Belize City, Belize - October 23rd, 2012 - In the spirit of promoting and representing our commitment to the Mundo Maya initiative, the logo of MUNDO MAYA (registered trademark) is now on the face of the BTB's building. The logo is formed by the "conch" symbol and the title, MUNDO MAYA. It synthesizes the philosophy and objectives of the program, expressing the unity between the Mayan culture and nature which have been in existence for more than 2000 years. The Mundo Maya trademark was created to identify a common image and to position the product as a regional tourist destination worldwide.

This partnership between the BTB and the Mundo Maya organization seeks to strengthen and foster an ongoing budding relationship. With a readily visible and identifiable logo, the Mundo Maya's objectives and philosophies have been easily instilled into the culture of the BTB and the tourism stakeholders, through a positive identification with the Mundo Maya Organization.

The unveiling of the logo brings about the start of the promotions of the international Mundo Maya Games, proposed for the year 2013. These games will include: 'Tour de Maya' where riders race across the Mundo Maya world; the 'Grand Balam Jungle Relays' and the 'Mayan Canoe Classic', where teams begin from Belize and race through until they arrive in El Salvador; In Honduras a canoe classic will be staged after passing through the Mundo Maya countries; And rounding out some of the activities are the 'Temple Football Classic' and 'White Sands beach Volleyball,' which will take place in each of the Mundo Maya countries.