Belize hosts 3rd annual Latin and Central America Lions Quest Conference in San Pedro Town

Representatives involved in the Lions Quest Program from several Latin and Central American countries are meeting on Ambergris Caye for their annual event. The third Annual Latin America and the Caribbean Lions Quest Conference which is a two-day event is being hosted by the Belize Lion Zone 59 at the Sunbreeze Conference Room in San Pedro Town. The purpose of the event is for the representative of each country to report on the progress of the program in their respective countries, discuss some of the challenges and share ideas that can help overcome the challenges.

The Lions Quest, a school based life skills program, is being taught in about 70 primary and secondary schools across Belize following a pilot project launched in 2005. Internationally, the program is run by the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) and in Belize the program is financed by the local clubs. According to the Belize Country Director for the Lions Quest Program, Robert "Bobby" Lopez, the two days of event which includes a field trip will help the delegation to see and understand how a well supportive program by all stakeholders has an impact at both the school and community levels. "We each give our report, look at some of the challenges, share ideas and see how we can overcome some of the challenges. We hope that we can set goals and go over strategic plans both individually as a country as well as collectively," said Lopez.

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