Paco Smith

Today a vociferous group that calls itself Belize Coalition for Justice, steadfast in its commitment to defend the Constitution of Belize and, as its name implies, advocate for justice, called a press conference. Its purpose was to launch an aggressive campaign against what it deems as quote��the national crisis facing Belize and its people��end quote. Its campaign followed a forceful meeting in San Ignacio on Sunday at which the leadership of some of the country's most active organizations and unions were represented. BCJ's aim, as its speakers amplified today, is to get Belizeans keenly abreast of the issues that are having and can have future effects on Belize as a country. At its core is the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute, and the proposal by the Organization of American States to take the claim to the International Court of Justice for a definitive determination. Paco Smith was unyielding in his stance on the matter and called on the removal of the current Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington, from that office.

Another member, Geovanni Brackett, found displeasure in comments made recent by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington.

The Coalition's National Coordinator, Nancy Marin, said that the group is an alliance of people from both political parties with one common cause who have made an oath.

Patrick Menzies said that the Coalition will endeavour to uphold the Constitution of Belize.

Other speakers at the conference included former politician, Hector Silva and Micah Gooding, who is the Founder of Nation Builders.