Review Team including, team [...]

Prime Minister expects Telemedia dividends to be issued in months ahead
Telemedia held its annual general meeting on Friday. The dividends were not issued because of an injunction granted by the Caribbean Court of Justice just prior to the meeting. There is still litigation before the courts challenging the nationalization of the telephone company so the court ruled that the dividends should not to be paid [...]

Passport Office in Belize City closed until further notice
Following the alleged Hezbollah member, Rafic Labboun's swift receipt of a Belizean passport in the name of Wilhelm Dyck, an investigation into procedures and loopholes at the Immigration Department is taking place. Late this evening, the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality sent out a press release confirming that the Passport Office at the Charles Hyde [...]

Couple lucky to be alive after vehicle flips during highway accident
A Belmopan couple is lucky to be alive tonight after a horrific accident on the George Price Highway this afternoon. Mohiddin Kharuri and his seventeen year old girlfriend were heading to Belize City when he lost control of the vehicle and hit the edge of a culvert. The SUV flew into the air before landing [...]

Stolen car, but lawyer proves owner not quite yet owner
When he appeared in court earlier this year, Maintenance worker, Charles Reque�a had pleaded not guilty to the charge of handling stolen goods, but it wasn't until today that he was freed of the single charge. In March of this year, a car, valued at three thousand two hundred dollars, was stolen from in front [...]

Christian Landaverde identified as man killed on St. Margaret's Farm
On Monday night we reported that a man was killed in St. Margaret's Village, where it is believed that he was stealing from a farm. That man has since been identified as Christian Alexander Landaverde, a fruit and vegetable vendor from Belize City. Reports are that Landaverde was one of three men who were caught [...]

Public space and sports collide; football field or concert ground?
IndigeNOW Belize, a world indigenous music festival organized by the National Institute of Culture and History, is scheduled for next weekend at the MCC Grounds. The event promises a who's who of local and international artists, as well as dance performances and arts and craft. But while planners have meticulously organized the showcase, the Football [...]

Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington on ICJ at UN General Assembly
The annual debate at the UN general assembly in New York is winding down. On Monday afternoon, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington took to the famous lectern along with the other ministers from the CARICOM. Elrington touched on a number of global issues on the UN Agenda such as climate change, peace and security while on [...]

September 10th and 21st, redux in print
The annual September Celebrations are officially behind us but today the National Institute of Culture and History, along with the Belize Archives and Records Service returned to the essence of what makes the month of September historically important to Belizeans. It's a new publication fittingly called Revisiting the Tenth and Twenty-First, a retrospective detailing the [...]

Superstar hopefuls take the stage to win major cash
After a brief recess last week, The Next Superstar is back tonight with a bang. It's coming down to wire now, so you better get in the grove because five competitors from Group A will remain in the competition tonight following an all-out knock round of the bottom three. It's all heading to the merger [...]


Minor Kills BDF Volunteer On Base
On Monday evening Love News reported that a Belize Defense Force volunteer soldier was shot dead. It happened at the Melitia Hall compound on the George Price Highway near its boundary with the Lord Ridge Cemetery. When Love News arrived, the scenes of crimes personnel were still...

Anglican Church Prepares For The Forty Seventh Diocesan Synod
The Anglican Diocese of Belize is preparing to host its 47th Diocesan Synod next week. The Synod is a biennial meeting of lay delegates from all the churches and diocesan organizations and is the highest governing body of the diocese and establishes policy and programmes for ...

Police Detains Suspect In Belmopan Home Invasion
There is an update on the ruthless murder of retired Belizean contractor, fifty-three year-old Robert Lewis. Belmopan police have detained a man originally from Dangriga in connection with the stabbing murder, which happened inside Lewis' home in the Maya Mopan area of ...


Belize Makes It On HPI List
In 2006 and 2009 Belize was ranked 51st and 27th respectively on the global Happy Planet Index, HPI. Happy Planet Index is an index of human well-being and environmental impact that was introduced by the New Economics Foundation, NEF, in the US in July 2006. The HPI is based on general useful principles - that most people want to live long and fulfilling lives, and the country which is doing the best is the one that allows its citizens to do so. In addition HPI is also concerned with the extraction of or imposition upon nature and is portrayed using the ecological footprint per capita, which attempts to estimate the amount of natural resources, required to sustain a given country's lifestyle. A country with a large per capita ecological footprint uses more than its fair share of resources, both by drawing resources from other countries, and also by causing permanent damage to the planet which will impact future generations. The HPI is best conceived as a measure of the environmental efficiency of supporting well-being in a given country. For the 2012 ranking, 151 countries were compared, and the best scoring country for the second time in a row was Costa Rica, followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Belize and El Salvador. The lowest ranking countries in 2012 were Botswana, Chad and Qatar.

O/W Artisans To Be Featured In BELTRAIDE Catalogue
In an attempt to promote Belizean products both locally and internationally, the Belize Trade and Investment Service BELTRAIDE, has been actively involved in a number of marketing strategies aimed at creating consumer awareness of locally produced goods and services, since 2007. One such strategy is the "Made in Belize Product Catalogue"- a catalogue designed to provide graphic images of the various products produced in Belize along with the corresponding information of the manufacturer. This year the catalogue will showcase the work of Belizean artisans who bring to life locally made products. Expected to be released in the month of December, the catalogue is presently under construction. Last week Friday personnel from BELTRIADE were in Orange Walk at the Banquitas House of Culture where numerous local artisans came out to display their products that will be featured in the catalogue. The Belize Trade and Investment Service, BELTRAIDE, exists to promote economic development through investment promotion, entrepreneurial development and marketing and policy recommendations. Currently, Development Officer at BELTRAIDE, Debbie Alfaro is on a nationwide tour in preparation of the 2012 "Made in Belize Catalogue" expected to be out by the month of December. This year the catalogue will be featuring the work of local artisans from across the jewel including the Orange Walk District.

Rotract O/W Donates Educational Grants
The Orange Walk Rotaract Club is a community-oriented and social-driven organization which is well known for their work in our community - their commitment to town beautification initiatives and other people-centered activities. Tonight the club is once again making the news this time for their commitment to education. On Saturday the club donated 10 educational grants to well deserving high school students. This is the fifth year that the club carries out its student program, the only difference is, that this year, the club was able to do donate more grants by partnering off with the business community. Clarrisa Azayeta- Financial Director "The school's gives us the nominations, the nominees, we screen them and we take who were nominated. This year, however, we have the business to match us for everyone we get a business match us one. Carmelita Perez - Reporter "Now, are these grants been given out to first form, second form, third form, fourth form or it varies?"

Two Murders Recorded In Belize City
While it was relatively quite here in the north over the weekend, the same cannot be said for the Belize District where there were two murders. The first murder was recorded on Saturday September 29th and the victim was identified as 16 year old Jamie Dominguez aka (Chipaz). The dead body of the 16 year old was found lying face up on the tail gate of an abandoned black Isuzu Rodeo parked at the corner of Vernon Street and Partridge Street Extension in Belize City. Dominguez had been shot on the right side of the head. So far police investigation have reveled that around 1:00am on Saturday, a single gunshot was heard in the area and a few minutes after residents found Dominguez's dead body on the back of the abandoned vehicle. The body of the deceased was transported to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where it was pronounced dead on arrival. So far on one has been arrested and investigations continue. The second homicide was recorded on Sunday September 30th around 1:14am and this time the victim was a 31 year old fisherman of 69 Regent Street Belize City. When police arrived at the scene on Nargusta Street, they observed the lifeless body of 31 year old Trevor Anthony Johnson lying face down riddled with bullets. Johnson had been shot on the right temple, right jaw, right arm and abdomen. Reports are that around 1:12am, Johnson was walking along Mahogany Street when a lone gunman began chasing him. Johnson is said to have run into Hondo Street where he was shot by his attacker. Despite his injuries, Johnson was able to run into Nargusta Street but he did not reach very far because his attacker managed to caught up with him and inflicted the fatal injuries. No one has been detained and investigations continue.

Honouring The Elderly
Today Belize joins the rest of the world in celebration of the United Nations' "International Day of Older Persons". The day is celebrated in recognition of the contributions of older persons to society and also to examine issues that affect their lives. In Belize International Day of Older Person marks the beginning of Elderly Citizens Week hosted by Help Age Centers across the country. Here in Orange Walk the Zenobia Megg Help Age Centre celebrated the day by hosting a tea party for its members. Marcelia Leiva, President HelpAge OW Branch "Orange Walk Helpage was formed in about 1981 and with that purpose in mind and it wasn't Helpage it was just a social group that came together because there were some people of the 60's and so on and they didn't feel like going to the clubs and so they said well let us meet now every now and then and just to share and just a group of people come together and then they started a little club and then eventually a few years after Helpage was formed in the City and then they invited us to be a part of them and to come under the umbrella of Helpage."


Belizean-American murdered in Salvapan
The latest murder took place in the wee hours of today, Monday, October first in the Salvapan area of the nation's capital. Love TV's Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo traveled west today to bring you the following report.

San Ignacio man murdered in Santa Elena town
Further west, in San Ignacio, the weapon of choice in the weekend's third killing was an edged tool.

Couple held up and robbed in Belmopan
While most hard-working Belizeans used the weekend downtime to rest and relax, the criminals were hard at work around the country. In Belmopan a group of bandits terrorized a couple on Saturday night leaving them stranded in the middle of the night. Love News understands that the vehicle has since been recovered and returned to the owner.

Teen kidnapped and raped; carpenter charged
The sexual assault of our young girls continues as another fifteen year old has reported that she was raped by a grown man. According to the girl, the alleged rapist took her at gunpoint to commit the sex assault.

Injured policeman's house gutted by fire in PG
A policeman who was badly injured in a road traffic accident on the Southern Highway late last month continues to undergo treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. The news tonight is the tragedy has been compounded by the destruction of his home in Punta Gorda town. The incident happened early on Saturday morning, and was reported by our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung.

The Jasmine Alert Senitization begins
The Jasmine Alert, Belize's Child Kidnapping Warning System was launched on the 31st of July 2012. As a result of this, the Belize Police Department has commenced a National Jasmine Alert Sensitization Tour which kicked off on Friday the 28th of September. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood explains the purpose of the tour.

Fisherman gunned down on Belize City street
Just as the investigation into the Dominguez murder was picking up steam � authorities were faced with another murder to investigation. The early Sunday morning shooting incident also in Belize City claimed the life of a fisherman. The victim has been identified as thirty one year old Trevor Anthony Johnson, who lived on Regent Street.

16 year old shot dead in Belize City
There was a path of death and violence that stretched from south side Belize City to south of the country. Six murders were reported in the period since Friday's newscast and this morning, with the latest homicide being recorded just this morning. We'll get to that one shortly. But we begin our walk through the crime beat with the story of a sixteen year old boy who was shot dead on Saturday morning on south side Belize City. Police press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood gave reporters the details at the weekly press briefing.


Two persons thrown from car near Harmonyville
Two persons were thrown from an SUV while travelling on the George Price Highway. It happened early this afternoon ...

Conference tackles exploitation and domestic violence.
Healthy Women's Conference is a 3 days forum organized by the Child Development Foundation (CDF). It involves the p...

Are we being cheated of premium internet service?
The Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities last week revealed some startling information a...

Police begin Jasmine Alert Sensitization Tour
Belize launched the "Jasmine Alert", Belize's Child Kidnapping Emergency Warning System on 31st July 2012. As a fol...

Additional information could identify home invasion suspect
Last night we aired the story about a Belmopan resident, Robert Lewis, who was savagely stabbed to death in his hom...

Brazen home invasion takes place in San Roman
Police visited the residence of MARGARITA LEMUS, in San Roman Village, in the Corozal District. She reported that ...

GOB temporarily closes Belize City passport office
The Ministry of Immigration & Nationality has issued a release stating that effective tomorrow October 3, the passp...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker's Independence Day Parade
For those who missed all the entertainment and fun for our Independence Day on September 21st. To view the article by Raggamuffin Tours, click here or take a quick look at the video shot during the parade.


Hellish weekend leaves 6 dead
Six people were shot, stabbed and chopped to death over the bloody weekend of Friday to Sunday, September 28 to 30. The persons who were killed are Jamie Dominguez, 17, and Trevor Anthony Johnson, 28, both residents of Belize City, who were shot to death; Eddie Antonio Sanchez, 35, of Santa Elena, who was chopped to death; a "John Doe" of St. Margaret Village who was shot to death; a security guard of Dangriga who was found stabbed to death at his place of duty; and a resident of the Maya Mopan area who was stabbed to death in his home. The killings began around 7:15 a.m. on Friday, September 28. Police said that Eddie Antonio Sanchez was found with multiple chop wounds to his head and back, and his throat was slit to his chin. Also, both his hands and right ankle were chopped. Police said that they were called to Pilgrim Road in the Hillview area of Santa Elena, where they found Sanchez's body lying at the roadside in a pool of blood. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

Belizean-American murdered in Maya Mopan
The last of the weekend's terrible, deadly violence occurred this morning, Monday, in the Maya Mopan area of Belmopan in a remote area sometime between 1:20 and 1:30. Robert Lewis, 53, a retired Belizean-American and his wife, Orsula Patnett Lewis, 47, were in their home, a large, imposing, burglar-barred residence, when an armed, masked bandit breached their security and gained entry into the house. The gunman first went into the bedroom of Orsula, who was sleeping in the upper flat in the house. Orsula Lewis told police that she was ordered to lie on the floor and the gunman tied her hands and feet and threatened to kill her. He then demanded money and guns from her. Orsula said that she pleaded for her life, and the man then left her and went downstairs, and shortly after she heard her husband screaming for help. She managed to untie herself and in desperation, jumped over the balcony of the second floor, a long drop to the ground, badly hurting her shoulder in the process. Her neighbors heard her shouting for help and ran to assist her and her husband, but the thief had already escaped.

No "sugar" for BTL shareholders yet
Prior to the Sixth Annual General Meeting of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) tonight, there was open speculation as to whether the company - in light of this week's ruling by the Caribbean Court of Justice that the Government as majority shareholder in the company (it holds 63 percent of shares including the Special Share) must postpone the declaration of dividends to all shareholders until December 14 per an application by the Ashcroft Alliance filed earlier this month - would comply and withhold dividends from its shareholders. Before that issue was decided, at the King's Room of the Princess Hotel in Belize City, shareholders heard from their board of directors as to the company's activities in the past year and its ambitious future plans. BTL complies: shareholders told "investment is secure" In the business portion of the AGM, after the meeting received and considered the Directors' Report and the company's financial statements for 2011-12, Executive Chairman of the company's board of directors, Nestor "Net" Vasquez, reported to shareholders that the Government had written to the company this week asking that they comply with the CCJ ruling and withhold the declaration of dividends until the 14th of December, 2012, or later. Attorney for BTL, Rodwell Williams SC, had earlier answered a question by shareholder Armando Castillo as to the legal authority of the CCJ to decide on a question that has not even reached its docket by revisiting the strange history of the 2009 and 2011 acquisitions by Government.

Belize shows rising number of breast cancer cases
Belizean men have also developed breast cancer... October is being celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month-and it is fitting time for the Belize Cancer Society to sound the alarm, since Belizean pathologist Dr. Hugh Sanchez has indicated that whereas breast cases have been second in frequency to cervical cancer cases in Belize, the data up to September 2012 indicate that breast cancer could clock in as the most common cancer in Belize among women. For the years 2009 to 2011, Belize saw 15 breast cancer cases recorded each year at the Central Medical Laboratory, which tracks both private and public sector cases in the country. However, Sanchez indicated that for the year 2012 to date, that number is about 13. The Belize Cancer Society is stressing early detection as key. Breast self-exams (BSE), clinical breast exams by a medical professional, and screening mammography for those who have turned 40 or ultrasounds for those who are younger, are the essential methods used in Belize for screening. Breast cancer survivor Deborah Alvarado said that it was the late Juliet Soberanis, founder of the Society, who warned her that the abnormalities in her breast were a signal that she was suffering from breast cancer. Alvarado said that one of her breasts was growing and it oozed blood from the nipple when she slept at night. The lab tests later confirmed this and Alvarado agreed to have the affected breast removed. The then mother of 5 (with 4 other dependents to care for) was diagnosed in 1997 at the age of 27. Today, she still has to be vigilant just in case the cancer returns.

Murder count passes 100 for third consecutive year - 108 to date
As a matter of public interest, this is Amandala's record of the murder roll and statistics through to today, Monday, October 1, 2012. For the third consecutive year, Belize has passed 100 murders - and, worryingly, done so at an earlier point in the year than in 2010 and 2011. 2010's 100th murder was recorded early in October and 2011's in the last week of September, respectively. According to our unofficial statistics, the 100th murder victim this year was Honduran national Wilmer Esquivel, 27, found stabbed to death in his home in the early hours of September 17. The third quarter, July, August and September, saw a total of 34 murders, five more than the second quarter. In July, which saw 13 murders, Corozal Town was hit by back-to-back double murders, first that of mother and daughter Clari and Shanny Fredersdorf, owners and managers of a hotel who were subjected to a fatal robbery on the night of July 4. One week later, two men, Robert Hernandez of Carolina village and town resident Kenrick Vaccaro were shot and killed. Residents of the town came out to protest after that double murder, but three others have been reported since, including the killing of the son and namesake of Belize City businessman James Swan, Sr., James Swan, Jr., 30; taxi operator Anwar Hernandez, 28; and 20-year-old Urbina Gonzalez Barrera.

Deon returns, but City Boys still fall to F.C. Belize in Week 6 of PLB tournament
Week 6, the first of four out-of-zone clashes, is in the books, and the race keeps getting hotter and more interesting in this Premier League of Belize 2012-2013 Opening Tournament. [...]

Belize "shook up the world" in Alcobendas, Spain
Belize's Tree-vanne Moses wins Samsung Shootout in FIBA 3�3 U18 World Championship in Spain BELIZE CITY, Mon. Oct. 1, 2012 Yes, against the world, the Belize squad left our mark in the former mother country of [...]

Editorial: Where is the wa?
The Japanese have something they refer to as wa. It is best translated in English as "harmony," which is what contributes to peace and tranquility. The Japanese are a people with a large population packed into relatively small islands, so, over the millennia they have developed an elaborate set of rituals and manners in their culture which reduce the occasions for inter-personal stress and conflict. Everybody is respectful to everybody else. As crowded as it is, Japan is harmonious, filled with wa. In Belize, we have the opposite to wa in our way of life. Perhaps this can blamed on the fact that we have always been a small population in a relatively large land space. We are not always bumping into each other every time we turn, so perhaps we feel we don't need all the courtesy and manners. In the old capital, however, which is our most crowded community, there is an absence of some guidelines which would reduce stress and conflict. It may be that we city Belizeans enjoy living on the brink, so to speak, but it is for sure some of us would enjoy wa, especially if it reduces our fuel bills. It was during his 1993 to 1998 administration, if we remember correctly, when UDP Prime Minister Manuel Esquivel built his overpass to move pedestrians from the general area of Save-U/Farmers' Market north to the Pallotti/Cleopatra White area, and vice versa. Mr. Esquivel was not a popular politician, which seems strange to say, because politics involves making people like you. He was a mechanical person, considered a "cold fish." When the PUP came to power in 1998, they encouraged the pedestrians, who in the overpass matter are mostly young students, to ignore the overpass and do whatever they wanted. Maybe it was because Mr. Esquivel had given the finger to Belizeans by running his 1998 administration months over the five-year term of office; it was as if Belizeans were retaliating.

From The Publisher
"As Fernando and Isabel saw it, Indian lands were not like the Islamic empires which they and their royal ancestors had fought for centuries. Muslim troops, in their view, could be legitimately enslaved - they had conquered most of Spain, exploited Spanish people, and, by embracing Islam, rejected Christianity. (For similar reasons, the Islamic empires freely enslaved Spanish POWs.) Most Indians, by contrast, had done no wrong to Spaniards. Because American natives had never heard of Christianity, they could not have turned away from it. In 1493, Pope Alexander VI resolved this dilemma of conscience. He awarded the sovereigns 'full, free and complete power, authority, and jurisdiction' over the Taino of Hispaniola if they sent 'prudent and God-fearing men, learned, skilled, and proven, to instruct [them] in the Catholic faith.' Conquest was acceptable if done for the purpose of bringing the conquered to salvation." - pg. 384, 1493, by Charles C. Mann, Vintage Books, 2011, New York " � the king was talking with Bartolom� de las Casas, a fiery Dominican priest who had just completed Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies, an indictment of Spanish conduct that remains a landmark both in the history of human-rights activism and in the literature of sustained invective. Reading his first draft before the shocked court, Las Casas branded the conquest of Mexico as 'the climax of injustice and violence and tyranny committed against the Indians.' He denounced Indian slavery as 'torments even harder to endure and longer lasting than the torments of those who are put to the sword.'"

Another illegal Guat logger; this time in Caracol International
Jailed for a year on lesser charges, but no charges laid yet for illegal logging. A Guatemalan of Peten, Guatemala, is tonight in jail, but not for the offense which joint security forces personnel say they caught him red-handed trying to do - cut down the National Tree, mahogany, in an archaeological reserve. Edgar Rene Amador Jenis, 38, of La Calzada Mopan, Dolores, Peten, appeared this morning in San Ignacio Magistrate's Court charged with drug possession for 4.5 grams of marijuana and illegal entry into the country by the Department of Immigration. He was issued a fine by the presiding magistrate, but was unable to pay and was sent to jail for a year. This evening, FCD chair Rafael Manzanero registered to Amandala the organization's "deep concern" that charges of illegal logging in a protected area and entry of an animal without proper documentation is apparently yet to be lodged by the Forestry Department. Our checks this evening with San Ignacio police were fruitless, as their

Chukka Tours begins repairs to damaged rappelling area; police say no formal report made
Company accuses rivals FECTAB of "inaccurate statements" and "lies" about business.. This morning, Police Department press officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood told Amandala that the Department has not received a formal report from authorities concerning last week's sabotage of the rappelling platform at the Jaguar Paw property located to the rear of the Nohoch Che'en Archaeological Reserve which occurred on Sunday, September 23. We were unable to reach authorities at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) to find out with whom they spoke, if anyone, concerning what they have deemed a "criminal" act. Meanwhile, country manager for Chukka Caribbean Tours, Valerie Woods, has told Amandala that while authorities continue their investigations, the platform will be undergoing repairs in this coming week and after that its Ultimate Adventure tour, which consists of three stages - zip lining, rappelling and cave tubing in that order - will be back up for use, while other tours are presently continuing. Someone cut the client safety lines and the rope barrier, in addition to making partial cuts to the metal supports of the platform and to the anchor cable. There was also evidence of fire damage to the portions of the entrance stairway to the Crystal Cave, according to an official report by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and NICH released last week.


Karen Waldrup did it again
If you have been following Cowboy's pool bar and grill facebook page and Mama Vilma's website,then you know all about the Lounge fundraiser this past Sunday. It was a follow up to a fantastic evening at Wet Willy's Cantina and a spur of the moment opportunity to raise more money for Mama Vilma's. Of course party planning in Belize is not always an easy job especially when it is last minute. We did not know till the morning of the event if we would even have sound. Cowboy Doug said it did not mater either way and he would be just as happy to see Karen relaxing in a lounge chair and enjoying the pool. Thankfully everything worked out and Karen wowed the crowd from on top of the pool bar with 2 fantastic sets. She even had her own personal sunscreener below as you will see in the pictures. Everyone was also very impressed with the surprise half time show Barrett acoustic. At 12 years of age he has so much talent, amazing singing voice great at guitar and has quite a repertoire of songs under his belt. Be sure and check out his official website and listen to him live on barrettacoustic youtube channel.

September's Photo of the Month
Combine two of our favorite things - beautiful sailboats and sunset, and you have the perfect photo! This photo epitomizes our late summer so far .. incredible sunshine and even better sunsets - therefore, what better to be our FaceBook Profile for the month of October but this! We hope you like �

International Sources

Zombie Bees Coming to Belize?
Zombie honeybees that fly at night until they die have been found or suspected in many areas of the U.S. Honeybees are infected by the Zombie Fly. Fly-parasitized honey bees become "ZomBees" showing the "zombie-like behavior" of leaving their hives at night on "a flight of the living dead." It's unclear if they're in Mexico yet, but they're heading south and probably will end up in Belize.

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Students prepare for once-in-a-lifetime trip
A group of senior Wick High School pupils are currently hard at work fundraising for a trip to Belize next summer when they are due to undertake a range of environmental and community work. They have just received a boost with a letter from St James's Palace in which Prince Harry wishes them well with the enterprise. While unable to directly support their appeal because of his current RAF commitments, the third in line to the throne sent his best wishes for 'a fantastic expedition.' Here one of the pupils, Eilidh Sutherland, of Main Street, Lybster, gives a flavour of what lies ahead of them. TEN senior pupils, including myself, plan to visit Belize for a month next summer. Belize is located in central America and is one of the last remaining natural habitats that has been left untouched. The trip, organised in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) and AdventuraScotland, is split into three phases.

Belize PM aims for creditor superbond deal within month
Belize hopes to strike a deal with creditors to restructure its $550 million 'superbond' within a month, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said on Tuesday. The tiny Central American country missed a $23.5 million interest payment on the sovereign bond in August and made a partial payment of $11.7 million on Sept. 20 when a 30-day grace period ended. Creditors agreed in September to grant the country a second 60-day grace period as a sign of good faith as talks continue. "We actually hope we can reach a point with the bondholders where we can launch the debt exchange offer by the end of October ... not later than very early in November," Barrow told Reuters. "I don't see any difficulty we would have in meeting those deadlines." After the interest rate on the superbond rose to 8.5 percent this year from 6 percent, Belize said it could not afford to service its debt. The country is reliant on tourism, fishing and farming and cited increased fiscal liabilities from declining oil revenues and recently nationalized utility companies.

FAO Rep Outlines Strategies to Tackle Threat to Region's Food Security
Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Representative to Jamaica, Bahamas and Belize, Dr. Jerome Thomas, says strategic systematic and sustained responses are needed to address the challenges threatening the food and nutrition security of Caribbean countries. Dr. Thomas argued that "there is every reason to believe" that the Caribbean region's food and nutrition security status has been negatively affected by factors, such as increases in the frequency and severity of natural disasters, rising food and input prices, and the ongoing global economic and financial crisis. He was speaking at a validation workshop for Jamaica's Food and Nutrition Security Policy at the Terra Nova Hotel in St. Andrew, last week, which the FAO jointly hosted with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. "The existing high unemployment rates as well as the high levels of poverty further define the critical problem facing the countries and the region. Any effective response to this situation must be strategic, systematic and sustained, and therefore, placed within a planned framework," Dr. Thomas said. Noting that food and nutrition security is a multi-dimensional and multi-sectoral issue, Dr. Thomas contended that its attainment and success requires "simultaneous, holistic, and concerted action" on a wide scale, encompassing enhanced agricultural output; fisheries and forestry; food processing and distribution; health and nutrition; trade; infrastructure; social welfare; education; and the information and communication sectors.

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