Belmopan is one of the most exclusive areas in the Cayo district real estate area of Belize. This city sits at approximately the center of the country and is well known for its highland areas.

Around Belmopan, you find other small friendly communities like Las Flores, Maya Mopan, Salvapan, San Martin just to name a few.

Belmopan was originally a development idea of the father of the nation -- George Cadle Price. His main intention was to make Belmopan the city of Belize; the main reasons being because of the highland areas found in this specific location -- he was successful in his vision.

Belmopan is made up of a commercial and residential community. The commercial area is strategically located to provide its people with access to food products and convenient products essential to survival. The residential area is where everyone else resides to build their homes.

Belmopan has had no major development in its time of existence but in time it has slowly developed and has been accepted as the capital of this nation because of its high potential for business. And it continues to develop slowly.

Today, Belmopan City is home to almost 20,000+ people and it is nicknamed the "Garden City". What a perfect name to be tagged with especially when this city is blessed with a healthy and prosperous green environment.

If you are looking to buy a home in Belmopan City or its surrounding areas, you surely need to know a little of what is available here. Single family homes in this city start as low as $60,000 and go well into the hundred thousands. You might find a few condominium developments in the city or surrounding areas that offer low cost of housing with prices starting at $500 for each apartment and going well into the thousands; these opportunities are numerous.

Life in the city is all about living good and knowing how to invest wisely. Renting is one of the most seek-out services in the city and its high demand has made it an opportunity for entrepreneurs to go into the renting business.

High end houses in Belmopan City have a lot to offer to potential home buyers. Some of these houses go for $150,000 and upwards. Most if not all of these houses are strategically located to provide easy access to utilities, food and security; what else can you ask for to live a happy life? Many high end houses have four or more bedrooms as well as a couple bathrooms. One of the beauties of these homes is that they have plenty of yard space for additional future projects and privacy.

On the lower end of single family homes you can get these babies for $60,000+.These type of homes have two to three bedrooms and one or a pair of bathrooms. Most of these homes are found in the surrounding areas rather that in the center of the capital. Privacy is a major concern here because these type of homes are typical lots with neighbors on both sides.

All in all, it all depends on the type of living you, the customer wants. You want to live in a private and comfortable area? Then you go for the high end houses. You want to live happy and in the neighborhood? Then you choose the low end houses. Belmopan City is one of the best cities in Central America.

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