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Las Terrazas Resort - Belize's Leading Resort for 2012
Las Terrazas Resort is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, we have been named Belize's Leading Resort at the 2012 World Travel Awards. More than 5,000 companies, destinations and organizations are nominated for these prestigious annual awards, voted on by more than 213,000 industry professionals worldwide. "We are so honored to receive this momentous award from our peers," says David Hesse, General Manager of Las Terrazas Resort. "We are grateful to our colleagues that they have again honored us for our hard work and effort in making Las Terrazas Belize's top resort destination." The World Travel Awards were started in 1994 to encourage the international travel and tourism community to embrace the pursuit of excellence in everything it does - from customer relations to creativity, product innovation and business acumen. The awards and judging are strictly controlled to ensure total fairness. An awards ceremony took place on September 14 at Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa where World Travel Awards founder Graham E. Cooke underlined the depth and quality of the travel and tourism sector across the Caribbean and the Americas. He said "Our winners are also drawn from the breadth of the Caribbean and the Americas, reflecting the strength and depth of the travel and lodging sector in the region.

Emerito Itza succumbs to injuries at the KHMH
San Pedro Police has initiated a murder investigation following the death of a man who was receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). The man, 46 year old Emerito Itza who lived on Ambergris Caye, is originally from Soccutz Village in the Cayo District and was one of two men who were attacked, beaten and left along the beach in San Pedro Town. Police confirmed to the San Pedro Sun that Itza succumbed to his injuries Monday on the morning, October 15th. Initial investigation indicate that both Itza and 24 year old Marwin Lizama were socializing along the beach at about 7PM on Wednesday October 10th at the eastern end of Sandpiper Street when they were attacked by a group of young men. It is alleged that the group of men then hit Itza and Lizama several times in the head with a piece of wood. When police officials responded with a doctor, they observed Itza in an unconscious state.

Misc Belizean Sources

Early1800s Merchant flags of Belize
Private signals of the merchants of Belize

CARICOM's Barrow calls for haste on CCJ adoption
Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow has called for all CARICOM countries to hasten efforts to fully adopt the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as their final appellate court. Prime Minister Barrow, who was guest speaker at the 2012 graduation ceremony of the Norman Law School at the University of the West Indies yesterday evening, says the integrity of the court and its judges cannot be questioned. According to the Belizean head of Government, although the CCJ remains undersubscribed, the regional court has, over its 11 years of existence, handed down judgements of the highest quality. He maintains that the process for appointing judges to the court is robust and impartial and that it would be spurious to believe that politicians could influence the decisions of the court. The Barrow administration fully adopted the CCJ in 2010, becoming the third CARICOM nation to have the court entrenched as its final court of appeal. The other two are Guyana and Barbados. Jamaica has established the CCJ in its original jurisdiction to deal with trade matters. The current Portia Simpson Miller administration has placed legislation before Parliament to have the court established in the island's appellate jurisdiction.

Road Construction in Santa Elena
The are repaving the double lane road in Santa Elena in preparation for the George Price Highway movement, and the new bridge. It'll sure be easier to get to the Aguada.


Traffic Accident Nearly Turns Deadly, One Man Injured
A traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway almost turned deadly last night when the driver of silver Ford Pickup Truck lost control of the vehicle and overturned several times. When we arrived at the scene of the incident, just before entering the Village of San Pablo, the driver of the vehicle, later identified as Farid Pook, a laborer of San Joaquin Village, had already been transported to the Northern Regional Hospital. CTV3 News understands that Pook was traveling from Orange Walk to Corozal when his rear right tire experienced a blowout causing him to loose control of the vehicle which overturned several times before landing on the right hand side of the highway. We understand that Pook, who sustained several bodily injuries, was flung out of the vehicle. Police are investigating.

Culture Comes Alive At Muffles College
Culture came alive at the Muffles College campus today as the school held their annual Cultural Day. The purpose of the event was to share the importance of preserving our culture. The day saw performances from various cultural groups as well as booths from the National Institute of Cultural and History and the Orange Walk Banquitas House of Culture. In addition, many cultural foods were on display and for sale. Our news team stopped by the school this afternoon and here some highlights. Hipolito Novelo - Reporting In Belize there are 11 cultures making us a country of diverse identities. But every year as the world evolves it becomes more difficult to preserve ones heritage. According to Cesar Ross, the Head of the History Department at the University of Belize and today's guest speaker at Muffles College annual Cultural Day, technology is affecting the preservation of culture. Cesar Ross, UB Lecturer "We do have the forces of technology and foreign information kind of affecting the culture is develop and that is important for a day like today to revisit and reconnect with the traditions of these culture as such, keep it revive, keep it active in the eyes of our youth and our young."

Time For the 8th Annual Bi-Pass Criterion
The 8th Annual Bi-Pass Cycling Criterion is taking place this Monday October 15th here in Orange Walk. The event, organized by the Orange Walk Central Sporting Committee in conjunction with the cycling association, will feature four categories. The first one is the tiny mites category which features children ages 10-12 who are not registered cyclists. They will be racing one lap. Next is the Master's Category which will require riders to race three laps. For the Elite Under-23 Category, participants will need to ride six laps making it the longest race of the event. Over the years the cycling race has attracted hundreds of spectators and according to one of its organizers, Councilor Neri Ramirez, this year is no exception. Councilor Neri Ramirez- Organizer Bi-Pass Cycling Criterion "We have rider riding from all over the country, people are coming from Chetumal Quintana Roo, and this eyar I understand that Mr Manuel Yapor from Merida is coming to be part of this thing, so this cycling is attracting riders from all over the place not only in the country of Belize."

Harvest For Kids Making A Difference
We are sure that by now you are familiarized with Harvest for Kids- an unorthodox fundraising initiative headed by the Belize Camping Experience. BCE is looking to rescue at risk children from the grasp of gangs and violence in Belize City. Established back in 2006, the organization now has over 1,000 children under their care. In order to keep working with the children, BCE initiated "Harvest for Kids back in February of this year. Twenty Acres of corn were planted in Banana Bank, Cayo, while 21 acres were planted in San Carlos here in Orange Walk. Last weekend the fields at Banana Bank were harvested in 26 minutes using 11 combines and yesterday the fields in San Carlos were harvested. It took 11 combines and ..... well, it's best we share the remarkable story with you. Her name is 12 year old Maria Alejandra and she is one of the many children who live in the most violent neighbourhoods of Belize City. These 21 acres of corn fields located in the Village of San Carlos were planted for the benefit of the 12 year old and the over 1000 children who are under the care of Belize Camping Experience. The non-governmental organization seeks to make a difference in the lives of these bright young minds and in order to do so, initiated the Harvest for Kids Project. Back in the month of June rows and rows of corn seeds were planted on 21 acres of prime land owned by Henry Fehr and Corny Thiessen. Yesterday, after months of waiting, the corn was ready for harvest and in order to get the job done in a quick and efficient manner, 11 combines were brought in with the assistance of members of the Mennonite community.

P.M Barrow Heads To Jamaica
Prime Minister of Belize, the Honorable Dean Barrow, flew to Jamaica to participate as the guest speaker at Norman Manley Law School's graduation exercise in Jamaica. Barrow attended Norman Manley Law School and was given a Certificate of Legal Education in 1975. The Prime Minister will return to the country on Monday, 15th October, 2012. During the Prime Minister's absence, the DPM, Hon. Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Come support Blayd's Bargain Barn, with many deals $1 - $5.
Come one, come all to Blayd's Bargain Barn located at Granny Ills house across from Cayeboard Connection on Main Street, Caye Caulker. Everything $1 - $5. Come look for your bargain of the century. Your humble servant, Blayd Vernon Auxillou, will be there to serve you. Use the beachside entrance. We have clothing, linens, shoes, hats, etc. Location - Miss Ilna's porch. (Proceeds to be used towards the purchase of a new bike, as the old bike has conked out and the boy needs a ride to get to school.) Come support last year's Spelling Bee champ and buy something. The Bargain Barn will be open all week long, during daylight hours. Hurry before eager Beavers cart all the bargains off.


The Scratch, Win and Donate Game
Wade the Gringo has done it again. Not only has he created with a delicious line of burgers, fries, nuggets, and is helping protect the environment with styrofoam free packaging, he has devised a great way to help raise money for local charities. Its here!!!!!!! WadeTheGringo Burgers and the RoadKill bar are introducing a new, fun way to give back to the community in San Pedro. "The Scratch, Win and Donate Game." For every specially marked purchase of french Fries, you will receive a Scratch off game piece. Simply scratch off and reveal a cash amount, up to $5. All game pieces are winners. Collect game pieces and turn them in to you favorite participating charity. The charity can then redeem them for CASH. So far Charities include San Pedro Sailing Club and San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Red Cross If you are a charity and would like to participate in this fund raiser contact WadeTheGringo - [email protected]

Super Fun or Super Frenzy? Part Two: Shopping in Chetumal, Mexico
In my last post, I flew to Corozal, hopped the border to Chetumal, checked into the Hotel Noor and visited Walmart, the mall and the (blech) Free Zone. To enter the Free Zone (or the area between the two borders) from the Mexico side, you need to go through Mexican immigration. While there, we decided to check out the Casinos. Negativity alert: I had already been thoroughly depressed by the junk wasteland that is the Corozal Free Zone. Casinos, to me, are some of the most depressing places on earth. The fake party atmosphere, the darkness, the monotonous clinking, shrieking and dinging of slot machines, the smell of cigarettes smoked 25 years ago, the serious "I'm having no fun" expression pasted on everyone's face, the cocktail waitresses in nude stockings...depressing. Where are the fun, hip, young people they show in the ads? we went. I am here to experience the Free Zone for what it is and what it has to offer. We tried the new Princess Casino (above) and the old Princess Casino. I'll pick my favorite: the New Casino. But only because it was Ladies' Night (see what I mean by fake frivolity?)...and they were serving free birthday cake and punch for the ladies. In all, I lost $28USD in the stupid slot machines. And I'm still mad about it. Do you know how much Halloween candy I could have purchased with that money? We headed back through Mexican immigration (stamps, stamps, stamps!) to the hotel. The restaurant at the Hotel Noor was seriously tasty. We had tons of food...both Mexican and more international and it was all delicious. Expensive for Mexico but delicious. We then popped over to Sam's Club to case the joint. We were planning to go back the next day but I'd never been to a Sam's...or Costco for that matter. Another clown! Krista loves Mexican clowns!

Banana Chocolate Cake Empanadas
Now I want to talk about the Banana for a quick second. We all know the Banana, it's a very common fruit; but do we really know the banana? what it's good for, where it came from? Is there any weird cool facts to know about the Banana? Maybe, I looked online for a couple hours and this is what I've found. 1. The Banana Tree isn't actually a tree. Instead it is a Herb and the Banana is the berry, yes that's right you heard's a berry. 2. Alexander the Great came across the Banana first in India around 327 B.C 3. In 2001 Britain recorded 300 injuries related to people slipping on banana peels. 4. Very low in saturated fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It's a good source of Dietery Fiber, Potasium, Vitamin C, Manganese, and Vitamin B6. But, has high sugars.

Belize's Chaa Creek Announces Maya 2012 Speakers
The Lodge at Chaa Creek, which is hosting Belize's 2012 Maya Winter Solstice Celebrations in the heartland of the Maya, has released the first line-up of speakers for the series of workshops and lectures that will be part of the weeklong activities centred on December 21 2012. "We are pleased to be able to offer a vibrant and educational round of lectures, seminars and hands-on workshops as part of the Maya 2012 Winter Solstice observances, and have just confirmed some very exciting speakers," Lucy Fleming, Chaa Creek's owner and general manager said today. Ms Fleming said that while the entire list of speakers had yet to be finalised, the popular Belizean eco resort has secured some of the world's leading experts in Maya culture, history, healing, archaeology and cosmology. "We've just confirmed that noted Belizean author David Ruiz will be giving a talk on Maya myths, which I'm personally looking forward to. Combined with lectures by Rosita Arvigo, Joe Awe and several other expert speakers we're more confident than ever that the Chaa Creek Maya Winter Solstice ceremonies will be the world's most definitive Maya 2012 experience," she said.

International Sources

New World Oil & Gas making good progress in Belize
New World Oil & Gas (LON:NEW) said it is making good progress on its first well - the B Crest target in the productive Pet´┐Żn Basin, Northwest Belize. In less than three weeks contractors have drilled down to 3,150 feet and expect to hit the target depth of 7,000 feet "on or before" November 15. The well is targeting what's called the Cretaceous Y2 interval. And if a discovery is made, field operations are expected to continue through to the year-end and into next year to determine the total potential of any find. An independent report compiled by RPS Energy assigns an un-risked P50 resource (ie a 50 per cent chance of oil or gas being produced) of 92 million barrels of oil to B Crest. It is the smallest of three prospects with a total P50 resource of 329 million barrels and a net present value of US$8.2 billion. New World chief executive William Kelleher said: "Having reduced the geologic risk of our Belizean prospects by 60 per cent through a successful multi stage seismic programme and now commenced drilling, we will be in a position to judge whether we have made an oil discovery by mid November 2012.

Central American, Caribbean performance groups to visit Taiwan
Performance groups from Taiwan's Central American and Caribbean diplomatic allies will soon visit Taiwan on a mission to boost bilateral cultural exchanges, a foreign affairs official said Tuesday. A xylophone group from Guatemala, a dance troupe from St. Lucia and a steel drum band from Belize, among others, will visit Taiwan from Oct. 17 to 28 to perform around Taiwan, said Florencia Hsie, deputy director-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs. Invited to increase the Taiwanese people's appreciation for the cultures of the country's diplomatic allies, the groups will perform in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Kaohsiung, Hsie said at a news briefing.

Why Moving to Belize Isn't as Hard as You'd Think
There's no doubt that a move abroad is a big step and a life-changing decision, but it can also be a fun adventure full of exciting new possibilities. I've lived in many places, including Kenya and the United Kingdom, but when I made the move to Belize in 2006, I discovered there's no place quite like it. Magnificent tropical fauna, a laid-back lifestyle, and endless outdoor opportunities are just a few reasons why this Central American country is a destination that shouldn't be overlooked. Living abroad in Belize is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, it's one of the easiest countries for European and American citizens to relocate to. Here are the top reasons why: 1. No language barriers You won't need to learn a new language. English is the official language and most of the population speaks it, as it's compulsory for all children to learn English in school. Spanish is also spoken, but you can definitely get by without it. 2. Familiar laws and government The legal system is based on British Common law, which is the foundation of American law. The government is a democratic parliamentary model. 3. Simple immigration Getting in and out of Belize is easy; there are no hard and fast commitments required and no visa is needed. You only need to renew a "tourist visa" once a month for $25 (USD). After a year, you have the option to become a resident. This gives you the chance to give Belize a test drive without too much red tape or financial commitment.

Belize: Call For Expertise - Campaign Against Oil Drilling On Maya Lands In Southern Belize
Over the years you have supported the work of the Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcaldes Association in the areas of land rights security, strengthening of Maya form of governance - Alcaldes and community education. Land rights security is fundamental because it is in our relationship with the land and the environment that we live our identity as Maya people. Our Maya form of governance is the mechanism that facilitates our identity into practical realities on a daily basis as a community and the medium with which we engage with the wider community. Through the Alcaldes, the community is recognized as the fundamental authority for decision making. The success of our partnership over the years has been the result of a dynamic and vibrant alcalde system. The community education strategy has focused on human rights, indigenous rights, constitutional rights and protection under international law and environmental law. This has empowered community members with knowledge on contemporary mechanisms of protection and a result that compliments and adds confidence to the work of the alcaldes. The community education has also focused on transforming the educational institutions where young Maya students are with the vision of building more responsible and accountable leaders and community members.

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