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This Week's Stories:

  • Cayo Demonstrates Peacefully, Government Responds Positively
  • Bail Denial For Repeat Offenders Is Nothing New In San Igancio
  • Santa Elena Businessman Robbed And Shot
  • Credit Unions: Founded on Community Service
  • The First Lady of Belize's Cancer struggle featured in American Way Magazine
  • "The war on crime will not slacken" Prime Minister Dean Barrow
  • Hugo Ch�vez Wins 4th Term As President of Venuzuela
  • Message From The University Of Belize
  • STAR Humor
  • Your Weekly Horoscope and Lucky Numbers
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Public Notices

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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Changing Jobs
Loyalty to one's job doesn't mean having to stay if you get better opportunities. According to the Doctor, current bosses may even find a way to keep you!

Editorial: Since when is upholding the law a bad thing?
Last week it was brought to the attention of The San Pedro Sun that a young man who was a visitor to the island had overstayed his tourist visa by more than eight weeks. Apparently the individual went to the San Pedro Immigration office and declared his oversight, claiming that he did not know the immigration laws of Belize and did not realize he needed to renew his visa after the 30-day allotted time. Most of us have heard the old expression "ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law," and thus Immigration officers promptly detained the person under the said violation. In accordance of due process a judge issued a fine for the violation and after the fine was paid the individual was released. This should be the end of the story�but unfortunately it is just the beginning. Unbelievably there are some people on the island who believe this person was treated unjustly, claiming that the San Pedro Immigration officers have better things to do like rounding up undesirables on the island who are most likely here illegally rather than enforcing immigration laws that are mandated by the country of Belize. And although yes we do have illegal immigrants residing on the island, and yes you do have to give the individual credit for turning himself in, the REAL news story here has been overlooked�the REAL story is that these Immigration officers refused to be persuaded to ignore the violation and acted in accordance of the law, despite being coerced into doing otherwise.

Woofer: Lost Dog
Melody's new dog gets lost, so she puts an ad in the paper. Only, it wasn't quite as effective as she'd like...


Mexico hosts small business expo
In connection with the Regional Small and Medium Enterprise Week 2012 South-Southeast, the Government of Quintana Roo through the Economic Development Secretary and the Economic Secretary will be hosting an event for the entrepreneurial community, micro, small and medium businesses, south-southeast of Mexico next week. As a result, a delegation from Quintana Roo is visiting Belize. Hugo Esquinca is the Director of External Affairs at the University of Quintana Roo and he told us more about the delegation.

Esquinca gave us more detail about the regional fair. Esquinca and the Head of Trade, Tourism and Investment for the Mexican Embassy, Marco Antonio Lopez, explained how Belizean businesses will benefit from participating in the Regional event. The Regional Small and Medium Enterprise week will e held on the 17th, 18th and 19th of October, at the International Business and Convention Center in Chetumal Quintana Roo from 12:00 midday up until 8:00 pm.

Chamber of Commerce hands out Expo awards
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry this morning presented awards to the booth and gate prize winners from this year's Expo. During this morning's ceremony, Expo 2012 Coordinator, Vanessa Peyrefitte spoke of the criteria under which the booths were judged to see which one would come out on top. Brand Manager in the Beverage Division at Karl H. Menzies, Marleni Avilez told Love News that the first place award was unexpected for the company. She told us what Karl H. Menzie's displayed this year at the Expo. Director of Belize Camping Experience, Alexander Perez, told Love News what the organization did this year to grab that second place award. Gate prize winners included third place winner Monica Leal who recieved a Sony HiFi Surround System with accessories from Unicomer Belize Limited, Jennifer Gillet in second place with a night for two at the Radisson Hotel and Marina and first place was won by Ian Pollard who received a roundtrip ticket to anywhere in the U.S.A. Ceremonies this morning were held at the McField Conference Center at the Withfield Tower on Coney Drive.

Anglicans gather for annual synod
The Anglican Diocese of Belize is convening in a session of Synod which began today at the ITVET on Freetown Road in Belize City. Love News met with Bishop for the Anglican Diocese of Belize, Bishop Phillip Wright, who enlightened us about the occasion.

Fire guts police substation in Silk Grass village
An early Thursday morning fire in the Stann Creek district caused damages to the Silk Grass police station. Twenty five year old constable Emmerson Castillo who is assigned to the Silk Grass Sub Station reported that around four thirty on Thursday morning while he was in George Town Village, Stann Creek District he received a call informing him that the station was on fire. Upon his arrival at the station Castillo says that he noticed all house hold items and personal belongings were damaged by the fire all to a total value of three thousand, one hundred and twenty dollars. Constable Castillo also reported that someone broke into the lower flat of the station by removing three glass louvers from a window facing south and his black Nankon brand beach cruiser bicycle was stolen. Police investigation continues.

Emergency responders hold open day
We often times only think about the Belize Emergency Response Team when we have a medical emergency or we have to pull aside in traffic to allow them to rush a patient to the hospital. So the work that the small team of Emergency Medical Technicians do each day to save lives often go unnoticed. Today, however, BERT held an open day to educate the public on what its roles and responsibilities are. The team has recently acquired a 24-hour Medical Director in the person of Dr Rigo Montejo, who told Love News that since his commissioning, the performance of the Unit has increased drastically from emergency technicians not administering life-saving medication from the road to the hospital for conditions ranging from fever to heart attacks. Now, however, with his presence, the service can now render those kinds of medications on the scene with his instructions until the patient reaches the hospital. Dr Montejo also told us that while ambulatory services are available throughout the country, BERT services, which is different, has also extended to the Belmopan and Spanish Lookout areas. He said that while the regular government ambulance is outfitted with a driver and a nurse onboard, BERT ambulance have trained drivers and Emergency Medical Technicians who can make contact with him as their Medical Advisor and administer on-the-spot medicine to stabilize patients until they reach the hospital. Today, students who visited the BERT headquarters off Coney Drive observed technicians preparing patients from accidents scenes for transport to the hospital and CPR techniques. BERT is also now preparing to further its services to more areas throughout the country.

Orange Walk credit union celebrates local entreprenuer
Earlier this week the La Inmaculada Credit Union in Orange Walk Town held a short award ceremony and reception to celebrate the success of two micro entrepreneurs in northern Belize who excelled in the first ever CITI Micro entrepreneurship Awards for the Caribbean. The awards were presented in two categories: the Excellence in Microfinance Award which received a cash prize of ten thousand US dollars which was won by Access Financial Services of Jamaica and the Excellence in Micro-entrepreneurship Award which received a cash prize of three thousand US dollars which was presented to Javier Basto of Guinea Grass Village in the Orange Walk District. The awards were presented in Barbados at the end of last month. We find out more about Javier Basto and his business in this feature courtesy of La Inmaculada Credit Union. The CITI Micro entrepreneurship Awards is organized by the CITI Foundation, the Caribbean Microfinance Alliance and the Multilateral Investment Fund.

Cayo demonstration produces quick results
The people's demonstration in San Ignacio on Thursday has begun to yield positive results. [FS STARTS] Late yesterday afternoon, a promised new vehicle for the San Ignacio police was delivered at the station and received by officer Commanding Superintendent Ralph Moody. A second vehicle to be added to the fleet for the San Ignacio police is expected to be delivered shortly. Vehicles for the police is one of the demands put forward by the people of Cayo as they agitated for something to be done immediately to arrest the growing crime situation in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Massive demonstration in front of the administration building on Thursday brought out over a thousand people from all over the country and different walks of life. Following the demonstration, a press release was sent out by the office of the Prime Minister in with Mr. Barrow congratulated and thanks the people of Cayo and across the country who participated in the demonstration. The Prime Minister acknowledged that it remains Government's primary responsibility to safeguard citizens in Belize. The release goes on to list a number of actions that the Government has immediately undertaken including providing an additional vehicle to the Cayo Police, implementing a sexual offenders registering and monitoring system, putting into use the integrated ballistics identification system, ensure the proper enforcement of the laws governing denial of bail in cases of sexual and other serious offences, fast track efforts to finalize arrangements for an expert in DNA science to be attached to Belize's national forensics science service to mentor our local analysts and strengthen the police prosecution branch.

Ballistics equipment for Belize from Canada
The conviction rate in Belize, particularly the murder rate, has received major flack for its impotence, but with a handsome and timely donation from the Canadian Government, Belize just might be about to make some inroads on those numbers. Of late, the Cayo community has implored for more stringent penalties for offenders and for a more rigid justice system. Today Canada handed over ballistics equipment worth over two million dollars that can boost the prosecution of cases at the court level pertaining to gun-related offences. Canadian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Diane Ablonczy, was in Belize to deliver the equipment to our Ministry of National Security and she said that the equipment is geared toward just that. Meanwhile, Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, said that to compliment the use of the equipment, the Belize Government will not slacken in its drive to improve the numbers of convictions at the court level. Belizean analysts will who work at the National Forensic Lab in Ladyville will also receive training to operate the equipment through the Canadian Government.

Alleged burglar caught red-handed; shot by Special Constable
A Belize City man is hospitalized under police guard following a shooting incident this morning in Ladyville village. According to sources, the thirty three year old man was caught red-handed attempting to break into a house in the Lake Garden area of Ladyville around ten o'clock this morning. Information to the RSV Media centre indicates that the man, who name we cannot release because he has not yet been charged, was seen by a Special Constable peeping into the window of a home and hiding in the nearby bushes. When the Special Constable approached the man who is of East Indian descent, the suspect reportedly told the officer that he was looking for another place. The Special Constable did not buy the man's story and proceeded to conduct a search of the man, where he discovered a crow bar in a bag the man was carrying. When the officer told the man that he has to take him to the police station, a struggle ensued, during which time the suspect physically assaulted the Special Constable. The Special Constable managed to pull his licensed firearm and told the suspect to stop the assault; but he continued to assault the officer. That was when the Special Constable fired a shot, hitting the suspect in the leg. That shot did not stop the suspect and he kept on advancing on the officer, who fired a second shot, hitting him again in the leg. When the suspect still did not stop and kept advancing on the Special Constable, a third shot was fired into his leg, which gave the officer the opportunity to subdue the would-be burglar. He was transported via ambulance to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where is remains under police guard, pending charges of attempted burglary and assaulting a Special Constable. The irony of the case is that the same house that the would-be burglar was stalking was not as empty as he though. A twenty year old woman was inside, and when she became aware of the struggle going on outside her window between the Special Constable and the criminal, she called her parents who called the police to respond to the incident. Police investigations continue.

Toledo woman sexually assaulted
A woman from rural Toledo was sexually assaulted - not raped - after she was allegedly drugged. The disturbing incident happened on Wednesday night in San Pedro Columbia village. To protect her identity, the name of the woman cannot be disclosed; but she told police that she was accosted and sexually assaulted by a group of about 4 men. One of the men reportedly accosted the woman inside her house and took her outside where three other men awaited. According to police reports, the woman was gagged and the men proceeded to tie a strap around her and then stripped her naked. They group of men then reportedly touched the woman over her body. The woman says she lost consciousness when one of her attackers sprayed a liquid substance in her mouth. She says when she regained consciousness, her husband was waking her up outside in the drain, where she was still nude. Police say that a medical doctor has certified that the woman was not raped and the authorities say they have one person detained regarding this disturbing incident.

Teacher charged for carnal knowledge
Earlier this week we reported on the disturbing case of another teacher allegedly sexually abusing a school girl. Today, the police announced they have formally arrested and charged thirty two year old Denny Cabanas, a resident of the Salvapan area of Belmopan. Cabanas was charged with two counts of unlawful carnal knowledge. The fourteen year old girl reported to police this week, that in July of this year and on October first, Cabanas had sexual intercourse with her on the school compound in Valley of Peace village.

PM Barrow gets a speaking engagement in Jamaica
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country today to participate as the guest speaker for the graduation exercise at the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica. The Prime Minister is scheduled to return on Monday. During his absence Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development.


The Great 2012 Winter Solstice Celebration
My wife and I don't travel much these days due to many of our life's related reasons. To experience winning this contest together would put this on top of any planned event we've ever experienced. We're from Upstate New York and live in the town of Webster. It is a northeast of Rochester and is surrounded on two sides by water. Unlike the names in your area ours of are of Native-American. Irondiquoit Bay is west and Lake Ontario is to the north. Just South of us the area is called The Finger Lakes region with its many fresh water lakes and tributaries. We love to be around water and have love living in these parts of the US, especially the summer months. I have been termed Disabled with arthritis since 1995. My major work prior to that was for six years in the US Navy and twenty years in corporate life as a technician. I met my wife, also a technician, at work and we married in 1979. We have two grown children that we adopted from Korea at four months of age.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a spider named Anansi. Anansi's wife was a very good cook. But always, Anansi loved to taste the food that others in the village made for themselves and for their families. One day, he stopped by Rabbit's house. Rabbit was his good friend. "There are greens in your pot," cried Anansi excitedly. Anansi loved greens. "They are not quite done," said Rabbit. "But they will be soon. Stay and eat with me." "I would love to, Rabbit, but I have some things to do," Anansi said hurriedly. If he waited at Rabbit's house, Rabbit would certainly give him jobs to do. "I know," said Anansi. "I'll spin a web. I'll tie one end around my leg and one end to your pot. When the greens are done, tug on the web, and I'll come running!" Rabbit thought that was a great idea. And so it was done.

International Sources

Small Caribbean States Can't Afford to Follow Greece
SOME small Caribbean countries are in danger of acquiring the reputation as failed pariah states. States are regarded as failed for three reasons: First, they have shown themselves to be incapable of successfully performing the first task of a state, which is to keep law and order within the national borders of their territories. Second, they are incapable of protecting their populations from external aggression and invasion, as is evident in the uncontrolled penetration of transnational crime and drug trafficking. Third, they are not able to achieve self-reliant sustainable economic development. Their foreign policy is usually to seek external assistance from Taiwan to Venezuela, dependent on foreign aid, lobbying for special trade arrangements and pleading for debt cancellation.

Under the Radar: The Territorial Dispute between Guatemala and Belize
The late twentieth century saw a wave of democratic transitions in Latin America and Eastern Europe. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the former Soviet republics became independent states in their own right, while countries in Latin America began to break away from their colonial pasts, as well as from the dictatorships and civil wars that followed independence in the 19th century. While Huntington's famous 'third wave' of democracy saw the emergence of democratic structures in previously autocratic regimes, unresolved territorial claims, border disputes and questions surrounding the relationship between self-determination and sovereignty continue to affect regional security in Latin America today. Guatemala and Belize are two countries that have been embroiled in a territorial dispute over land and maritime boundaries since the 19th century. Guatemala once claimed all of modern-day Belize (which it borders to the Northeast) as its territory, but today restricts its claims to the southern half of the country and its islands. After decades of negotiations between the countries had failed to resolve the dispute, the Organization of American States (OAS) (under whose auspices the negotiations had been held) suggested in 2008 that the case be referred to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for independent arbitration.

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