Screen_shot_2012-10-10_at_8.07.13_PMOn September 21st Belize celebrated its 31st anniversary. Country wide Belizeans celebrated their freedom by participating in several activities including the 21st of September parade which was one of the highlights here in Orange Walk. To put an extra oomph to the 21st parade, the Orange Walk Town Council organized a competition for the best float, best marching band and the best carnival group. The first prize for each category was $500.00 and today the winners of the competition received their checks.

The title of the best marching band went to Corozal Community College who captured the attention of young and old.

Jasmine Canul- Student Director C.C.C Marching Band

“It is like talking in general, well, we are always here to serve our community and also to expose the potential that our members have and our passion is music and we try to encourage other students, maybe other kids with talent and we also do this to show what Belize has and also to expose our talent to the world and also for other children to know maybe they don’t know if they have certain talents but through music they can express themselves and discover themselves.”

Carmelita  Perez – Reporter

“Does it take a lot of work and dedication to actually get to where you all are because you are spectacular?”

Jasmine Canul- Student Director C.C.C Marching Band

“Thank you very much and yes we do and we have studies to manage our education so we have to balance our time and also find time to practise to come up with wonderful shows for our community.”

As for the best float, that category was won by the Banquitas House of Culture.

Yvette Torres- Director, BHOC

“When I got the new that we won the best float I was so overwhelmed because we did really expect it and I got so excited and I shared the information with especially my team who I work with and also to our sponsors and our theme is that this year we are celebrating the year of the Mayas  so our float was depicting the different Gods of the Mayas and we had our carnival group together which was the Warrior so our theme was actually the Mayas and we had depicting our patriotism which we had the emblem on it to our theme of this year’s September celebrations. First of all, the designer who I must give a lot of, be very appreciative to his time is Emmanuel Robinson who have been with us and we started working on this from May, we started to put together this float but the real work were just days before.”

The title of best carnival group went to Dynasty Carnival Group choreographed by Tiburcio Fernandez.