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We are pleased to attach the new edition of the Toledo Howler. The paper will now be published twice a year in October and February. It has been expanded to twenty pages and is in tabloid format for those of you who are able to get hold of a hard copy. This issue features new accommodation and new cultural tourism experiences (The Living Maya and Warasa Drum School). We also have regular features on herbal medicine by Arzu Mountain Spirit and Lee Jones contributes his regular birding article focusing this time on backyard birding in Belize.

The October 2012 issue of The TOLEDO HOWLER is online HERE

This Issue's Stories:

  • Boost to Cultural Tourism
  • Toledo wins Whitley Award again!
  • Coleman's Caf� in Big Falls
  • Welcome to� Bienvenido a... TOLEDO!
  • The Farm Inn, at San Antonio
  • Bug corner - orchid bees
  • Southern Voices: Wil Maheia
  • Warasa Drum School - paint, plywood, and vision!
  • Battle of the Drums
  • Slow travel - how to get around by bus
  • Backyard Birding for Science and Recreation
  • Wat dat smell? Wat's Cookin? I hungry... : Lionfish Ceviche
  • The Living Maya Experience
  • Big Falls Extreme Adventures
  • Arzu Mountain Spirit on Medicinal Plants: [#%!]-a-Bed
  • BTIA Toledo, and the Toledo Howler
  • Port Honduras Marine Reserve
  • Paynes Creek National Park and the ancient Maya
  • Restaurant Guide
  • Calendar of Events
  • Toledo District map
  • BTIA member directory
  • Transportation schedules, including new village bus schedule
  • PG Town map

The Toledo Howler

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The San Pedro Sun

SPRCS Students elect representatives to ACFSC
Over 900 students at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) will have a chance to practice their right to vote for the first time on October 17, 2012. The students are voting to choose two student body representatives that will sit on the Quality Child Friendly School Committee QCFSC. Principal of SPRCS, Roxani Kay spoke on the elections. "Today the students are electing the students that will form part of the QCFSC. This committee will be working directly with all stakeholders to assure a high quality school; working hand in hand with the school to pin point our strengths and weaknesses and identifying ways in which we can improve in those areas where we identify weaknesses." The committee will be made up of two student body representatives, a teacher, a member of the Parent-Teacher Association, a member from the school's management, and the businesses community among other stakeholders. On the committee, the student body representatives will be directly responsible of voicing the student body's concerns as well as suggestions on how to improve their educational experience through an improved quality of school.

Global Giving is working to raise US$57,655 to assist Holy Cross
In September of 2011, Holy Cross Anglican School, through the hard work of the Holy Cross Education Foundation HCEF began its journey to becoming completely self-sufficient. The first step was in providing its own electricity using solar energy. Holy Cross Anglican School serves the less fortunate kids of Ambergris Caye and has surfaced as a beacon in an era when unemployment is at an all time high in an area where residents are already burdened with poverty. The fundraising efforts of the HCEF through the program, Global Giving, saw the purchase and installation of some 24 solar panels which was promised to have offset about 30-35% of Holy Cross's annual consumption. The panels produced some 5800 - 6000 kilo watt hours of electricity per year. At an approximate cost of US$33,000 these panels should have saved the school over Bz$12,000 per year with an expected life span of at least 25 years, functioning at 80% capacity throughout their lifespan. According to representative from Holy Cross, "The system is working wonderfully."

Coastal clean-up may yield unexpected result
Ricardo Alcoser is mildly hopeful that Belize may have crossed a tipping point this year. The Field Executive Officer of the Scout Association of Belize, Alcoser is also the coordinator of the nation's annual coastal (and now inland waterways) clean-up effort. And he is hoping that despite a huge increase in the number of groups, persons, and miles of coastline and banks cleaned, when the final tally is arrived at, the effort would have yielded less garbage in quantum. If that should indeed prove to be the case, then it could signal that in terms of Belize's environmental conservation efforts we may have turned a corner, or a bend in the river of our consciousness. For the last 21 years the Scouts Association has spearheaded the annual exercise to clean-up a relatively speaking small portion of Belize's hundreds of miles of coastlines and the banks of its waterways. At times it must have felt futile and even discouraging. It is only Alcoser's third year at the helm of what is truly a gigantic task, but there's that small glimmer of hope and perhaps reason for optimism.

USA considers listing Queen Conch as threatened or endangered
CARIBBEAN REGIONAL FISHERIES MECHANISM SECRETARIAT - A United States petition submitted this March to list the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) as a threatened or endangered species, the status of the implementation of a common fisheries policy for CARICOM, and the joint action plan and Belize Declaration signed this September in the historic joint meeting of Central American and Caribbean fisheries Ministers will be priority items on the agenda of the upcoming 3rd Special Meeting of the Ministerial Council of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM). The special forum, to be chaired by The Bahamas, is being held to coincide with the Caribbean Week of Agriculture, which will be observed from October 14 to 20, under the theme: "Celebrating Youth and Gender in Caribbean Agriculture - Each Endeavoring, All Achieving."

Ambergris Today

Palapa at Boca del Rio Park Burns Down
The San Pedro Police and Fire Departments were called to the scene of a fire at the Boca del Rio Park last night at 12a.m. on Wednesday, October 16, 2012, where they came across one of the beach palapas engulfed in flames. Firefighters immediately extinguished the blaze that almost completely destroyed the structure. The fire did not pose any threat to other structures as it was in an open area of the park by the beach. Police suspect arson as the palapa has no running electrical wires that can spark a fire and investigations into the matter continue.

San Pedro Post Office Relocates to Four Sisters Plaza
The San Pedro Post Office has relocated from the Alijua Building on Barrier Reef Drive and is now situated on Pescador Drive at the Four Sisters Plaza next to the world famous Elvi's Kitchen Restaurant. The change came about this past weekend and on October 16, 2012, the Post Office opened its doors on middle street. The postmen informed Ambergris Today that all P.O. boxes are currently not being used and that all mail is to be picked up at the office. They are in the process of having all the P.O. Boxes moved to the new location over the weekend. Due to the move, the process of receiving mail and packages is being somewhat hindered as adjustments are being set in place at the new office. The San Pedro Post Office is expected to be back to normal by the coming week.

25 Years Ago: Always a United San Pedro
During the last telethon that Mel Paz and I were conducting for Baby Elijah Eiley, we complimented the people of San Pedro for their ever generosity, cooperation and very caring spirit for each other. It was then that I remembered that this spirit of unity goes way back to old days or twenty five years ago. "Anda a prestart su escabador de Don Nando Trejo", my father would say. (Go borrow the posthole digger from Mr. Nando Trejo) It so happened that Mr. Nando had the only post hole digger on the Island and when someone needed to use one they barrowed it. He never denied anyone the use of it. I remember him telling me, "Sure, with much pleasure, but just tell your dad to oil it up properly after he has finished his job."

Community Bulletin: Isla Bonita Halloween Fair
Isla Bonita Elementary School Halloween Fair Place: Lions Den When: October 20th, 2012 Time: 6pm Price: $1 Children, $2 Adults Lots Of Foods and Drinks!

Listen To My New Single Featuring Julianie Ferguson
Hello Followers, I have been a busy body these days and exploring into the music world again. This summer my great friend and I got together to create a fun track for us and for everybody who cares to listen and loves music. Together with a great Belizean producer friend of mine we dedicated hours and days in the recording studio and I believe we have come up with a great hit. Julianie and I are huge fans of music that makes us dance and sing. Every time we hit the club, there is no way...

Misc Belizean Sources

Sometimes It Take a Bit of Rain to Appreciate the Gorgeous Weather We've Been Having
Last week, for the most part, was drizzly, grey and overcast. Weather that can, but doesn't always, strike in October when the Caribbean is swirling with all sorts of storms. But Sunday, the clouds disappeared, a morning cool breeze started from the north and the weather has been picture perfect. October hot but very pretty. I've been getting over a cold...but had some time to take some pictures. Just a few. And, well, here they are. All the cool water birds are here or passing by on their way south for the winter. And a few late afternoon pictures. So I leave you from my office right now at Mata Rocks. The water is like a pancake. Perfection for snorkeling or diving. Or for the osprey that I'm watching pick off fish left and right. Yeah this guy. He just flew away with a long needle fish..

Am I good enough?
I was watching the Oprah Winfrey Network two-hour special about the First Graduating Class: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. As they were interviewing the 72 young girls to see which ones would get in, one of them asked Oprah straight out "Am I good enough?" She had a hard time spitting the words out, you could tell she was hesitant to hear the answer. Of course Oprah told her she was and you co ...

Why I Want To Experience the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice
All my life I've been interested in the Maya world, their culture, and why is 2012 so called "The End." I have found not just the Winter Solstice but all major predicted astronomical events to be significant to me, I would sit in the darkest of nights camping outside my house trying to get my view of an eclipse whether it be full or partial, or I would try and borrow telescopes to view astrological based stars or meteor showers but the winter solstice, as it marks the Sun's lowest top point in the daytime sky each year as seen from Earth is just one example of the mystical astrological and astronomical events in which we can spiritually use to think and enlighten us, just as how the Maya would perceive this culturally. Can you just imagine how they did it? They had none of our technology but through means I cannot fathom, they studied the skies and predicted, tested then formed the calendar we now focus our attention to especially in this year 2012, the year of The Maya's, based just upon the movement of the galaxy. I've heard of the solstices and always wanted to see and experience that mystical thrill of it all. So long I've wanted to, but never had the means to actually carry out with this plan. To celebrate with the Maya people our beautiful Belize has nurtured and cared for, for several hundred years. They left behind palaces, homes, beautiful priceless gems and a memory before now that was beginning to fade. But now as a country, as a community we celebrate. It would mean so much to me if you chose me for this great honor of being there to see, to learn and observe this truly great event. If in the case I am not chosen I still want to thank you! Thank you for making this event what it is, to bringing the Maya people to the forefront, teaching us and informing us of great cultural events in which most of the youths of today don't even care for.

When Is the Best Time To Visit Belize?
The question: when is the best time to visit Belize has no fixed answer. The reason being that it's always a great time to visit Belize, but everyone searches for different opportunities when choosing an ideal vacation time. For example, there is no best time of the year to visit Belize for scuba diving (although some people prefer the calmer waters during summertime) but if you seek to go diving with Whale Sharks, this can only be done from March to June. There are a few major factors that contribute to having a more enjoyable vacation in Belize. Of course good weather is one, fun activities such as festivals and events, and either choosing to mingle with the crowds during high season or taking advantage of off peak rates during low season. High Season and Low Season Belize's High Season for tourism is from November to May. This time period runs simultaneously with the dry season, which is the best time for weather in Belize. Coincidently, this point in time also matches with the great white north's winter which means lots of Americans and Canadians escape the cold searching for warmer climate. The Low Season runs from June to October. Many travelers strategically visit Belize during this time to take advantage of lower rates. Most tourism businesses drop their room and tour rates from 30 to 50 percent in order to accommodate the plunge in tourist arrivals. The Weather The weather can make or break your vacation. In Belize there are two seasons, the Dry Season and the Rainy Season; each has its own pros and cons. The Dry Season is somewhat Belize's winter minus the snow and freezing cold. During the months of November, December and January, the temperature in Belize drops a bit leading to cool windy days with lots of sunshine. And starting February, March and May, it tends to be hotter days with almost no clouds. The good weather permits for scheduling lots of fun activities including numerous aquatic sports and jungle adventures. After all, Belize is indeed an active destination. The Dry Season is also Belize's High Tourism Season, certain towns and archaeological sites can be a bit crowded with tourists. Although, do remember that Belize is still relatively unknown and doesn't really attract a lot of tourists as compared to other countries. The Rainy Season runs equivalent with the Belize's Low Season for tourism (June to October). Being in Belize during this time can mean that your sunny days can be unexpectedly ruined by rain showers. The good news is that unless there is a tropical storm, showers usually only last an hour or two. Also keep in mind that Belize's hurricane season is during this time and a potential hurricane can make your vacation run short. Another negative is that with lots of rain certain tours such as snorkeling or diving and caving adventures like Barton Creek or Actun Tunichil Muknal get cancelled for a couple days until it's once again safe. Although, Belize's rainy season has several issues to consider, many people think it's a fair trade for avoiding the crowds and saving money. Festivals and Events Belizeans are lively, energetic people who enjoy any opportunity to have a good time dancing, drinking and being merry. And with some of the most festive events in Central America, many travelers who visit to Belize ensure to their time coincides with certain celebrations. The most popular tourist event is without a doubt Lobster Festival. Lobster fest takes place in Caye Caulker, Placencia and San Pedro; each respective location conducts their festivals immediately after the opening of the Lobster season which takes place mid June every year. The International Costa Maya festival is another event that brings huge crowds from everywhere to Ambergris Caye, where the lively town of San Pedro hosts a week of parties and beauty pageants. Visiting in September is a great time to witness national pride as Belizeans celebrate St George's Caye Day, Carnival and Independence Day. A few more interesting Belize events and festivals are the Battle of the Drums, La Ruta Maya River Challenge, Toledo Cacao Festival and Garifuna Settlement Day.

VIDEO: Whaleshark scuba encounter - Gladden Spit - Belize
This was filmed during a whaleshark dive trip in Placencia Belize. Open water diving in Gladden Spit can be tricky, but worthwhile when we finally see whalesharks. The Whalesharks follow the spawning Cubera Snapper as a source of food. Guided by Seahorse Dive shop in Placencia.

VIDEO: Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve

SMCU Celebration
Saint Martin's Credit Union celebrates International Credit Union Day on October 18th. They'll have food, prizes, entertainment, and information booths set up in their parking lot.

Cayo Welcome Center Nearing Completion
The Cayo Welcome Center is almost finished. They've started planting in the flower beds, and are setting up the electric meters. The sidewalk arches are mostly in place now too. It should be done just in time to welcome all the visitors and tourists in high season. Great job renovationg downtown!

Hurricane Hattie @ 51 Exhibition Launch
The Benque House of Culture is having their Hurricane Hattie @ 51 Exhibition Launch this evening at 7:00pm. They'll have survivors there relating their stories of Hurricane Hattie. The exhibit will run through November 23rd. "You are invited to join us as we unveil the Hurricane Hattie Exhibition at its 51 years Anniversary, this Thursday. Special invited guests will make presence and share an intimate conversation and reflections, based on this experience and hardships in October 1961."

Moon Guidebook Author Offers the Best Reasons to Move to Belize
Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2012 Moving to another country can be overwhelming, especially when there are visas involved, a currency to adjust to, and a new language to learn. Its because of these reasons tha...

Catwalk Fashions - Super Hero Fashion Show coming on Saturday, November 17th in Belize
Catwalk Fashions: capturing the element of their Superhero themed Fashion show that will be held at the Princess Hotel and Casino on November 17th. Here we are showcasing some of beautiful models of Catwalk Fashions standing tall in a doomsday scenario.

Channel 7

Lawless!: Armed Robbery At Pre School
We all know that crime is out of hand - and that criminals have crossed the threshold of all reason. But today, we reached a new low as masked gunmen barged into a pre-school - A PRE-SCHOOL to steal a cell phone from a teacher. Crazy beyond belief, right?... But that's what it is tonight...and Monica Bodden found out more: Monica Bodden Reporting It is one of the most disturbing events imaginable - a teacher held at gunpoint, in front of her preschool students. That was what happened here at Little Cadet Preschool on Jane Usher Boulevard. Just after 9 this morning as class was getting started, a man approached the classroom door and asked for one of the students who was in the classroom by name. Just seconds after another man barged inside the classroom - with a mask over his head and armed with a gun. Voice of Teacher "A little bit after 9, a dark fellow - he came in, and he asked for one of the babies. And immediately I - he was acting very suspicious, and as soon as he asked for the baby, the other guy came in with his face covered. He cranked his gun, held it to my head, and he told me to give them everything. And immediately after, the other guy who came in first, he came. While the other guy had the gun held to my head, he started to take off my chain, ring - he was searching around the desk area. After they took off whatever they needed to take off, they wanted money. We don't collect money here. We have our Atlantic Bank ATM, or the parents go and deposit at the bank. So, I just told them that my bag was over there. They took my bag; they didn't find anything, so they threw the bag on me and told me to take the money from out of the bag. So, I took my wallet out, and luckily, I didn't have any money in there. I opened it - I think it was $5 in there - they took that. He was demanding that he wanted money, but the other guy with gun said that's all she has - and between all this, they were saying, 'hurry, hurry!' and that's when they left."

Owner Of Anchor Security Robbed in Mexico
For the past 2 days, we've heard persistent rumours that Gary Gentle, the co-owner of Anchor Security, was fatally injured in an armed robbery in Mexico on Monday night. Well, tonight 7News has confirmed that Gentle is alive and well, if only a bit shaken up by a scary situation. We contacted Gentle's wife and business partner who told us that her information is very sketchy, but she knows that he left for Houston and spent a week there, where he purchased a vehicle which he planned to use to drive back down to Belize. But things didn't go according to plan because when he, along with a caravan of 8 other businessmen, arrived at the US/Mexico border they were attacked on the Mexican side. It happened at around 10:30 p.m. where several armed gunmen ambushed them in the Matamores area and opened fire on the caravan. Gentle's wife told us that she doesn't know if he was injured in the attack because she has only had very brief contact with him, and he didn't want to get into the details over the phone.

Guates in Bze With Crystal Meth?
Benque Viejo police have two Guatemalan males detained tonight after they were intercepted at a checkpoint two hours ago. The checkpoint was set up near the western border and the car was entering Belize. The adult male and minor are suspected of transporting the drug known as crystal-meth - which is a virtual epidemic in the United States but virtually unknown in Belize. The package was found in their vehicle - which carries Guatemalan plates. It was searched with the help of the K-9 unit and police found a suspicious package with 4.9 kilos of a suspected illicit substance. The substance will have to be sent for testing before any determination can be made. We'll let you know when that testing is complete.

Popular Ladyville Supermarket Robbed
Last night gunmen robbed the popular Ladyville Supermarket, Low's. It happened at about 8:30 when two armed and masked men stormed into the supermarket brandishing 9 millimeter pistols. They got two thousand dollars in cash and Police report that they snatched the weapons from the security guard and the storeowner. They then jumped in a waiting car and headed towards Belize City. Police have reviewed surveillance video - and say they are following a few leads. The store remained open after the robbery - even after 9:00 pm. And while this is a robbery, Ladyville has seen a major spike in burglaries this year -reports have almost doubled.

New Coalition Says Foreign Minister Has To Go
If you've been watching 7News recently - you should know all about the state of diplomatic affairs between Belize and Guatemala, as well as the compassionate payment Government plans to make to the family of Guatemalan Francisco Quinn Yat. It has generated a good deal of public comment - and much of it is angry, because of the Guatemalan hardline and because Belize will pay - form public funds - the family of a Guatemalan trespasser who could have killed a BDF soldier. Now, a new group says they intend to do more than just talk. The Belize Coalition For Justice, formed from the collective of - they say - 30 activist groups held a press conference today at the Radisson. As we found out, there was plenty of fire unleashed on Elrington and his government in general. Here's more: Micah Goodin - Spokesperson, Nation Builders "Give me your ears, or deliver to me, my death, as I welcome to you, the second Belizean revolution, being led by the Belize Coalition for Justice."

Life Sentence for Murder Upheld
34 year-old Orlando Wade will continue to spend a life sentence in prison after his conviction was upheld in the Court of Appeal this afternoon. Wade was convicted on January 26, 2011 of the murder of 45 year-old Dorla Pitterson-Slusher, a mentally ill woman. On June 24, 2008, the nude body of Pitterson-Slusher was found in an abandoned latrine behind Sylvia's Cool Spot in the Sandhill village; the post mortem revealed that she was raped and then strangled to death. Wade's attorney, Simeon Sampson, presented one main ground for the appeal in which he pointed out that doctor's post mortem gave an estimated time of death which did not coincide with the time given by the witness who testified that he saw Wade on top of Pitterson's body. Sampson submitted that the trial judge should have directed the jury better on this discrepancy.

Toledo Villagers Oppose US Capital Energy, Again
US Capital Energy is looking for oil in the Toledo District - in an area that includes Mayan Communal lands and the Sarstoon Temash National Park. We haven't heard anything about them in a while - and that's because they've been preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment or EIA. That EIA is now under review by the Department of the Environment - known as the DOE - and a public consultation will be a week from tomorrow. But SATIIM, the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management has written to the DOE saying that their communities were not consulted during the EIA so SATIIM is requesting that the public hearing be postponed until November. They say the indigenous communities need time to understand the content of the nearly 300 page document which first has to be translated into Que'chi. A letter voicing those same concerns was sent to the DOE from the Chairman and Alcaldes of 7 villages in the area.

Parham shot By Police, Now To Prison
34 year-old Owen Parham, a resident of Cotton Tree Village, is spending his second night in prison, after he was taken to Magistrate's Court for attempting to rob a lawman of his gun. As we reported, Special Constable James Stuart told police that on Friday, September 12 he was on patrol when he caught Parham attempting to break into a house in the Lake Garden area. The officer said that he caught Parham peeping inside the window, and when he was questioned, he said that he was looking for a nearby house. The officer searched Parham and allegedly found a crowbar on him; as a result, he was detained, and when he was being escorted to the police station, a struggle ensued. The officer said that Parham attempted to take his service weapon, and as a result, he was forced to shoot Parham in the leg 3 times to subdue him. As a result, Parham was taken to the KHMH where he received treatment, and as soon as he was released, they charged him with attempted robbery, harm, aggravated assault, resisting lawful arrest and going equipped to commit a crime. He was arraigned yesterday before Magistrate Aretha Ford, where he pleaded not guilty to the offences.

CEMO Reviews The Lessons of Hurricane Ernesto
Viewers may remember that in August, Hurricane Ernesto threatened Belize, and as a part of its projected path, Belize City was also an expected target. It never hit, but according to Belize City's Emergency Management Organization, there were some SNAFU'S that they encountered, which they would like to eliminate before another natural disaster threat. A major issue that they encountered was that there were mass phone calls made to the CEMO emergency operating center for evacuations, which proved difficult because majority of the persons had disabilities. Well, CEMO wants to know exactly where these disabled citizens located that so that they can effect a better evacuation plan. And the way they will find out is by doing a survey, in which they want to utilize high school children across the city to go out and record the data. Today, they continued meetings with several of the high school principals to finalize the plans. Phillip Willoughby, the councilor in charge of CEMO explained how the program is expected to work: Phillip Willoughby - Councilor in Charge of CEMO "Because they have centralized human resources in a particular structure, we're saying that they can utilize and implement their theoretical learning in a practical environment, which will show community service, goodwill, and build capacity for the recognition of these secondary schools by virtue of executing and engaging in such a survey. With regards to the budget, we will be kicking off a pilot project, sometime within the third week of November. It is from within that, we will then start to build up a budget for that particular initial exercise, see the costs, and then, as we look forward into what we will consider now, that the city will be zoned off in various sections, and the schools will be assigned to a particular zone, and based on the size of that zone, we will attach a cost. So, we will run a pilot, and from that, we will derive a budget." There has been no timeline announced as to when this program will start.

Cayo Calls Compol to Converse
Tomorrow Cayo residents will be able to question the commissioner of police about those cases. Commissioner David Henderson will be having a community meeting in Santa Elena tomorrow night at the Santa Elena Roman Catholic Primary School at 7:00 PM. A similar meeting will be held in San Ignacio at the Center for Employment Training the week after.

Who Killed Emerito?
Last night, 7News told you about 46 year-old Emerito Itza, a resident of San Pedro, formerly of Succutz who died of injuries he sustained in a brawl last week Wednesday. Well, tonight police say that they have 4 suspects detained for this attack. As we reported, at around 7 p.m., Itza and 24 year-old Marwin Lizama were hanging out on the beach at the eastern end of Sand Piper Street. They were attacked by a group of young men, one of whom grabbed piece of wood and hit both men in the head. Itza was taken to the KHMH, where he succumbed to his injuries on Monday. According to police they have 4 minors detained for this incident, and charges are pending.

Channel 5

Coalition wants Minister of Foreign Affairs removed
Wilfred 'Sedi' Elrington must go, or else. That's the message given by the newest advocacy group called Belize Coalition for Justice. At their launch today, they had a laundry list of issues that they wanted cleaned and ironed. But the strongest message came from Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) which demanded that the [...]

Evolution of Advocacy Groups; New NGO for Revolution
Belize does not have a lack of advocacy groups or non-governmental organizations. The Belize Coalition for Justice is a consortium of NGO's who have reorganized under the umbrella organization much like the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage. The advocacy group includes Belize Can, Commoners and Nationbuilders. Don't feel bad if you haven't heard of [...]

Is Foreign Minister properly representing Belize?
A large number of persons believe that the death penalty will deter crime. In our online poll, eighty-four percent who voted, answered yes to the question: Do you believe the death penalty will deter crime? Only a small sixteen percent said that the death penalty is not the solution. But many persons believe that it [...]

Armed robbery of teacher in front of preschool students
Robberies are becoming more frequent and brazen by the day and everyone is under threat. This morning, a preschool was attacked leaving a classroom of four year old children traumatized. Just after nine, the preschool located at the corner of Louise Bevans Street and Jane Usher Boulevard was targeted by armed robbers. Ten students of [...]

Economic Indicators and how Consumer Price Index affects Retailers
Tonight in Economic Indicators we look at the question of inflation and how the Consumer Price Index affects Retailers. The Statistical Institute has released figures that show a relative high rate of inflation. The Consumer Price Index, a key measure of inflation released in October 2012, shows a one point seven percent increase for the [...]

Conch, the endangered species may face protection by US
About one million pounds of conch are exported to the United States market per season. Combined, the conch and lobster represent as much as ninety percent of the total value of seafood exports. Aside from cuisine, the conch shell is used to produce exquisite jewelry. But there is currently a move to list the conch [...]

Nimrod Tillett acquitted of the brutal murder of his lover
The brutal murder of forty-four year old Enrique Castillo in February, 2009 shocked the residents of Orange Walk. Twenty-three year old Nimrod Tillett, who was reportedly Castillo's lover, turned himself in and was charged for his murder. But after three years on remand, Tillett is a free man. He was acquitted when his confession statement [...]

Cleophus Williams pleads guilty to stealing from his mother
Also in court today, a forty-seven year old man was convicted of Theft for stealing from his household items from his mother. Cleophus Williams was living with his mother, seventy-two year old Olophia Williams at the corner of Periwinkle and Hibiscus Streets, but disappeared along with jewelry, picture frames and small appliances valued at one [...]

Appeal by convicted murderer, Orlando Wade, dismissed
The Court of Appeal this morning dismissed an appeal by Orlando Wade, who was convicted in January 2011 for the murder of Dorla Pitterson and sentenced to life in prison. Pitterson, a mental patient, was strangled and then dumped in a well in Sandhill in June of 2008. Her body was found by a neighbor, [...]

2 men arraigned for foiled robbery of E's Cool Spot
Two men have been charged for the foiled robbery last Friday at E's Cool Spot, a bar in Esperanza Village in the Cayo District. On Tuesday afternoon, twenty-three year old Jake Anthony Cadle and Alvaro Aldana, both of San Ignacio Town, were arraigned inside the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court for Attempted Robbery. The botched robbery [...]

4 minors arrested for murder of Emerito Itza
Four minors have detained by San Pedro police in connection with the murder of forty-five year old Emerito Itza. Itza died just before four on Tuesday morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was brutally beaten last Wednesday night in San Pedro. The Succotz resident was working at Coco Beach Resort on the [...]

Belize Bank and group build house for suffering family
Months ago, an Orange Walk family was devastated when their house collapsed and fell on top of a family member. The Cordova's are hard working and humble, but they have been having a difficult time to make ends meet especially since medical costs and care for Brighton are eating away their income. The family, however, [...]

US Capital Energy concludes prospecting activities in the South; is there potential controversy?
There is potential controversy in the south where prospecting activities conducted by U.S. Capital Energy within the Sarstoon Temash National Park concluded earlier this year. The results of an environmental impact assessment will be discussed openly during consultations scheduled for later this month. But while plans are underway to meet with residents of various communities [...]


Belize Coalition for Justice Calls Press Conference on The Guatemala Issue
Today a vociferous group that calls itself Belize Coalition for Justice, steadfast in its commitment to defend the Constitution of Belize and, as its name implies, advocate for justice, called a press conference. Its purpose was to launch an aggressive campaign against what it de...

Four Minors Detained Regarding Death of A Man In San Pedro
San Pedro police have detained four minors in connection with the death of 45-year-old San Jose Succotz resident, Emerito Itza. As we reported yesterday Itza died on Monday morning at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Itza was reportedly hit to the head during an altercat...

Ladyville Teacher Charged for Possession of Counterfeit Currency
A teacher has been charged with possession of counterfeit currency notes. Police say on September 1 they conducted a search for illegal firearm and ammunition at a house on Lakeview Street. During the search police reportedly found twenty two counterfeit twenty Belize dollar note...

Fatal Hit and Run In Punta Gorda
A fatal traffic incident on the Southern Highway has claimed the life of one person. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story. PAUL MAHUNG Toledo Correspondent RSV Media Centre "According to Police report here, it is believed that the hit and run incident on ...

Supreme Court Judge Hands Down Decision on DFC vs Rene Villanueva Sr. and Jr.
Supreme Court judge, Justice Oswell Legall has handed down his decision on the case of the Development Finance Corporation versus Rene Villanueva, Senior and his son, Rene Junior. It was a stunning judgment, ordering the Villanuevas to pay four hundred thousand dollars to the Development Fi...

Police News
Twenty year old Ellis Meighan Jr., who allegedly shot 30 year old Delone Vernon, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared in court on Tuesday. Meighan was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder, grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. No plea was taken from him ...

Police Seeks Teenager For Carnal Knowledge
Punta Gorda police are looking for an eighteen year old male in connection with an incident of carnal knowledge. A fourteen year old female accompanied by her mother reported to police that last Friday night 8:00 o'clock, the 18 year old male had sexual intercourse with...

Police Investigates Series of Armed Robberies
A series of robberies have been reported in Belize City and Ladyville. Christopher Lanza reported to police that sometime around 7:42 this morning he was at the corner of Faber's Road and the George Price Highway, when he was approached by two armed men who attempted to tak...

Court Finds Accused Not Guilty of Murder
In February 2009, 44-year-old Enrique Castillo was murdered at his home on Belize Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town. Today, the man accused of the gruesome murder was found not guilty of the crime. In the northern session of the Supreme Court in Orange Walk Town, Justic...


Call for removal of Wilfred Elrington
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington has come under public pressure for comments...

Belize coalition for Justice is officially launched
This morning's press briefing was also the Belize coalition for Justice's official launch. . The movement says that...

Police seek Mark Conorqui.for shooting ASP Amin August
The Western Poultry Bar/ Grocery Store was the scene of an attempted robbery/ murder last week Friday night. But th...

Belize called a "failed pariah state"
*Some small Caribbean countries are in danger of acquiring the reputation as failed pariah states, according to an ...

Family believe mother of 3 was murdered
A 24 year old woman and mother of 3 was found dead on the Riverside in Sittee River Village. Karina Howard was disc...

Masked men disarm security guard in supermarket robbery
It is reported that at approximately 8:29 pm on Tuesday 16. 10.12 two armed masked men stormed into Lo's supermarke...

Teacher arrested with counterfeit currency
On 1st September 2012 about 6:30pm Police conducted a search on the premises of Denvor Domingo situated on Lake Vie...

More Tomorrow residents upset over unresolved land acquisition process
The More Tomorrow Village Council and its residents are very upset over the unresolved land acquisition process whi...

Prayer patrol Thursday night in Belmopan
*Tomorrow (Thursday) night there will be a prayer patrol in Belmopan, the effort of churches in the Belmopan area, ...


International Sources

CARICOM Provides Entrepreneurship Training For Regional Youth
Job creation is one of the most challenging tasks facing Caribbean Governments today as the unemployment rate continues to climb steadily, especially among young people who make up roughly 64% of the Region's population. Youth unemployment is a global problem. The International Labour Organization says 70 million young people are actively - but unsuccessfully - looking for employment. They represent nearly 40% of the world's total unemployed. Unemployment levels for the age cohort 18-29 are generally two to three times higher than for the more senior population. In some Latin American and Caribbean countries, the unemployment rate is as high as five times the rate for adults over age 45. Caribbean-wide data indicate that Saint Lucia, Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Jamaica, have the highest youth unemployment rates. And many of those young who are employed are occupying low-paying temporary positions with little or no job security. The CARICOM Secretariat, while formulating appropriate regional policies to address the former, is also creating the necessary enabling environment for the latter. The secretariat has embarked on a series of Creativity for Employment and Business Opportunity (CEBO) entrepreneurship training for young people across the Caribbean region, starting with targeted Member States, including, Jamaica, Belize, Dominica, The Bahamas and St Kitts and Nevis.

Danny Michel & The Benque Players - Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me
Canadian songwriter Danny Michel has long been in love with Belize. He wrote the songs for 2010's Sunset Sea there and recently set up a scholarship fund for a high school there. For his 10th album and Six Shooter debut, Michel deepened his connection, living in Benque Viejo del Carmen and working with musicians from the Garifuna Collective and producer Ivan Duran, who's helped popularize music from Belize. It's a fun and uplifting listen, bursting with acoustic and electric guitar, saxophones, organic, rich backup vocals and tons of Garifuna percussion. The obvious comparison is Paul Simon's Graceland, but there are also moments of heavier Talking Heads-like funk. A Cold Road is a mellow love song, Survivor's Guilt touches on Garifuna history, and Into The Light is busy and sax-driven.

Concerns in Belize: Why the U.S. and Mexico Should Pay Attention
In the fight against organized crime, Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras grab the headlines-but politicos and analysts neglect to mention Belize. This Central American country of 330,000 bordering Mexico and Guatemala is fast becoming fertile ground for organized crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and piracy. At 39 murders per 100,000 persons Belize is the fifth most dangerous country in the world, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Honduras is the most dangerous with 86 homicides per 100,000, and Venezuela registers fourth at 67 per 100,000. UNODC also adds that "intentional homicides" have doubled in Belize City, the country's coastal commercial capital, since 2004. Gangs working for Mexican cartels are to blame: according to the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), 43 percent of youth aged 14-24 are unemployed, while 46 percent of the total labor force is illiterate. Moreover, only 12 percent of the total labor force has completed high school. Poor education quality and lack of economic opportunity are variables that push youth into environments of crime. Initiation into a local gang could lead to contract work for Mexican cartels that promise anything a young man could ever want: money; drugs; status; and power. Aside from routine murders and robberies, these same gangs are also responsible for the 2011 raid of the Belize Defense Force (BDF) armory in Ladyville, taking M-16 and M4 military issue riffles, 9 millimeter handguns, and grenades.

Summary Judgments for October 17
Belize and Guatemala have been embroiled in disputes over land and maritime boundaries since the 19th century, when Belize, a former UK colony, was incorporated as British Honduras, and Guatemala was under Spanish rule. But now it looks like the two countries might be on the path to settle things properly, since both have agreed to referendums next October to decide whether to take the fight to the International Court of Justice at the Hague, reports the Costa Rica Star. The dispute has its origins in the 1494 Treaty of Tordesillas, which divvied up the New World. Under the treaty Spain got Belize, but the British later took control of the territory and granted it independence in 1981. Enter Guatemala, a former Spanish colony, which says it should get control of Belize and doesn't recognize it as an independent state. In spite of many United Nations resolutions calling for Belize's territorial integrity to be respected, Guatemala has refused to back down. The hope now is that if the referendums go forward, the ICJ will be able to sort things out -- that is, if it can make a border ruling stick.

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