The IndigeNOW Belize festival has been in the news because the Football Federation of Belize demanded that they move the venue from the MCC Grounds to protect the football pitch.

So, It was moved from the MCC to the ITVET Compound, and now to the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts because of the bad weather. Although there have been issues with the venue, 7News caught up with several of the artists who are slated to perform in Belize's first music festival geared towards music from the indigenous peoples of Belize.

Here's what they told us:

Gordon Bronitsky, International Consultant - IndigeNOW Belize
"I worked with indigenous artist and performers from around the world traditional and contemporary and I am working with NICH to co-produce IndigeNOW Belize - a world indigenous music festival."

"It's exciting to be here. Belize is an incredible diverse country and I work with people around the world and this is a chance to create a space where all these people can be heard and seen in one place and I am delighted that it's Belize."

Gafar "G" Money Rodriguez - Instruments of Love
"It's been a complete twist for us as Instruments for Love and as what you've said before what everybody knows us to be but it actually was a lot easier making the transition with this guy. He is easy, he picks up very fast and he already has an idea and a concept of where he wants to go musically and it kind of blended of where we wanted to go musically. By just combining both visions we were able to now portray that in sound and in music and I think people are going to be two things; they are going to be shock to hear us singing in Maya and hearing the vibe that they are used to hearing from Instruments of Love but in a different language and a different culture. They will also be shock at how this guy really is. He is really one of the best rappers I've ever heard in Maya."

Emmanuel Saqui - Mayan Artist, working w/ Instruments of Love
"I want them to know that Mayan people are very talented and that our culture is very beautiful thing - it's unique and that we don't only dance or do this or that or only the marimba. We are very talented in music also like rap music. I think it's a good flavor that I am bringing out rap music to show something new to the world - something that they have never seen."

Shari Williams - Communications Officer - NICH
"World Indigenous Music Festival - first time ever in Belize will be showcasing several indigenous groups, musicians, artists from across Belize and well from several Central American countries. We have groups from Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, it's a festival unlike non-other that we ever had in Belize."

The festival has already started tonight, and goes up to 2 a.m. It continues tomorrow at 6 p.m. and again ends at 2 a.m. As was mentioned at the top of the newscast - the Guatemalan contingent pulled out because of the current frost on diplomatic relations.

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