US doctor and nurse volunteer and train PolyClinic staff in Emergency Medicine

A doctor and a nurse from the U.S. have been on the island volunteering and conducting training in medical emergency response at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Poly Clinic II. Certified Emergency Physician Dr. Mike Mazzeferro and registered Emergency Trauma Nurse Jodie Harnish, who both work at Bayfront Medical Center Level 2 Traumatic Center in St Petersburg in Miami, U.S. have been donating their time to train some of the nurses and doctors at the clinic in the handling of traumatic emergencies. Along with the training, the two also worked to set up and prepare an emergency or "code" cart inside the emergency room.

Speaking to The SPSun, Dr. Mazzeferro said that the two have been helping and giving hands-on training in just about anything that the clinic requires of them while in Belize but their main goal is to offer training and share ideas on dealing with traumatic emergencies. "Given the amount of time we are here we share ideas on emergency medicine that they would like us to address. Some of these things are common things and problems that they may encounter on a daily basis," said Dr. Mazzefferro. The team of two has been going over some of the things that need to be in place at the clinic to efficiently deal with traumatic emergencies as well as the procedures that need to be followed when handling such emergencies.

Dr. Laurenzco Nicholson of the Poly-Clinic said that he has been working along with Dr. Mazzeferro to gather as much information and get the training for the staff so that in the event of a sever emergency, they would be better able to take care of the medical needs of a patience. "In order to be better prepared to save lives, you need to be strong in as many medical areas as possible. While for some it serves as a refresher course, it is always good to share ideas. The more you do these training the more accurate you become and the less errors you make," said Dr. Nicholson. He added that whatever help the clinic gets, be it monetary, equipment or training, it certainly goes a long way.

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