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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

SP police detained three men for weekend stabbing incident
Three male suspects have been detained following the stabbing incident of a tourist that occurred in the wee hours of Saturday October 20th. According to San Pedro Police the incident occurred over the weekend in San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye inside the apartment that the tourist was renting. The victim has since been identified as 30 year old American Film Director, Shawn Patrick Danielly, a guest at a tourist accommodation situated on the beach at Boca del Rio Drive. According to San Pedro Police at about 4:20AM on above mentioned date, they arrived on the scene at the beachside establishment where police found a Caucasian male person, later identified as Danielly, on the ground and bleeding from the abdomen area. Police investigations revealed that the male persons entered the building and were in the process of stealing several items when a struggled ensued. During the struggle, police said that one of the young men pulled out a knife and inflected a single stab wound to the left lower area of the abdomen. Because of the commotion, people living in the area were able to notify police who responded shortly after. Police say Danielly was familiar with his attackers since he had been socializing with them for five days during his stay on the island.

Ambergris Today

Fire Drill Simulation Conducted at Holy Cross Anglican School
Have you ever wondered what would happen if a fire starts in your child's school? Does your school have a safety plan or strategy on how to respond to a fire threat? Well with this in mind the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) San Pedro along with the Ministry of Education held a fire simulation at the Holy Cross Anglican School on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. The Holy Cross Anglican School located in the San Mateo Area was chosen for the fire simulation because of the school's proximity and location to other vulnerable areas. The School Principal was advised to involve all staff members in the planning of the school safety plan and seek advice and assistance if needed from the relevant agencies involved in public safety. With over 500 students, school principal and staff made sure that students evacuated the school grounds in an orderly and safe manner. The fire drill commenced at 10:00 a.m. and concluded at 10:53 a.m. According to information received from NEMO San Pedro the school did quite well being the first time a drill is conducted., although there is lots of room for improvement.

San Pedro Sailing Club Shines at Corozal Bay Regatta
It was a challenging regatta due to the lack of wind but nevertheless it was a great event in which the San Pedro Sailing Club had the opportunity to shine. Results for the Optimist Finals were: Gold - Rupert Garnett from Liberty Sailing Club; Silver - Carlos Villatoro from Placencia Sailing Club; Bronze - Davin Puc from San Pedro Sailing Club. (Faith Noel placed Fourth and Zulema Alaya Fifth - both also from San Pedro).

Pic of the Week: Enjoying Yet Another Belizean Sunset
Insert Self Here! There has been a spectacular show of sunsets on Ambergris Caye lately that we have to share yet another amazing picture this week. What better way to totally engulf yourself in all the richness of a Belizean sunset than by lying on a hammonck on the beach and taking in all its beauty. Here is one recent sunset taken at El Secreto Resort located 11 miles north of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. What else can we say but, "Wish You Were Here"!

25 Years Ago: San Pedro's Miracle Tree
"Did you know that the palm trees here in Ambergris Caye intentionally grow with an incline so that brides can pose on them?" This was the humorous caption that Jose Luis Zapata, one of San Pedro's leading photographers, put on this photo. Although we do realize that this is only good humour, if we go back twenty five years ago, we can definitely say that the coconut palm tree is indeed a miracle tree as the photographer describes. COCONUT WATER: Twenty five years ago San Pedranos enjoyed this delicious fresh and sweet water almost on a daily basis. On Sundays we would walk down the beach and pull the coconuts to treat our friends, relatives and special visitors like the nuns, priests and vacationers.

Ryan's Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012
So Halloween is coming and no one is ever too old to celebrate and join in on the fun! I sure hope everybody likes to participate, because Halloween is a very great way to get in character and enjoy spooking people. It's not Halloween without great costumes and I know deciding on a great one is always a hard task, so I have some costume suggestions I think would really be good for Halloween this year. Happy Halloween everybody and Happy Spooking!

Isla Bonita Elementary School Halloween Fair
Isla Bonita Elementary School held its Halloween Fair this past weekend on Saturday, October 20 at the Lions Den where the school hosted children who wanted to have some spooky Halloween fun. It was a fun evening that had lots of games and prizes for all the participants. Here are some of the fun and spooky costumes of the evening. Happy Halloween!

Observing Remembrance Day in San Pedro
On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour there will be a resounding silence throughout the Commonwealth; it will be for remembering all those fallen heroes of the two world wars and all the conflicts since and we shall remember them. Jamila Janmohamed, member of The Royal British Legion Belize would love to see the San Pedro Community show its support for the Belizean and Commonwealth veterans and their families by wearing a poppy and contributing to the cause.

Misc Belizean Sources

The Future for Electricity in Belize
Roughly 75% of total energy demand is supplied through foreign sources. Fossil fuels are imported by two companies: Esso Standard Oil S.A. Limited, the only private company in Belize authorized to import fuel, and Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), which also imports diesel fuel from Mexico. Roughly 50% of the electricity consumed is imported from Mexico. An interconnection between the national grids of Belize and Mexico allows the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE), a state-owned utility, to sell electricity to Belize's BEL. Extended Network: In Belize, 85% of the total households have electricity; almost 100% of the urban areas (Belize, Corozal and Orange Walk districts) have light, and 49.59% of the rural area (mostly the Stann Creek and Toledo Towns and villages). Even though Belize is making an effort to electrify its rural communities, partially causing a rise in energy demand estimated at 9% per year, there are still a large amount of households without electric services. Electrification is expected to expand in line with an expected rise in electricity demand. Some of the rural communities that lack electricity are situated in areas that are not easily accessible to the transmission network. Therefore there might be a need to assess whether off-grid solutions could be more cost effective for these communities. Capacity Concerns:

VIDEO: Hand Feeding Tarpon at Sunset Restaurant, San Pedro, Belize
After a day of diving, Mischa and Maria hand feed the Tarpon at Sunset Resturant, San Pedro

SMCU Visiting Cayo Villages
Saint Martin's Credit Union will be visiting several of Cayo's villages this week to inform people about the credit union, and all it has to offer. They'll also have account opening specials for only $17.50. They visited Bullet Tree Falls today. Tomorrow, they'll be in Esperanza, at the preschool compound, from 1:00pm until 4:00pm. Thursday, they'll be at the community center in San Antonio. Go learn more about why SMCU is the best option.

UB Goes Pink
The University of Belize celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month by going pink. They had Kim Simplis-Barrow, a cancer survivor, stop by to give a speech. They had a huge turnout, and quite a few people wearing pink. There was even some pink hair. SHJC does their Pink Day this Wednesday.

Cayo Art Collection Exhibit Launch
The SISE House of Culture had their Cayo Art Collection Launch on Friday night. The exhibit has art from local Cayo artisans, in multiple mediums. The exhibit can be seen over the next month at the SISE HoC. "The Opening of the Cayo Art Collection was a Success. We encourage you to visit the House of Culture in the coming week to take a look at the Artist's wonderful works of art."

Beeswax Candle Making Workshop
The Benque House of Culture had their latest workshop this weekend, and they made beeswax candles. Doesn't look easy, but it looks like fun. "Our highest acknowledgments to Mr. Raul Shish & Family and to all the participants on the Traditional Bee's Wax Candle making, it was a well anticipated and highly interactive session, many more to come."

"A Look Back at a Fantastic Summer!"
The George Price Centre had scores of activities through the Summer, including quite a few Summer camps. The had computer camps, chess camps, a 'reading is fun' camp, and their PEACE camp too. They are reminiscing about the awesome Summer they had. "With the dust of the many September activities now settled and the grey skies hovering over Belmopan, we thought it would be nice if we could take a look back at the fantastic summer we shared with 125 youngsters at the Centre! ... Thank you to all the volunteers who assisted us and to all the children and youth who participated. We can't wait for next summer to come!!!"

Purple Movement's BBQ Fundraiser
The Purple Movement has pictures from their BBQ and bake sale they did at Cayo's Saturday market. Talk about a fun time! Lots of music, BBQ, pastries, and smiling faces.

PACT's Call for Proposals
The Protectes Areas Conservation Trust is calling for grant proposals. They have $600,000 available for grants, with a cap of $200,000. The projects must revolve around protected areas management, conservation, education, and awareness. Good luck! "The functions of PACT are to encourage and promote, for the benefit and enjoyment of the present and future generations of the people of Belize, the provision, protection, conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural resources of Belize. PACT is managed by a Board of Directors that is comprised of Government agencies, non-government organizations and individual experts."

Belize Mega Bingo Results For (20 October 2012)
Straight Line 100.00 Each (5 Balls) 19 �13 �7 �67 �60� Y 125.00 Each (17 Balls) 19 �13 �7 �67 �60 �53 �44 �50 �72 �20 �15 �39 �73 �55 �6 �75 �21� Letter X 750.00 Each (22 Balls) 19 �13 �7 �67 �60 �53 �44 �50 �72 �20 �15 �39 �73 �55 �6 �75 �21 �36 �26 �25 �54 �71� L 175.00 Each (29 Balls) 19 �13 �7 �67 �60 �53 �44 �50 �72 �20 �15 �39 �73 �55 �6 �75 �21 �36 �26 �25 �54 �71 �10 �48 �8 �57 �28 �74 �5� T 150.00 Each (30 Balls) 19 �13 �7 �67 �60 �53 �44 �50 �72 �20 �15 �39 �73 �55 �6 �75 �21 �36 �26 �25 �54 �71 �10 �48 �8 �57 �28 �74 �5 �41�

Channel 7

Alicia Pott's Pain
On Friday night, we told you the story of a 30 year old mother who delivered a baby boy by C-Section on October second, and then ended up spending most of the next three weeks in the hospital - some of it in intensive care - after the caesarean delivery went terribly wrong at the Northern Regional Hospital. Indeed, she nearly died, and in the process both her womb and ovaries were removed, meaning this mother of two can't have any more children. On Friday, we withheld her name at the request of her family, but tonight, she is speaking out about the series of mishaps and what she believes is malpractice that has her still in the hospital tonight. She spoke to the media from her bed in a private facility in Orange Walk after being transferred from the Northern Regional Hospitalization where she had been going through her second hospitalization. She is still recovering and today discussed the pain of her losing her ability to bear children:..

"Baba" Killed In City
There was a murder in the city on Saturday. The target was Keon Francis, who survived an attempt on his life in July of last year. At that time police recovered 24 expended shells from the scene and Francis was shot to the arm and rib cage. He survived that one, but on Saturday a gunman found him in broad daylight - just a block away from where that first shooting occurred. Monica found out how the man they called Baba was killed. Monica Bodden reporting The shooting of 21 year old Keon Johnson happened here on Central American Boulevard around 5:20 on Saturday evening. According to police, Johnson who is known as BABA was walking on Central American Boulevard heading towards the direction of Neal's Penn Road when he was approached by a gunman who opened fire on him. BABA managed to run in front of South Side Butane Depot where the murderer caught up with him and continued to fire shots.

Foreign Minister & Insulza In Guatemala
Foreign Minister Wilfed Elrington was in Guatemala City today for a high level meeting with his Guatemalan counterpart Harold Caballeros and the Secretary General of the OAS, Jos� Miguel Insulza. They were meeting with the Group of Friends for the Belize-Guatemala differendum process. According to an OAS release, "the foreign ministers reported on the status of the talks between Belize and Guatemala on the territorial dispute, and they requested support from the international community to refer the dispute to the International Court of Justice, once referendums the issue are held in both countries in October 2013." Tomorrow, Secretary General Insulza will visit Belize where he will meet with Prime Minister Barrow, Foreign Minister Elrington, National Security Minister John Saldivar and leader of the opposition, Francis Fonseca.

Weekend Shows Record Rainfall
It rained in buckets all through the weekend in Belize City! The Met Office says it recorded 5.1 inches of rainfall in Ladyville over the three day period between Friday and Monday. The bulk of it - over two inches - came down last night. Now, 5.1 inches is way above average, in fact the average monthly rainfall for October is 9.8 inches - so that is more than half in just three days! According to Chef meteorologist Dennis Gonguez, normally this kind of rainfall only occurs during a tropical cyclone. The rain caused persistent flooding all through Sunday into Monday - forcing the closure of a number of schools in the city - and causing inconvenience to many regular folks whose homes were and streets were affected by high waters that just would not drain off. The rain was caused by moisture from a north easterly airflow over Belize.

Environment Minister Says EIA Hearing Must Be Held
Last week, SATIIM the Sarstoon Temash Institute for ndigenous Management slammed the Department Of Environment for failing to push back a public consultation on the environmental Impact Assessment for US Capital Energy's Oil Exploration in the Sarstoon Temash National Park. It's an expected but still compelling outcome because the Environment minister, Lisel Alamilla is from Toledo and comes form a conservationist background, where she was friendly with SATIIM. In fact, PACT recently awarded SATIIM a 93 thousand dollar grant. But, the Kumbaya period, if ever there was one, is over - and now SATIIM is saying that Government has adopted a "fists clenched" approached to the indigenous people. We asked Minister Alamilla, how did it come to this?:.. Jules Vasquez "You are from that area, you have been involve at the other end and now you are on the receiving end of criticism. How did that come about?" Hon. Lisel Alamilla "It's just the reality of life here. Jules as I sit in this post I am learning more and more about the intricacies about how these things work and ideally I would have wanted to grant them more time. However we are obligated under the EIA regulations that we must facilitate the entire process within 60 days and from the beginning to now we are almost at the end of those 60 days. If not then we are open to a legal challenge from the company but also I think what is most important is that the consultation is not the end of it. The consultation is the process whereby people can go in and speak up, so to me the focus should be for the NGOs to be prepared to present what their concerns are; what are their concerns about the EIA?; What are their concerns about this development within the Sarstoon/Temash National Park?; How can we go about it with the least impacts instead of focusing on whether we can postponed it for one more month."

Rhett Fuller Awaits Appeal Court Decision
In Friday's Newscast, we told you about the beginning of Rhett Fuller's hearing in the Court of Appeal as part of his last attempt to fight extradition to the United States. Well today, his appeal was heard to completion, and his attorney, Eamon Courtenay, argued that Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington made the wrong approach to come up with his final decision on the extradition by adopting the decision of the Privy Council. Their main position was that Fuller was not given a fair hearing from the Minister because he already made up his mind based on the Privy Council's decision, and as a result, the Minister did not properly consider any of the other issues that a Foreign Minister can, in the interest of justice to the person whose extradition is sought. The appeal hearing went up to just an hour before news time, and when it ended, 7News asked Attorney Eamon Courtenay about his submissions. Here's how he explained it: Eamon Courtenay, Attorney for Rhett Fuller "The entire basis of the application was to try to establish that Mr. Justice Awich did not consider our submissions. We have submitted that Minister Elrington did not properly weigh the evidence that Mr. Fuller had put before him and that in fact what he did was he looked at what the Privy Council had said and said oh I come to the same conclusion. Mr. Justice Awich seems to be saying that he agrees with that."

Trying to Intimidate Luis Wade?
Is someone trying to intimidate PLUS TV's Director Luis Wade and his wife Shasta Wade? Wade confirmed to us that they woke up to find his wife's windshield smashed this morning. The vehicle is parked in their fenced yard at night where they have dogs. And then, Shasta Wade confirmed to us that on Saturday she got out of her car to walk into the Nazarene Church when someone threw stones at her. She told us that she isn't making a big deal of the incidents which she does not feel are related. As for the stones, she said it could have been thrown by a child playing. She told us she has no information to say who did it - and does not intend to make a police report.

Stole A Van, Sent To Jail
21 year old Rameile Pandy, and 50 year-old Joseph Hyde are currently facing theft charges after police linked both men to the theft of a van. According to police, 52 year-old Juan Pariente reported that on Friday, he parked his 1999 Astro Van in the San Cas Plaza parking lot. He said that at around 1:30 p.m., someone got into the vehicle and drove off with it. Quick police response led to the interception of the van at the mile four checkpoint on the Western Highway Highway, and the detention of Pandy and Hyde. Police arrested and charged both men with theft and handling stolen goods. They were arraigned today before Magistrate Adolph Lucas where both men pleaded not guilty to the charges. When asked why they should be granted bail, Pandy told the court that he was given a job to transport Hyde to Hattieville. He said that he was given a key for the vehicle and told where it was located.

New High Court Judge is From Guyana
Tonight, Belize has a newly appointed Judge of the Supreme Court; he is Justice Courtney Ashton Abel. Justice Abel hails from Guyana and he has been practicing law since 1980, when he became a Barrister after graduating from Warwick University. He returned to the Eastern Caribbean State of Anguilla in 1988, where he was admitted to practice. He has been a member of the Guyana Bar Association, a former President of the Anguilla Bar Association and a former president of the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States Bar Association. Justice Abel was sworn in this morning by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. He fills the seat that was recently vacated by Justice Samuel Awich, who is now a judge of the Court of Appeal.

Home Invaders In Hattieville
A single mother and her 4 children became victims of a home invasion last night in Hattieville Village. Just before 9 last night, 3 armed men barged into the home of Ann Pou. It happened in a quiet neighborhood that Pou and her children have lived in for many years. Today in an off camera interview with 7news, she recalled last night's terrifying episode. Voice of: Ann Pou "I was in my bed laying down watching TV and talking to one of my girlfriends over the phone when I heard one of my daughters screaming out here. When I heard her screaming I told my girlfriend to hold. I heard my other daughter saying 'mom, gunman' and I threw down the phone and ran out my room because I heard their door slam. When I ran out of my room to come into the living room, I see a man with a gun in his hand pointing at me, I ran back into my room and I text my girlfriend saying to please call the police for me. I call 911 up here but I couldn't get anyone. At that time my other daughter was already on the phone with the police. I tried to call the police from Belize City." "What happen is that I was in my room and I heard my daughter (she was out here laying down watching TV on the sofa with my baby and a young boy in the house drawing). What happen is that somebody yelled for me outside, he got up and look through the door, but he saw someone standing on the street - he puts on the lights and open the door. As soon as he opens the door the two guys came in and one pull a gun and crank it and put it at his head - he ran into my bathroom. He says up to now he doesn't know how he reaches on top of the closet."

Man Knocked Down And Killed By Motorbike
A Teakettle man was knocked down and killed on Saturday night in Ontario Village. But it wasn't a car that hit him, it was a motorbike. The police press officer told us more:.. Rafael Martinez - Police Press Officer "On 20.10.12 at 7:45pm, Police visited miles 56 � on the George Price Highway, Ontario Village, Cayo District where they saw a male person lying face down apparently in pain, he was also seen with his left elbow fractured and his right ankle broken. The male person's name was learnt to be Ermindo Quintanilla, 30yrs, Belizean Laborer of Arizona Area, Teakettle Village, Cayo District. Initial investigations revealed that on 20.10.12 at 7:15pm, Quintanilla was walking along George Price Highway on the right hand side of the highway and upon reaching miles 56 � in Ontario Village he was knocked down by a green "dirt bike" motorcycle with red fender, reportedly driven by a Creole male person wearing a grey T-shirt with stripped pants, low haircut and clean shaven who then fled the scene. Quintanilla was transported to the Western Regional Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries whilst undergoing surgery. This person remains at large as police investigations continue."

Another Crazy Coro Robbery
And in other police news, there was another lawless armed attack in Corozal where a cane farmer was shot as he got home. Again, here's the police press officer:.. Rafael Martinez - Police Press Officer "On Friday 19th October, 2012 about 7:25pm Corozal Police visited the Corozal Community Hospital where they saw Felix Santoya 51years old Belizean cane farmer of Santa Rita Layout Corozal Town suffering (2) wounds on the left forearm which appear to be gunshot wounds and (1) wound on the lower part of his back which also appears to be a gunshot wound. Investigation revealed that about 7:20pm on 19.10.12 Felix Santoya arrived home in his Chevrolet pick-up truck and upon exiting his vehicle he was fired upon several times by a male of brown complexion causing his injuries. The criminal then fled the scene on a bicycle. Police investigation continues."

27 year-old Jermaine Rhaburn and 37 year-old Kevin Jex, both Belize City residents, are at prison tonight after they were taken to court for allegedly burglarizing the Caye Caulker Water Taxi terminal. According to police, 3 vendors reported that sometime between when they close last week Sunday and opened the following morning, someone broke into the terminal, and stole a total of $11,200 in cash and goods from their stalls. Police investigated the reports, and they eventually charged both men with burglary. They were arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today, where they both pleaded not guilty to the charge. Due to the fact that both men owed the court money for fines, they were denied bail and remanded to prison until to December 4, their next court date.

Clean Development Not Always A Clean Deal
The Clean Development Mechanism is an incentive programme that came out of the Kyoto Protocol which in turn came out of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. All that very boring, professional workshop talk refers to projects such as the one for Belize Solid Waste Management which will create a regional landfill at mile 24 on the Western highway. If that saves on the emission of greenhouse gasses, it qualifies as a Clean Development. From that reduction in greenhouse gasses, Belize would be able to sell green credits to developed countries that emit too much greenhouse gasses. Except that right now, it's a bear market for those credits, meaning that prices for carbon credits are too low. So this week, those groups called the designated national authorities in Latin American and the Caribbean are gathering in Belize to discuss what will happen when prices go up. Belize's Climate Change Liaison Carlos Fuller Explained that the timing has to be just right:..

Hugo Got Home
In an update to a story we had been running last week, police are reporting that the 17 year old who had been reported missing, Hugo Moreno has been found. He was reportedly in Mexico. He was reunited with his family in Orange Walk on Saturday afternoon.

Shalini Shines
Shalini Zabaneh, Belize's most dominant female cyclist made Belize proud in the Inet Elite Caribbean Championships which took place this weekend in Antigua and Barbuda. She came in first in the 12 mile elite females time trial -edging out the second place finisher Tamiko Butler from the house country by less than three seconds. Butler got her revenge in the elite Females road race, getting fourth while Shalini finished fourth. Belize's Kaya Cattouse came in sixth in that race.

Channel 5

Road to ICJ starts with Foreign Minister in Guatemala with OAS Reps.
In Guatemala City this morning, the Foreign Ministers of that country and Belize along with the Secretary General of the OAS, met with the Group of Friends. The GoF comprises a number of members of the OAS and Britain who have come together to give support to the process of taking the territorial dispute to [...]

ICJ campaign in Guatemala costs $46 Million
As you know, a week ago, the Foreign Minister of Belize Wilfred Elrington declared that the country had plunged into a diplomatic crisis with Guatemala over the shooting of a Guatemalan national in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul. But today the atmosphere appeared cordial. While questions from the press were not entertained after [...]

Allegations of Malpractice at Northern Regional Hospital; one mother speaks
As we reported on Friday, there are serious allegations of medical malpractice at the Northern Regional Hospital that are being compounded by ministerial interference. A number of female patients who have undergone surgery in the past two months developed life threatening complications. Tonight we speak to one patient, who recently delivered a baby and who [...]

Is Keon Johnson's murder gang related?
Early on Saturday evening another city resident succumbed to gun violence. This time, it is no different� gang violence was at the root of the murder. Twenty-one year old Keon Johnson is the latest murder victim in what police describe as an ongoing feud between rival gangs in the Port Loyola community. On Saturday evening [...]

Cane farmer shot several times
Crime is also on the increase up north where in Corozal the murder stats have increased over last year. A cane farmer of Corozal Town remains in critical condition after being shot several times on Friday night by a lone gunman. Felix Santoya was ambushed in front of his home as he exited his vehicle. [...]

String of burglaries; KG's Phonetech hit hard
Meanwhile, back in the city, residents were terrorized by robbers and thieves over the weekend. A string of burglaries and robberies in the Old Capital were reported, beginning with a break-in at an electronics store on Cemetery Road sometime on Thursday night. KG's Phonetech, a business belonging to Katrina Garbutt was hit by thieves sometime [...]

Rhett Fuller's extradition case wraps up in Appeals Court
The Rhett Fuller extradition case continued in Appeals Court today. On Friday the Court of Appeals rejected as evidence, two cables released by the website Wikileaks. The cables revealed that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington, held meetings with U.S. Embassy representatives regarding the extradition process of Fuller and Mark Seawell, [...]

5 Guatemalan National, who plotted to murder Shoman Family, also in Appeals Court
Also in the Court of Appeal, were five Guatemalan nationals who were convicted in February 2011 for plotting to rob and murder businessman Jose Shoman Junior and his family back in December 2008. Justice Adolph Lucas sentenced Miguel Mayorga, Eswin Fabian Rosalez, Carlos Juarez, Jose Ismael Cordova and Cesar Aldana to ten years each for [...]

San Pedro Western Union robbery caught on camera
Police in San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye are looking for two known suspects for the armed robbery of the Milo's Center branch of Western Union situated at Ambergris Lake Villas. The incident took place shortly before three on Friday evening when two dark skin male persons, pretended as wanting to do a transaction, held [...]

U.S. Citizen stabbed in San Pedro; assailants knew him
Also in San Pedro, a tourist was stabbed inside the room he was renting over the weekend. The incident occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning when three men entered the apartment of thirty year old American Film Director Shawn Patrick Danielly at Casa Caracol situated on Boca del Rio Drive and were caught [...]

Belize City residents robbed on Princess Margaret Drive area
In one more piece of crime, two Belize City men were robbed in separate incidents over the weekend. Christian Lara, a sixth form student, was forcefully relieved of a knapsack containing a laptop computer as he walked home from school on University Drive last Friday. In another incident a day later, thirty-eight year old Rony [...]

More than 60 women protest Belize Aquaculture Limited over money
A protest was held today in the south. Employees of Belize Aquaculture Limited located on the Placencia Road are angry that their terms of employment have changed to contract work, which means that they will only take home half of their usual salary. There are five hundred employees with the company, of which three hundred [...]

Weekend highlights with James Adderley on Sports Monday!
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Week 9 of the PLB Football Season fell victim to a complete washout as torrential rain pounded the nation all weekend. A look at the MCC Grounds yesterday inside Belize City shows the soggy condition that led to the cancellation of the much anticipated [...]


Separate Robberies in The City
A nineteen year old junior college student has been robbed. Christian Lara told police that just after one o'clock on Friday afternoon he was walking on University Drive when he was accosted as he reached in front of the University of the West Indies campus. Lara says...

New Justice of the Supreme Court Sworn In
A new justice of the Supreme Court has been sworn in. He is Justice Courtenay Ashton Abel, a native of Anguilla, an island in the Caribbean. Justice Abel was sworn in this morning by the Hon. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin in a ceremony that was held in his court. Justice Abel, who is ...

Two Men Charged for Burglary
27 year old Jermaine Rhaburn and 37 year old Kevin "Pizza" Jex, who allegedly burglarized Caye Caulker Water Taxi Terminal and stole money and items amounting to over $11,000.00, were charged with burglary when they appeared in court today. They pleaded not guilty to the ch...

Foreign Ministers of Belize and Guatemala Meet to Refine Details of Referendum
The OAS Secretary General, Chilean, Jose Miguel Insulza and the Foreign Ministers from Guatemala and Belize, Harold Caballeros and Wilfred Elrington, respectively, initiated a working reunion to refine the details on the Referendum that will be carried out by both countries on October ...

Weekend Shootings In The City
The Police have identified the man who was shot and killed on Saturday evening in Belize City. He is twenty-one year old Keon Johnson Francis. Francis was reportedly shot multiple times in front of South Side Butane Depot at around five-fifteen on Central American Boulevard...

Belizean Teacher Makes Presentations in London
A Belizean teacher is among several delegates from around the world who are making presentations in London, England in their field of work. Alberto Matus who teaches at Sacred Heart College in the Cayo District, is attending the education plenary forum entitled "One Young W...

Woman's Suicide Leads to Arrest of A Wanted Man
Police have arrested and charged 21 year old Jason Mckenzie, a laborer of Sittee River Stann Creek with Attempted Murder. The charge against McKenzie follows an incident on March 24th of this year when he allegedly stabbed 26 year old Kenroy Flowers in the abdomen after a misunde...

Search Continues for Missing Teenager
Police have extended the search for a teen who went missing on Sunday to across the northern border. Seventeen year old Hugo Moreno became the first teen whose missing person's announcement and particulars were disseminated through the Jasmine Alert system on Monday. ...


Twenty One Year Old Injured During Broad Daylight Armed Robbery
There was a broad daylight armed robbery in Corozal Town on Saturday which resulted in one person injured. Around 1:25pm three armed masked men stormed into San Fa Construction Supplies on San Andres Road, Corozal Town, and robbed the owner of the store and employees at gun point. The entire robbery, which was captured on the stores surveillance camera, took less than two minutes and the robbers walked away with over $3000 in cash. Hipolito Novelo Reports. On Saturday around 1:25pm 21 year old Mirna Pena, 18 year old Edwin Garcia and 28 year old George Hill all employees of Sanfa Construction Supplies situated on San Andres Road in Corozal Town were hanging around the store's counter along with their bosses daughter 21 year old Annie Wu when three armed masked men stormed into the store demanding money.

Traffic Mishap Leaves Corozal Resident Seriously Injured
On Friday night the Philip Goldson Highway recorded another traffic accident which luckily did not see any fatalities. One man; however, was seriously injured. Around 8:30 on Friday night Freddy Cuellar was driving a blue and white International Blue Bird Bus from the direction of Corozal to Orange Walk when somewhere between miles 79 and 80 of the Philip Goldson Highway a blue car with CZL license plate, traveling in the opposite direction, collided into the left tire of the bus. The driver of the car, identified as Ediberto Cache of Xaibe Village in the Corozal District, received injuries to the left hand, foot and abdomen and was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital in an unconscious state after which he was transferred to the Northern Regional Hospital where he is presently in a critical condition. Cuellar on the other hand, complained of pain on both legs. According to Corozal Police a Notice of Intended Prosecution has been issued to Cuellar and one is also expected to be issued to Catch as soon as he regains consciousness.

Hugo Moreno Jr. Back At Home
But amidst all the bad news, there is a bit of good news. Seventeen year old Hugo Moreno Jr., returned home on Saturday after he was reported missing for over a week. On Saturday at about 3:00pm Moreno's father, Hugo Moreno Sr., received a phone call from his son who informing him that he would be home in 10 minutes. So said so done; Moreno arrived at his parent's business establishment in good health. Moreno Sr. told us via phone this afternoon that his son was living in Rovirosa, a small Mexican community located along the banks of the Rio Hondo River. As was reported, Moreno walked out of his house on Sunday October 14th at about 1:00 in the morning after an argument ensued between him and his father.

Corozal Resident Shot At While Locking Vehicle
There was an attempted murder in Corozal on Friday night. Reports are that around 7:00 51 year old Hernan Santoya of Santa Rita Layout Corozal Town was at home with his family when he decided to step into his yard and lock his Chevrolet pickup truck. While locking the vehicle, Santoya was approached from behind by a male Hispanic person armed with a firearm. The individual fired three shots at Santoya before escaping on a bicycle and leaving him for dead. Santoya received gunshot wounds to his left forearm and lower left back. He was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he underwent surgery. According to family members, doctors were able to remove the bullet that was lodged in Santoya's forearm but another bullet still remains in his lower back. Family members also told CTV3 News they suspect that Santoya's shooter is of Guatemalan descent and is known to him. From what the family told us, the shooter had solicited employment from Santoya a few days ago. No one has been arrested and Corozal Police have ruled out robbery as a motive.

Mother Of Two Accuses NRH Of Malpractice
Tonight the staff of the Northern Regional Hospital is once again in the hot seat after a couple is accusing them of medical malpractice. On October 1st, 31 year old mother of two, Alicia Patt went into labor and was admitted at the Northern Regional Hospital where she had been receiving her prenatal care. According to Pott, she was admitted at 8:30am and it was not until around 1:00pm that she was informed that a C-section needed to be performed in order for her to deliver her baby boy. That c-section says Pott nearly cost her, her life as she ended up getting a hysterectomy. "The pregnancy was going good but like at the seven or eight months, my sugar was high, and they said that they were going to take out the baby before the time because the sugar was making the baby to grow big and I was could have her normal so they never did do it they just keep me in the hospital. I came in for a normal delivery and after, that was about 8:30 in the morning and about 1:30 in the afternoon they told me that I have to go in for a C-section because the baby couldn't come out and from there they rushed me in the theatre for the C-section and when they took out the baby they took me in the operation room about an hour after that the doctor said that I had some heavy bleeding and they took me back in the theatre and when they do me a next check-up they told me that I had a bad womb and they took me to remove my womb and that is where they put me to sleep and I didn't remember what happened."

O/W Town Council Lays Off Employees
On Friday October 19th, 11 employees of the Orange Walk Town Council were handed their letter of termination. On Wednesday, October 17th, the Orange Walk Town Council held a management meeting to address certain critical issues affecting the delivery of service to residents of the town. During the meeting a number of issues were discussed including several proposals on how to enhance the sustainability of the Council. At the end of the meeting, the decision to immediately streamline staff was taken, resulting in the Council laying off 11 employees. According to Mayor Kevin Bernard it was not an easy decision, yet it was one that the council had to take. "We have had three separate meeting with the different departments and I remembered clearly when we spoke to them when we had that issue, we had been running with a tight budget ever since and I clearly remember stating to the staff that we will try our best to work along with them and keep as much employees we can because it is a difficult situation and we stress with them that at some point in time the council feels that it cannot continue to sustain itself with all these overhead expenses then we will have to make some tough decisions and it has come to that point." In the past Mayor Bernard met with all employees informing them about the financial status of the council and the necessary measures that would be taken if there was the need. The council is also making other adjustments to cut cost, according to Mayor Bernard.

Too Many Cases Of Malpractice Gone Unheard
But Alicia Pott and Edward Garbutt are leaving no stone unturned and are taking their claim to the highest level with the assistance of Orange Walk East Area Representative Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez. According to Mendez the distressed family wrote him a letter asking him for his assistance in ensuring that their case is investigated. Screen_shot_2012-10-22_at_7.57.03_PMDoctor Marco Tulio Mendez- Orange Walk East Area Representative "Already sent a letter to the Belize Medical Dental Association and also to the Medical Council seeking for them to intervene because this needs an urgent care and assistance because of the so many cases in the Northern Regional Hospital, I am also going to be addressing the letter to the Minister and the Director of Health services and the C.E.O that this needs to stop urgently or the persons that are involved need to be put into administrative leave and investigation immediately." Carmelita Perez - Reporter "In the letter sent to you by the patient, apart from outlining the details of what happened to her while at the NRH and while at the KHMH, what is her main cause of concern, what is it that she wants you as Area Representative to do about this situation?" Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez- Orange Walk East Area Representative "Well, to help her assist her by calling the authority to investigate her problem, she wants to know in detail what happened, why it happened." The Pott case is not an isolated one as unconfirmed reports indicate that there have been numerous reports of malpractice made against the Northern Regional Hospital.

Money Exchanger Robbed Of $20,000 Pesos
A money exchanger from San Joaquin Village in the Corozal District was robbed of thousands of dollars while at a bar in the Village of San Joaquin. On Friday October 19th 54 year old Rosendo Tun, a Belizean money exchanger, reported to Corozal Police that on Thursday October 18th he was at a bar in San Joaquin and as he was about to pay the bartender with a $20.00 note, a man, he identified as 20 year old Sergio Cowo, grabbed approximately $20,000 pesos from his hand and ran away. Quick police response led to the detention of Cowo who is also from the Village of San Joaquin. Corozal Police recovered (31) bills of $200 pesos and (14) bills of $100 pesos. Charges are expected to be levied against Cowo.


Toledo Alcaldes meet in Punta Gorda
The Toledo Alcalde's Association met this morning in Punta Gorda town to address concerns related to current oil development projects in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Belize City man gunned down
A man was murdered in Belize City over the weekend. Love TV's Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo were on the crime beat today and bring you the following report.

Independence High School chooses agriculture queen
The Belize Audubon Society conducted a bird count in the Toledo district over the weekend. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

PUP leader visits Toledo district
The leader of the People's United Party Francis Fonseca has completed a weekend working visit to the Toledo district. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

Guatemalan allegedly kidnapped in Belize
A Guatemalan newspaper is reporting that security forces in Guatemala succeeded in freeing a woman who was allegedly kidnapped in Belize by her estranged husband. Media reports across the border say that forty year old Carla Suleima Lemus was allegedly kidnapped in the Cayo District on Friday by forty two year old Mario Randolfo Sagastume. The newspaper report says that Sagastume took Lemus into Guatemala, not through the arrival and departure section at the Western border but via an illegal crossing. When he arrived on the Guatemalan side, reports are that Sagastume hijacked a taxi cab. Guatemalan police set change and it is reported that they caught up with Sagastume inside the village of Los Tulipanes, where he was taken into custody; but not before authorities had to shoot out the vehicle's tires. Newspaper reports say Lemus indicated that she separated from Sagastume some months ago and that he had originally intended to take her to Puerto Barrios, Izabal. This incident angered neighbors who went to the police station with the intention of lynching Sagastume, but by then he was already behind bars. Love News contacted Benque Viejo Police this afternoon and they were able to confirm that their Guatemalan counterparts had called and informed them of the incident over the weekend, however, they cannot confirm if a kidnapping did happen on Belizean soil since they have no reports made on the incident. We were also informed that Carla Suleima Lemus although it is said she is thought to have resided in Benque Viejo, is in fact a Guatemalan National.

New judge for the Supreme Court
There is a new judge on the Supreme Court bench. Swearing-in ceremonies were held today for Anguillan native Justice Courtenay Ashton Abel. Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin administered the oath of office to Justice Abel who replaces Judge Samuel Awich who has been elevated to the Belize Court of Appeals. Justice Abel, who is married, comes with a weather of experience having served in the private sector in his home country of Anguilla.

Man killed in hit-and-run incident
A man was knocked down and killed over the weekend on the George Price Highway in the Cayo district. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports.


Hatteville home invasion scares a mother and her children
A Hatteville home invasion scares a mother and her children. A family from Hatteville is in shock tonight after the... Belmopan mayor insists liquor laws are being enforced

Belmopan mayor insists liquor laws are being enforced
A perennial problem exists between liquor consumption and senseless acts of abuse and violence. In Belmopan of rece... Missing 17 years-old was in Mexico

Missing 17 years-old was in Mexico
On an up note the police press officer issued a release earlier today stating that Hugo Moreno has been reunited wi...

Motorcyclist flees scene of fatal accident
BELMOPAN CITY Police are seeking a motorcyclist who fled after fatally hitting a pedestrian. On Saturday at 7:45pm,...

23 years old man arrested for murder of 21 years old
A 23 years-old Belize City man has been detained for murder. At about 5:30 pm on Saturday, Keon Johnson (Francis) w...

Gunman escapes on bicycle after shooting cane farmer
A gunman escapes on a bicycle after a shooting incident in Corozal Town. At about 7:20 pm on Friday, 51 years-old c...

KG's Phonetech store burglarized
A man was detained, after a store was burglarized in Belize City. MS. KATRINA GARBUTT, a businesswoman of Burrel Bo...

Electronic items stolen from Belize City home
MR. ISMAEL FLORES, a Taxi Driver of # 3172 Supal Street, Belize City, reported to police that sometime between 7:00...

Thieves steal student's Laptop
MR. CHRISTIAN LARA, a 19 years-old Student of Saint John's College, Junior College, and a resident of Belize City, ...

Belize City resident struggles with armed thieves
MR. RONY ALEXANDER LOPEZ, aged 38 years of Belize City reported to police that at 4:00pm on Friday, he was walking ...

Money changer robbed in bar
On Friday at 1:30pm, Rosendo Tun, a 54 years old money exchanger of San Joaquin village, Corozal District, reported...

Electronic items stolen from car parked outside Biltmore
A 47 year old Nicaraguan Sales Executive reported that between 9:00pm and 9:30pm on Saturday, her rented Kia Sporta...

Police make several arrests over the weekend
Two men have been charged following the burglary of several businesses at the Caye Caulker Water taxi Terminal in B...

Third Annual Lions Quest Conference visits Caye Caulker School
Delegates from across Latin America arrived in Belize over the weekend, to attend the 3rd annual Lions Quest Confer...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Public Meeting on Monday, October 29th
There will be a public meeting with the Commissioner of Police on Monday, October 29th 2012 at 6:00 p.m. sharp at the Community Center. They will also be presenting the Jasmine Alert Program. This is a good opportunity to voice your concerns. Please make every effort to attend.

Community Meeting with the Minister of Tourism and Culture and Belize Tourism Board.
There will be a community meeting with the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. along with members of the Belize Tourism Board on December 6th at 11:00 a.m. to discuss tourism in our island. This is a great opportunity for the business community to come out and voice your concerns. For more information on this meeting you can contact Ms. Jana Puga via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 227-2420.


Belize's Maya Halloween at Chaa Creek
The Lodge at Chaa Creek's annual festivities to honour both Halloween and the Day of the Dead will have a distinctly Maya flavour this year as Belize and the Mundo Maya region prepare to celebrate the completion of the Maya Long Count cycle on December 21, 2012, according to the eco resort's Food and beverage manager Bryony Fleming. "We always get a big kick out of Halloween and in Belize it's combined with the Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, to create a truly cross-cultural experience," Ms Fleming said. "This year, with 2012 and the emphasis on Maya culture, we can expect a bit more Maya influence as well," she added. Ms Fleming said that Belize, the former English colony of British Honduras, is unique in the region due to its combination of English and Spanish influences set amidst a Maya culture that has defined Belize since 1800 BC. "So most of our holidays are a mix of traditional English, Spanish, Maya, Mestizo, Garifuna and other celebrations, all rolled into something distinctly Belizean. "For example, Thanksgiving is celebrated in Belize, but you'll find tamales on the table next to the turkey, and the pumpkin may be the same one the Maya have cultivated for thousands of years. You hear Christmas carols sung in Creole with a Garifuna drum beat, and New Years can be rung in with Spanish or English songs, or both, depending on what village you're in. "Halloween is probably the best example of this, as people with a Spanish background celebrate the Day of the Dead as they do in Mexico and Guatemala, while those from English and European cultures celebrate as they do in North America, complete with costumes and trick or treating. It's a great mix and always a fun time for both kids and adults," she said. Today's Day of the Dead has its origins in Aztec festivals dating back centuries to honour the goddess Mictecacihuatl and to related Maya observances. It is now celebrated throughout the Latino world, with visits to cemeteries and churches on November 1 and 2.

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Moon Guidebook Author Offers the Best Reasons to Move to Belize
I am pleased to share with you the official release for Moon Living Abroad in Belize and am patiently waiting for my copy to arrive by snail mail. I will give you a more personal take on the book once I have it in my hands. Each year, the promise of magnificent scenery, a laid-back lifestyle, and endless outdoor opportunities lures many North Americans to make the move to Belize, a country where the quality of life is high and the cost of living is low. Expat Victoria Day-Wilson-journalist, photographer, and author of Moon Living Abroad in Belize-shares the reasons why moving to this unique country is easier than one might think. Moon Living Abroad in Belize by Victoria Day-Wilson " North Americans find themselves drawn to Belize, a country that boasts more than a tropical climate, beautiful scenery, and multiculturalism�"

A Stormy (Almost Tropical Depression) Weekend in Belize: Finding Shelter at Estel's and Canucks Beach Bar
The air over the Caribbean Sea continues to churn in typical late October fashion. This weekend a wave of serious rain passed over and left us drenched. The island, though, got relatively lucky. The mainland was hit the hardest. And flood watches and warnings were called late Saturday afternoon for Belize's largest city. The storm was so intense that NEMO (our Emergency Management group) was monitoring it closely throughout Saturday night. Apparently, it was very close to forming Tropical Depression characteristics. Sometimes they can just come out of nowhere. We are monitoring another system now that is in our area but thankfully predicted to switch direction soon and head back up to the north east. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. What to do on days that are grey and dreary and nights that are pouring rain? can always head to your favorite restaurant and/or bar, relax and have a few beers. least that is what I did. The day actually started out with a bit of sunshine.

International Sources

OAS Secretary General to Visit Belize and Meet with the Prime Minister
The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Jos� Miguel Insulza, will make a working visit to Belize on Tuesday, October 23, where he will meet with the country's Prime Minister, Dean Oliver Barrow. The leader of the hemispheric organization will also hold meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar and the leader of the opposition, Francis Fonseca, among other authorities. The Secretary General will travel to Belize following his participation on Monday, October 22, in Guatemala City in a meeting of the Group of Friends of the General Secretariat for Belize-Guatemala.

Affordable Islands of the Caribbean
I'm paddling idly in the cool waters off the Split, wondering if I should drag myself to the bar of the Lazy Lizard for a beer. I've spent the morning snorkeling off the Barrier Reef, viewing coral formations and brightly-colored fish. Now, with evening coming on, I'm taking a last swim in Caye Caulker's best-known swimming spot before showering and dressing for dinner. Though here, "dressing" is pretty casual� it means I'll probably put on flip-flops rather than going barefoot. Probably. These days Caye Caulker, a five-mile-long island off Belize's Caribbean coast, has the laid-back, beach-bum vibe that brought expats to nearby Ambergris Caye 20 years ago. The streets on Caye Caulker are still packed sand. Most people get around by bicycle. And for those who come here, life is all about the water.

Consultants invited to bid RO project
Belize Water Services has selected four consultants to submit proposals for the expansion of the water and sewerage facilities at Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize and a popular tourist destination. The consultants invited to submit proposals are: Geniver of Trinidad Fichtner Water & Transportation GmbH of Germany Roughton International, Ltd of Hampshire, UK Stantec Consulting International Ltd of Canada A feasibility study completed in May 2011 provided preliminary designs and made recommendations for a capital investment program that could be phased in over the next 18 years. However, some aspects of the study did not consider the latest available information and site-specific conditions, and must be updated to incorporate the missing data. The planned project involves the construction of a new 2,080 m3/d (0.55 MGD) RO potable water treatment plant and distribution system; a new gravity sewer collection system and twelve sewage pumping stations; a new 5,950 m3/d (1.6 MGD) sewage treatment lagoon system; and a UV disinfection system and onsite power generation at the new and existing lagoon systems.

OAS Secretary General Participates in Belize-Guatemala Meeting
The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jos� Miguel Insulza, today participated in Guatemala City in the meeting of the Group of Friends of the General Secretariat for Belize-Guatemala, with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize, Wilfred Elrington, and Guatemala, Harold Caballeros. During the meeting, the two foreign ministers reported on the status of the talks held between Belize-Guatemala to address its centennial territorial dispute, and they requested support from the international community to refer the dispute to the International Court of Justice, once referenda on the issue are held in both countries on October 2013. This diplomatic process has the political and technical support of the OAS. The Secretary General also met with the President of Guatemala, Otto P�rez Molina, and tomorrow will travel to Belize, where he will be hosted by Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

CARICOM Secretary General Irwin LaRocque Makes Visit to Belize
CARICOM Secretary General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque began an offiicial to Belize on Monday, the Secretariat announced. LaRocque's visit included a courtesy call with Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Monday. The trip also includes a meeting with Foreign Trade Minister Erwin Contreras. The Secretary General's two-day visit to CARICOM's only Central American member state will involve discussions with members of Belize's private sector, youth representatives and the media. LaRocque is additionally visiting the offices of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism. Both agencies are headquartered in Belize.

Belize and Panama trip rewards biology students for hard work
This past summer Dr. James Engman, professor of biology and department chair, took students on two adventures to study abroad. In June, he took a group of 10 to Belize. In July, he took another group of 10 to Panama. Before students fly off to different lands to study their ecosystems and the organisms that reside in them, students must have some knowledge about these areas. "For both trips, students were required to learn a list of 120 organisms, mainly marine, by their scientific name and common name and be able to identify them before the trip," Engman said. "We had to write two 10-page research papers, one on a cultural aspect of Panama and the other on a organism found in Panama," Catie Morrow, pre-medical biology major, said. "I had to memorize 125 different organisms. We had to learn their genus species name, so I made flashcards for them." Students have readings in textbooks as well as discussions on journal articles. For the Belize trip, students must complete a research paper and presentation, and for the Panama trip, students are required to write two research papers and present one or two presentations. "Students on the Panama trip should have had at least general zoology," Engman said. "For Belize, it is more flexible. Students on both trips received college credit."

Treasure Island Management Ltd. Announces New Chairman Of The Board, Mark M. Moskowitz
Treasure Island Management, Ltd. (TIM) announced that on October 17, 2012, Mr. Mark M. Moskowitz, a distinguished legal scholar and practitioner, has been appointed as the Company's new Chairman of the Board. Mr. Moskowitz is a graduate of Harvard Law School as well as former editor of The Harvard Law Review, and spent 40 years as a senior corporate and securities counsel and a shareholder/partner with several major US law firms. During this period he represented clients in a variety of industries, and developed an international reputation for his expertise with the gaming industry, having participated in several billion dollars of gaming financing transactions. "Mark has made enormous contributions to Treasure Island Management for the past 5 years, serving as General Counsel for TIM, as well as business consultant on financial funding for the proposed resort," said Rickey Pierce, Treasure Island Management's Founder and CEO. "His insight and leadership are incredibly valuable to our Company."

Internship Program In Animal Caretaking: Belize
Introducing our new, six-week animal caretaking internship in Caye Caulker, Belize!Caye Caulker, Belize This intensive training program offers students hands-on experience in animal care, socialization, behavior, and rescue as you participate in the daily work of a local cat sanctuary. The internship provides a unique opportunity to work in Belize's first and only no-kill cat sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. Pending availability, there may be an opportunity to observe procedures in the spay/neuter clinic and to shadow a veterinary technician, if one is available. Otherwise, you will shadow P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary's founder and director, Madi Collins. The internship will include a weekly reflection with your mentor and an experience report, due on your fourth week of the project. You are also required to outline your goals and objectives on a weekly basis during the first three weeks, and discuss this at your weekly reflections. This will help you to choose an area of concentration during your fourth week at the sanctuary. P.A.W.S. interns provide enormous help to the animals at the sanctuary-and at the same time, you'll gain an interest in animal care, building a lifelong commitment to animals in need.

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