San Pedro Veterans

The Football Federation of Belize's Inter District Football competition is underway and each district is in the process of choosing representatives. As such the San Pedro Football Club, playing under the Belize District Football Association, has started official competition to choose two teams which will travel to Belize to compete against other champions from the Belize District to determine who will represent the District in the Inter-District at the national level.

The San Pedro competition started on Sunday, October 14th and saw eight energetic, enthusiastic teams signing up for the competition. Present at each games are officials from the FFB Inter District competition as well as the president of the Belize District Football Association.

Competing are: Los Catrachos, San Pedro Veterans, Club United FC, Naivis FC, Club Belizean Shores, DFC Passy, Suga Boyz Juventus and Lebanese FC. The teams will see seven weeks of competition after which the two top teams will be chosen to move onto the Belize District competition.

On the 14th, Club United FC tied with Naivis FC in a score of 2-2. Game two saw Belizean Shores winning over DFC in a game of 4-2 while Suga Boyz Juventus saw a challenging game against Lebanese FC, a game at the end of which neither team managed a goal. This game ended in a nil - nil game.

On Monday, Los Catrochos went up against SP Veterans in a game which should have been played on Saturday, October 13th. This game saw Los Catrachos outshining the Veterans in a game of 2-1.

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