Water, the most aboundant substance on planet Earth yet 96.5 % is not fresh & adequate for drinking; 1.74% is stored in thick ice caps, glaciers & permanent snow; 1.70% is in the ground where a large portion is saline and inaccessible; the rest is in lakes, rivers, ground ice and permafrost, the atmosphere, swamps, biological reserves and stored as soil moisture. Yet, the small fraction of a percent that is fresh and accessible we humans contaminate, misuse and waste." This is a crisis! Fresh water is biologically more precious than gold and is becoming scarcer globally... As individuals and denizen on planet Earth, what are we doing about it!

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Les compartimos la siguiente convocatoria para la obtención de becas de investigación en cambio clim�tico y agua (est� principalmente dirigida a universidades), la fecha l�mite para la recepción de solicitudes es el 31 de octubre de 2012.