Since March of 2012, when the former President of the Football Federation of Belize, Dr. Bertie Chimilio was voted out, the new executive have been hard at work to change course for football in Belize.

In trying to rebuild the football organization, the new National Team Committee, reviewed several applications for the post of head coach of the Belize National Team, decided that Costa Rican, Le Roy Sherrier Lewis, is the new head coach.

Today, they held a press conference to officially announce his acceptance of the post:

7News attended and here's the President told the gathering:

Ruperto Vicente - President, FFB
"The Football Federation of Belize looks forward to working wiht our new coach. I know that he has a hard task ahead of himself. Just before me, he had a difficult task, and I am sure that he has all of the qualifications necessary to select the best team that will take us to the Nations' Cup. I am sure of that. But the Federation continues to work on development, and I must say to all of us, that our new coach will not only serve us as a national team coach, but he will also be in charge of our coaching department. He will be working with our Belizean coaches offering training to coaches in this country. I am glad that we have found a man who is willing to do that. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you this evening, as the President of the Fooball Federation of Belize, our new coaching staff for our national team, headed by Mr. Le Roy Sherrier Lewis, from Costa Rica."

Le Roy Sherrier Lewis - Newly Appointed National Team Coach
"We have to work as one family, everybody who just decides to go one way. The president can't go his own way; the commitee can't go their own way; I, the coach with an open mind, cannot go my way, thinking only what I think is good, no. I have got to speak to the coaches, speak to the people and see what we can do improve football here in Belize. We are looking for quality players, but we're also looking for quality citizens also because in the past, they say that football players don't think. I don't think that. If you can coordinate a pass or a shot, you're thinking, but what we have to do is try to guide and coach them well. So, I think that all of you want to help me because I can't do this job alone. It's a hell of a job, they'd say in my country, but I think that with the help of all the Belizean people - the press - I am hoping for the press."

Ruperto Vicente
"The selection of players is going to be done from now until the end of October. So, the selection starts Saturday, where the coach and his coaching staff will be in Orange Walk at the People's Stadium to observe players, and to select potential national team players. As he as explained, in the entire month of November, the national team players will be meeting at the FFB headquarters twice per week, during the month of November. December through January, the national team is going to be housed full-time, and they will be working out 7 days per week."

Sherrier Lewis previously coached the team in 2000 and 2001 - and left on bad terms with then President Chimilio.

With the new head coach in place, the FFB is looking to UNCAF's Copa Americana, as the next tournament for Belize's participation. The Recruiting of players will start as early as this Saturday.

The new coach said that although there will only be 25 players on the roaster, he is looking for 50 regular players which will make up the national team.

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