For tourists the forecast for the next few days is not ideal, although you can always find something fun to do on the island whatever the weather. For us this rain is well overdue and the earth and the plants are rejoicing in its arrival, plus we are very much enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures the weather brings!!

We were expecting this the law of averages would have to dictate that rain was on its way as August and September were so unusually dry. Not that we were complaining, it is great for business for the island and us locals appreciate good weather too! But the rainy season is the rainy season and it looks like October will go out as being one of the wettest months of the season thankfully we are closed at Raggamuffin!!!

The downside of the rain must be the pot holes in the roads and the flooded and very slippery streets. First and foremost let me say that I would not change a thing the streets are this way because it is the small price we pay to keep them beautifully sandy, if we pave/ tarmac these streets Caye Caulker would instantly lose its charm dont you agree? I have faith that Tiger and his Village Council crew will be around shortly, after this big rain, to fill and smooth down the roads it is a never ending job but for the most part of the year the roads have been excellent and for that we are grateful.

So, let us enjoy our rain time to bring out the rain coats and rubber boots and layer up (although it truthfully is still warm) and perhaps, just perhaps, it is time to enjoy a good glass of red wine??

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