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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Belize host 3rd annual Latin and Central America Lions Quest Conference in San Pedro Town
Representatives involved in the Lions Quest Program from several Latin and Central American countries are meeting on Ambergris Caye for their annual event. The third Annual Latin America and the Caribbean Lions Quest Conference which is a two-day event is being hosted by the Belize Lion Zone 59 at the Sunbreeze Conference Room in San Pedro Town. The purpose of the event is for the representative of each country to report on the progress of the program in their respective countries, discuss some of the challenges and share ideas that can help overcome the challenges. The Lions Quest, a school based life skills program, is being taught in about 70 primary and secondary schools across Belize following a pilot project launched in 2005. Internationally, the program is run by the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) and in Belize the program is financed by the local clubs. According to the Belize Country Director for the Lions Quest Program, Robert "Bobby" Lopez, the two days of event which includes a field trip will help the delegation to see and understand how a well supportive program by all stakeholders has an impact at both the school and community levels. "We each give our report, look at some of the challenges, share ideas and see how we can overcome some of the challenges. We hope that we can set goals and go over strategic plans both individually as a country as well as collectively," said Lopez.

Ambergris Today

Belikin Launches Water-Themed 2013 Calendar
Belikin held its 2013 Calendar Launch on Saturday, October 20, 2012, at the Princess Hotel & Casino Poolside. This is the second year in a row that this signature event for Belikin has been held at the Princess, much to the pleasure of those who attended. Saturday night's event was shaping up to be a big one with wonderful promotional giveaways supported by an aggressive online campaign. Not that all this was really needed because after all this was the Belikin Calendar.

Controversy at Miss International Pageant, Miss Belize Proudly Represents
After it was announced that Miss Japan was Miss International 2012, a wave of complaints inundated the social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Miss Japan was never considered a favorite of the crown, and some even believed she would not be in the Top 15. "Lack of facial beauty" is the main criticism she has been getting. A comment in the social pages stated the following "I beg to disagree. She is out of my radar. My current top 16 include Belize, Brazil, Crimea, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Fiji, Finland, Gabon, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay, USA, Wales."

Misc Belizean Sources

BEL Presentation to BCCI - Series 5 Debenture Offering
The BCCI Executive Board met on Friday, October 19th with the CEO of Belize Electricity Ltd and his team for a presentation on the proposed investment by SSB in BEL. Please go to the following link to view the presentation.

SPRCS All Saints Day Fair
The San Pedro RC SChool All Saints' Day Fair is here once again. The event will take place on Friday, November 2, 2012 starting at 5:00 p.m. at the School Grounds. This year's All Saints Day Fair will be held to raise funds to relocate the cafeteria to an area where it won't cause any risk to the students above and those close to where it presently is. The plan is to move the cafeteria and use the space for a classroom. The two classrooms above the cafeteria will then become only one class as the space is presently to small for two classrooms.

Perlita Gets a Dale Wallace Original Custom-Made Guitar
Perlita was handed a personalized custom made guitar made from beautiful Belizean hard wood. Both Perlita and Mr. Wallace were a bit emotional, LOL! Mr. Wallace admitted to us that every time he sells a guitar it is bittersweet moment for him as he finds it hard to depart from his creations. "I put so much work into these guitars, up to 200 hours, and I get a bit attached; but it's a good feeling knowing someone will appreciate it and enjoy using their quality hand-made guitars," stated Mr. Wallace. One of Mr. Wallace's newest projects is making beautiful ukuleles from our beautiful Belizean hard wood. For orders be sure to visit or call 206-2445 and be sure to tell Mr. Wallace that the Angels sent you!

News Transitions from Print to the World Wide Web
It's been going on for a while now - major newspapers and magazines from around the world making the switch from their print editions to online publishing. It is not necessarily a trend but a necessity, a need of demand and supply. With social media dominating how fast information is spreading, media houses have to adapt to provide the fastest information possible. Times have changed and the future is online. Ambergris Today is proud to have made such a big move at the right time. Our online edition of the newspaper is making waves and providing a much better service with lots more information, pictures, video and embracing technology and moving with the times.

Why Teach?
By Gustavo Ramirez, Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant Teaching, whether in public or private schools, is much more than just a job; it's a lifetime vocation of continuously wanting to learn while helping others to learn. Those of us who dedicate our lives to the vocation of teaching include not only the teachers who work directly with students inside a classroom, but also administrators, guidance counselors, and all other school staff (salaried and non-salaried) who are part of and/or connected to a school. On the other hand, those who attempt to teach others, especially young people, merely because teaching provides a regular salary, do not genuinely teach, do not like it, and are hardly ever successful at it. Moreover, students on the receiving end of such teachers quickly feel the facade and insincerity. How do we measure the value of someone who teaches and helps others to learn everyday, whether in a classroom or not? Those on the receiving end of the learning can best answer that question. Example: If I am sick I will seek out a medical professional to help me learn how to get better, or how to avoid getting sicker. However, if after many visits and examinations the medical professional does not eventually help me to understand the cause of my ache/pain, or cannot help me to cure, manage or ease it then he/she did absolutely nothing for me. Words of instruction, whether spoken or written, can be valuable when accompanied or followed by actions from speaker and/or listener.

Sacred Heart College Business Expo
Friday and Saturday, Sacred Heart College will be having their annual Business Expo. There will be games, food, raffles, booths, discos, and many specials. Digicell will be doing a double up promotion too.

Kurse a di Xtabai @ Meluchi's
This Saturday, there will be a screening of Kurse a di Xtabai on Meluchi's big screen to celebrate the DVD launch. The movie was made completely in Cayo, and was premiered at the Belize Film Festival. After the Sacred Heart College Fair, check out the screening at 8:00pm.

Photography Workshop at Benque HoC
Starting tomorrow evening, and going on for 3 nights, the Benque House of Culture, in collaboration with Argentina's Proyecto Cruz del Sur, will be having a photography workshop. "A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away, join us capturing great and memorable moments"

News.Exchange Magazine's Website
News Exchange Magazine has a new issue...and a new website. 'Promoting Everything Belizean' is their motto. You can read some of the articles from their current edition online. You can find the latest issues at Venus in Cayo. "Can and should Belize benefit from developing its natural resources, turning the perception of poor resource management and use of economic proceeds-the resource curse- into the blessings it deserves?"

Rosalee's Stewed Pumpkin
This recipe was my mom's favorite when she was a child. The recipe is very simple with very few ingredients. The pumpkin is sweet and delectable at the end. In keeping with the show to never waste, we opted out of making Jack O Lanterns for Halloween and cook the pumpkin instead

Channel 7

Execution of American Businessman at Busy City Intersection
Today there was a disturbing murder at one of the city's busiest intersections: The Belcan roundabout. A Lebanese - American car dealer was killed as he ate lunch in a well-known Lebanese restaurant in the Farmer's Market compound. But, it wasn't a robbery - by all accounts it was an execution. We found out more at the scene today:.. Jules Vasquez reporting The restaurant in the Farmer's Market known as a King Kabob is a popular hangout for Lebanese men, but during lunch today it was a crime scene. A Lebanese American, 40 year old Aziz Dib was killed inside as he was having eating. Another Lebanese man who frequents the restaurant had just stepped out when the killer stepped in. Asking to appear off camera, he told us what happened: Voice of: Patron at the restaurant "A slim, dark skin person who wore a mask went in, emptied the gun and roll out." Jules Vasquez "So, he just walk in, he didn't demand money?" Voice of: Patron at the restaurant "No, this is what got everyone wondering what really went wrong; it could be a wrong person, it could be someone else..." But the killer seemed to have no doubt - he singled out Aziz Dib from other persons in the restaurant and shot him multiple times. Police recovered seven expended 9 millimeter shells from the scene and photos taken by a passerby show that he was shot to the head, and fell to the floor breaking the chair he was sitting on leaving a pool of blood.

OAS Secretary General Insulza In Belize
Yesterday, Foreign Ministers from Belize and Guatemala joined the Secretary General of the OAS in Guatemala City to meet with the International Group of Friends. Those are the friendly nations who want Belize and Guatemala to settle their territorial dispute at the International Court of Justice and are willing to help fund the effort. That means partially paying for the referendum and the education campaigns in both countries. The meeting was considered a success - and Insulza came to Belize right after to meet with the Prime Minister, the National Security Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. Today at a 12 minute press briefing at the airport - he said he came to Belize right after so no one would think the OAS is playing favourites with Guatemala:.. Jose Miguel Insulza, OAS Secretary General "With the adjacency zone and the possibility of find a solution to the issue of the International Court of Justice. The reason for me to come here immediately after was precisely to erase any doubt that there could be some kind of different treatment." So how much will the referendum and public education process cost? Today's Amandala reports that it is 50.5 million US Dollars between both countries.

Little Angels Preschool - The Other Side
Last week, we told you about the controversy surrounding the Little Angels preschool in San Pedro. A three year old boy and his grandmother made a complaint to police alleging that he had been molested at the school. It has caused quite an uproar at the school and put the principal and owner Marina Graniel Kay and her family under intense scrutiny. Today we spoke to her attorney Dolores Balderamos Garcia who said the adverse attention is unwarranted because there has been no police investigation to implicate anyone. Balderamos Garcia instead apportioned blame to an education officer. Here are her comments:.. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, attorney "I don't defend allege child abusers. My involvement in relation to the reputation of my client, her family and the school and far be it from me to deny any allegations but I have to say that the police's position is that the investigation is at a very initial stage and the matter is in the hands of the police."

Police Said Pump Shotgun, Court Says Pellet Gun
The arrest of 23 year-old Glenford Vernon, 23 year-old Carlton Pakeman, and 18 year-old Lindon Hinds was heralded by police as a break in the case for the shooting death of 39 year-old Jessem Gladden, who was shot to death in June of 2011. But tonight, all 3 men have been freed of all firearms charges which were laid against them after they were found in a vehicle which allegedly matched the description of the one which fled the scene of that shooting. According to police, the men were intercepted in a grey Ford Escort car on Thursday June 23, 2011, near the Esso Gas Station at the corner of Woods Street and Cemetery Road. They claimed that they were responding to reports that this vehicle fled the scene of Jessem Gladden's shooting on Flamboyant Street. As a result, police searched the vehicle and said that they found a sawed-off shotgun. All 3 men were charged with keeping a prohibited firearm. We fast-forward to today, when the trio was acquitted of the offence as the trial ended before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. In the trial, it was determined that this sawed-off shotgun that police claimed they found was nothing more than a pellet gun, which the firearms expert testified saying was not even in working condition.

Another Arrested For A Stolen Car
Last night, 7News told you about the 2 men who were remanded to prison for a stolen vehicle. Well today, there is another man who is behind bars; he is 36 year-old Roberto Gilharry, a resident of Amara Avenue. According to police, Wawat Napata, a lecturer of the University of Belize, reported to police that on August 19, someone stole his $5,000 Ford Escort car from in front of his house, where he had parked it. Police investigated the report and on Friday, October 12, they found the vehicle at a home in Hattieville. The homeowners reported that it was Gilharry who brought the vehicle and parked it there. As a result, police arrested and charged Gilharry with handling stolen goods and he was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, where he pleaded not guilty. Chief Magistrate Smith granted him bail of $2,000, which he was unable to meet. He was taken to prison this evening, and he will remain there until he can make arrangements for bail at a later date. He is expected back in court on December 6.

We already showed you the Secretary General of the OAS who made a six hour visit to Belize today. The CARICOM Secretary General has also been on a longer visit - meeting with Government officials and the private sector. Today he met with the media where a number of issues were discussed including Belize's role in the Caribbean as a bread basket and a gateway to Central America:.. Irwin La Rocque, CARICOM Secretary General "Belize is well known in the rest of the region for two products; red kidney beans and citrus juices; very well know and we have had a traditional market of exporting those products to the rest of Caricom. We know that corn products are now being exported from Belize into Jamaica. Jamaica is a major consumer if corn products; corn meal porridge in the famous songs of reggae and so on. You are also exporting citrus products to the Dominican Republic and we have a vibrant poultry association here, poultry producer."

Ladyville Man Drew his Own Gun, Still Remanded
56 year-old Dennis Flowers, a resident of Vista Del Mar in Ladyville, is spending his second night in prison after he was taken to court for assaulting another Ladyville man. According to police, Marcos Antonio Magana reported that on Sunday, October 21, 2012, at about 6:30 p.m., he was on Pigeon Street in Ladyville when Flowers approached him, pulled out a gun and pointed it in his face for no apparent reason. Police arrested and charged Flowers with aggravated assault. Flowers was arraigned in Magistrate's Court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty. He challenged the charge by telling the court that he is accused of committing the offence with his own licensed weapon. The sitting magistrate pointed out to him that it doesn't matter that it is his licensed weapon, aggravated assault is still an offence.

Primary School Fire Drill
Emergency plans are something we all need whether in our homes, schools or public buildings. But sometimes it only exists on paper - if at all. Today though, NEMO put St. Ignatius Primary School in Belize City through a fire drill to see how well they execute under pressure. Monica Bodden found out how they mobilized a school of 800 students:.. Monica Bodden reporting As the clock struck 11:20 this morning - the PA system at St Ignatius's Primary School went off - alerting the entire school of a fire. The teachers assembled their students in lines of twos and then quickly processed to evacuate. Over 8 hundred students exited the school compound through this one front exit. The school wardens stopped the traffic - so the students could cross the street to safer grounds. Everything seemed structured and in place and it was all done in just minutes - The fire department arrived on the scene a little under two minutes after the emergency call was made. But there wasn't a real emergency at the primary school this morning - It was only a simulation put in place by NEMO to help the schools develop an emergency plan in case of a disaster.

9 Year Old Needs Heart Transplant
We often have stories of children who are in urgent need of medical attention. But our next story is about a child who needs a miracle, not medical attention. Local Doctors say they can't do anything else for 9 year old Keon McKoy because he has a congenital heart defect that can only be remedied with a heart transplant. While mercy missions for pediatric medical care are often flown out of Belize, a heart transplant is something else entirely: It can't be arranged through charity. And so while everyone has more or less given up little Keon, his mother said she can't. She told us that in spite of the dire prognosis she is still trying to fundraise. Cicilee Trapp - mother "I went to the Rotary Club and they say that they cannot help me. They specialist came in from the states and they say they can't help me because he needs a open heart surgery and I dint have any money, I am begging to the public if they can please assist me with my son. He really needs help." Monica Bodden "Tell us a little more about Keon's condition." Cicilee Trapp - mother "From at the age of 5 years old I took him to the doctor because he was swelling up. When they ran tests they found out that he has a heart condition. His main valve to his heart is leaking - both of them. I don't really know what it would cost but I am pleading for help."

Channel 5

Murder of businessman in Belize City. Is it linked to Khaled Jamil El Turk?
A car dealer was executed during the lunch hour in the Old Capital. Abdul Azziz Mohammed Dib and friends were having coffee at a Lebanese restaurant in the heavily trafficked area behind the Farmers Market when a gunman entered the premises and opened fire. The murder has the trappings of a hit, because the gunman [...]

Guatemalans ready to take claim on Belize to ICJ
There has been a flurry of diplomatic activity in the past twenty-four hours on the referendum to the International Court of Justice. Today, the Secretary General of the OAS, Miguel Angel Insulza was in Belize for about five hours. On Monday, in Guatemala, both the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala met at [...]

Belize's awareness campaign for ICJ referendum will be in 2013
While Guatemala launched its public awareness campaign on Monday, here in Belize, the launch of the campaign for the October 2013 referendum is months away. The price tag is much less at four million dollars. Foreign Minister Elrington says the government has decided to put off the start of the nationwide education campaign until early [...]

P.U.P. will outline for or against ICJ during education campaign
Both the ruling United Democratic Party and the People's United Party will play a vital role in the education process of the public regarding the history of the dispute and the various ways that the matter could be settled. What is not yet clear is the positions of the local political parties on this historic [...]

Does the P.U.P. support G.O.B. position to pay cash for dead Guatemalans?
Guatemalan national, Francisco Quin Yat of Montes de los Olivos, Dolores, Peten was killed in the Ceibo Chico area of the Chiquibul earlier this month. Quin was panning for gold well inside Belize's territory and Belize Defense Force soldiers claim he advanced towards them threateningly despite warning shots. There were threats that Guatemala would have [...]

Doctor Mendez concerned about sick women at Northern Regional Hospital
There are more allegations of medical malpractice at the Northern Regional Hospital to which the Ministry of Health is yet to respond. The incidents started after the abrupt transfer of two local doctors who resisted the transfer and subsequently resigned. The issue was ventilated in the House of Representatives by Orange Walk East Area rep, [...]

Attorney Balderamos Garcia defends client and business tarnished by toddler abuse case
Last Thursday we reported that the family of a three year old boy alleges that he was sexually abused at his pre-school in San Pedro Town. The infant was subsequently examined by two doctors, who reportedly confirmed that there are signs of abuse. While there have been no arrests in the matter, the school's reputation, [...]

Garbage in, garbage out." That's Sedi's viewpoint on Coalition for Justice
Last week a new NGO, Belize Coalition for Justice asked for Minister Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington to be removed from the Ministry. When asked to respond, Elrington admitted that he didn't know much of the group since he has been out of the country quite frequently over the past few months. He said he suspects though [...]

PG residents concerned about U.S. Capital Energy and EIA
The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage is challenging a statement made by the Minister of Forestry and Fisheries on Section twenty-two (one) of the Environmental Protection Act Chapter as it relates to the rescheduling of the public consultation for the US Capital Energy Exploratory Drilling Environmental Impact Assessment. The act says, "The Department [...]

Pellet gun mistaken for sawed-off shotgun; case fizzles
Three men, who were arrested on the night of June twenty-third 2011, were freed of firearm charges today. Twenty-three year olds Glenford Vernon and Carlton Pakeman were picked up along with nineteen year old Lindon Hinds shortly after a shooting incident in the Pound Yard area in which, Jessem Gladden was injured. The Ford Escort [...]

Burglaries and robberies galore in Belize City
Thieves were on the loose on Monday preying on more unsuspecting persons. The first reported robbery took place at about six-forty-five in the morning when Lellia Senticum was walking on Kut Avenue. Senticum says she was approached by a man wearing a yellow rain coat and riding a bicycle. The assailant demanded that she hand [...]

Energy Workers Union still deciding on B.E.L. debenture sale
The Social Security Board is proposing an investment of fifteen million dollars in debentures of the Belize Electricity Limited. B.E.L., needs operating cash and proceeds from the sale of the new bonds, it is anticipated, will be used to defray series one debentures that will mature in December. The financially embattled, government-owned utility company is [...]

St. Ignatius School students learn from a fire drill
A drill was held today at the St Ignatius School to develop a plan for schools in the event of a fire. Everyone was evacuated from the school as CEMO, the Fire, Police and Traffic Departments and BERT tested their preparedness. Duane Moody was on hand for the exercise.   Duane Moody, Reporting Classes were [...]

CARICOM Secretary-General stops in Belize for a visit with the P.M.
Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque concluded an official visit to Belize today, following a call on Prime Minister Dean Barrow and other CARICOM-affiliated agencies in the country. During his stay LaRocque also met with stakeholders in the private sector before convening a brief sit-down with members of the media. The discussion covered [...]

$10,000 much closer to a winner in Superstar!
Be the Next Superstar starts shortly at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. It's down to the wire now and so far the following have survived: Daniel Aguirre; Dania Arana; the Jeremy's; Romi and Elizabeth; Kristen, Colin and Ashanti and the Ascenthium Band. Tonight, they will fight for your votes and a spot in [...]


Price For Regular Fuel On The Rise
Tonight there is some bad news for consumers who operate their vehicles by using regular fuel. If you are holding your head just about now and saying fuel price "gann up", then, we are sorry to say, you are right, at least when it comes to regular fuel. Previously here in Orange Walk a gallon of regular fuel was sold for $12.03 but on Sunday the price increased by 12 cents taking the new price to $12.15. The prices of premium, diesel and kerosene remain the same. Regular gasoline is the most expensive in Punta Gorda where it now sells at $12.32. The last major change in pump prices was recorded in August 26th with the increase of regular and premium prices only. By our count this is the 8th time that pump prices have increase for this year alone. According to a recent data from the Statistical Institute of Belize, gas prices increased on average by 9.5% over the span of August to September.

Caledonia Resident Charged For Exposing HimselfpoliceThere is a very disturbing report coming out of Corozal tonight. A Belizean domestic of Santa Rita Layout visited the Police substation in Caledonia on Sunday October 21st at around midnight, and reported to police that on Saturday October 20th, at around 3:30pm, she was walking on a street located in the village of Caledonia when she was approached by 36 year old fisherman Hijinio Canto better known as "Cocoy". What Canto did next was unexpected and ghastly. He stood directly in front of the woman, brought down his pants and exposed his private area causing the complainant to feel threatened. Police have arrested Canto and charged him for the offence of "exposing person in public".

Belize And Guatemala Foreign Ministers Discuss Referendum
Yesterday in Guatemala City, Foreign Minister of Guatemala, Harold Caballeros, and Belize's Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, along with the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Jose Miguel Insulza met with the Group of Friends (GOF) of the General Secretariat for Belize-Guatemala referendum process. According to a press release issued by the OAS, during the meeting the two foreign ministers reported on the status of discussions that have taken place between Belize and Guatemala to address its centennial territorial dispute. The press release also states that the foreign ministers, quote, "requested support from the international community to refer the dispute to the International Court of Justice, once referenda on the issue are held in both countries on October 2013," end quote. With a population of over 14 million, Guatemala is moving full speed ahead in the awareness campaign which would approximately cost the Guatemalan Government about US$46 million. The awareness campaign will cost Belize approximately $4.5millon for a population of over 325,000. The awareness campaign is an effort to sensitize the population of both countries about the probable negative and positive effects that might result in taking the issue to the International Court of Justice. The OAS has pledged its political and technical support for the diplomatic process to take its course.

Orange Walkenos Makes Complain Against Social Security
Tonight Wilfredo Gutierrez has a lot on his mind. The truck driver from Orange Walk has been unable to work since May of this year when he suffered an accident. But what's even worst is that Gutierrez claims that Social Security no longer wants to pay him his benefits. Here is what he told us when he visited our studio yesterday. "Me calli de mi tractor, estaba arrancado el tractor, y jale el gear shifter by mistake y entro en gear y cuando me calli en el suelo me paso la llanta grande del tractor sobre mi pie y me fracturo el right tibia de mi pie y entonces consegui una operación y me pusieron un platino." According to Gutierrez, when he visited the Social Security Office here in Orange Walk he was informed that he was unable to claim an accident benefit but would qualify for a sickness benefit. Gutierrez was paid one month and after that he was disallowed.

Belize Has New Supreme Judge
Belize has a new Supreme Court Judge who comes all the way from Guyana. Yesterday, Justice Courtney Ashton Abel was sworn in by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Justice Abel has been practicing law for more than 25 years and is an experienced trail lawyer in the areas of civil, corporate and commercial law. Justice Abel is a graduate of Warwick University and was admitted to the bar of England and Wales in 1980. Justice Abel is a former President of the Anguilla Bar Association and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Bar Association. Courtney Abel has appeared as lead Counsel before Courts and Tribunals in Anguilla and elsewhere in the Eastern Caribbean including the Court of Appeal and before the Privy Council in the United Kingdom, on a number of occasions. Justice Courtney Ashton Abel fills in for Justice Samuel Awich who is now serving as a judge in the Court of Appeal.


Officials discuss carbon credits
Currently in Belize to discuss the air the air that we breathe are representatives from nineteen regional countries whose interests are really how we can turn the relatively clean air on this side of the globe into money. It's a complicated theory still being toyed with on how developing countries can bring developed countries to bear for the level of their emissions into the atmosphere. The discussions fall under a Clean Development Mechanism and this is the second attempt to see it come to some fruition after round one did not materialize into anything more than talk. Minister of Sustainable Development, Liselle Alamilla, says there are not Designated National Authorities from the various countries at the helm. The Climate Change Project is at the centre of the discussions and its Liaison Officer, Carlos Fuller, worked out the finer details for us. Fuller said that this second effort is looking at the period from 2013 to 2020 to bring to reality what they've been discussing.

String of burglaries and robberies reported
A series of burglaries and robberies has been reported in Belize City between last Thursday and Saturday. In the first incident, businesswoman Katrina Garbutt reported to police that sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, her business place, namely KG's Phonetech, was burglarized. Garbutt reports that an assortment of cell phones and accessories with an estimated value of fifteen thousand dollars was stolen. Police have since detained one man for questioning in connection with the incident. A house on Supal Street in Belize City has been burglarized. According to taxi driver Ismael Flores, his two bedroom bungalow house was burglarized sometime between seven o'clock on Thursday morning and eleven o'clock the same morning. Flores says that the thief or thieves made off with electronic items valued at one thousand, one hundred and forty five dollars. No one has been detained so far as police continue their investigations. A nineteen year old junior college student has been robbed. Christian Lara told police that just after one o'clock on Friday afternoon he was walking on University Drive when he was accosted as he reached in front of the University of the West Indies campus. Lara says that two men on separate bicycles accosted him and took away his knapsack containing a laptop computer. Both men then rode off, making good their investigation. In another attack in the same general vicinity, a man was robbed of his belongings. Thirty eight year old Rony Lopez told police that he was attacked near the Edward P. Yorke High School around four o'clock on Friday afternoon. Lopez says that he was grabbed from behind by a man of dark complexion who placed a firearm to his head. Police say that Lopez struggled with his attacker, during which he managed to grab hold of his assailant's hand and the firearm. During the struggle, a second man reportedly joined in the attack, punching and kicking Lopez. During the struggle a magazine loaded with nine Aguila brand 9 millimeter rounds reportedly fell out of the firearm. Lopez was relieved of a brown knapsack which contained his personal documents. He also received a small cut wound to upper lip and left thumb during the struggle. Police say they are looking for a Belize City man for questioning in connection with the incident.

Two charged in burglary of water taxi terminal
27 year old Jermaine Rhaburn and 37 year old Kevin "Pizza" Jex, who allegedly burglarized Caye Caulker Water Taxi Terminal and stole money and items amounting to over $11,000.00, were charged with burglary when they appeared in court today. They pleaded not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser did not offer them bail because they have court fines for which payment is outstanding. They were remanded into custody until December 4. The burglary occurred between 5:30 p.m. on October 14 and 7:30 a.m. on October 15. One of the vendors at the terminal reported to the police that the items that were stolen from him included $ 4,300.00, one laptop computer, two boxes of Cuban cigars and some cigarette lighters. Another vendor at the terminal, reported to the police that the items that were stolen from his booth included $3,000.00, one black Samsung cellular phone with $250.00 worth of credits and one Nokia cellular phone. A third vendor at the terminal told police that $1,527. 00 was stolen from him. None of the money or the items have been recovered. According to reports, there was no evidence of forced entry and it is believed that the culprits entered the building, located on North Front Street, through a back door that was open.

Mayor explains firings at Orange Walk town council
Last week, the Orange Walk Town Council terminated the services of eleven employees. According to a press release from the Orange Walk Town Council, they came to this decision after a management meeting held last week. Our correspondent Arturo Cantun spoke with Mayor, Kevin Bernard. Bernard explained how the Town Council will now operate without those eleven employees. That was Orange Walk Mayor, Kevin Bernard.

Police updates media on weekend crimes
At its regular weekly press briefing today, Police Press Officer Rafael Martinez spoke of two separate incidents in San Pedro in which one was stabbed and another died while swimming. On the case of baby Kaylee Burgess, police say the investigation is still ongoing and now they're asking for anyone with information to assist them in bringing closure to that matter. Since the death of baby Kaylee, who was killed two days before her second birthday in Ladyville, an elder sibling has named someone as the killer, but the police are depending on an adult to make a report naming that individual. Meanwhile, a cane farmer, 51 year old Felix Santoya of Santa Rita Layout reported that at around seventy twenty on Friday he was shot while exiting his vehicle near his home. The gun man was reportedly a man on a bicycle. There were a couple of burglaries reported in Belize City. KG's Phone Tech at 10 Cemetery Road was broken into over Thursday night and thieves stole an assortment of cell phones, tablets, wrist watches and electronic items worth over fifteen thousand dollars. Meanwhile, taxi driver, Ismael Flores, told police that last Thursday night his house was broken into and the thieves stole items worth over a thousand dollars. Meanwhile, in Corozal Town, money changer, Rosendo Tun was robbed of around twenty thousand pesos while at a bar in that municipality. Corozal police have recovered the money and have detained a twenty year old unemployed man of San Juaquin Village, Corozal, pending charges.

A new wildlife clinic opens in Cayo
A new wildlife and referral Clinic has been established in the Cayo district. The facility, which was inaugurated on Friday, is located at the Tiger Run farm in Central Farm. The clinic is designed primarily to offer veterinary care to imperiled wildlife. Dr. Isabelle Paquet-Durand is the founder and director of Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic. The establishment of the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic was assisted greatly by a twenty five thousand US dollar grant from the Colorado-based HESKA organization, which supports technology and services for veterinarians around the world. Through the grant, Durand says the bulk of the equipment and medication needed to start the clinic were purchased. And while the priority emphasis will be on wildlife treatment, Durand says that domestic animals will also be provided with veterinary care; but only on an appointment basis. Durand told Love News that under the guidance of the Forestry Department the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic will also work to improve the welfare of captive wildlife in an effort to decrease hunting pressures on the wild population. A further objective, she says, is to offer a world-class teaching facility right here in Belize. Guest speaker at last Friday's inauguration of the new veterinary clinic was the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Lisel Alamilla who pledged government's support for the work being carried out by Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic and other wildlife entities in the country that assist in protecting and providing care for imperiled wild animals.

Belize and Guatemala Foreign Ministers meet
The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala have concluded a meeting in Guatemala City. Today's closed-door meeting was held under the auspices of the Group of Friends of the General Secretariat for Belize-Guatemala. According to Guatemala's Prensa Libre newspaper, the purpose of the meeting was to fine-tune the details of a simultaneous referendum in Belize and Guatemala to determine whether that country's unfounded claim to Belizean territory should go to the International court of Justice for final resolution. The closed-door meeting was held at the headquarters of Guatemala's foreign ministry. The outcome of today's meeting was expected to be released at a post-meeting press conference in Guatemala City; but so far there has been no word from Belmopan as to what transpired in the meeting. Guatemalan press is also reporting that during today's meeting a report on Guatemalan incursion into Belizean territory resulting in the deaths of at least four peasant farmers was to have been released. The Belize-delegation to the Guatemala meeting included Foreign Minister Elrington and Ambassadors Fred Martinez and Lisa Shoman. Jose Miguel Insulza In related news, the office of OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza today announced that the head of the hemispheric body will make one day working visit to Belize on Tuesday. During his stop over on the way back to Washington, D.C. Insulza will meeting with Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, Minister of National Security, John Saldivar and the leader of the opposition, Francis Fonseca.

Audubon Society holds bird count in Toledo
The Belize Audubon Society conducted a bird count in the Toledo district over the weekend. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.


The CARICOM Secretary General is in Belize
The CARICOM Secretary General is in Belize. Ambassador Irwin LaRocque met with Belize's Prime Minister at his Belmo...

The OAS Secretary General was in Belize today
The OAS Secretary General was in Belize today. His Excellency Jos� Miguel Insulza arrived in Belize today and met w...

Roberto Gilharry charged with handling stolen goods
36 year old Roberto Gilharry was charged today with handling stolen goods. Police say they have cracked the case in...

Belmopan mayor explains benefit to residents of bond offering
Last week we learned from Belmopan City Administrator, Ismael Garcia, of a Bond Offering that is in its development...

UB students support Eternal Flame Of Peace Declaration
The University of Belize Student Government President Hope Amadi hosted a meeting with thirty-five Tertiary Level S...

Shrimp workers walk off job
The workers of Belize Aquaculture Ltd. are crying foul. They claim that their employer is trying to pull fast one o...

Belize has appointed a new Judge of the Supreme Court
Belize has appointed a new Judge of the Supreme Court; the learned gentleman is Justice Courtney Ashton Abel. Justi...

Alleged water taxi terminal burglars remanded
Two Belize City residents 37 year-old Kevin Jex, and 27 year-old Jermaine Rhaburn have been taken to the Belize Cen...

Two men accused of van theft out on bail
Last week Friday Juan Pariente, made a report on the theft of his Astro Van which was taken from Save U Supermarket...

Police in Belize City investigate an early morning robbery
Police in Belize City investigate an early morning robbery. LELLIA SENTICUM, a secretary of Belize City, reported t...

A robber escapes on stolen cycle
A robber escapes on stolen cycle. MR. PETER ISSAKA, a Security Guard of Belize City, reported that yesterday (OCT 2...

Police make two arrests for theft
Police have made two arrests for thefts which occurred back in September. MICHAEL ESTELL had filed a report on Sept...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Third Annual Lions Quest Conference visits Caye Caulker School
Delegates from across Latin America arrived in Belize over the weekend, to attend the 3rd annual Lions Quest Conference. The Lions Clubs of Belize are hosting the two day conference, which started today (Monday Oct 22nd) and closes tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 23rd) at the Sun Breeze Hotel in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Lions Quest is a transformational life skills program that was first introduced to Belize in 2005, when it was piloted in 10 schools. With approval and support of the Ministry of Education, the program has expanded to over 70 schools across Belize. Belize was the first country in Latin America and CARICOM region to introduce the program. The program has since been introduced into 15 countries across Latin America. This afternoon, the delegates visited the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic Primary School, which was part of the pilot year, and has become a model primary school in the program. Schools interested in the program can contact your local Lions Club, the Quality Assurance department in the Ministry of Education, or email [email protected].

Caye Caulker's Recovery After Hurricane Hattie
Some of us always wondered what happened during or after Hurricane Hattie hit our island in 1961. Here is an excerpt found in the Belize Archives after the storm. Caye Caulker's Recovery After Hattie Caye Caulker, 20 miles north-east of Belize, near the Barrier Reef, was swept by 15-foot waves. After the hurricane only two good houses were left out of over 100. Almost 400 people were homeless and nearly completely wiped out with 14 known dead. There were a few more houses numbering about 8 that were also used as refugee centres during the storm but at best were continually swept by water and badly damaged. People were in a complete daze for the next two days as their grief and sorrow made hem seemingly incapable of dealing with the situation. Meanwhile on the second day in Belize a fisherman from the Caye arrived in his small boat where he immediately spread the word among relatives of the terrible bad, bad, bad disaster there. Upon questioning the man, Mr. Ray Auxillou, an Englishman, residing in Belize, thought it necessary to make a trip out to the Caye and bring back an accurate damage report. He set out, contacting relatives of the people on the Caye and soon a small party with a 19ft. runabout and salt water drowned motor was found. A mechanic from Gordo's worked on the motor feverishly while gasoline was hunted. During the hurry and bustle of preparation a visit to the controlling authority was paid by Auxillou to notify them of the intention to inspect the needs of the people at the Caye and the extent of the damage. Controlling authority turned out to be the Governor who seemed pleased and offered any help. Consequently, a small list of food was obtained from the Marketing Board to be taken out for emergency use. The food turned out to be too much for the small boat and tow other island sloops were commandeered at the wharf and the food loaded aboard. The speedboat with Ray Auxillou, Luis Alamina and Ilna Alamina went ahead to organize the reception and distribution of food.

Homemade Organic Soaps on Caye Caulker
For the past few months we have been hearing about these homemade soaps that are made from natural ingredients and no preservatives are added. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth and studies show that one of the main issues with most commercial soaps is the Glycerine is removed which is created, to sell as a separate product. Glycerine is a natural humectant which means it attracts moisture to the skin. There is nothing more irritating that having just finished a shower and the soap you used dried out your skin. Homemade soap will solve that problem. These organic soaps also have special purposes and can be used for treating acne, dry skin, wrinkles, replenishing the skin, etc. especially for kids who have the most sensitive skin, organic soaps are the best and safest option. Also because of the use on non harmful chemicals, they are more environment friendly and it does their part in reducing the burden we are putting on nature. These soaps can be found right here on Caye Caulker and they are fantastic. Lisa's Soap Delights by Lisa Novelo. She has a wide variety of soaps such as Almond Oatmeal, Rosemary and Aloe, Chocolate, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Choco Banana, and many more. There are also scented and non-scented soaps as well. These can be bought at Village Treasures Boutique located next to Cayeboard Connection and they are $12.00Bze per bar. She also makes hotel size soap bars and are also great for gifts. Personally I love them!


US$50 mil for ICJ
Belize and Guatemala today entered a new phase in their push to have their territorial differendum, with a history dating back nearly 160 years, settled at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), with Guatemala Foreign Minister Harold Caballeros declaring the start of a US$14 million public education campaign in that country and urging Guatemalans to look to the ICJ for a final resolution to the territorial conflict between the countries. "Now begins the work to sensitize the entire Guatemalan population that the ICJ can give a decision that would put an end to this conflict. To that we are committed," Caballeros said in a short statement to the press, "�from today, I call on all Guatemalans to seek to imbue ourselves, find out, obtain knowledge as to what this differendum has been about and how it can be resolved." Whereas Guatemala today announced the start of its public education campaign, the public education campaign in Belize is not set to begin until January 2013. Belize Foreign Minister Wilfred "Sedi" Elrington, who led a three-member delegation at today's meeting held in Guatemala City, declared at a press briefing that "Belize is a country that believes in a rule of law and that also believes very passionately that disputes should be settled legally."

A culinary "Little Belize" in South L.A. area
The last undiscovered ethnic culinary enclave in L.A. might be a dozen-plus Belizean restaurants in the South Los Angeles area, a "Little Belize" offering the multi-culti flavors of the tiny country formerly known as British Honduras. Drive south from the 10 Freeway down Western Avenue to the limits of South L.A. and into Gardena you'll encounter a cache of Caribbean culture, where food is ordered in Belizean Kriol, an English-based Creole language that teases but evades comprehension. The Belizean restaurants are inconspicuous among Mexican, soul food and other Central American diners in a neighborhood full of no-tell motels and possibly the largest collection of Latino storefront Pentecostal churches imaginable. On their tables you'll encounter the food of two distinct Belizean cultures: Maya and Kriol. Most of L.A.'s Belizean restaurants draw from both the Yucatan's Maya heritage and the British and West African mix known as Kriol. You can start with a Maya appetizer such as panades, tuna stuffed in a folded, paprika-stained, fried tortilla. A Kriol main like boil-up is a Saturday indulgence of pig tail, fish, hard-boiled eggs, yams, plantains, boil cakes made from flour, sweet potato, yucca and taro (called cocoa in Belize) covered in a stew of tomatoes, onions and peppers.

KHMH "non-emergency" fees step up $15
The hospital says it needs the new fees to improve services and fund other programs The public is advised that as of Thursday, November 1, in cases of non-emergency at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, they must pay an additional fee of $10, called a "consultation fee," before a doctor is consulted. Also, an administration fee of $5 will be added on to the prescription order, which must be paid before prescriptions are filled. All other fees remain the same. Amandala was informed of the changes today, Monday. The hospital's Public Relations Officer, Sheena Garnett, said that the hospital is improving its revenue collection to improve services and fund other programs like cardiography, which has recently been introduced at the KHMH to carry out open heart surgery. Garnett said that the new fees will open the way for other services and improve the present ones being offered.

Court of Appeal denies Fortis injunction
The Court of Appeal on Friday evening denied the request of Fortis Energy International (Belize) Inc., subsidiary of Fortis Inc. of Canada, for an injunction to stop the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) from issuing $10 million worth of preference shares to the Belize Social Security Board (SSB), which it is offering at an interest rate of 5% yearly. The application of Fortis was vigorously opposed by attorney for the Government of Belize, Denys Barrow, SC, who challenged Fortis' initial application, which sought to stop BEL from not just issuing the new preference shares to BEL, but which also sought to block any move by BEL to raise new financing, including $25 million it hopes to raise in series 5 debentures by the end of the year. Fortis has claimed that new debt would diminish the value of the company's shares.

Belize participates in COCABA U-16 Championship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
On Friday, October 19, the National U-16 Boys' Basketball Team will leave for Tegucigalpa, Honduras to participate in the COCABA U-16 Championship tournament. The delegation includes Coach Matthew Smiling, Coach Bernie Tarr and Coach Raymond Sanchez. Six countries will be participating in this tournament, and the teams will play in a round-robin format. Belize's schedule of games is as follows: Sun. Oct. 21 - Belize vs El Salvador Mon. Oct. 22 - Belize vs Honduras Tues. Oct. 23 - Guatemala vs Belize Wed. Oct. 24 - Belize vs Costa Rica Thurs. Oct. 25 - Panama vs Belize. The teams that place first and second in the tournament will qualify for the Centro Basket U-17 Tournament to be held in 2013. The participation of the national team was made possible through the sponsorship of the Belize Olympic Committee, Ministry of National Security, D Victoria Hotel, Derrick Gillett, Caye Caulker Water Taxi. Numerous parents also supported the team.

Smart Mundialito 13 & Under Week 4 results
Five more games were played on Saturday, October 20, in Week 4 of the Smart Mundialito 13 & Under football competition at the MCC Grounds, beginning at 11:00 in the morning. In game 1, Brown Bombers won, 2-nil, over United Rangers, with Sherwin Requena and Shemar Thompson netting a goal apiece for Bombers. It was Hattieville 3-nil over Ladyville Jaguars in game 2, with Darrell Flowers, Cameron Thomas and Kenyon Lewis scoring for Hattieville. Game 3 saw Third World getting the 1-nil victory over Ladyville Japan, with Justin Menzies scoring the game winner for Third World. In game 4 it was Jane Usher, 2-1, over Young Stars. Amil Crawford and Kyle Samuels hit the target for Jane Usher, while Uriel Correa scored for Young Stars. And in game 5, City Boys Junior and St. John Vianney played to a 0-0 draw.

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Behind the claim
There are billions of people in the world who live from day-to-day, from hand to mouth. The majority of Belizeans would probably be included in that number. But, there are other people, different people, who are the rulers of the world. They are extremely wealthy and surpassingly powerful, and they can afford to consider matters from long-term perspectives. The people who work directly for the rulers of the world work on Wall Street, in the City of London, in Zurich, and so on and so forth. Now then, here we have this small country called Belize, blessed with bountiful natural resources, and inhabited by a relatively tiny and diverse population of people who have been trying to build a home here and make a future for ourselves. We Belizeans inherited this territory from the British, who were our slavemasters and, afterwards, our colonial masters. Our belief is that we fought the British to achieve sovereign independence, and they decided to grant us that independence in 1981. This is our Belizean belief. Across our western and southern borders is a republic called Guatemala. The socio-political and financial elite in Guatemala are of the opinion that they inherited certain rights from Spain, who were their colonial masters until 1821, and among those rights were hegemony over most of the territory of Belize.

From The Publisher
We explained to you in last weekend's issue that political parties which are populist, trade union, or masses-based, are called "left wing," and political parties which defend the interests of wealthy, propertied citizens, large companies, and the business class, are called "right wing." We also said in our last column that since the masses of the people are always far more numerous than the wealthy elite, then it would seem that the left wing parties have a numerical advantage in political systems which feature universal adult suffrage - one citizen, one vote. Over the last six decades in Belize, we have seen the business of political campaigning become much more extravagant and expensive than it used to be. As a consequence of this, the importance of campaign financing here has grown by leaps and bounds, especially since our political independence in 1981, and the power of the wealthy has reached the point where they essentially control both of Belize's two major political parties. Even though the People's United Party (PUP) appeared to be completely left wing at its birth in 1950, the richest native in British Honduras, a mulatto mahogany/chicle contractor by the name of Bob Turton, was supporting the PUP from behind the scenes. He was, in fact, Mr. George Price's employer, and it was Mr. Turton who had pushed Mr. Price into local politics in the early 1940s.

Court of Appeal denies Fortis injunction
The Court of Appeal on Friday evening denied the request of Fortis Energy International (Belize) Inc., subsidiary of Fortis Inc. of Canada, for an injunction to stop the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) from issuing $10 million worth of preference shares to the Belize Social Security Board (SSB), which it is offering at an interest rate of 5% yearly. The application of Fortis was vigorously opposed by attorney for the Government of Belize, Denys Barrow, SC, who challenged Fortis' initial application, which sought to stop BEL from not just issuing the new preference shares to BEL, but which also sought to block any move by BEL to raise new financing, including $25 million it hopes to raise in series 5 debentures by the end of the year. Fortis has claimed that new debt would diminish the value of the company's shares. Government has maintained that there is no guarantee that even if Fortis is successful in challenging the July 2011 nationalization of BEL, that the court would order a return of the shares. That constitutional challenge has been heard by the Court of Appeal, but a decision is still pending and may not come until next March, Barrow told us.

Four minors charged with manslaughter after they allegedly beat Emerito Itza, causing his death
Four minors, two of whom are 14 and the other two, 15, were today taken to the Family Court in the company of their parents and their lawyer, Simeon Sampson, SC, where they were charged with manslaughter for causing the death of Emerito Itza, 46, in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. According to a police report, at 7:00 p.m. on October 17, Itza was with Marwin Lizama, 24, hanging out on the beach at the end of Sand Piper Street. While the men were hanging out, they got into a brawl with four teenagers, one of whom hit Itza in the head with a piece of board. Itza was critically injured due to the hit, although he didn't die immediately. He was first treated at the San Pedro Polyclinic then transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he died. As mentioned above, the minors, (one of whom is in Standard 6) were charged with manslaughter for Itza's death and remanded to the Hattieville Prison until their next court appearance on November 20, 2012.


US Capital meets Punta Gorda residents; EIA consultation in Sundaywood Thursday
US Capital Energy Ltd. held a public meeting at the Parish Hall in Punta Gorda this Saturday morning, at which Allan Herrera of Nextera Environmental and Engineering Consultants and chief drilling expert Juan Carlos were among those present to address questions and concerns from residents of that municipality. Over a hundred people attended and they mostly supported the opportunity for development in Toledo, Niall Gillett, public relations consultant for US Capital, told Amandala today. Teachers also asked about scholarships and expansion of Internet access, Gillett said. In rural Toledo, meanwhile, where consultations have been ongoing, the number one appeal has been for jobs, said Gillett. He said that a subsequent meeting was held on Saturday afternoon in Midway, the last buffer community to be included in exploratory drilling planned for 2013. According to Gillett, there could be 100 to 150 jobs per oil well. He noted that the current Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process is focused on the two drill sites within the Sarstoon-Temash National Park (STNP), and if oil is found, a new EIA would have to be prepared for the production phase of the project.

Regular gas gets more costly
Drivers are feeling more of a pinch this week after the price of regular gasoline rose by 12 cents on the gallon on Sunday. The prices of premium gas and diesel, meanwhile, remain the same. Pump prices are most expensive in Punta Gorda, where a gallon of regular gasoline is now $12.32, according to sources from King's Texaco Service Station. In Belize City, Shell One Stop and Texaco (Belchina), rebranding as Uno, have confirmed that a gallon of regular gas now costs $12.07. Premium gasoline is approaching $13 a gallon in Belize City, but it has passed that mark in Punta Gorda, where consumers now pay $13.21 on the gallon. The last major price change was recorded in August 2012. According to September data from the Statistical Institute of Belize, gas prices increased on average by 9.5% over the span of August to September.

Caribbean officials formulating regional position to proposed ban of queen conch trade
Executive Director of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), Milton Haughton, recently back from the 3rd Special Meeting of the Ministerial Council of the CRFM held in Antigua and Barbuda last Thursday, told Amandala this afternoon that leaders in the region are finalizing a position statement to respond to a petition filed in the USA to have the queen conch listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)-a move that would wipe out all existing trade of the queen conch between the region and the US, which imports 70% of the conch produced from the Caribbean Sea. Responses to the WildEarth Guardians petition to ban trade in conch must be submitted by this Friday, October 26, 2012. "We find that the petition and information in our files present substantial scientific or commercial information indicating that the petitioned action may be warranted," said Alan D. Risenhoover, Director, Office of Sustainable Fisheries, in a notice published in August for the US Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). "We will conduct a status review of the species to determine if the petitioned action is warranted. To ensure that the status review is comprehensive, we are soliciting scientific and commercial information regarding this species�" Haughton said that the region has to take a very scientific approach in its response, which should incorporate the positions of individual countries, particularly those such as Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Belize, Jamaica, and Turks and Caicos, which are the main exporters.

Belize spared floods despite heavy weekend downpours
Authorities at the National Met Service have confirmed that no significant flood events have been documented in the country, despite 48 hours of heavy weekend rains, particularly along the coastal parts of central and northern Belize. Hydrological Technician Ellington Cayetano told Amandala that there are no reports of flooding at any of their monitoring stations along the Belize River, New River or other parts of the country, although they are aware of localized flooding in areas such as Belize City and other low-lying areas of the country. Yesterday, for example, eastern portions of the Philip Goldson Highway were virtually impassible due to flooding, and some vehicular traffic had to use alternate routes to get to their locations. Forecaster Gordon said that the highest rainfall level, a total of 4 inches over 48 hours, was reported at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) - far lower than the record high 18 inches documented over 24 hours when Hurricane Keith struck in 2000. Meanwhile, Libertad in the north recorded only 2 inches of rainfall this weekend. Central Farm recorded 1.5 inches and Big Falls 1 inch. According to Gordon, Belize has really seen a deficit of rain for most of the summer months. The forecaster said that the heavy rains this weekend were triggered by a moist northeasterly airflow which resulted from a frontal system north of the country. The last intense rainfall was recorded in May 2012.


Prizes You Want To See: SAGA Humane Society's Annual Silent Auction
Excuse today's funky font issues but I wanted to make sure this generous list of donated items got online to as many people as possible! This year is SAGA's 9th Annual Halloween party for dogs, kids and adults (and even one ferret last year). It is far and away our biggest fundraiser of the year. We have costume contests (for kids & dogs!), food, raffles, a DJ, games, candy, cookies. Oct 28th at the Central Park from 11am to 5pm. I hope to see you all there. But for those who cannot make it (and those who can), here is our silent auction. All bids ARE so appreciated. And why not bid on a few things...a few nights at a great hotel, maybe a dive trip, maybe a photo session for your family and a romantic dinner at a local restaurant? You've got all the makings of a great trip back to San Pedro right there... Both Pepe and I were San Pedro Lions last year. Here are the rules. Rules are very important: Put your bids in through a private message on the message board, SAGA Humane Society's Facebook page, email me at racoutant@hotmail, call me at 605-4347 or stir it up, be proud of your generosity and post online. Our auction expires on Tuesday, October 30th, 5pm. All offers (hotel stays, tours, flights, etc.) are subject to availability and are valid for one year unless otherwise noted. Current bid (now zero) is at the end of each prize. Don't be afraid to overbid the retail value, this is for that dogs and cats can be placed in loving homes. And please, if you have a chance, visit our amazing sponsor businesses and thank them for their generous donations. We are super exited about this list. Can you believe that the retail value is over $10,000 BZ!?!?!?!

The OAS Secretary General, Chilean, Jose Miguel Insulza and the Foreign Ministers from Guatemala and Belize, Harold Caballeros and Wilfred Elrington, respectively, initiated a working reunion to refine the details on the Referendum that will be carried out by both countries on October of next year. The objective of the one day meeting which was carried out behind closed doors at the headquarters of the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Guatemala, was to "refine the details on the referendum" in which the decision of both countries regarding the territorial litigation that they maintain for over a century will be submitted before the International Court of Justice, said a source from the Guatemalan Ministry. Although from 1991 Guatemala recognized Belize's independence, they still claim close to fifty percent of territory from the former Britannic Colony, which with the mediation of the OAS, both States agreed to clarify before the International Criminal Court based in La Haya.

Big up the Belize Shark Project!
We have to be proud of our environmental pioneers here in Belize as they have every intention of ensuring our reef retains and indeed flourishes under their guidance! The Belize Shark Project, just one of those groups have spent the last two weeks recording data of the various sharks in the area and tagging them at the same time. The purpose of this is to protect the ever decreasing shark population on our reef due to fishing . Sharks are apex predators that sit at or near the top of the food chain. They are vital components of healthy and functional marine ecosystems, playing key roles in structuring fish communities and fostering reef resilience.

International Sources

Killer Videos of Belize
from a good Dr. Mucker!! Some awesome videos, each link below has lots of cool videos on it... Hi guys love the site and love Belize and all of its wonderful sights we have been twice now and have made a few videos of the country and our travels Here are 4 playlists of what we have done and seen in Belize and around San Pedro. we will be returning in 2013 and visit friends and places we love there thanks DrMucker. The Best HotDog in Belize Best Hotdog Ever 22:14 The Best Adult drink in Belize Deon's Dirty Banana 31:11 The Best Street BBQ in Belize Cruz and Family 43:03 World Famous Conch Fritters Elvi's Kitchen 51:50 Giant Burrito's Best Flavors Waruguma 61:52 Best Pulled Pork Sandwich Palapa Bar, Ambergris Caye 72:21 Best Band Fidos Restaurant & Bar 81:15 Koox Hannah Restaurant 1:15...

Research in Belize Leads to Revised Timeline of Ancient City's History
Dating the growth and decline of cities of ancient Maya civilization is complicated, particularly when hieroglyphic texts are either absent or too eroded to decipher. In such cases, researchers must rely on construction histories and ceramics deposits to measure change. The ancient city of La Milpa, Belize, is no exception. In its heyday during the late eighth to early ninth centuries A.D., La Milpa was believed to have been a Maya city with political power and influence. It was also believed that the site was rapidly abandoned in the early ninth century prior to the completion of several construction projects. New research, however, shows La Milpa may have built up more gradually and declined slower than previously understood, leading researchers, including University of Maine anthropologist Gregory Zaro, to believe this city persisted generations longer than first thought. Zaro and co-author Brett Houk of Texas Tech University, who published their findings in the journal Ancient Mesoamerica, found evidence that La Milpa persisted into the 10th century. Their revised chronology, anchored largely to new radiocarbon dates and the presence of ceramics known to have been produced very late in Classic Maya civilization, has implications for previous models of ancient Maya population growth, decline, and ultimately the collapse of Classic Maya civilization in the eastern Pet�n region of Guatemala and Belize.

VIDEO: Lost In An Underwater Cave, Dont Let This Be You
Whats the reality of being lost in an underwater cave. This short film explores one Scenario

Maya Forum debunks doomsday, promotes tourism
Some 400 people participated in the Maya Forum that was held by the Central America Trade Office to shed light on the ancient Mayan civilization and attract visitors to Central America, in Taipei, yesterday. Four experts from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras shared their insights on topics including the similarity between ancient Chinese and Mayan cultures, Mayan astronomy, its calendar and ruins, as well as the so-called "2012 Doomsday" prediction that has been so widely talked about in recent years. Miriam Lourdes Mendez Arevalo, an archaeologist from El Salvador's Secretariat of Culture, told The China Post that the myth of a Mayan prophecy - that Dec. 21, 2012 will be the end of the world - is unfounded. The day only marked the end of a cycle in Maya Calendar but it is not the end of things, just like nightfall does not lead to the end of times but to the beginning of a new dawn, she said. After Dec. 21, 2012, the world will simply enter the 13th Baktun in the Maya Calendar. A baktun is a cycle that equates to around 394 years.

Forum on Central America features Mayan civilization, tourism
Central American experts shared their knowledge about the ancient Mayan civilization at a forum in Taipei Tuesday as part of a bid by the Taipei-based Central America Trade Office to attract more visitors to Central America. Experts from Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras -- countries rich in Mayan heritage -- covered a wide range of issues at the forum, from Mayan civilization and astronomy, to science and Mayan ruins. They also talked about the long-since debunked myth perpetrated in the media of a so-called Mayan prophecy that Dec. 21, 2012 will be the end of the world, pointing out that such speculation is complete fabrication, as the date simply marks the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar. "The rumors that the world is ending is not in our belief," said Cherie Minette Nisbet, Belize charge d'affaires to the Republic of China.

Eco-Friendly Stays in Belize
Belize is best known for its lush rain forests, Mayan ruins, and gorgeous barrier reef - one of the world's best sites for snorkeling and scuba diving. As so much of the country's tourism is dependent on its breathtaking natural surroundings, a determined commitment to eco-friendly practices can be found in most hoteliers throughout the country, and Oyster has stayed in everything from compact eco-lodges to rustic-luxe hideaways during our visits to this small South American country. Check out photos of our favorite eco-friendly stays - and find out what exactly makes them green - in this slideshow:

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Cayo Espanto
Click for Cayo Espanto, and have your own private island
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Click for exciting and adventurous tours of Belize with Katie Valk!
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