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The San Pedro Sun

Tragic accident inside tank compression unit leaves 1 man dead
The community of San Pedro is in shock after a well known tour guide died during a very unfortunate accident. Shorty around 4:30PM there was a resounding explosion on Amigos Del Mar dock in San Pedro Town. The explosion claimed the life Hector "Chapin" Duran. Both San Pedro Police and Fire personnel responded immediately, but there was nothing much that could have been done. According to witnesses, the explosion came from inside a partially enclosed area on the far eastern end of the dock. The explosion was apparently caused after a tank filled with compressed oxygen blew up and fatally injured Duran, who was servicing the air tanks. It is not certain what caused the tank to explode at this time, as fire officials and police continue to process the scene. Duran sustained massive trauma and was declared dead on the spot by Dr. Laurenzco Nicholson. His body has since been transferred to the KHMH for a post mortem examination. The San Pedro Sun will share any further details if/when they become available.

Family of businesses gives $10K to SPHS Baseball team for their Panama trip
The Phoenix Resort, Blue Water Grill, Wine de Vine, Paradise Management, Caliente, and Red Ginger donate $10,000 to San Pedro High School Baseball Team. In their continued effort to make a difference in the community through education, youth initiatives, and health care, the family of businesses [The Phoenix Resort, Blue Water Grill, Wine de Vine, Paradise Management, Caliente, and Red Ginger] donated $10,000 to the San Pedro High School Baseball Team for their upcoming trip to the CODICADER games in Panama from October 12-15, 2012.

Toads are Toadally Terrific!
Will a toad give you warts if you pick it up? Or will a toad curse you if it stares into your eye? No! Over time people like to embellish their experiences into lavish tales, but really a toad is just a toad! They cannot perform magical tricks, but they are quite amazing! Do you recognize the big toad in town? That's the Marine Toad, Rhinella marina! The Marine Toad is the largest toad found in Belize and is native to Central and South America. These giants thrive near human habitation and oftentimes you can hear them calling down by nearby waterways. Unfortunately these toads get a bad rap, but they are incredibly important for Belize! Toad Life Toads are amazingly adapted to their environments and some species can live in the harshest of climates, including deserts! Their bumpy skin is not for giving people warts, but instead allows them to conserve moisture and travel far distances from water. Toads also have a great defense against predators. Ever notice the large lumps behind the toad's eyes? These are called the parotoid glands and they contain a poison that is called Bufotoxin. Bufotoxin is a neurotoxin that is quite distasteful to predators and in some instances can be lethal. These seemingly harmless amphibians pack a punch!

Twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena respond to crime
Members of the Cayo Community met on Sunday evening, October 7, 2012 at the Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio where demands were written on a chalkboard, with certain plans of action, to take place within a time-frame. Among the demands were that Belize have its own forensic laboratory, the police be properly equipped and a registry for sex offenders be created. Another major demand was for a Police Station to be built in Santa Elena Town. Present at yesterday's meeting was Ralf Moody, Officer in Charge of the Cayo Police District Formation , who informed the gathering that statements relating to the murder of Suzette Martinez are still being taken. The Superintendent urged the community to think about the consequences, in whatever action it takes. He said that if a shut down of the Towns was made this Monday, such actions would delay the sending of the DNA sample to Jamaica by an additional day; as a policing priority would have to take place. "Some people are waiting for the opportunity to commit crime," he said, adding that in such cases the law will take its course.

Residents are encouraged to start the sorting of garbage
Residents on Ambergris Caye are being encouraged to begin the sorting of garbage ahead of the implementation of the national Solid Waste Management Project (SWMP) of which Ambergris Caye is a part of. The announcement was made by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) via a press release last week. The sorting of garbage at this point is aimed to have the residents trained in garbage classification, which will be required when the SWMP comes into full effect. Speaking to Kenrick Brackett, San Pedro Town Councilor responsible for Waste Management and Sanitation on the island, he said that residents are being asked to sort out garbage into two main groups, biodegradable and non-biodegradable. "We want the residents to classify the garbage and bag them into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. How this will work is that we are asking them to use red ribbons or an old piece of red cloth for non-biodegradable and a green ribbon or old green cloth for the biodegradable garbage," said Brackett. The classification of the garbage into two separate groups said Brackett will "teach residents from now and [will be] practice for when the projects kicks in."

Ambergris Today

Fatal Dive Tank Explosion at Amigos Del Mar
The island community of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is in shock this evening as a very rare and tragic accident took the life of a dive master at the Amigos del Mar Dive Center after an explosion occurred inside the tank compressing unit located inside the dive shop. The explosion that occurred at around 4:30p.m. on Monday, October 08, 2012, was heard in various area around town and shook buildings close to the dive shop. The accident which is rarely unheard of, took the life of Hector Duran, an employee of Amigos del Mar who operates the tank compression unit.

Miss Belize Showcases Maya Cultural Costume at Miss International Event
Miss Belize International Destinee Dominique Arnold is presently in Okinawa, Japan proudly representing our beautiful Jewel - Belize. Destinee is competing at the Miss International Beauty Pageant and has been in Japan since October 1 attending several dinners, charity events many other events leading to the pageant final on October 21, 2012. "My experience has been amazing so far. I am so privileged to be able to meet women from all around the world who are so admirable and intelligent," commented Destinee to Ambergris Today. "Okinawa has so much history and culture. It has been both an educating and fun experience so far. The people are so kind and very loving. It will be hard to say good-bye to them."

Pic of the Week: Inspired in Belize
Music is found everywhere on la isla bonita. In bars, restaurants and in the comfort of your own hotel. As you can see, this tourist got inspired by the mood of the tropical sunset and started playing his ukulele on the balcony of the Sanpedrano's Hotel. It is always great seeing tourist enjoying themselves musically and most of all getting inspired in Belize.

Flashback: Fido's -A beautiful Spot In San Pedro
A beautiful spot in San Pedro! Perhaps you might not recognize it because it looks so different with new buildings and even cobblestones and a lot more of activity. To the left is Fido's and to the right is Ambergris Lodge, now Mayan Princess. Seferino Paz's (+) Sea Breeze Hotel is in the background but no longer exists. However, Fido's is still there in full force and even stronger. Fido's has withstood beach erosion and strong southeasterly storms. It has survived several hurricanes , fires, many renovations, and even several changes of ownership. However the general atmosphere of Fido's is still there and the popular name as well.

25 Years Ago: It's A Small World After All!
There is an exhibition at Disney World called, "It's a Small World" but I am referring to our real world. It is indeed quite large counting with a population of 7.043 billion people (7,043,000,000). However, chances are that if you travel to Belize City, Chetumal, Guatemala, Costa Rica, USA, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, China and India, you will meet some family member or friend or business acquaintance, thus making this world a small world in that sense. I will relate one simple example of interest as I am sure you have similar situations. Through my writings of this column, I was reunited with my long time friend, Mrs. Mila Phillips, who has roots in San Pedro and lives in Belize City. Mila is a great poet and story teller and best of all a wonderful friend. Her dad is Mr. Nestor Vasquez whom I knew as a child and he was brother of one of my most interesting friends, Mr. Danny Vasquez. Danny lived in San Pedro once and became San Pedro's first village council chairman. I met Danny when I was about 16 as he was my father's good friend and he learned that I was trying to play the saxophone, so Danny came over and gave me some good lessons which helped me learn this musical instrument.

Misc Belizean Sources

Junior Sailors Tune Up for Next Weekend's Big Regatta in Corozal Bay
This past weekend (Oct. 6-7), the San Pedro Junior Sailing Team underwent rigorous final preparation for next Sunday's Corozal Bay Regatta. They studied and practiced crucial starting-line technique on Saturday and raced on Sunday. Two groups raced 2 one-lap races each. The top finishers then competed in the 2-race final. Stephanie Keating sailing Ambergris Lake Villas whose scores had tied for first in her two preliminary heats, went on to win the day by taking 1st and 2nd in the final races. The next best combined score gave Kevin Velasquez in Caribbean Villas and Jorge Oliveres in Palo Alto a 2nd place tie. The scores of Jerdon Anderson, sailing Catamaran Bar gave him 4rd place.

August 2011 - August 2012 - Consumer Price Index Report
The Chamber recently received the August 2011 - August 2012 Consumer Price Index Report from the Statistical Institute of Belize. Here is a brief excerpt from the report: " Within the main food sub-categories, the most notable price increases were recorded for "Meat" (1.8%) and "Milk, Cheese & Eggs" (1/8%). These hikes were partly counter balanced by a 5.1% decrease in vegetable prices." Furthermore, the report stated " .. within the "housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels" category, there was a 14.8 decrease in the average prices of butane�"

Integrated Ballistic Identification System donated to Belize by the Canadian Government
The Government and People of Belize are receiving much-needed assistance from friendly governments and international agencies as we continue to fight against crime and violence in order to restore safety and security throughout our communities. This coming Friday, October 12, 2012, inauguration ceremonies will be held for an Integrated Ballistic Identification System donated to Belize by the Canadian Government. The donation constitutes a complete system (IBIS Brass Trax -3D) with full capability to collect, store, compare, analyze and prepare conclusive reports on ballistic evidence to assist law enforcement authorities in investigation, prosecution and conviction of persons involved in firearm related crimes.

Belize Currency in Circulation, 1939
In the first half of 1939 we only had one hundred dollar bill and two fifty dollar bill in circulation. Here's the whole list...

Our foreign investment in 1939
Chart of accounts....

Conch Fritters
Today's dish is Conch Fritters, in Belize it's said "Konks Frittaz" and it's on about almost every Belizean's favorite foods list. Now, let's talk about the conch real quick. If you have never seen one this is what it looks like... I know, it doesn't really look as appetizing does it? (Trust me you want to try this, Andrew Zimmerman did...) OK, so in Belize we have seasons for conch as well as lobster. Conch season has just begun, so the word conch is coming off a lot of people's lips. While conch is loved by many in Belize, it doesn't get a big festival like Lobsterfest to announce the opening of it's season. Instead it was by chance I even realized the season was open (Conch Season Oct 1st - June 30th).

Cayo Crime Watch
There is a new FB group called the Cayo Crime Watch. You can download some purple amnesty banners there. Jonathan Cariddi from JCariddi Photography, posted pictures there from today's peaceful demonstration in Columbus Park. It's time for the community to unite to destroy crime, and the criminals behind it. "Enough is Enough! We need to be working together to prevent and stop crime! If you see something strange or a stranger in your neighborhood please post it here. Being alert/vigilant can save your life and property! Lets keep up all of the good work that has gone on here in Cayo. Lets keep working together for a better tomorrow!"

Ignite the Peace Initiative
Thursday, the Ignite the Peace Initiative, a collaborative effort between all three terciary institutions in Cayo, will happen between 8:00am and 12 noon. Everyone is invited to raise their voices and attend the events. The University of Belize, Galen University, and Sacred Heart Junior College will all have Eternal Flame of Peace events. There will be a peace march in Belmopan starting at 8:00am. From 9 through 11:30, there will be a peace torch run from Belmopan to Cayo. From 11:00 to noon, Sacred Heart Junior College will have a peace rally. "In light of the recent loss of our valuable human resources, our nations students, the tertiary level institutions have teamed up to raise awareness and to unite their voices against the violence and crime in Belize."

Cayo's Peaceful Demonstration
There is a peaceful demonstration going on all day today in Cayo in honor of Suzenne Martinez. Columbus park has had quite a few people there throughout the day. Patrick Jones has been covering the event. Tomorrow, the Ignite the Peace Initiative will be happening.

Caye Caulker leads Belize into the world of Tech Diving!
Chip Petersen, owner of Belize Dive Services here in Caye Caulker, continues pushing diving excellence by offering technical dives for his clientele. Technical diving specializes in more advanced scuba diving techniques by using rebreathers and the use of breathing gases. This offers the participants the ability to be able to explore parts of the marine world that would be beyond the possibilities the recreational range like say Cave or particularly deep dives. Up until Belize Dive Service came along, none of this was possible as no dive shop in Belize had the equipment or the training to offer such dives - very much putting us at a disadvantage to our other competitive diving markets. Chip is a qualified TDI (Technical Dive International) Instructor and has commenced today his second Technical Dive Course for the those interested in Caye Caulker. The first course of 4 persons consisted of Pablo Bo and Eugene Bull (two of the very first technically trained Belizean divers, both on the Belize Dive Services staff) - and this course CJ Graham (BDS), Walter Williams (BDS) and Hilary Pike of Frenchies Diving. All of which will be trained in Advanced Nitrox Diver and Decompression Procedures Diver at the end of their two week training!

Channel 7

Ical Convicted of "Handling", Sentenced To a Year, Police Will Test DNA
Alberto Ical - the main suspect in the murder of Suzenne Martinez in Cayo is behind bars tonight - serving the first night of a one year sentence for handling stolen goods. As we reported, Ical was released by Cayo police on Friday - after the DPP instructed the police to gather further evidence in the Suzenne Martinez murder - since they didn't have enough to charge. But he was released directly into the custody of Belmopan police who were investigating him for connection to the murder of Robert Lewis who was killed in his Maya Mopan home. That's because Ical was found with a telephone SIM Card and a few pieces of jewelry from the Lewis house. He was charged for two counts of handling stolen goods on Saturday and taken to Belmopan Magistrate's court for arraignment this morning. He pleaded guilty to one count of handling stolen goods for the jewelry and the SIM Card and not guilty to the other charge of handling a camera and some other pieces of jewelry.

While they Protest In San Ignacio
But vocal San Ignacio residents are not happy with that outcome at all. They want Ical charged for murder - or at least they wanted him arraigned in San Ignacio court today. But none of these things happened - even though hundreds of protestors gathered at the San Ignacio Town Center to make a number of demands - principally for justice. Their position came together on Sunday evening in a meeting at the Sacred Heart Primary School in San Ignacio. They decided to put their demands in writing to the prime ministers along with an ultimatum that he rpeosnd by wEdensday. These include: A Registry of sex offenders with a monitoring system, bringing back Capital punishment, Replace the Director of Public Prosecution, create a DNA equipped Forensic Laboratory, no bail for sex offenders in any circumstance, and other demands. Depending on the PM's response, Cayo Community Leaders may choose to activate a plan to have a full shutdown of the Twin Towns on Thursday. So with that looming, today's gathering had a strong showing - but it was anti-climactic - and after a full morning of carrying signs and demanding justice, the crowd dispersed at about 12:00.

Teachers, Students Walk Out Of OW High School
And while they demonstrated in Cayo - today a more spontaneous action was held in Orange Walk - as hundreds of students and about two dozen teachers staged a mass walkout from the Ladyville Technical High school. They did it to protest the management style of the Principal - and to demand her immediate removal. 7news was there - and here's what happened:.. Jules Vasquez reporting This morning at a few minutes to 8:00 classes at Orange Walk Technical High should have been starting up - but instead police were guarding the entrance And as the bell rang at 8:00 am - instead of going to class - the students started heading for the exits. Students from all forms walked out onto the street in unison - they seemed to know the plan as it had been shaping up over the weekend. And pretty soon a fair amount of the school's 80 students were on the street milling around having a good old time. Some even had signs hoisted high while in the school yard there was disarray - for sure no learning would occur this Monday morning. And when we saw the teachers streaming out the gate - that was pretty much confirmed

Woman Allegedly Kills Common Law In Self Defence
A Belize City man was killed over the weekend and it's his common-law-wife who stabbed him in the chest. The incident happened on Saturday night at the couple's home on Mahogany Street. Around 11pm, 37 year old Kareem Dixon and his common-law-wife Melanie Staine got into an argument that led to Staine stabbing Dixon to the left side of his chest. Dixon was rushed to the KHMH but succumbed to his injuries around 1:45am that morning while undergoing treatment. Staine - under her lawyer's advice - has declined to give police a sworn statement about what happened that night. Staine's son though gave a statement to police saying on the night of the incident, his mother was outside with Dixon when an argument started. She then came inside the house and into the kitchen and told him that Dixon had just punched her in the face.

A Modern Mechanical Marvel: 11 Combines Al At Once!
And there's surely more bad news of weekend mayhem and mishaps to report tonight - but we'll take a short break from all that to share an inspiring story. For weeks, we've been telling about the grand plan of Alexander Perez and his organization Belize Camping Experience. Their big mission is the Harvest For Kids - which exposed children from the Southside of Belize City to Mechanized Corn Farming. They watched the seeding of 20 acres of corn at the Banana Bank Farm - and on Saturday - in a spectacular conclusion to the event -those acres were harvested in a record time by 11 Combines working in unison. It was an impressive sight and 7news had a front row seat - Jules Vasquez reports:.. Jules Vasquez reporting A good crowd showed up at the Corn field at John Carr's 1500 acre farm in Banana Bank on Saturday afternoon including folks from the city and nearby Spanish Lookout. George Plett, Farmer "Words can't say, it worth to see people coming out like this."

Man Killed When Scuba Tank Explodes
A man suffered a terrible accidental death this afternoon in San Pedro - and the accident underscores the hazards of filling tanks with gasses. The San Pedro Sun reports that around 4:45 pm, well known tour guide Hector Chapin Duran was fatally injured when the scuba tank he was filling ruptured - causing a major explosion which punctured his midsection and caused instant death. It happened at the Amigos Del Mar Dock. The San Pedro Sun has photographs of the ruptured tank - and you can see that an entire section is blown off. It is too early to know what caused the tank to rupture. His body was removed from the pier after five and brought into the city on an amigos Del Mar vessel just before the news started. Ideally scuba tanks should be regularly checked for integrity of their structure as they grow thin form repeated use.

Petrocaribe Continues As Chavez Wins
Belize will continue to get Venezuelan Fuel after Hugo Chavez won a quite comfortable victory in yesterday's presidential election in that country. Chavez won 54% of the vote to win a third term that could extend his rule to 20 years. As we told you last week, his victory means the continuation of the Petrocaribe initiative which was launched in 2005 and benefits 17 Caribbean countries including, the Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Jamaica, St Lucia, and others.

Another Shooting On Sibun Street
There was a shooting on Sunday afternoon at the corner of Sibun and Ebony Streets - which has been the site of many gang related shootings. This time the victim was 26 year old Orlando Burgess who was riding his bicycle when he was approached from behind by a man who was wearing a mask covering his face. The man pointed a firearm in his direction and fired several shots at him, hitting him once to the left leg and twice to the right leg. So far no one has been detained.

Abundance Of Ashcroft Alliance Attorneys At Appeals Court
The October sitting of the Appeal Court began this morning with a very heavy matter, and that is the constitutionality of the acquisition of BEL in June of 2011, and the re-acquisition of BTL of July 2011. The first and second appeal cases were filed by the Government of Belize questioning the judgment from Justice Legall in which he ruled that the second acquisition was unconstitutional. The respondents, The British Caribbean Bank and Dean Boyce and the Trustees of the Employees Trust, were also dissatisfied with that judgment because although Justice Legall ruled that BTL re-acquisition was unconstitutional, GOB remained in control of the company. Their view was that an order should have been given to force GOB to vacate the company and return it back to the former owners. So the judgment was appealed by both sides - which is unusual. And in BEL matter, Fortis Energy International - former owner of the electricity company - was challenging the acquisition of the company by GOB, They made an application to Justice Legall to have the BEL acquisition challenged, but Justice Legall refused. They were granted leave to join this appeal in the BTL matter.

Scary Home Holdup and Stabbing In Kings Park
There is a disturbing report tonight of an Indian businessman who was brutally assaulted on the stairs of his home. On Friday night at around 9:00, 31 year old Sunil Moolchandan, of the Kings Park area, was walking up the steps of a 3 storey cement building to reach his residence on the third floor. A slim, dark man who wore a mask came up on him and demanded money. Moolchandani told the man that he had none and the man stabbed him twice to the left side of the chest and 9 times to his upper back. Nothing was stolen.

Man Wins Big Lotto Jackpot
There is another Lotto Winner tonight. His name is Edwardo Wade and he won the $167,500.00 lotto jackpot. Today the 60 year old man travelled all the way from Belmopan to Belize City to claim his prize and told 7news how his lucky numbers were chosen. Edwardo Wade "I bought my ticket on Saturday evening very late. On Sunday morning when there was a program around 10-11 I heard some of the numbers and when I heard those numbers I said to myself that those sounded like my numbers and I call my son who told me that he had wrote down the numbers. When we check it there were the said numbers. That's the way I got to know about it and I confirm it at the end of the day."

A home For Brighton's Family
In July of this year we reported on 10 year old Brighton Cordova - the boy who was crushed beneath his house as it collapsed on him and a friend. Briton received severe head injuries and was diagnosed by doctors as partially brain dead. It has been a struggle for the little boy's family but they refuse to give up. And so do others from around their Orange Walk community. Over the weekend 28 staff members of the Belize Bank Limited along with representatives of Hand in Hand Ministries teamed up to construct a new home for the Cordova's family. It is a small home for a quite large family - but a far better space than the single room building they were in before. The Belize Bank along with Hand in Hand Ministries have partnered in the 'Building for Change Project' and this is the fourth that they have built.

Channel 5

Tour guide dies in explosion on San Pedro
An explosion at Amigos Del Mar dock in San Pedro Town claimed the life of a well known San Pedro tour guide. Hector "Chapin" Duran was killed when a dive tank exploded at around four-thirty this afternoon. According to witnesses, the explosion happened inside a partially enclosed area on the far end of the dock. [...]

Demonstration against crime following UB student murder
Early this morning a crowd started to assemble at Columbus Park in San Ignacio. The numbers quickly began to swell as the residents of the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena came out to demonstrate against crime. Earlier this year in June, young Jasmine Lowe was murdered and last week, another resident was [...]

Pedro Ical gets 12 months for handling; no charge for murder
This morning as hundreds of residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena demonstrated against crime, the suspect Pedro Alberto Ical was taken under police escort to the Belmopan Magistrates Court. Ical was only arraigned for charges of Handling Stolen Goods and he pleaded guilty. Dressed in an off white T-shirt and black pants, the handcuffed [...]

Another Belizean murdered in Melchor
A Belizean was murdered just across the Guatemalan border. Miguel Gonzalez Junior from Benque Viejo apparently last went to el champon, an area between the Belize and Guatemalan border points in the west. The details of what exactly happened are not known, but Gonzalez's family believes he was robbed, tortured and then left for dead [...]

Self defense; woman not charged for killing husband
In Belize City, a security lost his life in a case that was initially dubbed as murder. His common-law-wife, Melanie Staine, was detained, but later released from police custody. She was being held as a suspect in the killing of her common-law-husband over the weekend. But on further investigations and from statements given by Staine [...]

Lawyers burn credits Telemedia case back in court
Litigation in a tandem of matters involving the re-nationalization of Telemedia, as well as the subsequent wresting of Belize Electricity Ltd. by the Barrow Administration, was scheduled to begin this morning in the Court of Appeal. The case against the government, filed by the British Caribbean Bank, was set to be heard before a panel [...]

Students and teachers protest at Orange Walk Technical
As Cayo residents demonstrated against crime, up north in Orange Walk Town, students, teachers and parents were protesting against the Technical High School Principal. They want the principal removed for a number of reasons but the protest this morning was prompted by the expulsion of a student. News Five's Delahnie Bain reports.   Delahnie Bain, [...]

B.D.F. shooting of Guatemala is deemed self defense by police
A Guatemalan national who was killed by the B.D.F., in the Ceibo Chico area has not been identified locally, but the press in Guatemala claims he is thirty-five year old Francisco Quim Cab, of Montes de los Olivos, Dolores, Peten. The incident happened last Thursday in the Chiquibul where Quim was panning for gold along [...]

More shootings and choppings across the land
Throughout the country criminals have been hard at work, keeping the police busy and the public up in arms. On October sixth, at nine thirty p.m. twenty one year old Linsford Lord, a Belize City resident was walking at the Corner of Curassow and Pelican Streets when he was approached by a man he knows [...]

Unidentified man killed in highway accident
There was one fatality that resulted from a traffic accident. It occurred between miles fifty-nine and sixty on the Philip Goldson Highway. According to the police the deceased has not been identified and they hope the public can assist in bringing the matter to a close.   Raphael Martinez, Police Press Officer "On the sixth [...]

'Ah win the Lotto,' says retired cop
A Belmopan resident is the lucky winner of Saturday's Lotto draw. The Belmopan resident, who is the retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Eduardo Wade senior, will be taking home over one hundred and forty thousand dollars in cash after taxes. News Five spoke to Wade who says the numbers came to him while he was [...]

Taylor beats weapon charge, but murder charge still waits
The notorious Brandon Taylor is currently on remand for murder, but today he beat charges for a separate incident. Taylor was charged along with Curlan Phillips and Devany Myers for Keeping a Firearm and Ammunition without License. The trial against the three men began on September twenty-fifth before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer and ended in [...]

It's not me, it's the cab driver; man busted for handling stolen goods
A mechanic, who was also before the courts today, claims he is an innocent victim after stolen items were found inside a taxi he was riding in. Twenty-three year old Kelly Street resident, Jermaine Jorgenson, now faces charges of Theft and Handling Stolen Goods. He is being accused of stealing a tester, assorted tools and [...]

The muscle popping, amino acid enhanced Sports Monday
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Week 7 of the PLB Season brought another week of out of zone play so we headed to Capital City, Belmopan where Police United played host to the A zone front runner FC Belize on Saturday night's ticket. On hand to view the proceedings [...]


Police Investigate Shooting Incident in Belize City
Meanwhile a shooting incident yesterday afternoon also in Belize City, left one man hospitalized. RAPHAEL MARTINEZ Police Press Officer Belize Police Department "Police again visited the KHMH where they saw Orlando Marl Burgess, twenty six year old, Belizean labor...

Stabbing Incident Leaves Man Dead
A stabbing incident on Saturday resulted in the death of a Belize City man. Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez has the details on the incident. RAPHAEL MARTINEZ Police Press Officer Belize Police Department "On the sixth of October at 11:30pm, acting upon...

Salesman Charged With Drug Trafficking
Twenty-one year old Shannon Martinez, a sales representative, was charged with drug trafficking for one point one grams of cocaine when she appeared in court today. She pleaded not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered her a bail of $5,000.00 and adjourned h...

Resource Centre Inaugurated In San Jose Succotz
A new resource centre was inaugurated this afternoon in San Jose Succotz Village in the Cayo District. The centre was implemented by the Social Investment Fund and financed by the Government of Belize through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank. The project was completed at ...

Belize Football Federation Recruits Players for National Team
The Football Federation of Belize today commenced at here week long recruitment of players for the country's National "A" football team. At the People's Stadium in Orange Walk town today, players from the Corozal and Belize districts are trying out for a s...

Teenager Acquitted of Attempted Murder
Nineteen year old Michael Wallace, charged with two counts of attempted murder, was acquitted of both charges on Friday in the courtroom of Justice Troadio Gonzalez. The jury of seven women and two men deliberated for almost three hours before it arrived at its verdict which was unanim...

Governor General Takes Leave
Governor General Sir Colville Young has proceeded on private family leave. A communiqu� from Belize House in Belmopan said that effective Friday, October fifth, the head of state departed on his two weeks' vacation. Sir Colville Young is expected back in the co...

Opposition Party Condemns Recent Crime Wave
Meanwhile, the Western Caucus of the People's United Party has expressed grave concerns over the recent murders, particularly the killing of University of Belize Student Suzenne Martinez earlier this week. In a release sent out on Friday, the PUP Western Caucus notes th...

Cayo Residents Plan Demonstration
Residents of the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena will hold a huge demonstration on Monday. According to organizers, the shutdown of businesses on Monday is designed to protest the increase of crime in the area. A call has been made for all of the Cayo district, including...


The G.G. music program welcomes Maud Williams High School
The Governor General's music in schools programme has been existence since 1993. At least 95 schools countrywide have benefited from musical equipment under this program. On Thursday Maud Williams High School became the latest recipients. On hand to do the presentation were members of the Committee including Rene Villanueva, Senior. The students of the institution have pledged to put the equipment to good use.

Toledo Bus owner had a meeting in Punta Gorda
Toledo bus owners met this morning in Punta Gorda to discuss their concerns. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

In the rainforest of west of Belize was held a Graduation exercise
Graduation exercises are normally carried out between the months of May and July. But this morning there was a special commencement exercise held in the rainforest of western Belize. Love TV's Patrick Jones and video journalist Kenroy Michael went to Cayo today to bring you the following report.

Venezuelan embassy in Belize hosted a simple exercise
Millions of Venezuelans will go to the poll on Sunday to elect a new president. Hugo Chavez is seeking a third 6-year term, although he is facing a strong challenge by Henrique Capriles Radonski representing the Justice First opposition party. Today, the Venezuelan embassy in Belize hosted a media sensitization exercise to show how the voting system works in Venezuela. Gabriuel Sanchez is the Charge d'affaires at the Venezuelan embassy in Belmopan. According to Ambassador Sancehz, nineteen million Venezuelans are eligible to vote in Sunday's presidential elections. Only fifteen Venezuelans are registered to vote in Belize and they will get to cast their ballots at the Venezuelan embassy in Belmopan. After the polls closed, the fifteen votes will be counted and the results sent to Caracas for inclusion in the total balloting count. The results of the Venezuelan presidential election are expected to be published early on Monday morning.

San Ignacio Protest for the death of Suzenne
Residents of the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio today took to the streets of the twin municipalities in protest. Our Cayo correspondent Elaine Berry reports. The body of twenty-two year old Suzenne Martinez was discovered sometime around six o'clock yesterday morning about five hundred yards from where she lived.

City murder on Armadillo Street
Another Belize City youth has fallen victim of the spiraling violence in the old capital. On Tuesday evening around five thirty, the sound of gunshots being fired rang out at the corner of Mayflower and Vernon streets. Injured in the late evening shooting incident was twenty year old Steven Polonio, a resident of Armadillo Street. According to police press officer Raphael Martinez, Polonio was shot multiple times to the face and left side of the body. He died about an hour later while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Martinez told reporters that authorities know who they are looking for and that it is only a matter of time before the second suspect in the murder investigation is apprehended

Stann Creek Police reinforce their crime fighting efforts
Crimes of dishonesty and other major incidents have seen a slight decrease in the Stann Creek district. This was revealed last evening during the launch of the Jasmine Alert program in that southern Municipality. Officer in charge of Stann Creek police Senior Superintendent Robert Mariano gave the details in a telephone interview this morning. Senior Superintendent Mariano says that the police in the Stann Creek district will continue to step up their crime fighting efforts.

Home invasion in Corozal
There was a brutal home invasion reported in Chunux village on Tuesday night. According to reports, a group of men ambushed a couple and assaulted and robbed them Love News spoke by telephone with the deputy commander of the Corozal police Assistant Superintendent Daniel Arzu. Superintendent Arzu told Love News that quick police work led to the apprehension of two of three persons involved in the home invasion and as it turns out, documents they carried identified them a Mexican police officers. Belizean and Mexican authorities are collaborating in the investigation of this incident.

Updates on the home invasion in Chunnox Village
Today, the police press officer Radael Martinez briefed reported on the home invasion and robbery in Chunnox village, Corozal. That vehicle, a Chevrolet double cab pickup truck, along with cell phones and other electronic items stolen, amounts to over twenty one thousand dollars. When he spoke with reporters outside of the Racoon Street Police station this afternoon, the police press officer said that the pickup truck and two of the stolen cell phones have been recovered. Authorities have also impounded a Nissan car believed to have also been used in the home invasion and robbery. The latest home invasion and assault, added to recent brutal murders in the Corozal district is cause for concern. The police press officer believes that the citizens working with the police can help to keep the criminals on their toes. Up to news time, no charges have been laid against the two detained Mexican police officers.


Cayo residents rally for justice
Cayo residents gathered at the Columbus Park in front of the Police station this morning. It is becoming a familiar...

Murder suspect arraigned for handling stolen goods
The man originally thought to be the murder suspect was in Belmopan magistrate's court being arraigned. Alberto Ica...

Work begins on revamping Nim Li Punit St in Belmopan
The feel of a smoother ride is already dancing in our heads here in Belmopan. Since two days ago, employees of A&N ...

Auditor General's report shows GOB is owed $90.5 million
On Friday we looked at several fundamental concerns restraining the work of the Audit Department. Tonight we reveal...

Mexican Police Officers detained for assault and robbery in Corozal
Mexican police officers 46 year-old Walter Lopez Cordova and 24 year-old Francisco Javier Gamboa Villanueva are the...

Driver of pickup detained following death of cyclist
A gruesome traffic fatality takes a cyclist life. Police visited the Mameyal Curve between miles 59 & 60 on the Phi...

Father shot at heading home from church with his sons
A father was shot after he and his sons headed home from church last night. Thirty eight year old Jose Navarro and ...

Man dies after argument with woman
An argument between a man and his woman has lead to his death. On Saturday night, Police visited the K.H.M.H where ...


Belizean Mystery Fruit: Golden Plum
The other day I stopped at a small fruit stand for limes, or so I thought. I bought a bag of four lime-sized, lime-colored looking fruits, only they were peeled. "Okay..." I thought, "that's a little different," but that's how the oranges next to them at the stand were prepared. In Belize we often see peeled and prepared fruit for sale, so I really didn't give it much thought. The little boy I bought them from seemed to speak only Spanish, so he wasn't going to argue when I held up the clear plastic baggie they were in and said "I'll take these limes too", as I was already buying bananas. He may have snickered behind my back, though! When I got home and showed them to Barry, we quickly realized that they weren't limes. I was sick with a cold so didn't really feel like investigating at that time, so I stuck them into the refrigerator until I felt better. They kept well, and today, three days later, they still looked about the same as the day I bought them. I rinsed one off and decided to give it a try. was sour, firm, a bit grainy, definitely stringy, and tasted a lot like a plum, but not a ripe, juicy plum like I am used to in the United States. Unlike the plums I'm used to, it got sweeter as I got closer to the seed. And I definitely needed the dental floss after eating it -- this thing was fibrous!

Great taco cam view this morning
I was a bit slow getting up and not really looking forward to going to work so I decided to tune into taco cam and check out the action while I drank my morning coffee. The water was so calm looking and it made me think I should be doing more sunrise walks. Thanks to Storm Chasing Adventure Tours for providing webcam option, it is great when I am feeling lazy and not moving to fast like this morning. The air is feeling very fallish this morning and it is looking like we are going to get some more rain sooner than later. Looking outside our windows the sky is now a thick blanket of gray in every direction, if you plan to go out and about make sure you are well waterproofed.

Sunday Funday at Crazy Canuck's Beach Bar
Sundays in San Pedro, Belize generally mean BBQ. Even if the day starts out like this... In backyards with family, along the streets in town for fundraisers or at beach bars, Sunday is the day to get together for fun, food and music. One very popular Sunday get-together takes place at Crazy Canuck's, a small beach bar just south of town. Very easy to find...everyone knows it. I even named them the Best Bar In San Pedro 2011. And starting at 3pm, you'll hear the music from Gino and the Shackshakers. That will make it even easier to find. Gino, the lead singer is back in town...

International Sources

The Honourable Peter MacKay, Canadian Minister of National Defence, and Chief of Defence Staff, General Walt Natynczyk, are attending the tenth biennial Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CDMA), which is being hosted this year in Punta Del Este, Uruguay from October 8-11. This Conference brings together defence ministers and senior officials from the Americas to discuss common regional defence and security issues. "Canada is pleased to be working with our hemispheric partners in meeting common challenges." said Minister MacKay. "Improving the hemispheric response to large-scale disasters at home or abroad, is important for our Government. We are pleased to be working with Chile as co-rapporteurs for the CDMA working group on natural disasters." Minister MacKay also noted that hemispheric discussions on humanitarian assistance disaster relief are a key area of potential cooperation which will benefit all people in the region. "Canada and the Canadian Forces are committed to continuing to build on our existing defence relationships in the Americas," said General Natynczyk. "This conference is an excellent opportunity where we can meet face to face with the defence leaders of the Americas to discuss defence and security issues and increase our cooperation towards a more secure hemisphere. By better understanding each other, we can work more effectively to improve both regional security and our common ability to support humanitarian relief operations when they arise."

Hacker Cracks 4 Million Hotel Locks With 'James Bond Dry Erase Marker'
This new hacker invention may look like a harmless dry erase marker, but in truth it's the ultimate electronic lock pick. In a post titled 'James Bond's Dry Erase Marker,' hotel hacker Matthew Jakubowski demonstrates how anyone can build this pocket-sized device which will open the lock on an estimated 4 million hotel rooms. 'I guess we wanted to show that this sort of attack can happen with a very small concealable device,' says Matthew Jakubowski, a security researcher with Trustwave, told Forbes. 'Someone using this could be searched and even then it wouldn't be obvious that this isn't just a pen.'

Affton Family Returns From Belize Adventure With New Focus
Andy and Julie Kuhnert and their five children, of Affton, returned on Aug. 1 from a missionary trip to Punta Gorda, Belize. "It's something that I had always wanted to do, "Julie Kuhnert said. "I felt called to serve abroad in some capacity, not knowing what that was going to be." Andy, with a degree in school administration, ran teacher workshops, helped connect schools with donors, and was a liaison with teachers and principals. Julie facilitated art classes in villages that don't have access to art supplies. Their children went to school. When they weren't working they traveled. "Belize is amazingly beautiful, and it's safe," Julie said. They camped and hiked the tropical rain forest they were surrounded by, exploring waterfalls and the rocky coastline. "Everyday, we'd go out to villages, thinking, 'I can't believe we live here.'" Andy said. "Living was difficult, but the scenery was beautiful." Julie said there's virtually no industry, so anything that comes into the country is taxed with high duties, which make it expensive to live there, and resources are scarce.

Libel reform: public protection
The need to update the law to reflect the digital age, to limit libel tourism and to restrict damages was one of the few areas of common ground at the last election. The law of libel in England and Wales is among the most limiting in the free world: in the latest global press freedom rankings, the UK as a whole ranks 31st, along with Belize and Micronesia. The need to update the law to reflect the digital age, to limit libel tourism and to restrict damages was one of the few areas of common ground at the last election. So it's welcome news that the coalition's defamation bill has now reached the House of Lords. But it is less good news that, despite efforts by Lib Dem backbenchers and the opposition, it is a flawed piece of work that falls far short of providing the defence that serious journalism - digital and newspaper - so badly needs.

Seeing is Belizing!
This summer, students of Professor Klee's Tropical Ecosystems course: IDS-2159 took an 11 day trip as part of Hillsborough Community College's study abroad initiative. The beginning of the endeavor took place in north-western Belize's broadleaf forests, guided by Mr. Jorge Estrella for Programme for Belize. The first portion of the stay was at the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area Hillbank location. Students were given the opportunity to explore lowland ecosystems and learn about land management, such as carbon sequestration. The students also gained knowledge about the danger of deforestation and environmentalism as a whole. The program focuses on sustainable development using natural resources, therefore; students endured electricity restrictions and had virtually zero access to Wi-Fi. Calling card usage was available for the two land-line phones on the property and the site accommodated a natural air environment.

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