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Sugar Cane farmers in the north will be receiving their third and final "bonus" payments for the crop season 2011 - 2012 tomorrow. On average the 5,300 cane farmers will receive $10.00 for every ton of sugar cane delivered to the BSI factory. This year one ton of sugar cane delivered paid $72.13, four cents less compared to last year when cane farmers received $72.17 per ton of sugar. Last year it took eight point five seven tons of sugar cane to produce one ton of sugar. This year it's slightly down to nine point three four tons of cane per ton of sugar. Despite the rainy season during much of the reaping season the crop season 2011-2012 proved to be another successful one as the BSI factory milled for 61 days above seven thousand tons of sugar cane. The factory registered less "break-downs" this year compared to previous years. It is projected that the 2012-2013 sugar cane crop season will open in the last week of November.

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