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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Hon. Dean Barrow outlines response to outraged residents of Santa Elena and San Ignacio
The Prime Minister of Belize, the Hon. Dean Barrow, has offered his congratulations and thanks to the thousands of Belizeans from the Cayo District and across the country who participated in the San Ignacio/Santa Elena peaceful protest against crime. The Prime Minister views this latest mass action against the greatest scourge in our country, as a continuation of the same Cayo spirit and resolve that he highlighted in his Independence Day Address. The Prime Minister also acknowledges that it remains Government's primary responsibility to safeguard citizens in Cayo and all of Belize. He therefore reiterates the commitments he made in his meeting with the leaders of the Solidarity Movement for Justice and Peace. Accordingly, the Government of Belize will:

Follow your Dreams and Anything is Possible - Ronise Rosel Caliz - Belize's second Female Pilot
What will I be when I grow up? This is a question that as children, many of us spend countless hours pondering. Our role models are often fire fighters, police officers, soldiers, doctors, lawyers and pilots, to name a few. In many cases, we find that children's gender can influence their career aspirations. More often than not, you would find that a little girl would aspire to become a nurse while boys would aspire to become doctors, and so forth. Many career barriers have been crossed in the country of Belize, and while the world over, the 'glass ceiling' has been smashed in this particular field, Belize seems to have just started chipping away. We speak of course, about the flight industry. For years, all of the pilots in our country were men, but then in 1998, 19-year-old Florita Ancona became the first female licensed pilot to hit the Belizean skies. Fourteen years later, we take much pleasure in presenting a bright, dedicated, and motivated young lady who has joined her in a field where only men dared to venture in the past. 27 year old Ronise Rosel Caliz of Punta Gorda Town in the Toledo District is presently the only female pilot in the country and she is employed by Tropic Air. Her love of airplanes drove her to the career of her dreams. She spoke to The San Pedro Sun of her challenging journey to achieve one of her life's goals.

Ambergris Today

Belize Prime Minister Addresses Demonstrations in Cayo
Message from University of Belize President - Eternal Flame of Peace March Dear Colleagues, Students, Members of the Board of Trustees, and Alumni of the University of Belize The University of Belize recognizes the participation of students, faculty and staff in the "Eternal Flame of Peace March" in honor of the memory of their classmates and friends - Norval Belisle Jr. and Suzenne Martinez. The University of Belize remains concerned about the rise of crime and social breakdown in our society. It will continue to explore ways of addressing these issues as part of its mission to address national development issues and to educate our students to become the leaders of the future. The murders of our students should encourage us all to explore ways to make our communities safer places. We hope that this traumatic period will open new and wide-ranging efforts among members of the University and the wider community to establish avenues of civil debate and discussion about the many challenges posed by the rise of crime and violence. We must also remember the advice offered by Martin Luther King, Jr. - The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

Tourist Arrivals Continue To Increase in Belize
The year 2012 has continued to exceed expectations for tourist arrivals in Belize. For the month of September, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is proud to announce that the number of tourist arrivals at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) is up by a whopping 30.2% compared to 2011. In comparison to the last ten years, the graph below shows that this is the first time PGIA September arrivals have broken the seven thousand mark. In addition, from the image below, it shows that eight of the last nine months have been record breaking at the PGIA. We can only expect to see this trend continue to grow. Note that the figures below do not reflect the overall overnight arrivals. As soon as the border numbers are in, a follow up press release will be issued. It must be noted that the figures from January to August 2012 show that overnight arrivals continue to increase, exponentially. While the second and third quarters are generally slower for cruise arrivals, it is expected that these numbers will pick up as the slow season winds down.

Misc Belizean Sources

1826: A Bayman by Birth
To the Editor of the Honduras Gazette... also, "Response to a Bayman by Birth"

Street Justice in Belize
Today about 5:00pm I aided and abetted in the administration of some serious street justice on Captain Eiley Street which links the Phillip Goldson Highway with Coney Drive in front of the Flour Mill. While I was talking with my mechanic we saw a dark skinned guy walk up to a clear skinned guy who was walking with a female companion and punch him in the face - the victim fell and we could hear the "Plap" as the victim's head made contact with the recently cemented street

Shyne is shining!
The inability to travel to the U.S. is quickly taking it's toll on his career restart and you can tell he's getting desperate. He's really delusional about his influence, saying that Obama's girls listen to his music and he is the only hope for peace in Chicago and other absurd claims. His endorsement of Romney is purely petty because of his predicament for which he now blames Obama.

A Floral Cocktail from Belize's Matachica Resort and Spa
This week's Rum Journal travels to Belize and the Matachica Resort and Spa, for a decidedly floral rum drink. The local abundance in Belize is the inspiration behind this cocktail, as all of the ingredients - hibiscus, watermelon, mango, coconut and rum - are available in the tropical country. The plentiful fresh fruit and flowers of Belize come to life with bright flavors and an even brighter look. One sip, and you'll feel the white-sand beaches at Matachica calling your name� "MAMBISCUS"

VIDEO: Shark Dive at Tuffy
Featuring guest divers Tamara and Scott with Island Divers Team. Guest divers are advised to "not" touch or handle the sharks unless under the guidance of the divemaster. You can help with our efforts to create awareness of reef conservation and preservation.

VIDEO: Diving With Spotted Eagle Rays
Island Divers Belize, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Ignite the Peace Initiative pictures
The Capital newspaper has some great pictures from the Ignite the Peace Initiative in Columbus Park. "When people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny...when a government is afraid of the people, there is liberty!"

Ignite the Peace Coverage
Patrick Jones has been in Cayo all week covering the peaceful demonstrations, a silly attorney general address with group walk out, the Cayo Shutdown, the Eternal Flame of Peace March, the Torch Run, the Ignite the Peace Initiative, and the Purple Movement. Thank you, Patrick Jones, for your outstanding effort to keep the country informed. Here's his video from yesterday: "Thousands of people from virtually all over the nation converged on the Columbus Park in San Ignacio Town for a massive demonstration. Simultaneous with the demonstration was a voluntary twelve hour business shut down of the twin towns starting at 7am. The majority of establishments closed their doors as a show of support for the people of San Ignacio and Santa Elena who are clamoring for justice for murder victims and for something to be done to address the growing crime situation."

Cayo Shutdown in Solidarity
Pictures from yesterday's shutdown, from a different perspective. You can see all the downtown businesses that shut down in solidarity with the community. Read the comments to see which places didn't. Lets hope the Purple Movement keeps on growing. "CAYO BELIZE SHUT DOWN! Peaceful SOLADARITY in Purple we are!"

Igniting the Peace with the Purple Movement
The Purple Movement kicked off yesterday at the event, and it looks like it will be the impetus for change here in Cayo. It was amazing to see the youth - our future! - taking a stand, and having their voices heard. Around 3000 people gathered around Columbus Park yesterday to 'Ignite the Peace.' It was a peaceful and productive demonstration.

SHJC Ignites the Peace
Sacred Heart Junior College was out in force at the Ignite the Peace Initiative at Columbus Park. Some great signs out there. "We need judicial reform now...start with the incompetent attorney general." Agreed!

Channel 7

Bze-Guat Diplomatic Standoff, Hon. Elrington: "It Is a Crisis"
This week, the news has been dominated by the community outrage in Cayo - culminating in yesterday's shutdown and peaceful demonstration in the San Ignacio Town Center. But, what's gone under the radar is the fact that Belize is facing a diplomatic crisis with its neighbor Guatemala. It stems from the incident a week ago when a BDF Soldier shot a Guatemalan Citizen in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul. Francisco Quin Yat, a 37 year old Guatemalan farmer from a border village called Monte Los Olivos was killed by a BDF soldier last week Friday. The Soldier's account is that he saw Quin Yat with a machete and a box in his hand and ordered him to stop. Instead he started to advance towards the soldier - who fired 6 warning shots and then retreated. He says Quin Yat continued to advance. Eventually he shot him from a defensive position when the Guatemalan had raised the machete over his head. A Post mortem examination confirmed that he was shot to the neck - and it was an act of self-defence. But it is the third Guatemalan civilian to be killed by the BDF in Belizean territory within a year, and anti-Belize sentiment in that country is high. So much so that at the official level - the Guatemalans have threatened to send home our Ambassador and shut down the border! Today we spoke to foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington about what he agrees is a diplomatic crisis:...

Delone Got Shot
A man was shot in Belize City early this morning. At around six this morning, Delone Vernon was reportedly at the corner of Vernon and Sarstoon streets when a gunman opened fire releasing as many as ten shots. Vernon - who is an employee of Youth For The Future - survived and was taken to the KHMH for emergency surgery. When we checked on him, he was recovering from that surgery. You may remember Vernon because he appeared on an I am Belize Profile in August of last year. He explained that he grew up in a gang environment and turned his life around. He was shot up just one block from that troubled area today - where he explained the gang dynamics:... Delone Vernon "I grew up at the back of WASA where everybody call - most people know the area as PIV from I was like 2 years old. At that time when I was younger that was the whole feel and centre of the gang bang world you would called "Bloods" between PIV and Bakatown. Bakatown was on the side of the civic centre and PIV was behind WASA. Most people from Bakatown would come to hang out at PIV and everybody would meet up at the bridge right where my family resides. We live around the bridge area where all the gang bangers hang out. It's not like something where you didn't want fit in - it's just something where you grew up around - in front it. You go to school and come back and you meet everything the same way."

Special Constable Shoots Robber In Ladyville
Email Print Tonight a 33 year old man is hospitalized at the KHMH with a gunshot wound. But he is also under police guard after allegedly assaulting a police constable. The man was caught red-handed attempting to break into a house in the Lake Garden area in Ladyville. He was seen by a police constable peeping through the window of the house. When the police constable approached the man, he told him that he was looking for a house. After they searched him, the found a crowbar. The special constable says that in an attempt to take the man to the police station, a struggle ensued. That's when the police constable shot him 3 times in the leg. The man was taken to the KHMH pending charges for attempted burglary and assaulting a police officer. At the time of the incident, a 20 year old woman was at home inside the house.

(Former) Teacher Charged After Alleged Sex With Student
Two nights ago, we told you about the 14 year old student from Valley of Peace who reported that a teacher had intercourse with her in the high school sweing room. Well, that teacher - now a former teacher - has been charged. He is Denny Cabanas, a 32 year old of Salvapan Area. He was charged for two counts of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. He resigned a week before the criminal complaint was made. That is after the school administration cautioned him for breaking the rules by being seen with the minor after school hours.

Remanded For Over 6 Years, Man Gets Off Rape
34 year-old Edward Arthurs, a man who has been on remand for almost 6 years and 4 months, is free tonight, after he was acquitted of rape and theft in the courtroom of Justice Troadio Gonzales today. The complainant, who was 17 year-old at the time, testified in court that in July of 2004, she was walking on Kraal Road, by the Cumberbatch field, and saw Arthurs following her. She said she felt someone grab her from behind, and covered her face with a rag, which caused her to pass out. When she regained consciousness, she realized that she was lying naked on a grave in the Lord Ridge Cemetery, and the accused was also naked on top of her having intercourse with her against her will. She said that struggled with him, and he put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. After the prosecution represented by Crown Counsel Thalia Meagan Francis, closed their case, Arthurs gave a dock statement in which he said that at the time of the incident, he was in front of a Chinese shop on Queen Charlotte Street.

Canadians Donate High Tech Ballistics Equipment
Today the Canadian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Diane Ablonczy visited Belize to hand over an Integrated Ballistic Identification System - known as IBIS. The handover was made at the National Forensic Science Facility in Ladyville and National Security Minister John Saldivar commented on the value of the IBIS system:.. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of Police "Canada donated this integrated ballistic identification system which is valued at over 2 million dollars which is said to be the most advance ballistic imaging solution in the world today. This will now significantly increase the ability of our law enforcement agencies to make ballistic matches across crime scenes and jurisdictions. We now have the most talked about imaging solution added to our inventory. It is important to underscore the fact that this IBIS system was delivered to us in less than 6 months from the time a commitment was made by the Canadian government. Those of us who know how difficult it is to walked through the bureaucracy and red tape of government will appreciate the short space of time that this donation has taken to arrive at our shores. You have demonstrated by your swift action that not only are you a true partner in the fight against national and transnational crime but that you are serious about playing your role."

Hon. Wilfred On The Fiasco In Cayo
And before going to Ladyville - Ablonczy visited with Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. That was an important meeting at this juncture - because Guatemala is trying to make an international diplomatic incident over the killing of one of its citizens in Belizean territory. Letting her hear the Belize story first hand was important because Canada is a part of the "Friends of Belize" - nations that are trying to move along the differendum process. But while Elrington seems to have gotten on well with Ablonczy, he made a major gaffe in Cayo on Wednesday night. That's when he hosted a town meeting and incensed the townspeople with his candid remarks. He told them that Cayo parents were not raising their children properly, and that Government did not have money for a forensic lab, and that they, the citizens, had to do their own fundraising - among other things. That prompted a mass walkout - but Elrington says the walkout that most of us saw on LOVE TV didn't happen. Here's his interpretation of the situation:.. Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General "No, that was not what happened. But the reporter who obviously had his own agenda there reported that the people left. I heard him saying that this is the straw that broke the camel's back. It was only one young man who seems to have carried a group people there. When you listen to that whole meeting I was so depressed to tell you the truth."

BERT Does Every Kind Of Emergency
When we hear those ambulances screeching down the road - we don't give much thought to the training and preparation that the crew inside the ambulance must have. But, if you ever have to be ferried in an ambulance, you'll know that every decision that they make can mean the difference between life and death. And that's why BERT- the Belize Emergency Rescue Team held an open day today - to showcase their training and service. Monica Bodden visited and seems to have been impressed:.. Monica Bodden reporting Inside the parking lot at the Belize Emergency Response Team's office was their Open Day - where paramedics held huge displays to showcase what they do on a daily basis. There was a wealth of information offered to the public - and even live demonstrations on how they respond to emergencies of all types.

Police Will Get Their "Whappy" In Triple
Allowances for public officers that had been frozen in September will be paid at the end of this month. Minister of Public Service Charles Gibson called it a "whappy" - a two in one payment. But the police officers of the patrol branch who have been working twelve hour shifts since August are expecting a three in one payment. And if they don't get it, the grumbling that we've been hearing for months could increase to bitter protestation. So we asked the Ministry's CEO and he said they will get what they are owed:.. George Lovell - CEO - Ministry of National Security "The Minister of National Security made the commitment that he will give those at patrol branch an allowance of $100 per month starting with effect August. That allowance is a commitment that will be upheld and so they will receive their $100 per month. In terms of the housing allowance that was mention - there are terms and conditions under which each police officer is employed and if they are entitled to their housing allowance they will get their housing allowance. I am the type of person who believe that whatever you are entitled to you will receive but if you have been receiving something that you are not entitled too likewise I will take it away from you." The housing allowance - for those entitled to it - is another $145.00 dollars.

Looking For The Family Of
Email Print Tonight the KHMH is asking for your help in locating the family of a patient. Emmanuel Espinosa is currently admitted to ward. He was admitted on Thursday and so far no relatives have shown up to the hospital. If any relatives or friends of Espinosa is seeing this, they are asked to call the KHMH at telephone numbers 223-1548 or 2-2-3-5-6-4-8.

It Was A Bountiful Harvest
Last night, we showed you the Harvest for Kids, which the farmers and the Belize Camping Experience held in San Carlos. Now, The Belize Camping Experience has gotten international attention. Today, we spoke to the Director, and he explained the significance: Alexander Perez, Director, Belize Camping Experience "It has been a success. We are so glad that the two harvests are finish. It was lot of work working for a few months already and we are finish and we are very excited because a lot of farmers and people are excited with us that we were able to accomplish such a great harvest. It something that Belize has never seen before and because of that it really gives a lot of encouragement to continue. I just want to say to the people especially the farmers - the agriculture department that helps us out - to the business community that are involve in farming in some way partnered with us. We never had any supporters except for Circle R as a farming company that was supporting us. We would love to invite them to partake with us as Harvest for Kids is coming to a development and it can be done next year. We are looking forward to plant more acres of sugarcane or corn or beans or something. We are looking forward to keep this program going."

The IndigeNOW Belize festival has been in the news because the Football Federation of Belize demanded that they move the venue from the MCC Grounds to protect the football pitch. So, It was moved from the MCC to the ITVET Compound, and now to the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts because of the bad weather. Although there have been issues with the venue, 7News caught up with several of the artists who are slated to perform in Belize's first music festival geared towards music from the indigenous peoples of Belize. Here's what they told us: Gordon Bronitsky, International Consultant - IndigeNOW Belize "I worked with indigenous artist and performers from around the world traditional and contemporary and I am working with NICH to co-produce IndigeNOW Belize - a world indigenous music festival." "It's exciting to be here. Belize is an incredible diverse country and I work with people around the world and this is a chance to create a space where all these people can be heard and seen in one place and I am delighted that it's Belize."

Channel 5

Police Department goes "ballistic" with equipment from Canada
The Canadian government has stepped up to the plate to assist the jewel to solve crime, specifically gun violence, which is presenting a huge challenge to law enforcement. A sophisticated piece of equipment, worth in the range of two million dollars was handed over to the Ministry of National Security today. It is called IBIS, [...]

Youth For the Future employee shot on his way to work
When IBIS becomes operational it will be critical in assisting the police in the solving the following types of crime. An office assistant from Youth For the Future was shot as he made his way to work. Delone Vernon was targeted at about six this morning; his relatives believe they know who shot him. Luckily, [...]

Consumer Price Index shows inflation on the rise
Price inflation is a rise in prices for goods and services. Even though, inflation may seem at first like an invisible cost, it is not; and like an invisible thief, it deprives its victims of purchasing power. The entire nation is a victim of inflation and low income persons are the most affected. The recent [...]

PM Barrow heads to Jamaica to address Norman Manley graduates
Prime Minister Dean Barrow departed earlier today for Jamaica where he will be guest speaker at his alma mater, the Norman Manley Law School. Barrow will be addressing the graduating class of 2012 and will return to Belize on Monday.

Crimestoppers Belize PSA wins international award
A public service announcement that got mixed reviews locally has landed an international award. Commissioned by Crimestoppers Belize, the PSA seeks to highlight the ripple effect of gun violence. The ad won the Best Television Public Service Announcement award at the annual Crimestoppers International training conference in Las Vegas. This station has, over the years, [...]

Belmopan teacher charged with carnal knowledge and resigns
On the heels of the sex scandal that resulted in Pastor Norman Willacey being fired from his post as Principal of Belmopan Baptist High School, another teacher has been arrested in the Capital City. According to police, thirty-two year old Denny Cabanas of the Salvapan Area was arrested and charged with two counts of Unlawful [...]

Rape and robbery charges dropped after 6 years on remand
Not Guilty! That's the verdict handed down just after two this afternoon in the 2004 case of the rape of a seventeen year old female in Belize City. The victim, now twenty-three years old, claimed that Edward Wilfred Arthurs, a Belize City resident and friend of her brother, who is now twenty-six years old, had [...]

Accused vehicle battery thief faces the courts
Nineteen year old Stephen Flowers, a well known resident of Pinks Alley, avoided prison this evening by meeting bail for theft and damage to property. Flowers, an employee of the Conscious Youth Development Program, is accused of breaking into two vehicles and stealing their batteries. On Wednesday, he allegedly stole a pair of car batteries [...]

Guinea Grass man's small business gets big recognition
A resident from Guinea Grass Village has received regional recognition for uplifting himself and his family by starting a business. In 2008, Javier Basto started selling plantain chips to his friends and neighbors; he now owns the Basto & Sons product line, which includes cassava chips and churros. The small business made a hundred and [...]

Bert Open Day shows they're more than just ambulance drivers
With gun violence and other crimes so prevalent on the streets, chances are you may have seen or heard BERT. That's the Belize Emergency Response Team that responds instantly to victims of violence or patients who need to get to the medical facilities at a flash. BERT hosted an open day at its headquarters today [...]

18,000 visited the Expo, but which business had the best booth?
Expo Belize marketplace is a traditional feature in the September calendar. This year the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry reports that eighteen thousand visitors filed into the ITVET compound for the two day event. While consumers were looking for deals, the BCCI was judging the most impressive booths. The top award went to Karl [...]

Harvest for Kids; 40 Acres of Success for Belize Camping Experience
It was a big week for the Belize Camping Experience. Aside from the recognition for having second best booth at the expo, its Harvest for Kids Project turned out to be a huge success. With the help of generous farmers, the organization harvested a total of forty acres of corn; twenty in Banana Bank on [...]

K.H.M.H. looking for a patient's family
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is asking the public to assist in locating the family of Emmanuel Espinosa, the patient seen in this picture. Espinosa was admitted to ward this past Thursday. Relatives are asked to call KHMH at 501-223-1548 or 223-5648 as soon as possible.

Belize promoted at the Central American Travel Market 2012
The Central America Travel Market is the largest tourism trade show in this region. It provides the opportunity for tourism service providers from the seven countries in Central America, including Belize, to market themselves to hundreds of wholesalers from across the globe. The event is held annually and is hosted in a different Central American [...]


Rotarian Speaks On The Club Fundraiser and His Participation in Iron Man
Iron Cause for Iron Kids is a fundraiser that the Rotary Club of Belize is carrying out this year for the Dorothy Menzies Childcare Center which is located on the corner of St. Thomas and 19th Street in Belize City. Rotarian Jim Scott, told Love News more about the plans for the ...

Training for Customs and Police Officers Concludes Today
A number of police and custom officers have concluded a training session in Belmopan. Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke with Acting Commandant of the Police Academy, Assistant Superintendent of Police Richard Rosado and filed this report. FEM CRUZ Belmopan Correspondent RS...

World Indigenous Music Festival Set For The Weekend
A first of its kind in Belize world indigenous music festival is set to take place this weekend in Belize City. The IndigeNOWBelize-World Indigenous Music Festival is an initiative of the Belize National Institute of Culture and History, with the active participation of the Beliz...

Prime Minister To Address Graduates of Jamaica Law School
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today to participate as the guest speaker for the graduation exercise at the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica. The Prime Minister is scheduled to return on Monday. During his absence Deputy Prime Minister Gspar Vega will act as P...

Government Begins Works On Addressing Concerns of Demonstrators
Yesterday a release from the Prime Minister's office said the Prime Minister congratulates and thanks the people of Cayo and across the country who participated in the demonstration in San Ignacio. The Prime Minister acknowledged that it remains Government's prima...

Elderly Man Found Dead in Belize City
The body of an elderly man was retrieved from Cairo Street this morning. The man, seventy-four year old Lindon Gillett, also known to his neighbours as "Shaky", was discovered on Wednesday inside his small wooden shack in an overgrown lot that his relatives say be...

Demonstration Against Unsolved Crimes Takes Place In Cayo
A peaceful demonstration was held today in San Ignacio. Reporter Patrick Jones has the story. PATRICK JONES Senior News Reporter RSV Media Centre "Thousands of people from virtually all over the nation converged on the Columbus Park in San Ignacio Town for ...


Caucus advances empowerment of women in society.
The Belize Women's Political Caucus is taking a meaningful step toward the greater empowerment of women in society.... Bus operator and drivers physically threatened

Bus operator and drivers physically threatened
Belize City shuttle operator Carlos Lopez of Lopez Shuttle Bus has been operating runs within city limits for the l... Youth of Salvadoran decent celebrate their culture with dance

Youth of Salvadoran decent celebrate their culture with dance
The Embassy of El Salvador is hosting an afternoon of culture and entertainment at the George Price Center. The eve... PG government offices rehabilitated

PG government offices rehabilitated
Government offices in Punta Gorda get a facelift. The rehabilitated Administration building and adjacent Town Hall ...

Home invader enters room through ceiling
A bizarre case of home invasion takes place in San Pedro Columbia. A village resident reported to Punta Gorda polic...

Arson suspected as police station is damaged by fire
Silk Grass Police Station suffers severe burn damage and the caused may be linked to arson. Early Thursday morning ...

PM is Guest Speaker at Jamaican law school.graduation
Prime Minister Dean Barrow departed the country today to participate as the Guest Speaker for this year's commencem...

Change of venue for Indigenous Music Festival
The National Institute of Culture and History and partners today (Friday) issued a release informing the public tha... Thousands demonstrate against crime and violence

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Electricity on Caye Caulker
Every term we are promised that electricity will be placed on the north side of the island as well as other parts where residential areas are being built. Residents who build where there is no connectivity to electricity have to create their own form of electricity therefore resulting in more expenses. BEL claims to lose money on Caye Caulker because they don't make enough from the customers to subsidize the cost of the plant. Should the Government of Belize intervene? Some residents think that if the Government would intervene and help the islanders expand the island, it will definitely make a difference with the progress of the island. We have to accept the fact that more tourists are coming to Caye Caulker and if these issues don't get attended to, we will remain "stuck" and the island will never expand for the betterment of everyone as tourism is what we depend on. A resident who lives at the South Point near the airstrip was hoping to get neighbors to get power to their residential area but BEL had given them a quote of $401,000.00 Belize Dollars for lines to run along the airstrip. If quotations are given at this rate, the island will never develop. Isn't this the job of the Village Council to push this issue to the Government especially to the Area Representative, for electricity to be placed in areas where it is needed? Yes they might have transferred underwater cables to the other side but is that it?? A plan needs to be done and push this issue so that it can be done and get the progress of the island moving instead of the topic being conversed and publicized around election time, sitting and waiting for something to start.


Child, 10, accomplice to armed robbery�what is Belize coming to??
As citizens in Cayo are taking a stand against violence, the lack of convictions, the removal of the DPP, and crime on a whole, a robbery in Belize City took crime to another higher, jaw-dropping level when a ten-year-old boy assisted an accomplice in robbing a woman at gunpoint on the north side of the city. Elia Juanita Avilez, 34, a Belizean public officer, reported to police that on Tuesday night, at 7:30, she was riding her bicycle on St. Peter Street. As she approached St. Joseph Street, she was approached by a dark-skinned boy of about 10, who was also on a bicycle. She stopped her bicycle, and as she did so, a man came up to her from the opposite direction and showed her a black-colored handgun. The boy then searched Avilez' pants pocket and stole her cell-phone and $225 in cash. Both the man and the boy then escaped.

Sedi, George, fail to stop Cayo demonstration!
Maximum respect, citizens of Cayo! Citizens of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, and supporters across Belize, have gotten enough of savage murders and the rapes of their young women. They are tired of empty words from politicians, and are prepared to fight for a safer Belize. As they threatened on Monday, October 8, despite the intervention of the Attorney General, Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington and National Security CEO, Colonel George Lovell, the businesspeople of the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, firmly supported by citizens who have suffered terribly from the high crime rate and lack of court convictions, closed down businesses today. Not only were businesses closed, but students and teachers of high schools, primary schools and universities closed down their schools in protest of the murdering and raping of female students, especially because they believe that the criminals responsible for such heinous crimes have gone free due to inept police work and the inefficiency of the Director of Public Prosecutions, whose conviction rate, the records show, is abysmally low.

Teacher, 22, molests female student, 14
A male teacher, 22, is presently detained by police pending investigations of carnal knowledge and rape after he allegedly had sex with a girl student, 14, at a school in Valley of Peace Village. The girl told police that the teacher had sex with her twice, and that it happened on July 29 and October 1. Police took the girl to the doctor for an examination, and the doctor found that she had been carnally known. Fellow students told police that the girl and her classmates were doing homework at the Valley of Peace High School when, around 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 1, she told them she was coming back, and they saw their teacher going into a room. Around 6:30 p.m., after she did not return, they began to get worried and went to look for her, and when they went into the sewing room, they found the teacher engaging the girl in sexual intercourse.

Elderly man was decomposing in his hut
Yesterday after 5 p.m., police were called to a residence on Cairo Street after neighbours began suffering the stench of a decomposing body. Police came and found an elderly man dead in a small shack, but reportedly told his neigbours that they could not do anything about the matter, and that the "right people" would come the following morning to remove the body. So, the neighbours suffered through the night, locking their windows and doors against the horrible stench, and at about 10:30 this morning, Thursday, police and the "right people" came, and the decomposing body was removed. Residents say that the man is 73, and they knew him as Louis Longsworth. They said that Longsworth was not a drug addict or a violent person, and that they, the neighbours, gave him food every day.

Smart 13 & Under Mundialito Week 2 results
Sponsor needed for U10 and U12 The MCC Grounds has been very busy on Saturdays lately, as the Smart 13 & Under Mundialito football tournament has completed its second week of games, with all 10 teams [...]

BDFA "W" Cup Week 7 stats, Week 8 goes to Hattieville
The Belize District Football Association (BDFA) "W" Cup featured two games on Sunday, October 7, at the MCC Grounds. In the first game, Belize Bank Ladyville Jaguars and Caye Caulker Island Starz played to a nil-nil [...]

FFB reports on Copa Centroamericana draw and National Team tryouts
The Copa Centroamericana De UNCAF 2013 draw was held last night in Costa Rica. The draw went as follows: Group A - Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize; Group B - Honduras, El Salvador, Panama. Belize will [...]

Editorial: Dangerous Game
The ruling faction of the Opposition People's United Party (PUP) is playing a propaganda game which is dangerous for Kremandala. Every weekday morning, the PUP leadership has their attack dogs repeating a specific lie which is intended to provoke those volatile elements which surround Kremandala on the Southside of Belize City. That specific lie is that the ruling UDP is paying Kremandala large amounts of money in order for us to support the UDP government. In depressed areas like the Southside, when people think that a specific entity is accumulating large amounts of money, that specific entity becomes a target. At first, the targeting involves requests, but then those requests become demands. Demands involve threats, both implicit and explicit. Kremandala experienced a similar situation in the summer of 2003. The alliance which had been formed between the PUP and Kremandala in late 1993/early1994 ended up damaging Kremandala. The PUP was the much larger, much wealthier partner, there is simply no comparison. When the PUP regained power in August of 1998, there were key Kremandala personalities who openly shifted their loyalty from Partridge Street to the PUP leadership. Belize is a free country: this was their right, and it was their privilege. The problem for Kremandala really began when the PUP won a second term of office in March of 2003. The ruling faction of the PUP included a specific element which then decided that the time had come to break Kremandala, so to speak. The first part of the attack took place immediately after the 2003 general elections. It was against the University of Belize, where the Kremandala chairman had been board chairman from UB's founding in August of 2000. The second part of the attack took place in the streets around Kremandala. Street elements were told by those Kremandala personalities who had shifted their loyalty to the PUP, that Kremandala was making a lot of money and that they needed to get some of that for themselves.

From The Publisher
The United States presidential elections are less than a month away, and because Belize cable television is dominated by American stations, we Belizeans have been and are being bombarded by all the American political discussions and commentaries. The election of Barack Obama four years ago was an aberration, because of the fact that Barack's father was an African student from Kenya who married his American white mother while they were both attending university in Hawaii. The United States is the leader of the international system of white supremacy, and for the U.S. to elect a man who is visibly black to their highest office, was an astounding event. The chances are, however, that Obama will not be re-elected to office. The main reason is not because he is black, although there has been a growing backlash of white racism against him during his presidential term. The biggest reason why Barack is in trouble is this: the United States is a militaristic nation, and their war machine, sometimes referred to as their "military-industrial complex," has major political clout. There are observers who think that America normally has to be making war in order for their economy to be robust, and Obama, a Democrat, has been reducing America's war-making. Barack has taken the United States out of Iraq, and he is scaling down their war efforts in Afghanistan.

Dear Editor: I read with much gusto your editorial concerning "Please Said Go." I fully agree with you it's time Mr. Musa takes a back seat in politics, and not only him, some from this government [...]

Solid thoughts from a young patriotic Belizean
The Editor, Amandala Sir, I refer to the article "From the Publisher" in the October 7, 2012 Amandala issue. He requested the opinion of his readers regarding a statement made by his late uncle who stated that he does not know why the British "noh come tek bak dehn country." My opinion on what the publisher's late uncle was saying was that he was very much disappointed with the lack of progress in the country and, by extension, the lack of vision by the leaders of the two major political parties since we became an independent nation (in theory). I am of the opinion that the publisher's late uncle, and so many of his peers, did not enjoy a lot of the condition under British rule but I opine to say that they could not overlook the fact that under such rule there was order in the way things were done in the colony.

Orange Walk Technical students and teachers in one-day walkout; Ministry intervenes
Students and teachers at Orange Walk Technical High School (OWTHS) staged a walkout from classes earlier this week, charging incompetence and various misbehaviors by the Government-managed school's principal Elizabeth Muschamp, which resulted in the direct intervention of Minister of Education, Patrick Faber. Before classes began on Monday morning, October 8, a majority of the school's students and many of its teachers walked out of their classrooms, demanding Principal Muschamp's immediate removal. The protesting students and teachers told reporters on scene that the principal has been overbearing with them on several issues, including not allowing students living in Orange Walk Town to go home to eat but keeping them on the compound where sufficient space has not been established; acting hostilely and using obscene language around students; unlawfully forcing a student whom she accused of consuming alcohol on Carnival Day, October 8, to withdraw from school (she has been out for a month); failing to keep the schoolyard clean, and most seriously, being unwilling to work with her teaching staff as regards the setting of workloads and class subjects and failing to properly account for the school's finances.

Belize closer to refinements in Immigration policy and law
Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse told Amandala today that he is awaiting feedback from Solicitor General Cheryl Krusen on proposed amendments to Belize's immigration policy and laws, which should tighten visa and passport procedures. The move comes in the wake of the report that a wanted Lebanese-American, an alleged Hezbollah terrorist, was able to get a Belize passport after stealing the identity of Mennonite, dead since the 70s. According to Hulse, the amendments are needed to ensure that a person carrying a Belize passport is who they profess to be, and to ensure that persons who obtain Belize visas are "desirable" and not "undesirable." Hulse had previously signaled that changes would be proposed in the identification requirements for persons seeking Belizean passports.

Fortis moves to block $15 mil SSB investment in BEL
The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is facing stern opposition from Fortis Energy International (Belize) Inc., subsidiary of Fortis Inc. of Canada, in its latest attempt to raise an urgent $15 million in financing from the Belize Social Security Board (SSB), which has agreed to invest $10 million in preference shares redeemable in three years at a rate of 5% and $5 million in debentures which would earn 7% annually-much better than what SSB said the earmarked funds are now earning in the commercial banks. Last Thursday, two days before SSB's investment committee voted on the proposal, Fortis, represented by Eamon Courtenay, SC, had already filed a motion in the Court of Appeal seeking to block BEL's attempt to raise any new debt and issue any new shares. As a part of its case to challenge the June 2011 nationalization of the BEL, filed against the Government of Belize, Fortis is now seeking an injunction from the Court of Appeal to stop BEL from acquiring the new debentures and issuing the preference shares. The case is slated for hearing sometime next week. Meanwhile, BEL still hopes to proceed with the debenture offering: "We want to release the prospectus and begin the offering before the end of the month," Rodwell Williams, chairman of BEL, told Amandala today.

Ideas and Opinions - Marijuana V
Let me be clear, I don't support smoking marijuana because it is against the law and, it is the duty of a citizen to obey the law, even if it has no moral justification. I wouldn't drink liquor, which I find enjoyable, if it was still against the law. But, I think it is the duty of the citizen to be well-informed on the issue of harmful drugs, in general, and marijuana, in particular because of its prevalent use. I don't think that you will be well-informed if you rely on Plus TV and local newspaper articles for information. The issue on this subject, which has been before the public these past few weeks, has been decriminalization. There has been strong objection to this proposal in certain quarters but, all the cogent arguments I have seen and heard are against legalization, rather than decriminalization of marijuana use. The proposal is to make marijuana use a lesser offence than a crime punishable by a jail term. How can anyone who understands that habits are formed by young people based on those they associate with, not support decriminalization. The reason you don't smoke marijuana is because your friends didn't. It could have been otherwise. You should say, "There but for the grace of God go I." I am confident that when all the facts are in, the Government of Belize will decriminalize marijuana because, it is the reasonable, the sensible and the right thing to do. But that will not be the end. Then, the real battle, which those who are against decriminalization, might have been fighting before it was joined, will begin. They will have to advance some better arguments than the horror tales they have been telling and saying that marijuana is a "gateway" to harder drugs.

The Reporter

Teachers, students of OW Technical Walk Out
Classes at Orange Walk Technical High School, a government-owned and aided secondary institution in that municipality, were temporarily disrupted this week when a large portion of student body and more than half the teachers walked out of classes at the start of the day on Monday. Things at the school had been brewing for a while between the teachers and students, who have a list of concerns, and Elizabeth Muschamp, the school's principal who had suspended a student after she claimed that she saw the girl drink the contents from a cup in which a teacher had poured something on Carnival Day in Belize City.

CCJ will rule on Justice Awich status in BTL/BEL appeal case
The Belize Court of Appeal will not make any judgements in the BTL/BEL appeal case, until the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) decides if Appeal Justice Samuel Awich should recuse himself from the case.

COLA says No to ICJ referendum
Belize should not allow the resolution of the Belize-Guatemalan territorial dispute to go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Geovanni Brackett, the president of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), declared at their "State of the Nation" press conference, held at the Belize Institute of Management on Wednesday, October 10. Guatemala's claim is unfounded and illegal, and Belize's Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington has publicly espoused the idea of going to the ICJ, saying Belize stands a very good chance of winning the dispute, but Bracket remains unconvinced. He said COLA is against going to the ICJ, because he believes Belize is in a vulnerable state and has far more to lose as a nation than Guatemala, if the court were not rule in our favor. Bracket cited the "overwhelming number of Guatemalans claiming Belizean citizenship", saying we have reacted "spinelessly to numerous insults to our territorial integrity by a country that has never been clear on its intentions."


The Israelis dominate September and October!
Back in November 2009 a visa waiver was signed between Israel and Belize and to this day I am sure that nobody expected the positive effect that it would have for us here in Caye Caulker - and most likely the rest of the tourism areas here in Belize. Since 2009 the numbers of Israeli tourists have increased beyond our wildest dreams. Israelis are excellent travelers, September is their traditional 'holiday' month for Israelis but for us it is particularly those that have finished their required military service that pack their bags and want to explore the world, falling for the charm of Caye Caulker!!! Belize has long been seen as 'too expensive and or difficult to get to' and therefore Mexico, Guatemala etc have been benefiting from their presence. But, slowly but surely, each year more and more have discovered our island and now their highly efficient communication system that runs through those that travel through Central America, have firmly put Caye Caulker on the map! Israelis seem exceedingly open to the new cultures that they are exploring whilst still traveling in groups together. They love the laid back vibe and of course the beauty of our island and they have been very much supportive of us at Raggamuffin so we must also believe that they love quality snorkeling too!! To be truthful, the Israeli's have saved the day - without them it must be unanimous in saying that September and indeed October would be a desert with regard to tourists and, on the back of the fact that the Italian traffic this August was sadly much less than expected, we welcome them with open arms!!

Settling in the City of Belmopan
Belmopan is one of the most exclusive areas in the Cayo district real estate area of Belize. This city sits at approximately the center of the country and is well known for its highland areas. Around Belmopan, you find other small friendly communities like Las Flores, Maya Mopan, Salvapan, San Martin just to name a few. Belmopan was originally a development idea of the father of the nation -- George Cadle Price. His main intention was to make Belmopan the city of Belize; the main reasons being because of the highland areas found in this specific location -- he was successful in his vision. Belmopan is made up of a commercial and residential community. The commercial area is strategically located to provide its people with access to food products and convenient products essential to survival. The residential area is where everyone else resides to build their homes. Belmopan has had no major development in its time of existence but in time it has slowly developed and has been accepted as the capital of this nation because of its high potential for business. And it continues to develop slowly. Today, Belmopan City is home to almost 20,000+ people and it is nicknamed the "Garden City". What a perfect name to be tagged with especially when this city is blessed with a healthy and prosperous green environment. If you are looking to buy a home in Belmopan City or its surrounding areas, you surely need to know a little of what is available here. Single family homes in this city start as low as $60,000 and go well into the hundred thousands. You might find a few condominium developments in the city or surrounding areas that offer low cost of housing with prices starting at $500 for each apartment and going well into the thousands; these opportunities are numerous. Life in the city is all about living good and knowing how to invest wisely. Renting is one of the most seek-out services in the city and its high demand has made it an opportunity for entrepreneurs to go into the renting business.

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International Sources

VIDEO: Cayman Islands Dolphin Named 'Stinky' Engaging In 'High-Risk Behavior'
Stinky the dolphin is lonely, and he's getting way too frisky with humans. The lone male bottlenose dolphin has been cavorting for months in waters off the Cayman Islands, a rare case of a solo dolphin far from a pod of his fellows. The sight of the dolphin has delighted many boaters, swimmers and divers, but his antics dismay scientists who traveled to the archipelago to study him. They say Stinky is a danger to humans, and they also worry the dolphin could hurt himself. "He spent a fair amount of time engaging in very high-risk behavior," said Laura Engleby, a marine mammal branch chief with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "There is concern for his safety." She noted the dolphin has a fondness for boat propellers in motion, and that he also likes to rub against anchors, channel markers and mooring buoys, cutting himself in the process. Scientists estimate he is roughly 20 years old given his worn-down teeth and aging scars.

Former Bad Boy Rapper Shyne Supports Romney
Former Bad Boy rapper Shyne has made his way back into the news, offering his view on this year's election, despite having been deported from the country three years ago. He expressed support of GOP candidate Mitt Romney during an interview with MTV but offered even harsher criticism for President Obama, believing that the president could have helped with his struggle to remain in the United States. Shyne was convicted of attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment as a part of the now infamous Club New York shooting involving P.Diddy and other members of the Bad Boy entourage in 1999. The Belize-born rapper was deported in October 2009 after serving eight years in prison. In exile, Shyne converted to Judaism while in Israel.

CRFM and ANCORS, Australia sign 5-year MoU
Fourteen (14) Caribbean fisheries professionals from Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti, Suriname, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia and St. Vincent & the Grenadines today concluded the first Fisheries Law and Management Training Workshop, developed jointly for them by the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) Secretariat and the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources & Security (ANCORS), a leading institution based at the University of Wollongong in Australia. The 5-week training workshop, which began on September 10, 2012, covered several subjects including, sustainable fisheries management, law of the sea, international fisheries, trade, marine environmental law, and monitoring, control and surveillance to eradicate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, among other things.

USA considers listing Queen Conch as threatened or endangered
A United States petition submitted this March to list the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) as a threatened or endangered species, the status of the implementation of a common fisheries policy for CARICOM, and the joint action plan and Belize Declaration signed this September in the historic joint meeting of Central American and Caribbean fisheries Ministers will be priority items on the agenda of the upcoming 3rd Special Meeting of the Ministerial Council of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM). The special forum, to be chaired by The Bahamas, is being held to coincide with the Caribbean Week of Agriculture, which will be observed from October 14 to 20, under the theme: "Celebrating Youth and Gender in Caribbean Agriculture - Each Endeavoring, All Achieving."

2 sugar companies expand into Belize
Two Palm Beach County sugar companies have expanded into Belize in Central America, making it the sixth country outside the U.S. where they own mills and refineries. In a deal that closed last week for a reported $65 million, Florida Crystals Corp., of West Palm Beach, and the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative of Florida, of Belle Glade, acquired Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. Florida Crystals and the Cooperative jointly own American Sugar Refining Inc., which is the entity that acquired the Belize sugar firm. American Sugar is the world's largest cane sugar refining company, producing 6.5 million tons of sugar a year. Florida Crystals, which owns 64 percent of American Sugar, farms and owns and operates three sugar mills and two refineries in western Palm Beach County and the Dominican Republic. The Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative, 36-percent owners of American Sugar, farm and operate a mill in Belle Glade.

CARICOM mainland territories key to regional food security
With approximately 16 million inhabitants in its 15 member states, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has an annual food import bill of more than US$4 billion. And with the exception of Guyana, Belize, and St Kitts and Nevis in the English-speaking Caribbean, no country has the required land mass to achieve 100 percent food security, according to a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization study. Against this backdrop, Executive Director of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) Dr Arlington Chesney has highlighted the opportunities the Caribbean's mainland territories such as Guyana, Suriname and Belize offer in the matter of food security. "The region has set itself a target of 25 percent food and nutrition security by 2015. But we can't do that as individual countries," the leading Caribbean agriculturalist said. Dr Chesney's comments followed a partnership arrangement between Guyana and Trinidad for the creation of a food-security facility with hopes of stimulating agricultural and livestock production, reducing dependence on foreign food imports, and stimulating, regionally, the drive for food security in CARICOM.

Learn about the Maya civilisation at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Quebec)
The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau (Quebec) is currently offering varied activities, such as conferences, workshops and film screenings: Anabel Ford, director of the MesoAmerican Research Center, is to give a conference about her latest pioneer work in Belize and Guatemala, regarding durability standards, on 18 October 2012 7pm at the theatre. Conferences about the Maya calendar will be held on 25 October. Workshops about Maya mathematics and the study of the Maya time measuring system will take place on 27 October, from 11 am to 3 pm. The children's museum also offers activities to help discover the Maya civilization, through paper workshops, held every Thursday through 31 Octobre (from 9:30 am to 4 pm, and until 7pm at the Studio on Thursdays). The programming of the museum's theatre, accessible to all, features videos Flight of the Butterflies, To the Arctic 3D and Mystery of the Maya.

Cost of Living in Belize
The cost of living in Belize is lower than back home in the States or Canada Though Belize isn't the cheapest country in the Western Hemisphere, it takes less to live well in Belize than in most places in the U.S., Canada, or Europe. Here's a sample monthly budget for two people: Rent (an unfurnished house): $400 Utilities: � Electric (without air conditioning): $80 � Water: $25 � Butane gas (for cooking and bathing): $25 � Cable TV (100 Channels): $20 � Internet with landline ($500 deposit plus installation): $80 Groceries: $150 to $300 Entertainment (dining out and other activities): $200 to $400 Household help: � Maid (about 50 hours a month): $130 � Gardener (about 50 hours a month): $130 Incidentals: $175 Monthly total: $1,415 to $1,765

Top 10 less-crowded Mayan ruins and sites
Heard about the end of the world in December 2012 as predicted by the Mayans? The members and editors of online travel consultants VirtualTourist ( have compiled a list of the "Top Ten Less Crowded Mayan Ruins and Sites" to help you explore the Mayan culture, but keep you off the heavily beaten path to Chichen Itza and Tikal before the impending doom. Reuters has not endorsed this list: 8. Lamanai, Orange Walk, Belize Lamanai, the Mayan word for "submerged crocodile," was aptly named. Not only do crocodiles appear in the site's effigies and decorations, but you are likely to see crocodiles while trying to get there. In order to reach the site, you must take a small boat up the winding New River through the tropical rainforest of central Belize. Lamanai was one of the longest continuously occupied cities, starting in 500 B.C. to 1675 A.D. or even later, probably due to its strategic location on the trade route of the New River. The most notable among this site's ruins is the Mask Temple at the northern end of the complex. 9. Caracol, Cayo District, Belize Once you turn off the main road, it will take you over 2 hours by 4-wheel drive to arrive at Caracol, but VirtualTourist members promise it is worth the trip! Despite being located along the Guatemalan border and about 80 km (50 miles) from the nearest town of San Ignacio, there are 11 causeways into Caracol, signifying the importance of transportation routes throughout the site. Additionally, the excavation data collected in Caracol suggests that the social organization of the settlement included not only elites and specialists living in the urban centres with peasants living on the peripheral, but also a sizable "middle class." There is also evidence of artesian specialization, similar to the guilds found in the European Middle Ages, making this site a very unique find and of great anthropological significance.

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