The public consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment for US capital Energy was held last night in Sundaywood village - and it was contentious!

The venue was the village Community Center which could not handle the crowd - a crowd which included busses brought in by the Oil company.

Controversy erupted when Greg Cho'q - as the first presenter - took the microphone as the spokesperson Graham Creek, Crique Sarco, Conejo and Midway.

Shortly into his presentation - a part of which was Quechi, Chief Environmental Officer Martin Allegria moved to end his presentation based on a one minute time limits. Allegria was backed up by Sundaywood's Alacalde Mateo Tush who acted as the enforcer.

OCEANA captured the video of what happened and we share that with you.

After that exchange - it took a while for order to be restored, with a great deal of jostling for the microphone, heated hard talk, shouting and negotiating with police.

The anarchy persisted for a at least ten minutes after that - and emotions were running very high.

Things eventually calmed down and an orderly line was formed for comments to be made without time limits.

According to a statement from SATIIM, the Maya Leaders Alliance, the Toledo Alcaldes Association it is a quote, "denial of freedom of expression that tramples on the rights of the indigenous peoples who lands, territories and resources are the subjects of the EIA."

USCapital Energy on the other hand sent out a release thanking quote, "the Chairmen, Alcaldes, NGO's and all Toledo communities for making the Sunday Wood EIA Public Consultation a tremendous success, end quote."

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