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The San Pedro Sun

Saga Humane Society announces statistics of recent dog roundups and community response
Saga Humane Society wishes to report the results of the Dog Roundup Campaign recently started in cooperation with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and His Worship Mayor Daniel Guerrero. The short term goal was to alleviate the need of SPTC to eliminate roaming/stray dogs by use of strychnine poison, mostly under pressure of local business owners and others to keep the sidewalks and beaches free of dog waste. Though this strychnine method is available by law, all would agree it is cruel and inhumane, causing the animals to suffer and die in great pain. Multiple scheduled roundups were conducted with the help of SPTC personnel and trucks, and additional random pickups were done by Saga personnel alone. Saga Humane Society brought in 61 dogs. Ten dogs were returned to their owners after a $50 fine was collected by SPTC, and by law to be turned over to Saga for the expense of keeping the dogs. After the three day holding period, 41 dogs were euthanized humanely by injection (bringing the total to 73 with the 32 put down by SPTC previously). The rest of the dogs that were picked up are in adoption at Saga and looking for a loving home.

Eric Donis wins second annual Poor and Famous Duathlon
Well known up and coming San Pedro athlete Eric Donis is the winner of the second annual Duathlon Lionman Competition organized by the Poor and Famous group. The event's main purpose is to get the young people of the island positively involved in recreational activities as an alternative to drugs and alcohol. A total of 18 young athletes decided to participate in the event which took place on Sunday, September 30th. The two leg U-20 competition started from the Belize Yacht Club dock and saw the 18 athletes swim a distance of 100 meters and run a total of almost two miles eventually ending at the Boca del Rio Park. The youngest of the athlete was nine-year-old Christopher Acusto currently enrolled at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School. In the first leg of the competition, which included swimming the distance from the Belize Yacht Club dock to the beach in front of Ramon's Village Resort, Donis managed to emerge first out of the water at 9 minutes 23 seconds, a little over a minute lead over the larger pack of swimmers. Donis then carried the lead in the other half of the competition running alone and finishing at 6 minutes 40 seconds, almost 2 minutes ahead of the second place competitor Brandon Santos.

Ambergris Today

Is San Pedro Ready to Recycle? Town Council Takes First Steps
Our beautiful island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is part of the Government of Belize's project to improve solid waste management that will support the goals of environmental protection, natural resource conservation, and protection of public health, safety and welfare. The project consists of an enclosed building that will be constructed for the transfer station which will be located on the west side of the island in the Marina area. All waste will be collected and transported by barges to the Regional Sanitary Landfill located in Mile 24 on the Western Highway. Councilor Kenrick Brackett, whose portfolio includes Solid Waste Management, met with Ambergris Today and explained what preparations the Town Council is taking in order to be ready for when this project kicks off.

Female Driver Injured From Golf Cart Fall
On Saturday, September 29, 2012, at about 9:05 p.m. San Pedro Police received information about a traffic accident on Almond Street. Upon arrival at the scene SP Police found a four seater, purple golf cart with license plate SPC 852 in the middle of the street with a Hispanic female lying on the golf cart screaming for help. According to reports, the female was driving from a northerly towards a southerly direction when she lost control of the golf cart causing her to swerve to the left side of the street during which she fell off the golf cart.

Baldemar Graniel Sr. Receives George Price Award
At the PUP Central Party Executive meeting held on Saturday, September 29, 2012, Mr. Baldemar Graniel Sr. of San Pedro Town was given the George Price Service to the People Award. Mr. Baldemar Graniel Sr. has been an active member of the San Pedro PUP Branch and has served for 15 years in the Town Council of which two times he served as Mayor of San Pedro Town.

Slow Down or Accelerate Learning?
Over the last 12 months, through this column, I have suggested positive ways to reach out to slow learners ("Difficult Students") to bring them into the mainstream and help them advance in high school. Nonetheless, school administrators and teachers, whether consciously or unconsciously, continue to stigmatize and label low-scoring students by placing them in slow and remedial categories at school. Unfortunately, instead of challenging and enhancing a student's academic growth this practice merely slows it down. Lowering expectations for students is not how schools could provide the best educational and learning options to all enrolled students -- both slow and advanced.

Misc Belizean Sources

In Loving Memory Of Suzenne Purple Martinez
Beautiful video. RIP, Suzenne. Nothing more need be said.

Full Moon Concert pictures
The Benque House of Culture had a great Full Moon concert, with food, live music, and dancing.

Soul Project Cultural Center
Cayo's new Soul Project Art and Cultural Center has some local Belizean art on exhibit. They have done a few movie screening there, including Kurse a di Xtabai. It will be opening for the general public soon, but if you see it open, check it out. "This is a exhibit of our private collection of art, all the work is made in Belize, by local artist and visiting artists and migrated. We have been using the space for private events, and art projects, looking forward to opening to the general public."

National Sports Fest 2012
The Department of Youth Services is having their National Sports Fest. The tounament includes volleyball, football, and basketball. The registration deadline is October 8th. Teams that win will proceed to nationals. For more info, call 663-5050. Good luck! "The National Sports Fest 2012 will be held in Benque from the 12 through the 14th. Register your team today! Only the first four teams to register get to compete."

Abundance of dolphins in front of Caye Caulker!
Dolphin sightings are fairly common, meaning if you go out on boats regularly you are very likely to see dolphins on a regular but by no means daily basis. So when between Sunday to Monday an increased number of dolphins were sighted in front and around of Caye Caulker, it has some of us scratching our head to question our good luck!! As I said, between Sunday to Monday there were at least 8 different sightings of different size pod groups of Bottlenose Dolphins directly in front of Caye Caulker. On Monday, when the activity seemed to be at its peak, the dolphin activity was very much in front of the two water taxi docks and therefore did not require even a boat to see these beautiful creatures! Pod groups varied from 15 or so dolphins to as small as family units (mother, father and baby). We did question as to whether it was all the same pod that had broken itself down into smaller groups - a possibility but not always common as they normally travel together. Numbers of tour boats, from Ras Creek, to Anwar Tours, E-Z Boy and even the San Pedro boats stopped to allow their passengers to follow these playful creatures - all just in front of us on Caye Caulker.

Channel 7

Cayo Female Found Slain Near Home: Suspect May Have Committed 2 Homicides In 2 Days
Tonight, residents of San Ignacio are again in a state of shock - as another female has been killed in their community. UB student Suzenne Martinez was found dead this morning - thrown in a drain on the same street where her family lives. The murder is disturbing, but there is more, a chilling twist: the main suspect in her killing is also emerging as a suspect on the Monday morning murder of Robert Lewis in Belmopan. It's a connection that has raised eyebrows even in the Police Department and Jules Vasquez has the story from San Ignacio: Jules Vasquez Reporting The body 20 year old Suzenne Martinez was found here in this overgrown abandoned lot on 18th street in San Ignacio. Her body had been thrown in this drain - and she was left there face up. The chilling part is that her family home is on that same street - about five hundred feet away. She was found dead at 6:10 am - that's around when her brother Jamid usually goes to work. He knew his sister had been reported missing the night before - and he approached the scene with trepidation.

Teenaged Volunteer Soldier Charged for Killing Fellow Soldier
Yesterday, we told you about the 17 year-old BDF volunteer who allegedly shot and killed fellow soldier, 21 year-old Clifford Cruz. Well, today the minor was taken to Family Court. He was arraigned before Magistrate Margaret Nicholas for the single charge of murder this morning. He was remanded to prison until his next court date, which is scheduled for November 29. As we reported, Cruz and the 17 year-old were both on duty on Monday evening, and they got into a misunderstanding. The incident turned fatal when the 17 year-old who was on guard duty, shot Cruz in the stomach with his service AR-15 rifle, Cruz was rushed to the hospital, but he died while undergoing treatment. We also showed you the cousin of the 17 year-old soldier who said that the teen was provoked by Cruz, and that they were arguing so much from earlier in the day, that a supervisor had to step in and chastise them both.

City Witnesses Late Evening Murder
There was a murder in the city late this evening. It happened at around 5:40 at the corner of Mayflower and Vernon street. The youngman has been identified as 20 year old Steven Polonio - the area known as Ghost Town which is gang affiliated. Polonio was shot in the face and hand and was rushed to the KHMH - but just before news time, we were informed that he had succumbed to his injuries.

Green Tropics Gets Record Environmental Fine
3 months ago, 7News told you about the Spanish investor Green Tropics, which ran afoul of Belizean environmental laws when they dug a massive canal through the Belize Central Corridor, which is home of a wildlife sanctuary that houses Belizean jaguars and other big cats. Well, the company's project - in which they want to invest 90 million US dollars in Belize to build a sugar plantation, sugar mill and processing facility - has been shelved until further notice from the Forestry Ministry and the Department of Environment. It's a long red light for a company which proceeded in haste to dig the canal in order to institute the first phase of their project. Today, we caught up with Forestry and Environmental Minister Lisel Alamilla at another even where we asked her about the status of that project. Daniel Ortiz "We at Channel 7 have been reliably informed that the investor, Green Tropics, has decided to pull out its investment in Belize. Can you confirm or deny for us, Ma'am"

Footballers to Concert Promoters: MCC "Da Fu We!"
The MCC Grounds on Barrack Road is the premier football facility in Belize City; it is also one of the largest venues for public events, but the Football Federation of Belize is not happy that the pitch is being used for anything other than football. Yesterday, they sent out a press release to voice their displeasure that the Director of Sports granted NICH approval to use it for a cultural festival, which is scheduled for October 12 -14. Today, at their press conference to announce the new national team head coach we had an opportunity to ask the FFB president why they are so opposed to using a public facility for a public event. Here's what he told us: Ruperto Vicente - President, Football Federation of Belize "I must make it clear that we're not against any cultural fair. But we are against the use of the MCC Grounds for such activities. The reason being is that if you had visited the grounds after the King and Queen Carnival, vehicles were driven on the pitch, and the surface of the pitch was seriously damaged. That endangers our players when they are playing games. As well, I understand that once that activity is being held at the MCC Grounds, it means that the facility is going to be shut off for that weekend from all football activities. Right now, we have young children playing football at the MCC Grounds, from ages 6 through 13 years-old. And we also have the Women's League who is also using the MCC Grounds. We have the inter-district tournament as well, and we have the semi-pro league. Certainly, that's a lot of activities going on for young people at the MCC Grounds, and so would want to preserve the surface of the grounds for our young players, and we would also want to have it open for football activities. Shutting it off for that weekend means shutting it off for a whole bunch of young people, and that's the reason for our disapproval."

Foam Fire Was Costly
Last night we showed you the fire at the BELFOAM Factory on the outskirts of Belize City. Well today, police have released their report. It says that at 3:40pm, three employees were mixing chemicals for the production of foam when a foam block caught fire due to heat caused by the chemicals. According to the owner, Charles bou-Nehra the damages to the building are valued at $35,000 dollars , the machinery $25,000 dollars and foam and chemicals valued at $18,000 dollars. That's a grand total 78 thousand dollars.

Wild Family Land Dispute In Santa Familia Leaves Uncle Maimed
A man was maimed in Santa Familia Village when his own nephews nearly chopped off both his hands! It's a wild story of inter-family mayhem that all started with a land dispute. On Sunday, 38 year old Elder Landero was savagely attacked by his nephews Enoch Landero and Darlington Landero who chopped him to the head and hands - leaving one hand hanging by only a piece of skin from the elbow down. It seems Landero went to tell them that the piece of family property they were occupying was not theirs - but other family property would be made available. The officer commanding for Cayo explained to us today: Superintendent Ralph Moody "The victim who is the owner of the land decided to assist his family members with a piece of the land, and one of them was occupying more than what he shared with them. He spoke to them about it, and it appears that they got annoyed about it, and they pulled machetes assaulted this individual."

Crack Found In Floorboards
Tonight, 24 year-old Haley Nicole Cattouse, a domestic of #77 Banak Street is out on bail for drug trafficking after police raided her home as a part of a joint operation in the Mayflower area this morning. According to police, they searched her home and found a black plastic bag under the flooring of her house, with 13 pieces of foil paper parcels containing 3.4 grams of crack cocaine. As a result, Cattouse was charged with drug trafficking, and she was arraigned before Magistrate Dale Cayetano, where she pleaded not guilty. Magistrate Cayetano granted her bail of $4,000, which she was able to meet late this evening. She must return to court on November 14. Police report also that in that joint operation from this morning, they discovered 2 live rounds of .38 ammunition in an open lot in front of #5 Mayflower Street. No one was in the area, so they were deposited as found property.

Farewell Fitzroy ...
Inspector of Police Fitzroy Yearwood - as the Police Press Officer, he's become a fixture of the evening news - especially when prime time meets crime time. But, he's moving on - or being moved on. In an email sent at 3:15 am this morning Yearwood - who has held the post since February of 2010, announced his departure saying quote, "the time has now come for me to move on." Ministry Spokesperson Raphael Martinez will step into replace him - and the change is effective immediately - which is rather abrupt and suggests that all may not have gone down smoothly. Inspector Yearwood now takes up the post as Officer Commanding at the Caribbean Shores and Belama police station.

DOE Issues Guide for Developers or How Not To Get Fined 100k
Today at the Leo Bradley Library, the Department of Environment presented 3 books, which they believe that members of the public will find useful in learning about Belize's environmental laws. These 3 books are called "Wealth Untold", "Guide for Developers" and "Supplement to Compendium". The last two titles don't sound like the kind of stuff you would want to curl up in a hammock with, but Minister of Forestry and Sustainable Development, Lisel Alamilla, said the books are very informative: Hon. Lisel Alamilla - Minister of Forestry Fisheries and Sustainable Development "We have updated books had been published before by the Department of the Environment, and we also launched the new book, 'Wealth Untold'. The 'Compendium and Resource for Developers' is what the name implies. It's something to guide developers on how to go about conducting business in Belize. And the "Wealth Untold" is targeting the children providing general information about Belize's Natural Resources. My understanding from my staff is that we have publish 120 copies only, and those will be distributed to the schools for their library. I would hope that would eventually find a mechanism to make sure that people can access them, purchasing them or at least covering the cost because I think that it's a very valuable book to just have as a resource in your homes for doing homework with your children and just learning more about this beautiful country."

Cement Truck Stolen
Last week we told you about two laptops stolen from vehicles - and both of them have been recovered - but in both cases the rightful owners had to pay quite a nice chunk of cash to reclaim their own property. But stealing computers from cars is one thing - and stealing a cement truck is quite another! This 1997 International Truck with a 2007 Volumetric Elkin Concrete Mixer - valued at almost two hundred thousand dollars was stolen from the General Automotive compound in Spanish Lookout about two or three weeks ago. The time is not precise because the owner of the truck had left it parked there for storage and when he went back - it was gone. Those investigating the disappearance believe that truck may have slipped across the border to Guatemala - but the cement mixer - which is the real value - may have stayed behind. They're offering a reward: five thousand dollars for anyone who has information leading to the recovery of the truck. If you have info you can call 634-9301.

3 on 3 Boys Represented Well
Last week, we told you about Belize's Under 18 - 3 On 3 National Team making a big showing in the World basketball 3 on 3 championships in Seville, Spain. The team turned heads when they defeated Poland and China, and almost making it to finals after being edged out by New Zealand, with whom they were tied for 3rd place in their pool. It's an impressive performance for a team that almost couldn't find financial support to participate in the first place, and so, when the team came home today, we asked about the experiences. Here's what they told us: Brandon Flowers - Member, 3 On 3 National Team "I did my part, and we just went out there and decided that we were going to beat one of the best teams. We came out victorious in the tournament. I contributed a lot to the team as well because I also made some big baskets to put the team up in situations whereby they were down. It was a great experience because I never knew I would have made it so far, but those guys were great. They gave us a competition, and we tried our best, but we couldn't defeat them. They were all great teams."

Old Football Coach Is New Football Coach
Since March of 2012, when the former President of the Football Federation of Belize, Dr. Bertie Chimilio was voted out, the new executive have been hard at work to change course for football in Belize. In trying to rebuild the football organization, the new National Team Committee, reviewed several applications for the post of head coach of the Belize National Team, decided that Costa Rican, Le Roy Sherrier Lewis, is the new head coach. Today, they held a press conference to officially announce his acceptance of the post: 7News attended and here's the President told the gathering: Ruperto Vicente - President, FFB "The Football Federation of Belize looks forward to working wiht our new coach. I know that he has a hard task ahead of himself. Just before me, he had a difficult task, and I am sure that he has all of the qualifications necessary to select the best team that will take us to the Nations' Cup. I am sure of that. But the Federation continues to work on development, and I must say to all of us, that our new coach will not only serve us as a national team coach, but he will also be in charge of our coaching department. He will be working with our Belizean coaches offering training to coaches in this country. I am glad that we have found a man who is willing to do that. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you this evening, as the President of the Fooball Federation of Belize, our new coaching staff for our national team, headed by Mr. Le Roy Sherrier Lewis, from Costa Rica."

Channel 5

Gangster, Steven Polonio, killed
Eight persons have been killed since Friday and after five o’clock this evening a Belize City Resident with a long rap sheet was shot and passed away at the Karl Heusner Memorial minutes ago. Twenty year old Steven Polonio, who has been in and out of court since he was a minor, was shot on [...]

UB student murdered in San Ignacio
A shocking discovery was made this morning in a drain in San Ignacio. The partially nude body of Suzenne Martinez, a young and vibrant University of Belize student, was found a short distance away from her house. On Tuesday night she was with friends at a Belmopan restaurant. Pictures of her last outing were posted [...]

2 Mexican nationals in chilling home invasion up north
Two Mexican nationals bearing police credentials are in custody tonight up north. The duo was apprehended after a chilling home invasion in the village of Chunox where a fisherman and his family were assaulted. Julius Foreman is hospitalized at the Corozal Hospital tonight and his wife and children are traumatized by the horrible ordeal. From [...]

B.D.F. volunteer arraigned for murder; cousin tells his side of the story
B.D.F. volunteer Jermaine Michael Rhaburn is tonight at Wagner's Facility at the Belize Central Prison following his arraignment for the murder of BDF Soldier, twenty-one year old, Clifford Cruz. When he appeared in the Belize Family Court this morning, no plea was taken and the seventeen year old was remanded into custody until November twenty-ninth. [...]

The Auditor General's damning report for 2010/2011
The auditor general's report for 2010-2011 raised a red flag when it was tabled in the Senate a few days. The Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley's conclusion was that she could not provide an opinion due to the lack of information. We have looked through a copy of the audit and will be reporting on some [...]

P.M. says government does not need budgetary support from the IMF
The government audit exposes many inefficiencies and it would be one of many tools that an international organization would use to assess Belize's ability or inability to pay its debts. The Prime Minister returned from meetings with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday. He hopes that the negotiating team [...]

Leroy Lewis new National Football Team Coach
The Football Federation of Belize is charting a new direction under the leadership of its president Ruperto Vicente. Today the appointment of a new coaching staff was made. In the past, the Federation hired coaches that didn't speak English, but the new coach from Costa Rica, speaks English fairly well, has a wealth of experience [...]

Guatemalan teenager charged for illegally entering Belize
From the football field to the courts, a Guatemalan teenager who claimed she only wanted to come to Belize for a short visit, never thought about the consequences of illegally entering Belize. According to reports, eighteen year old Jessica Reyes Palencia was assisted by her friend, a Belizean Construction Worker, twenty-nine year old Adelso Chinchilla [...]

Glenford Hyde charged for beating and robbing 15 year old student
A fifteen year old Belize City student claims he was beaten up and robbed while hanging out at a house in Hattieville. According to the minor, he recognized his attacker as nineteen year old Glenford Hyde, who he has known for about three years. Hyde was today arraigned for Theft and Wounding; he was granted [...]

Cocaine found in police search
The new police press officer Raphael Martinez who replaces Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood reports that this past Wednesday joint operations were conducted in the Mayflower Street area of the Old Capital in which police searched five houses. At the house of Haley Nicole Cattouse on Banak Street, a black plastic bag containing suspected crack cocaine weighing [...]

Belize ranked 4th happiest country in the world?
There’s some good news that will make you smile. In April of this year, Belize was ranked at number thirty-four of one hundred and fifty-six countries on the first ever United Nations World Happiness Report. That report was released exactly six months ago and we don't know what drastic changes may have occurred in that [...]

3 new publications on Belize's Natural Resources and Protection
Three new publications were released today at the Leo Bradley Library. Their content covers a wide range of issues that focus on the abundant natural resources of the Jewel. One text will be used for research material in schools and the others will come in handy for investors since the content covers issues on many [...]

WIN-Belize forum to encourage Women in Politics
There's a new initiative to encourage women to participate in electoral politics. The Women's Issues Network Belize has embarked on a two year project, starting with a two-day forum at the Radisson that brought out about one hundred and twenty-five participants from across the country today. Belize has had little female representation in the National [...]


Missing Firearms In Punta Gorda
Four firearms are missing from the Fisheries Department office in Punta Gorda town. Our Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details in the following report. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent Love News Centre Report of the missing firearms was made to Punta Gor...

Belize Police Department Has New Press Officer
For the past two years, the public face and the voice of the Belize Police Department has been Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood. But effective today, that is no more. In a brief statement issued to the media early this morning, Inspector Yearwood announced his departure from ...

Wednesday, October 3 ------- Police News
Two motor vehicles have been reported stolen in Belize City. The first belongs to forty six year old Assistant Architect Kenneth Cadle. Cadle says that his 2002 Isuzu Rodeo was parked on Pine Street on Monday night and that it was stolen sometime between nine thirty on Mond...

Investigations Continue Into Fire At Foam Factory
A fire in Belize City on Tuesday afternoon has resulted in thousands of dollars in damages. Around three thirty yesterday afternoon fire broke out at production facility belonging to Belize Foam Factory at mile two on the George Price Highway. Initial investigations...

University Student Murdered In
A University of Belize student was found dead this morning in San Ignacio town. The victim has been identified as twenty one year old Suzenne Martinez. According to a preliminary report issued by the police press officer Raphael Martinez, the young victim left her home ...

Fire at Belize Foam Factory
A fire broke out shortly after three this afternoon at Belize Foams Limited at mile two on the George Price Highway. It happened in a warehouse used to store chemicals to make foam and while staff were at work in the main building about fifty feet away. Love News spoke with...

Traffic Incident Leaves Two Injured
Two persons remain hospitalized following a traffic accident sometime after two o'clock on the George Price highway. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ Belmopan Correspondent Love FM News Centre "Two persons are injured after the vehicle they wer...

Minor Kills BDF Volunteer On Base
On Monday evening Love News reported that a Belize Defense Force volunteer soldier was shot dead. It happened at the Melitia Hall compound on the George Price Highway near its boundary with the Lord Ridge Cemetery. When Love News arrived, the scenes of crimes personnel were still...


Rotract O/W Donates Educational Grants
The Orange Walk Rotaract Club is a community-oriented and social-driven organization which is well known for their work in our community - their commitment to town beautification initiatives and other people-centered activities. Tonight the club is once again making the news this time for their commitment to education. On Saturday the club donated 10 educational grants to well deserving high school students. This is the fifth year that the club carries out its student program, the only difference is, that this year, the club was able to do donate more grants by partnering off with the business community. Clarrisa Azayeta- Financial Director "The school's gives us the nominations, the nominees, we screen them and we take who were nominated. This year, however, we have the business to match us for everyone we get a business match us one. Carmelita Perez - Reporter "Now, are these grants been given out to first form, second form, third form, fourth form or it varies?" Clarrisa Azayeta- Financial Director "It varies depending on how the school nominates them because we don't really know the child but the school will nominate them from their knowledge. Each child is given three hundred dollars and that is the set amount we give them, it is just a grant to help them, some of them might not have paid all their fees yet and these can probably help them a lot, we don't know how much it will help him but I am more than sure that it will give them a surprised because they are not told until they are chosen." As a form of gratitude to the club, each student wrote an essay on how they can show peace through service which just happens to be the clubs motto for this year.


A new school build in the Sunday Wood Village
There was cause for celebration in a village in rural Toledo district over the weekend. The occasion was the inauguration of a new school building in Sunday Wood village. Our Toledo Bureau Chief Paul Mahung has the details in the following report.

A new September book was Lunch
There's a new book on the scene and although it is a little bit late to make it on the September calendar for 2012, it has a lot to do with the month and events that led us here. The 58-page piece is called "Celebrating the tenth and 21st September: Revisiting the Documentary Heritage". It contains two parts: the first dealing with the Battle of Saint George's Caye and the second with the road to Belize's Independence. The Museum of Belize, formerly Her Majesty's Prison, has also mounted an exhibit on the key events on both occasions. The Dr Herman Byrd, the Director of the Belize archives Service, from where a lot of the information contained in the book, explained what the book is about. Meanwhile, Nigel Encalada, who is the Director of the Institute of Social and Cultural Research, which published explained that the people who lived prior to the Battle of Saint George's Caye faced an option to evacuate or defend the land. The Museum of Belize, which prominently displays the events leading up to the two events, is open free of cost to Belizeans on Saturdays.

Punta Gorda beach and waterways cleanup campaign
Over one thousand pounds of garbage was collected during the weekend Punta Gorda beach and waterways cleanup campaign. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

Belize Cancer Society advertise the Cancer Month
October has been set aside globally as Breast Cancer Awareness month and Belize is joining in the observance. As a result the Belize Cancer Society will be pretty busy in trying to expand public consciousness into the deadly disease that is affecting many women and that can also although not so commonly affect men. The Clinical Director for the Belize Cancer Society, Ivorine Bulwer, told us about some of what the organization along with its District Branches will be doing during this month. Bulwer says that Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, cervical cancer being the first. She told us about some statistics of the disease in Belize. You are invited to tune in to Belize Watch on Love FM and Love Television on Thursday October 25th, at 8:00 pm and the Morning Show also on Love Fm and Love Television on Monday October 29th, where the Belize Cancer Society will be making an appearance.

The UNDF hosts a four day activity at the Radisson
The Women's Issues Network of Belize in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme with support from the United Nations Democracy Fund will be hosting a four day National Gender and Democracy Forum at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City starting tomorrow. Executive Director for WIN Belize, Carolyn Reynolds told Love News about the main goal of the forum. Reynolds acquainted us with the forum speakers. Although there will be countrywide attendance by invited guests, including schools, Reynolds says that anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. WIN Belize will also be accepting contributions if any. The forum kicks off with registrations from 8 am on Wednesday.

NICH gives update on jaguar park sabotage
Following last Monday's discovery at Caves Branch of acts of sabotage of rappelling equipment and a portion of a set of stairs used by Chukka Belize to conduct tours, the National Institute of Culture and History, NICH, has been conducting investigations. Today Love News asked Dr Jaime Awe of NICH, to reveal what they have found so far. Dr. Awe explained that before the act of sabotage, the federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize, FECTAB, has raised concerns over the same rappelling platform that was destroyed last weekend, but that before NICH could investigate the concerns it was destroyed. The police have also gotten involved in the investigation because of its criminal nature. Chukka, meantime, has assured its tour guides that their jobs and the equipment they use will now be secured.

Traffic accident on the George Price Highway
Two persons remain hospitalized following mid-afternoon road traffic accident on the George Price highway. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.

Fire in a Foam Factory
A fire broke out shortly after three this afternoon at Belize Foams Limited at mile two on the George Price Highway. It happened in a warehouse used to store chemicals to make foam and while staff were at work in the main building about fifty feet away. Love News spoke with Fire Chief, Colonel Francis Thomas, who said that the blaze was quickly brought under control before it could pose a threat to the three employees who were inside the building mixing chemicals at the time. There was a fire at Belize Foams Limited a couple years ago, but it is not certain whether it was of a similar nature as today's. An immediate value to the loss has not yet been tallied.

Robbery in Belmopan
There was an armed robbery on Monday afternoon in Belmopan. The incident happened at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds situated along the Hummingbird Highway. Lillian Juarez, who wholesales and retails vegetables was accosted around one o'clock yesterday afternoon as she had lunch with her son and workers by a masked man who pointed a gun at her demanding her belongings. Juarez says Monday's incident was the second time in the last twelve months that she has been targeted for robbery. As for the large sum of cash and checks she had in her possession. Juarez told Love News that she was about to go make a deposit at the bank when she was held up and robbed. So far police have not indicated if they have a suspect in connection with the robbery.

Murder in Belize City
On Monday evening Love News reported that a Belize Defense Force volunteer soldier was shot dead. It happened at the Melitia Hall compound on the George Price Highway near its boundary with the Lord Ridge Cemetery. When Love News arrived, the scenes of crimes personnel were still processing the scene and interviewing BDF volunteers who were present. Today the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of National Security, Raphael Martinez, gave reporters what transpired. Because the alleged shooter is only seventeen year old, and because he has not been charged, we will not release his identity. Martinez said that the police have since detained the seventeen year old volunteer soldier and answered our questions of whether seventeen year-old minors are allowed to become soldiers and to hold weapons with live rounds. Martinez says that the seventeen year-old could be charged with murder.


Belmopan Police have a suspect in Lewis Home invasion and murder
The plot thickens as information is now coming out on the Monday morning murder of Robert Lewis and 20 year old Suz...

Man found guilty of robbing students at bus stop
21-year-old Gregory Thompson, a Mahogany Heights resident, was this evening found guilty of 1 of 3 counts of robber...

Young woman charged with Drug traffiking
Belize City Police conducted a search on the residence of 24 year old Haley Nicole CATTOUSE, of a Banak Street. The...

Debt restructuring team to capitalize on partial payment
The Belizean economy has managed to steer away from the ice-berg that threatens to de-stabilize it at least for rig...

Foam Warehouse destroyed by costly fire
Fire guts out another residence this time on the George Price Highway. Around 3:30pm yesterday afternoon Belize Cit...

Belmopan teacher's home burglarized
Belmopan resident and teacher Juanita Pott, reported to police that her home was burglarized. Thief or thieves brok...

Two vehicles stolen in separate City crimes
There seems to be no slowing down with car thefts. Yesterday morning Digna Arias of a Clifton St address in Belize ...

YWCA involved in AIDS outreach programs
The YWCA is dedicated to combating the spread of HIV / AIDS through education, advocacy, and outreach programmes. Y...

Police Press Officer Fizroy Yearwood steps down
The man who is often on the nightly news has put out a statement saying that his media appearances are over. Police...


Indigo Beach Homes and A Walk Up North
On Monday I took a rare water taxi ride north (yes NORTH!) to visit Indigo Condominium/Beach Homes. They are 4.5 miles north of the bridge and still being finished. They are projected to open in November. Here was my view when I first got on the dock. And the view from the top floor back in the opposite direction. Beautiful customized condos. From this one that was a bit more sophisticated to fun ones with bright tropical colors...I particularly love the round shape, natural wood and high vaulted ceilings. Wouldn't you love to (be rich and) cover these walls with local artwork? I would. A few more pictures outside.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 Has More To Do Than The End of The Maya Calendar
I have been dreaming of Maya pyramids since I was a child. I was/am fascinated with the cenotes and used to dream/see down into the waters, to the treasures below. I never knew if it was real or just in my dreams. Finally, with my husband and children, I got to go to the Yucatan in the early 80's, when I took my children to as many ruins as we could find. I was hooked and my mind was blown as I realized some of my childhood premonitions were true - things were "familiar" even though I'd never been there before. Belize? We went out to Caye Caulker back then, not inland. In 2009 I went to Chaa Creek to attend a workshop with Rosita Arvigo. It was incredible. We got to stay in the cabins, walk jungle trails, float on the Macal river, learn about butterflies, healing plants, massage, and an entire new Maya world opened up to me. It is a living world of good vibrations, fascinating beauty and amazing people. I now Practice Maya Abdominal Massage and I believe that being at Chaa Creek for the 2012 solstice would help me help others. I believe we are all here now to transform fear and greed and violence, and spread healing love energies. I cannot even say in words how powerful it will be to be with the river and jungle and ceremonies during this time.

Way delayed by power out
I was planning to blog this morning and finishing up some other work first when the power suddenly went out. I heard Paul mutter a curse word on the veranda and say he was just about to go back to work. The power was supposed to go out an hour earlier and when it didn't we thought we might have a reprieve on the 2 h scheduled power outage. Apparently not, BEL was just on Belize time :) We had a ton of rain last night but rather than post puddle pictures today you can see pretty much what it looked like from one of my Hurricane Ernesto posts. There were some big lakes on my favorite rout through San Pablo today. I forgot to ask what the rain gauges said up at Grand Caribe but we sure got slammed down south for most of the night and it was still raining lightly when I woke up at 6am. It is 8:50 pm now and it just started pouring again, something tells me we may be in for a bit of a wet spell. Off to go close the windows before there are puddles inside. I will leave you with 3 random Sunny pictures.

International Sources

Manatees Reflect Quality of Health in Marine Ecosystems, Study Finds
A long-term study conducted by Mason researchers may be a benchmark in determining health threats to marine mammals. More than 10 years of research in Belize was conducted studying the behavioral ecology, life history and health of manatees, large marine mammals sometimes called sea cows, in an area relatively undisturbed by humankind. "Manatees are the proverbial 'canaries in the mineshaft,' as they serve as indicators of their environment and may reflect the overall health of marine ecosystems," says Alonso Aguirre, executive director of the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation and co-author of a paper on this research published recently in PLoS One journal in collaboration with scientists of University of California-Davis, U.S. Geological Survey and Sea to Shore Alliance. Aguirre calls them a "sentinel species," which means they are early warning indicators of environmental change. Because they may be highly susceptible or highly resistant to different environmental stressors, manatees can indicate a severe environmental change before other species or humans are affected. "Studying them may help us predict a change that has the potential to be devastating to an ecosystem or a habitat if left unaddressed," Aguirre says. The study was conducted in a small fishing community that is beginning to prosper and gain more tourists in southern Belize. It documented changes in a relatively pristine area with low human impact as researchers saw the effects of human influence, more stress, boat strikes and other changes occurring as time went on.

Belize Police Report: Sat July 22 1826
Gotta read this, its quite dated and interesting...

Belize Zoo owner speaks on campus
On Tuesday, Boise State hosted Sharon Matola, subject of the 2012-2013 campus read, "The Last Flight of the Scarlett Macaw: One Woman's Fight to Save the World's Most Beautiful Bird." "I got to spend the day with her," Carrie Moore, Boise State librarian, said. "I think she's absolutely wonderful, a very engaging, inspiring person; a woman who shares her experiences in a very laid back, conversational way." Matola participated in many activities during her stay on campus. These activities included a question-answer session with the Honors College, breakfast with President Bob Kustra and lunch with select students from University Foundations classes who have been studying the campus read book. "She got to ride in the football helmet golf cart and she thought that was fantastic, I think one of her highlights of the day," Moore said. "She's been excited to meet and share her story with everyone." Before she gave her speech, Matola ate dinner with a few students and faculty, including ASBSU President Ryan Gregg. "When you talk to Sharon you really realize that she's a person who is very thoughtful and she really cares about what you're saying," Gregg said. "You can tell that she cares a lot about the things that she wrote about, and that she continues to write about. You can tell that she cares about the Belize Zoo a lot, and about the Macaw population."

Belize Negotiating Debt-Restructuring Proposal with Creditors
Belize and its creditors are negotiating a debt restructuring proposal, according to a statement posted to the website of the country's central bank. Belize defaulted in September, a month after it failed to make a payment on its $548.3 million debt. The government and its creditors have been negotiating for several weeks, but the statement, posted Tuesday, was the first public sign of progress. "I think at this point they're getting ready to formalize an offer," said Edward Al-Hussainy, an analyst at Moody's Investors Services. He said he expects Belize to make a public restructuring offer to investors before the end of the year, and as soon as this month. When Belize last restructured its debt in 2007, the Central American nation floated a restructuring proposal before investors in private meetings before announcing the offering's terms to the public, in an effort to ensure it had a deal that would be well received, Mr. Al-Hussainy said. One factor that could strengthen Belize's hand is if it can secure a partial guarantee for its bond payments from an international institution like the Inter-American Development Bank or the Caribbean Development Bank.

World's new happiest country is ... Belize #4
The new Happy Planet Index shuffled the list of the world's happiest countries after taking the planet into account...

Lighthouse Reef Picture-National Geographic Photo of the Day
This Month in Photo of the Day: National Geographic Magazine Features Lighthouse Reef atoll off Belize is one of the most seaward outliers of the Mesoamerican Reef. Download Wallpaper (1600 x 1200 pixels)