In last night's news - we told you about the pair of Guatemalan males who were intercepted by police coming into Belize near the western border.

The father and son were driving in a grey Volvo car with Guatemalan plates when they were stopped at a checkpoint on the border road, just a few hundred feet into Belizean territory.

The Police Anti Drug Unit had launched a special operation with the K-9 unit and the dogs sniffed out four parcels of suspected crystal - meth - which is an illegal, highly addictive drug popular in the United States.

The parcels weighed in at just under five kilos or about 11 pounds - which has a street value of about 125 thousand US dollars - that's a quarter million Belize.

Police believe the drugs were destined for Mexico since there is no market for them in Belize.

Crystal Meth or Meth - is properly known as meta-amphetamines which is the drug created with all those chemical precursors such as pseudo-ephedrine, often intercepted coming into Belize.

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