Jerome Flores, our consultant forA couple months ago I moved in to my beautiful dream home and it was a very special day for me; I finally had a place of my own to share rich moments with my beautiful wife. I am not here to talk about that though, but about something that has been bothering me since I moved into my new house -- "Ants Infestation".

Since my house is still in construction I find a lot of little unwelcome creatures crawling around the house. I guess they make it through the cracks of the house.

At first I thought my major problem was going to be roaches since my yard is rich in grass, but that wasn't the case here. Instead a huge colony of ants made their way in and invaded my territory. Ants have literately overpowered my land and have managed to build at least one ants castle every 10 cubic feet. So my yard is currently an ants mine, so to speak. If you manage to walk around my yard without getting an ant bite then consider yourself lucky partner; or your blood just taste awfully bitter, they don't like that.

I have had huge headaches lately because every-time I reach home from work, I see a pack of ants marching with leftover food in and out of my house. So I decided to go on-line and search for a solution.

While searching on Google I saw small little newly-born ants crawling inside my laptop keyboard and that is when I thought: "That's It, They have got to go!".

If found out on-line that if you spread salt on the path that the ants walk, they eventually leave. I bought an extra pack of salt and got to work. About a week have passed now and let me tell you that I am bit surprised and happy that most of the ants are gone and not entering my house again.

Apparently scientist have discovered that ants don't like salt because of some chemical or ingredient that is in the salt. I don't care what it is, this worked wonderfully well and if you guys encounter this same issue try to do as I did and avoid the headaches and the burning bites.

As for the huge nest outside, I am throwing boiling buckets of water on top of them. Everyday I notice that less and less ants are in the yard. Thanks God for science!

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