To Discuss Crime

Crime in the country of Belize is at a high rate and it seems that instead of reducing, the barometer just keeps climbing. Truth of the fact is we all need to do our part in order to safe the country from the constant blood flow. In sight of this Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard along with councilors Neri Ramirez and Ian Cal, met with Superintendant of the Orange Walk Police Station Joseph Myvette today. During the meeting three main points were discussed.

Screen_shot_2012-10-18_at_8.22.09_PMKevin Bernard, Mayor OWT

“My letter to the Senior Superintendent requesting a meeting was to be based on three points; one to discuss the criminal activities in Orange Walk and what is being done or what will be done to curve this issues in Orange Walk, two; to discuss the possibility to coming up with a crime forum where we will invite the businesses, the residence and our people from all walks in the town so that they could come and voice their concerns and to also find a way where we could work together and build a coalition committee that meets every once a month but we want see where we can get more activity, we need to look at several things like the neighborhood watch groups, we have to look at all these initiatives that they are working on and so  the third point was cooperation between the police and the municipality with the police.”

Currently there are about 65 police officers stationed here in Orange Walk catering for over 50,000 residents. That’s one police officer for 769 persons. This is of great concern, according to Mayor Bernard.

Kevin Bernard, Mayor OWT

“Our concern to them was that definitely the late hours open of these night clubs attracting some of these activities of course, and see how we can address these problems.  Councilor Neri also mentioned some concerns in some areas that are considered hot-spots, we know right now especially in the Louisiana area it has been concentrated a lot in criminal activity and the police has assured us that they are briefing up their security measures in that area.   To cover a scope of this district with just 65 police officers  and three functioning vehicles if I may not be mistaken it is just too late and too little for a town this large and a district too large so we have to be able to demand for things and this is the reason why we want to have this crime forum so we could invite the police and the businesses and the residence to come out and have this discussion and these are healthy discussion because this is where you get the low man, the high man, the middle man to come and say what they think, what they think the town deserve.”

Starting in the month of November, the Orange Walk Town Council plans to hold two neighborhood meetings on a weekly basis.