Rum Journal: A Floral Cocktail from Matachica Resort and Spa

Above: the Matachica Resort and Spa in Belize

This week's Rum Journal travels to Belize and the Matachica Resort and Spa, for a decidedly floral rum drink.

The local abundance in Belize is the inspiration behind this cocktail, as all of the ingredients - hibiscus, watermelon, mango, coconut and rum - are available in the tropical country.

The plentiful fresh fruit and flowers of Belize come to life with bright flavors and an even brighter look. One sip, and you'll feel the white-sand beaches at Matachica calling your name�



2 fresh Hibiscus flowers, carefully washed
1 1/2 shots Belizean Coconut rum
1 shot Coconut liqueur
1/2 shot Apple liqueur
1/2 shot Peach liqueur
1/2 slice fresh Mango
1 shot fresh Watermelon juice
3 fresh strawberries


1. Blend Hibiscus flowers, mango, coconut rum and coconut liqueur, apple liqueur, peach liqueur and fresh mango with ice separately, blend watermelon juice and strawberries with ice

2. In a high glass, pour first the Hibiscus mixture and top with watermelon/strawberry mixture

3. Garnish with a fresh Hibiscus flower

The finished product