or “How Not To Get Fined 100k”

Today at the Leo Bradley Library, the Department of Environment presented 3 books, which they believe that members of the public will find useful in learning about Belize's environmental laws.

These 3 books are called "Wealth Untold", "Guide for Developers" and "Supplement to Compendium".

The last two titles don't sound like the kind of stuff you would want to curl up in a hammock with, but Minister of Forestry and Sustainable Development, Lisel Alamilla, said the books are very informative:

Hon. Lisel Alamilla - Minister of Forestry Fisheries and Sustainable Development
"We have updated books had been published before by the Department of the Environment, and we also launched the new book, 'Wealth Untold'. The 'Compendium and Resource for Developers' is what the name implies. It's something to guide developers on how to go about conducting business in Belize. And the "Wealth Untold" is targeting the children providing general information about Belize's Natural Resources. My understanding from my staff is that we have publish 120 copies only, and those will be distributed to the schools for their library. I would hope that would eventually find a mechanism to make sure that people can access them, purchasing them or at least covering the cost because I think that it's a very valuable book to just have as a resource in your homes for doing homework with your children and just learning more about this beautiful country."

Daniel Ortiz
"Can you see where other persons in Belize would make use of the other books?"

Hon. Lisel Alamilla
"I think general that they are good resources for students, understanding protected areas management in Belize. I am sure that University of Belize, in the Natural Resource Management Department, and I think anyone who wants to know more about legislation that governs natural resources in country will find it useful. But, it's really targeting developers because we find that in many instances, they claim that they don't know. So, we're saying that here is a tool that at least can help to guide you to ensure that you comply with our laws."

As noted in the interview, the Ministry of Education has decided to adopt "Wealth Untold" as one of the books to be used by primary school students.

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