Police Minister John Saldivar has been much in the news tonight - and that's because there are so many security issues. But, the reason we got to interview him in the first place is because Saldivar wanted to show off the work the ministry and the police are doing to refurbish the police barracks at the Queen Street station.

That is the Rafael Fonseca Barracks named after the former Financial Secretary - father of Ralph Fonseca.

It was opened probably two decades ago - and until recently - it had looked like it!

But now - with the ministry footing the bill, special constables providing the labour and a Superintendent overseeing the work - the third floor of the barracks is almost ready for use.

It is needed with the advent of 12 hour shifts at the Patrol Branch - and should have been in place when those shits started in August. But as the officer commanding explained, everything in due time:..

ACP Elodio Aragon - Officer Commanding Eastern Division
"Presently we are renovating 10 of our rooms here at the Ralph Fonseca building behind Queen street and these rooms will be retrofitted to accommodate at least 20 officers for now. That is already in the phase as you have seen and we look to complete this by the end of this month."

Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security
"It's been spearheaded by the ministry. As you all know on Friday I finally concluded my countrywide tour and throughout the tour there have been some concerns expressed by police officers about the conditions under which they are made to work and this is one step in trying to improve the conditions under which they work by providing a facility where they can rest and sleep in between shifts until they are able to their regular homes."

ACP Elodio Aragon - Officer Commanding Eastern Division
"The barrack room is for police officers, it is for officers especially those working the 12 hr. shift system. We know we have some of our officers who still continue to travel; we know some of our officers have issues when it comes to housing or finding proper accommodation in the city. Having these barrack rooms will assist us to accommodate these officers and it is going towards welfare and looking after our police officers. Of course we as administration will put into place specific measures that will ensure that the barrack room is kept to the standard we are handing it over to them."

Saldivar confirmed that all patrol branch officers will get three hundred dollars in backed up allowance payments this Friday.

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