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This Week's Stories:

  • Rest In Peace Suzenne - RIP
  • Land Feud Lands Landero Brothers In Jail
  • Machete Man Found Chopped To Death
  • Ministry of Health Attends PAHO Conference
  • World Suicide Prevention Day
  • Ministry Conducts Flu Surveillance Training
  • Caribbean Wellness Day
  • Lemon Kills Cancer Cells
  • Selecting Players For Belize’s National Football Team
  • Tropic Air Announces Service To San Ignacio & Benque
  • BTB Welcomes New Director Of Quality Assurance
  • UNIVERSITY OF BELIZE: Message from the President – Tribute to Murdered Students
  • 20th Annual World Mental Health Day Global Awareness Campaign To Highlight Need For More Attention To Depression, A Growing International Crisis
  • Will Chavez Get A 4th Term In Venuzuela?
  • Guatemalan Detained For Illegal Logging From Front Page without
  • STAR Humor
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Public Notices

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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: “An Affair with my Best Friend’s Wife”
Question: Help me Doctor: I'm having an affair with my best friend's wife. Doctor's Answer: "What you are doing is incredibly stupid..."

Editorial: Talking Trash…about Trash
Last Saturday (September 29) The San Pedro Sun partnered with Oceana in Belize to take part in a global initiative, the 27th annual Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup campaign. In an effort to beat the heat we aimed at starting at 8AM, and more than half of our 13 volunteers were teenaged members of the Leo’s Club. The day offered many insights and threads of hope for not only the youth of today but the island as well. After all, since when do teenagers get up on a Saturday morning to pick up trash? Not only were they cheerful and willing to work, but they wore their Leo t-shirts and vests with pride…if they are the future of our San Pedro Lions Club then we are in for exemplary leadership and focused commitment to the community…we are in good hands! Starting at even a younger age was one mommy volunteer with her toddler daughter who donned latex gloves three times too big for her tiny hands and walked the beach in search of trash. Of course this exercise lost its fun in a short amount of time but what a great way to start teaching your babies the importance of keeping it clean while protecting the beaches we love to play on. I used to drag my young son to the same kind of things, from picking up garbage to counting endangered frogs in Wyoming, and as he grew older the louder his protests were, but now as a young man he thanks me often for the experiences that gave him a view of the world that he would have never considered or appreciated before.

Woofer: It’s in the Bible
Don't mess with a bible believer!


Mexican Authorities Charged By Corozal Police
Two Mexican police officers are tonight enjoying the confines of the Belize Central Prison after being detained for the frightening home invasion that played out on Tuesday night in the Village of Chunox in the Corozal District. This morning Francisco Manuel Gamboa Villanueva and Walter Cordova Lopez appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court where they were jointly charged for wounding, handling stolen goods and aggravated assault. We understand that Corozal Police are consulting with the Director of Public Prosecutions for additional charges to be levied against both officers. Villanueva, Lopez and a third suspect are accused of invading the home of 26 year old fisherman Julius Foreman and his common law wife Darlene Cabral and their two children on Tuesday night at about 8 o’clock. The three men demanded money from the family. Unable to find what they were looking the assailants escaped in Foreman’s $15,000 Chevy truck taking along with them an ipod and other items but not before causing serious head and body injuries to him.

Another Robbery In Corozal
Reports are still a bit sketchy tonight in reference to a robbery that occurred on Tuesday, October 2nd in Corozal Town. Reports to police indicate that just before closing time at Circle K Supermarket situated on College Road, four masked men entered the store brandishing a firearm. Present at the time of the robbery were the proprietors of the business who were severely beaten by the assailants. According to reports, the four masked men then made good their escape with an undisclosed amount of money from the cash pan. There is not much information coming forthwith at this moment, but we do understand Corozal Police are following several leads. Anyone with information that may lead police to solve this case is asked to call their nearest police station or the hotline at 922-TIPS.

Meeting Between OAS, Belize And Guatemala Postponed
Tonight, there is a lot of speculation of a meeting between OAS Secretary General Miguel Insulza, Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow and Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina that should take place on October 19th at the OAS Adjacency Zone office. According to reliable reports, the meeting was scheduled to take place this weekend but due to scheduling conflicts of Miguel Insulza, it had to be postponed. Reports of incidents that have occurred in the Adjacency Zone would be presented to both Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina by the OAS office in reference to the illegal harvesting by Guatemalan Xateros and Gold Panners. Other matters scheduled to be discussed by both Heads of States include the referendum scheduled to take place in both countries on October 6th of 2013. The referendum will be held to decide whether the Guatemalan territorial claim on Belize will be taken to the ICJ for a final decision. Guatemala keeps hold to the territorial claim despite recognizing Belize’s sovereignty in 1981.

How Do Cane Farmers Compete With ASR?
In a joint press release issued on Wednesday evening, BSI and ASR announced that all transactions were complete and ASR is now the majority shareholder of the Belize Sugar Industry with 78.6% of the shares. The remaining 21.4% of the shares remain to the existing shareholders of BSI and BSI Employee Holdings Limited. According to the press release, all debts owed by BSI have now been paid off to ING and the Government of Belize. That major announcement comes just in time for the start of the 2012/2013 Sugar Cane Crop Season. It is said that it will be a very interesting season with payment for Sugar Cane delivered by BSI’s quota will yield far more revenue than those of the cane farmers. This is said by industry experts due to the special tax exceptions awarded to ASR by the Government of Belize; exceptions that have not been extended to the Cane Farmer placing them at an disadvantage. Well, it’ll be a year where cane farmers will have to explore every other avenue to make this sugar cane crop season a profitable one for them. One of the avenues that will be beneficial to cane farmers is that of the Sugar Cane Replanting Program. According to CEO of Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, Oscar Alonzo, the replanting program will be in conjunction with the Development Finance Agency, DFC, with funds obtained from the European Union.

Conch Season Declared Open
For those of you who enjoy a flavorful ceviche with an ice cold beer or drink of choice, this story will surely be good news to you. The Department of Fisheries officially declared the opening of the 2012/2013 Conch Season on Monday, October 1st. The previous season was closed early as that season’s quota had been depleted rendering it to be stopped two months ahead of its official closing date. It has been one of the longest closures of Conch season, lasting over five months. In an over the phone interview with Fisheries Officer Mauro Gongora, he said that the technical aspect of the quota has been finished, but they will not divulge any information before they meet with the Fishermen and the Fisheries Department next week Friday in Belize City. At that meeting, Gongora says that the overall quota will be distributed to the fishermen and again, when that quota has been achieved, the season will be closed once more.

Youths Graduate From Empowering Workshop
Earlier this week we brought to you highlights of the start of a six day workshop organized by the Department of Youth Services and the Belize Rural Finance Programme in collaboration with the La Inmaculada Credit Union. The workshop was geared towards empowering youth across Belize in developing ideas for a microenterprise and become young entrepreneurs; one of the major focuses of the Belize Rural Finance Programme. One of the major focuses of the Department of Youth Services is to create and organize workshops and follow-up programs of this sort of young people in collaboration with financial institutions that may assist with loans to develop these microenterprises. Yesterday afternoon, ceremonies were held in San Jose/San Pablo to commemorate the closing of the workshop. Hipolito Novelo spoke to Director of the Department of Youth Services, Christine Smith, who told us more about the training received by the participants. Christine Smith, Director, Department of Youth Services “Part of the training is that they have to develop a business plan so based on that development of that business plan they have an idea of what it is that they need to put into actually creating their own business and so the next step will be to see how they can find fune these business plans and approach credit institutions for funds and eventually start their own business”


It wasn’t so bad after all
I was not looking forward to the pool this morning as it was overcast and feeling cold. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about and the water was fine. We had a fun aquafit class Jan, Rebecca, Maureen, Eileen and I. Afterwards a few of us went to Roadkill Bar for a bite to eat and a Celebrating Saturday drink. I had chicken nuggets and fries – yum. Reminder of the poker run tonight starting at Roadkill 6:30 pm then it moves onto Average Joe’s, Lola’s, Wayo’s and Pedro’s where the flop will get drawn and best hand with two from peoples hand and 3 from the flop wins the money collected for the entry fee. Often the pot gets up around $500, worth playing.

International Sources

How Baby Boomers Destroyed the Economy
My father taught me how to throw a baseball and divide big numbers in my head and build a life where I'd be home in time to eat dinner with my kid most nights. He and my mother put me through college and urged me to follow my dreams. He never complained when I entered a field even less respected than his. He lives across the country and still calls just to check in and say he loves me. His name is Tom. He is 63, tall and lean, a contracts lawyer in a small Oregon town. A few wisps of hair still reach across his scalp. The moustache I have never seen him without has faded from deep brown to silver. The puns he tormented my younger brother and me with throughout our childhood have evolved, improbably, into the funniest jokes my 6-year-old son has ever heard. I love my dad fiercely, even though he's beaten me in every argument we've ever had except two, and even though he is, statistically and generationally speaking, a parasite. This is the charge I've leveled against him on a summer day in our Pacific Northwest vision of paradise. I have asked my favorite attorney to represent a very troublesome client, the entire baby-boom generation, in what should be a slam-dunk trial--for me. On behalf of future generations, I am accusing him and all the other parasites his age of breaking the sacred bargain that every American generation will pass a better country on to its children than the one it inherited.

Belize, a Paradise for Tourists -- and Drug Traffickers
Belize, a tropical tourist paradise, is developing a dark side and turning into a transit point for the trafficking of drugs bound for the United States. This tiny Central American state, while not a producer of narcotics, has a lot of coastline and not a lot of authorities -- and is strategically situated between Mexico and Guatemala -- making it susceptible to smugglers, experts and officials say. "We are facing a trafficking problem," David Henderson, the country's police chief, acknowledged to Agence France Presse. "It's a challenge," he said, adding that Belize was working with its neighbors to keep drug cartels from putting down roots in this country, formerly colonial British Honduras. Despite the situation, the police force totals just a thousand -- making it tough to adequately patrol the country's entire territory. "It's very difficult to keep an eye on everything," conceded police spokesman Raphael Martinez. The 300 kilometers (186 miles) of coastline and the 150 kilometers shared border with Mexico, along the Hondo River, are particularly vulnerable to the trafficking of drugs, weapons, illegal immigrants and contraband. In mid-September, authorities from Mexico and Belize met to explore the possibility of boosting checks along their common border in an effort to crack down on trafficking. "Belize is a transit point for cocaine shipments," Commander Anastacio Garcia, who heads the military in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo that borders onto Belize, recently told reporters.

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