One of the wonders of the oceans is the reef off Southern Belize called the Gladden Spit. Literally millions of cubera snappers, mutton snappers and dogtooth snappers converge to lay their trillions and trillions of eggs.

It could forever be one of the greatest tourist attractions for Belize and it is incredibly important for these species that the Gladden Spit is protected. Very sadly the OceanElders were told that the Government is allowing fishing boats to wade in and this miracle of nature could get wiped out, leaving Belize and the world poorer for it.

The Grand Cayman Islands are an example of the opposite kind of behaviour. Millions of groupers go there to spawn in the winter and the whole ocean is full of them. The Government have just voted in a perpetual ban on fishing them, which will not only benefit the Caymans, but the countries around them. They deserve full praise for their move. 

We’re hoping to catalyze more and more commitments by Government and business in the Caribbean as Virgin Unite and The Nature Conservancy work on plans for our upcoming Summit to be held in May 2013

Videos by Shawn Heinrichs - Blue Sphere Media

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