Are you planning to get ready for an adventure travel, taking a break from your tired hectic and stressful lifestyle? Here is what you have to check out. Your checklist does not start from packing your backpack; it just starts right from planning.

Primary Checklist

  • The weather

The primary factor that will decide what to carry and what not to carry along is the weather. Ensure you plan during the right season to visit the desired place. Your adventure trip will be more pleasant and exciting if only you plan during the ideal time of the year. Firstly, checkout the season of the place you are planning to travel. If not the right season, either plan for the next season or change the location whichever you are passionate about.

Secondary Checklist

  • Travel and accommodation
  • Alternate routes
  • Time for travelling
  • Shopping (if any) in the destined place

Second in list is travel arrangement. If required, avail the services of a reliable and professional travel consultant, who will guide you in all perspectives. Check whether there are good deals for travel and accommodation. Get first hand information on the destination place and the places you are passing through. Check different routes to the destined place. Knowledge on alternate routes will help you in case you get stuck up at some point of time during the journey. All these information can be checked through the travel agency itself.

Budget Checklist

  • Travel budget
  • Accommodation budget
  • Personal expenses

Thirdly and most importantly, you must check the budget starting from travel, accommodation, and expenses during the trip. Carry enough cash apart from credit and debit cards, as in certain places you may need cash only. You also must carry some currency of the destination country.

Checklists while packing your backpack

  • Travel documents
  • Luggage
  • Clothing
  • Essential items
  • Personal belongings

Whatever place you travel to, you need to have first-hand essential documents like passport, visa (in certain countries), and photo identification card. Other important documents are travel tickets and accommodation confirmation receipts. A list of places you will have to visit, contact numbers in the destined area and that of your friends and family are some essentials that most people forget to carry with them.

Plan the type of your travel bag. It is wise to carry a backpack in case of adventure trekking. Apart from the luggage bag, you will also need a short daypack, money belt, camera bags, a neck pouch for documents, and a waterproof stuff bag for your wet clothes. In addition to these, you will need luggage tags and locks.

Plan your clothing as per the weather prevalent in the travel area. For summer, pack your bag with shorst, cotton clothes, hat, casual clothes, etc. Your bags must carry padded, insulated jackets and pants, gloves, woolen caps, for cold and windy season. Do not forget rainwear, stretchables, quick dry bottoms and towels, hiking footwear, and socks. These are necessary for any season. Some travel spots do provide winter clothes that you can hire. In that case, check these facilities in advance. Never exceed the limited luggage load in air travel.

Your adventure trip will be satisfactory only when you have the following essentials like field guide, first-aid kit, camera, binoculars, chargers, memory-cards, GPS, flash light, etc. It is always useful if you also carry a music player, magazine, and a sleep sheet.

Though it may seem silly to put in paper, it is necessary that your checklist has personal belongings like cosmetics, which must include a sunscreen lotion and moisturizer. Toilet kit, sun glasses, eyeshades and earplugs, combs are other basic items.

Do not let the passion and craze for an adventure travel lay buried deep in your heart. Get set and gear up for an adventure travel. With this checklist, you can make your travel a comfortable and memorable one.

Author Bio:

Bindu is a blogger who writes on travel tips and destination guides. She, at present, blogs for emperortraveline, a reliable and authorized  travel agency that provides holiday packages, domestic and international cheap flight tickets booking, train tickets booking, Passport and Visa services.