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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

New Police Substation Inaugurated in San Roman, Orange Walk
On Monday October 29, 2012, a new Police Sub-Station was inaugurated in the village of San Roman in the Orange Walk District. Financed by the Government of Belize, the building was constructed within six months at a cost of $285,000. The top floor is living quarters for the Officer in Charge and his family, while the ground floor houses a public area, offices for the Police, a cafeteria, dorms for Police officers, and a cell block. In his address delivered at the inaugural ceremonies, Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar stated, "We will continue to equip our Police Officers across this country, so that they can deliver the best possible service to you the People of Belize." "It is without a doubt that we face in these challenging times a serious crime crisis across this country," Minister Saldivar added. "That crime crisis is not one that appeared in only the last few months, or even the last few years. It is one that has been in the making perhaps for decades. And it will not take one day, a week or a month, or even perhaps a few years to solve this problem. It will take all of us working together, Government and community to solve the crime problem that faces us today."

Belize Mission Project is back in San Pedro
Belize Mission Project, spearheaded by Dr. Frank Whipps, is in San Pedro once again at the Lions Den. The team is on the island from Monday October 29th through Friday November 2nd offering free dental services between the hours of 8AM and 5PM. Belize Mission Project has been visiting Belize for approximately 20 consecutive years bringing brighter smiles and healthier teeth to residents across the country. While on the island, the team aims to educate students and residents alike on the importance of fluoride protection as well as provide basic dental care including cavity fills, cleaning, and extractions.

Ambergris Today

UNICEF Looks into Proper Sewerage Sanitation for San Mateo, San Pedro
Residents of San Mateo have much to rejoice these days. Just last week Mr. Glen Wilson of Bay Trust International Ltd. made a generous donation of $50,000US for road works in the area and on Monday, October 29, 2012, Mrs. Denise Robateau of UNICEF met with Mayor Daniel Guerrero to address the sewerage sanitation in the area. At the meeting held at the Mayor's office were members of NEMO, Ministry of Education and Health, Belize Water Services and Councilors, to name a few, all of which addressed the importance of proper water sanitation in the area that basically has none. Mrs. Robateau addressed the importance of proper water sanitation and all the campaigns that are being carried out so as to teach children in school and parents about the importance of washing their hands and having clean water for daily usage. She continued by stating that UNICEF is willing to work hand-in-hand with the local government on the island for the betterment and improvement of the island, especially the San Mateo Area.

Regional College Volleyball Competition held in San Pedro
San Pedro Junior College will travel to the Belize National Volleyball Competition on November 10, 2012, after placing second at the 2012 Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize ATLIB Northern and Central Regional Volleyball Tournament that took place at the Angel Nu�ez Auditorium on Friday, October 26, 2012. There were six male and two female teams that competed here in San Pedro for a chance to represent the regions at the national that will be hosted by Sacred Heart Junior College at the Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town, Cayo. There were only two female teams in the competition that means both automatically qualified for the nationals, but it was the ladies of St. John's College Junior College (SJCJC) who won over the ladies of Wesley Junior College (WJC) here in San Pedro.

Isla Bonita Marching Band holds Parade-Athon Fundraiser
The Isla Bonita Elementary School Marching Band hit the streets of San Pedro Town drumming their way at a fundraiser they called a Parade-Athon on Saturday, October 27, 2012. The school's marching band is preparing to participate at the Belize National Band Fest that will be held in March of 2013. The school has started fundraising very early as they plan for its marching band to partake in next year's Band Fest where the marching band will compete with schools from around the entire country of Belize. Much funding is necessary for the band to acquire equipment, supplies, uniforms for band members and majorettes and cover traveling expenses, food and accommodations. Joining the school's marching band to represent San Pedro at Band Fest are other band members from Holy Cross Anglican School, San Pedro Roman Catholic School and San Pedro High School. The Parade-Athon was held to collect donations from the community as the marching band wound its way through town. The event was a success with the marching band collecting a little over $1,000 from a simple collection process from passersby.

Teen Talk: What does the Future Hold?
Everyone always thinks about the future at some point of their life. It's either whether what to do tomorrow or even what you want to be in the future. For me, I want to be an actor. That's why I make YouTube videos to help me practice and also to get me on the spotlight. Now the future of San Pedro would be very hard to predict; we can't get all the latest stuff as quickly as the bigger countries but we still try to catch up. We might not get flying cars but maybe at least flying golf carts?

Pic of the Week: Faces of Belize: Young Garinagu Dancer
Garifuna Settlement Day approaches in the country of Belize (November 19) where the nation celebrates the rich and vibrant culture of the Garinagu people by observing a Public and Bank Holiday. This young Garinagu girl shared with Ambergris Today her perfect rhythm to the beating of the Garinagu drums; her punta dancing skills were amazing at such a young age.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize History: Part One, The First People, Part 2, The Ancient Maya
Sometime around 11,000BC there were people walking around the land we call Belize. These people were referred to as Paleo Indians (Old Indians). They were the descendants of those original people who came over from Eurasia via the Bering Straits, the land bridge that was formed between Russia and Alaska, over 40,000 years ago. They were strictly large game hunters such as Giant Sloths, Cave bears and Mammoths, all extinct, and all whose remains we have encountered over the Belizean landscape. Around 7,000BC, via cultural change and archaeological changes in physical evidence found all over Belize, archaeologists refer to the culture evolved from the Paleo Indian era as the archaic people. The most compelling evidence of these people's cultural evolution is their hunting tools, especially their Lowe or Fish Tail spear points made of stone. These people were hunting smaller prey hence their hunting tools were more sophisticated in their design. Important to note for both Paleo Indian and Archaic people, is that there is no evidence that they were living in built houses as we could imagine and there is also no evidence of any organized agriculture. Sometime around 3,500BC corn was "created" in Mexico. This magical grain created in a celestial cave and in the powerful underworld, numerically represented by the number NINE in Mesoamerica, was the gift of the Mesoamerican's to the world. Farming changed the culture on the American mainland, as it did throughout the world.

VIDEO FLYOVER: Mayan Islands Resort Open In Belize
In a recent visit, Scott Mallick of Mayan Islands in a chartered helicopter flew with some clients from the Belize International Airport and landed on the project's new FAA regulation size helipad. This recent addition enables those who have flown privately to the international airport to continue their exclusive getaway and land on the private island in about 27 minutes. The VIP Beach Resort has a five star restaurant and bar where the chef can prepare just about anything you want. The private island resort is located 3 minutes away by boat from a town called San Pedro. San Pedro is the richest area in all of Belize with many shops and restaurants. The population of the town is about 20,000 people with English as the national language. US cash is welcome and the people are friendly. There is a island breeze all year round, and a golf cart is the mode of transportation. If you are a US citizen, a passport is all that is required for a visit.

Mistah Geeh on Maximum FM
Cayo has a new radio station! It's about time! Maximum FM. 106.5 on your fm dial. Tonight, Mistah Geeh will be spinning starting at 8:00pm. "tonight all san ignacio and santa elena peeps ... tune into 106.5 maximum fm .... the mad arab will be spinning tunes at 8 pm sharp !!!! seet deh"

Sacred Heart College's Business Expo
Sacred Heart College had their annual Business Expo Friday and Saturday. There were quite a few businesses there, along with tons of food, a dunking booth, a dog show, a karate display, and dances both nights.

Cayo Welcome Center Call for Performers
The Cayo Welcome Center is preparting for the grand opening, and the Belize Tourism Board and the SISE Town Board is doing a call for singers and dancers for the event. They are looking for talent from the Cayo district. There will be prizes for the performers. Call 632-3918 or 637-0433 for more information.

Noche de Cuenta Cuentos
Pictures from the story telling at the Benque House of Culture. "Tales from Benque Viejo Del Carmen by our very own story tellers, Mr. David Ruiz, Mrs. Elvira Duarte, Mr. Pedro Can & Mr. Mike Mauricio."

Belizean Fruit Salad/Ambrosia
Fruit Salad can be made any number of ways. In Belize however, the secret ingredient is sweetened condensed milk. This salad is best when made with canned fruits that are softer and already in serving sizes

Caye Caulker at it's best!
With the fact that we were blessed with no bad weather, in fact very little weather at all during October - it appears that the last few days of October have inspired practically every business to invest in a coat of paint or even two!! From hotels like Island Magic and Seaside Cabanas who have had refurbishment work, to restaurants like Don Corleone and Sobre Las Olas who have got a full lick of paint, not to mention the Island Link Internet Cafe - it appears that from boats to docks and buildings have been given their coat of spring, just in time for this years season to begin!! So Caye Caulker is really looking its best - and that with the fact that it is the more 'affordable location in Belize', surely a holiday should be scheduled for the upcoming months??

Does AnyBody Have DiBo?
Central Cable Vision, arguably Belize's best cable TV provider, is now offering a new and super-cool service called DiBo (Digital Boss). This solution offered by CCV is a very new technology to Belize and I would like to know if Belizeans are actually using it. With the new DiBo you can watch your favorite shows any time you like and record movies, sport events and anything you like. With this gadget you can also freeze live shows and resume them any-time you like. I have seen how the technology works in small networks but I have never seen it implemented at a larger scale. This is a new form of entertainment that you guys gotta have at home. Below are the prices for the entire DiBo solution: HD Capable DiBo: $295 Digital DiBo: $150 (Note: This does not have the HD channels but has all the other features of the HD DiBo) Do you use DiBo at home? And if so what do you think about it?

Channel 7

Citrus Standoff Continues - Today CGA Protested
The standoff in the citrus industry continues tonight. The Citrus Growers Association - which represents 400 small farmers continues to suspend deliveries of product to the processing plant. They say that the convention and the law was ignored when the plant unilaterally opened last week Wednesday. And today - they protested against the CPBL - which - again is a company the CGA holds majority interests in - but, obviously, it is not a company they control. And that's really what today's protest was about - which inevitably drew comparisons to a similar protest in February of 2010 which drew thousands. As we found out in Pomona Valley today - the crowd wasn't quite that. Jules Vasquez reports: Jules Vasquez reporting Today, 275 growers - large and small and their employees - crowded under a tent in an open area near CGA Headquarters to hear two hours and twenty minutes of speeches that went right through lunch.

Chanona Says Ministry Is Wasting Words
Tomorrow is also the day that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture is inviting the leaders of the Citrus Growers Association to a meeting in Belmopan to discuss what a statement today calls the Ministry's quote, "vision for the future of the industry." For the CGA that vision has to exclude the current Ministry CEO Jose Alpuche. They called for his removal today based on an email, which was circulated in February of this year - right after the election. It comes from the advisor to the Prime Minister Allan Slusher and refers to Jose Alpuche and discusses quote, "the orderly and equitable dissolution of the CGA." As you can imagine, this is anathema to the existing CGA so fire was abundantly burned on him today. And past Chairman Tony Chanona also burned righteous fire on a statement issued by the government this morning. It says, quote "The unilateral factory opening should not occur again and all parties should be properly consulted." Chanona called it a waste of words - while Denzil Jenkins was more circumspect:.. Anthony Chanona, Former Chairman, CGA "Mr. Jules Vasquez showed me a press release from the government of Belize. There has been too much talk, those words are meaningless. The Prime Minister, the highest office in this land, whom we have entrusted full authority to govern as majority in the House; a man who has said he is nationalistic. A man who says he wants to wheel out corruption and wants to do right and I believe him, I believe the Prime Minister and that's why I am confused because what he is saying and what he is allowing to happen is a controversy of fact."

PUP Says They Support... (Nobody!)
And there is one more word on citrus tonight, and it comes from the Opposition. Today, the Opposition Party, the PUP held a press conference where they touched on a number of issues. Here are some of the recommendations they made about a solution to this dispute which has now grown larger. Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "As we meet this afternoon the citrus industry is in chaos and the citrus growers association has called for a protest and shut down in the south. The industry is mired in litigation and this UDP government inaction and failure in meaningfully engage as a good fate partner in bringing the parties to the table in an effort to resolve the ongoing stalemate has put the future of this critically important industry at risk." "The citrus industry contributes some 22% of Belize's major export earnings. We must ensure its continued growth and expansion. In this regard we call on all the parties involved to set aside individual agendas and put the interest of the industry and Belize above all else. Existing laws governing the affairs of the industry must be respected and adhere to if not this will lead to further chaos. Any proposed changes to the acts governing the industry must be arrived at through consensus and dialogue and not through unilateral government action." "Any effort to dissolve the citrus growers association must be rejected. Growers both large and small have a vested interest in the future success and growth of this industry neither is dispensable."

The Opposition On Important Issues
In the last 2 weeks, the Belize Guatemala territorial dispute has been on the minds of many Belizeans, and the newly formed Belize Coalition for Justice has advocated for an emphatic "no" to taking the matter to the ICJ. Well, today, the PUP announced that it will withhold its public opinion for on the ICJ issue. Instead, the party will conduct its own public education on the matter, and they will let citizens make up their own minds on whether or not they want the dispute settled at the ICJ. Here's how the party leader outlined their plan for the next coming months: Hon. Francis Fonseca, Leader of the Opposition "I wish to state of our party very clearly. The People's United Party will participate in the public education campaign starting in January 2013. Even before that the People's United Party will carry out its own internal education campaign among party members and supporters. At the end of the public education campaign and our own campaign the party's national executive and parliamentary caucus will meet to determine whether or not the party will endorse a yes or no vote or simply allow our members and supporters to vote their conscience." "We think it is important for us to allow the education process to take place without us first imposing our view on the Belizean people." The PUP also reiterated that there should be a voter re-registration exercise conducted so that when the referendum is undertaken, the results reflect the truest result of public opinion. Their advice is that the cost of the re-registration should be tabbed under the expenses for the ICJ public consultation exercise. So, Both the Government of Belize and the Opposition Party have announced their plans on how they will deal with public consultation on the ICJ referendum. But on the issue of the man at the forefront of Belize's foreign policies, the PUP says that according to their sampling of public opinion, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington has lost credibility with the Belizean people on the Belize/Guatemala issue.

Teenager Busted One Day, Jailed The Next
A teenager was busted with a firearm at a checkpoint yesterday and he is in jail tonight. 18 year-old Clifford Lorenzo is spending the first night of a 5 year sentence in prison after he was convicted of firearm offences in the Magistrate's Court. According to police, at around 11:30 a.m. yesterday, they were conducting searches at a checkpoint at the corner of Vista Del Mar Road and the Phillip Goldson Highway. According to the officers, they stopped a car, which was being driven by 25 year-old Victor Pratt. Lorenzo was in the front passenger seat. The officers said that they searched both men, and the vehicle, and under the front passenger seat, they discovered a black Smith and Wesson 9mm firearm, which was loaded with 11 live rounds of Aguila brand ammunition. As a result, both men were charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition, and they were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith today.

Sandy's Sweep Was Scary
Hurricane Sandy is being called one of the worst storms in memory after slamming the east coast of the United States last night. The storm killed at least 40 people in the US, 18 of them in New York City. Officials said it was impossible to measure the destruction Sandy left behind. The Reuters News Agency quotes one disaster modeling company which said on Tuesday that Sandy may have caused up to $15 billion in insured losses. Now, all that is in addition to 67 deaths the same Sandy caused in the Caribbean last week. The storm ripped through Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas. The preliminary damage estimate from Jamaica is just in; it is 55 million US dollars.

K-9 UNIT Making Major Busts
The police K-9 unit has been active recently. Two weeks ago when one of the dogs sniffed out 4 kilos of Crystal Meth at the western border and tonight there are more good findings to reports on. Last Friday while personnel from the Anti-Drug Unit, K-9 Unit and San Ignacio police conducted a search on an open lot located on George Price Avenue, K-9 "TOOJE" discovered a black plastic bucket hidden under dry leaves. Police retrieve the bucket which contained 9 pounds of cannabis. No one was in the area and the drugs were deposited as found property. Also last Saturday members of the Anti-Drug Unit along with the K-9 Unit set up a check point at the junction of the Southern Highway and Hopkins Village where they stopped a northbound Bus. The k-9 sniffed out a knapsack belonging to 25 year old Garrel Deon Flowers of Placencia. When police looked inside, they found a one kilo brick of cocaine. Flwoers was charged for Drug Trafficking.

Pantempers Triumphant Taiwan Tour
25 members of the Pantempers Steel Orchestra returned to Belize this morning - after a 15 day performing tour of Taiwan. They were a part of the 2012 Latin American and Caribbean Exhibition - where they presented Belizean cultural music to a brand-new audience. They returned today and the Bandleader shared their experience with us. Therese Martinez, Pantempers Bandleader "The trip to Taiwan entailed 5 presentations. It also included tours, so in effect what actually happened was the sharing of cultures; we share our culture with Taiwan and they also shared their culture with us in terms of the exposure to the different historical museums and to the different businesses and so on that exist in Taiwan." "We have fun when we play, and so every segment of the music we do some activity or some movement to keep us alive and to pass on that energy to the audience. Sometimes as well we get the energy from the audience and you would see us moving and laughing - like jumping up." "We brought back from Taiwan an appreciation of their culture and as well we also are more confident of what we have because what we took there to Taiwan we realize they didn't have knowledge of it, many of them came to the pan touching it, trying to find out what it is." Reporter "Pan music is new to them?" Therese Martinez, Pantempers Bandleader "Yes they are not familiar with and so they try to figure out how is the sound coming out. And so it brought about an appreciation and in terms of the repertoire that we took with us as well we included some music from local artists and we shared that with them and also shared with other delegations from the Caribbean and from Central America and introduce them for instance Punta Rock."

Wesley College's Red Ribbon Week
Surveys from throughout the years have shown that Belize is losing the war on drug use amongst teenagers. One of the last drug prevalence surveys conducted among the student population was done in 2003 - which revealed that 74 percent of students were alcohol drinkers while 23 percent were marijuana users and 39 percent smoked tobacco. And while those statistics are worrisome, there are schools such as Wesley College - that promote the importance of drug awareness through activities that educate their students. It's the school's 14th annual Red Ribbon Week - an initiative that had started back in 1999 and has now become a tradition for the institution. We checked in today: Elizabeth Goff, School Counselor "Red Ribbon is drug prevention; we are focusing on drug prevention, helping our students to look at the choices through information sharing, through the other activities that we are doing. It's a school wide campaign. It's the time of the year in October when as a school we are all united; one voice, one message - say no to drugs!"

Channel 5

Breaking News: Murder on the Highway
A few minutes ago more blood was spilled in Belize City. The details are not clear but someone was shot and killed on the Western Highway. The police had the area cordoned off and vehicles had to be deployed onto Faber’s Road. The identity of the deceased has not been revealed. We'll have more on [...]

Surveillance equipment found during Vegas Casino bust; 1 Mexican captured
A joint operation was conducted inside the Corozal Free Zone. The multi agency team consisted of Belize Defence Force Soldiers, various departments of the police and the customs department. The raid took place at or next to the compound of Las Vegas Casino. According to sources, the forces were looking for drugs and ammunition. The [...]

Hundreds of Citrus Growers protest C.P.B.L. and Banks Holdings
Over three hundred citrus growers made their discontent clear this morning as they have refused to take their oranges to the plant and instead picketed the Citrus Products of Belize Limited, a company in which they have majority shares, but little to no control of the company. The growers were joined by members of the [...]

Caribbean Pride, whose trademark is it? Banks or CGA
Another issue involving Citrus Products of Belize Limited (C.P.B.L.), Banks Holdings of Barbados and the Citrus Growers Association is over the Caribbean Pride Trademark. According to CGA Director, Denzil Jenkins, they recently received evidence that Caribbean Pride had been registered in Jamaica without their knowledge and Banks Holdings C.E.O., Richard Cozier, was confronted about it. [...]

Should G.O.B. pay compassion to families of Guatemalan nationals who are killed during illegal activities?
Tonight's question is: Should the government pay compassionate grants to families of Guatemalan nationals who are killed during illegal activities? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post your vote on our e-poll at You can also send an email with your comments to [email protected].

P.U.P. chides government on healthcare
This afternoon, the Peoples United Party (P.U.P.) held a two hour press conference inside the Independence Hall headquarters. The room was filled with party supporters and elected representatives. The focus of the press conference was to update the nation on crime and health. Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez, the Area Representative for Orange Walk East delivered [...]

Not enough; P.U.P. speaks of G.O.B.'s response to crime
Crime was the second focus of today's press conference and the keynote was delivered by Party Chairman, Henry Charles Usher. Usher did not mince words for the Ministry of National Security, which he believes is failing the country. Instead of providing solutions, Usher lambasted the Minister of National Security for touring the police stations.   [...]

New San Roman Police Station ready for business
A new Police Sub-Station was inaugurated in the village of San Roman in the Orange Walk District on Monday. And while P.U.P. Party Chairman made it clear he did not appreciate the Minister touring and opening station houses, it probably did not make John Saldivar any less satisfied to officially open the building which cost [...]

Minor passes out and raped after having drink with other teens
A pair of teenagers, both from the Belize District, has been charged with rape and unlawful carnal knowledge, following a report by a minor that the duo sexually assaulted her on Friday.� The fourteen year-old, a student of Trial Farm Village in Orange Walk, told police that she was with four of her friends at [...]

Suspected cocaine sniffed out
On Saturday October twenty-fifth, members of the Anti Drug Unit along with the K-nine Unit conducted a vehicular check point at the junction of the Southern Highway and Hopkins Village. A blue Richie’s Bus travelling from the direction of Independence Village to Dangriga was stopped. A brown knapsack belonging to twenty-five year old Garrel Deon [...]

Prosecutor not ready and that spells acquittal
Also in court, charges of Robbery and Wounding against twenty-seven year old Michael Heusner were dropped when the Prosecutor was not prepared for trial. Magistrate Adolph Lucas set Heusner free after his attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, argued that he was ready to proceed, even though he only received disclosure this morning. Sylvestre also noted that the [...]

National monument not the place to go fishing; unless you want to get arrested
A young Chunox fisherman has reeled in two charges after he was caught illegally fishing inside the Half Moon Caye National Monument. While the charges were filed by Fisheries officials from back in April, it wasn't until today that nineteen year old Melvin Marquez appeared before Magistrate Adolph Lucas to answer to charges for fishing [...]

Pantempters sweet sounds reverberates all the way to Taiwan
The Pantempters Steel Orchestra is no doubt a singular musical entity that shares the common roots of the British Caribbean. The steel pans origins may have started with Africans forging new identities in the region after drums were banned in colonies, but the Pantempters recently took the Caribbean flavor across the planet. Taiwan recently invited [...]

Mayan Leaders Alliance dispute is with government
The Maya Leaders Alliance has been very vocal regarding the recent Environmental Impact Assessment consultation held by US Capital in Sundaywood Village. On Monday News Five spoke to Cristina Coc, the spokesperson for the MLA and she said that although there are issues with the oil company, their argument is specifically aimed at the government. [...]

However, U.S. Capital says meeting was successful
Although the Toledo Alcaldes Association, the Maya Leaders Alliance, SATIIM and the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage find that the Sundaywood meeting put a black eye on the government, U.S. Capital Energy maintains that the consultation was successful. And in respect to the Mayan Communal Land Rights, Public Relations Consultant for U.S. Capital Energy, [...]

P.U.P. believes bond negotiation has stalled
Earlier in the newscast we told you about the P.U.P.'s press conference that focused on crime and healthcare. During the Q and A session, Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca fielded questions about the government's bond negotiation with international creditors. Fonseca believes the government's negotiation has stalled. Moreover he says that his Party has still [...]

The Next Superstar: Meet the Jeremys
The final round of competition in Be The Next Superstar takes place tonight at the Bliss. Four contestants remain and are under a lot of pressure because this is their last chance to convince the audience and judges that are worthy of the ten thousand dollar grand prize. Among the performers that have survived the [...]


Police News
Thirty year old Gregory Bowen, a laborer of Croton Lane, was charged with the attempted murder of 29 year old police constable Marcelino Sam when he appeared in court yesterday. Bowen was remanded into custody until November 29. The police reported that when they responded to the robbe...

Teenager and Minor Charged with Robbery
Two persons, 19 year old Lloyd Parchue and a 15 year old boy, were charged with the robbery of Moon Grocery Shop on Coney Drive, when they appeared in court yesterday. Parchue alone was charged with two counts of attempted murder. Parchue and the minor pleaded not guilty to robbe...

Delivery Man Charged for Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition
Twenty-three year old Ronald Michael, a part time delivery man of 31 Lovely Lane, was charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license when he appeared in court yesterday. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser explained to him that th...

Sugar Cane Farmers To Receive Bonus for the 2011 - 2012 Crop Season
Sugar Cane farmers in the north will be receiving their third and final "bonus" payments for the crop season 2011 - 2012 tomorrow. On average the 5,300 cane farmers will receive $10.00 for every ton of sugar cane delivered to the BSI factory. This year one...

Teenager Sentenced for Firearm Charges
Eighteen year old Clifford Lorenzo, one of two persons charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license, pleaded guilty to both charges when he appeared in court today. He was sentenced to five years for each count by the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, who stipula...


Belize District Residents Charged For The Rape Of 14 Year Old
Last night we told you that Orange Walk Police had two male individuals detained in connection with the rape of a 14 year old female student. The two individuals, namely 18 year old Belizean labourer of Double Head Cabbage, Tyrick Thompson and 19 year old Belizean labourer of Burrell Boom, Morgan Baptist were identified late yesterday evening during an I.D parade and were later charged for rape and unlawful carnal knowledge. As we told you yesterday, details into the case were still sketchy but tonight we have the official police version. The incident reportedly happened on Friday at about 1:00pm in the Village of Trail Farm in the District of Orange Walk. According to what the 14 year old student told police, she and four other students visited a house located on Cotton Street where they met four young men. The group began socializing and consuming alcohol and that is when the 14 year old claims she lost consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, the 14 year old noticed that one of the men was having sexual intercourse with her against her will. She immediately pushed him away but at that instance another individual got on top of her. Despite the fact that she struggled with the individual he proceeded to rape her. After committing the alleged act, both men left the residence and the 14 year old was able to call a friend who went to pick her up and took her home. Both Thompson and Baptist are expected to appear before the Orange Walk Magistrates Court sometime this week.

Neighbours Dispute Lands 56 Year Old In Detention
A dispute among two neighbors landed a woman at the Orange Walk Police Station this morning. According to a frustrated Ana Luisa Urbina, her family has not been able to see eye to eye with one of their next door neighbors. Verbal assaults have constantly been in the picture and today the confrontation reached even further as Urbina's mother, 56 year old Aurora Cowo was picked up by police. Ana Luisa Urbina, Complainant "El problema que nosotros tenemos es con la vecina, todo el tiempo ellos est�n tirando palabras, tirando indirectas y nosotros nunca hacemos nada, mucha gente ha ido a pólice station, como mi hermana ha ido dos veces y a mi ya me llevaron, a mi marido quemo una culebra all�, y le quemo dos hojas de pl�tano que lo vinieron a buscar y lo iban a mandar a Hattieville, ese es uno y el otro uno con mi hermanita ella no puede salir a comprar la siguen, ellos se van y la esperan all�. Ahora ayer en la ma�ana esta gritando, se pone aqu� en la calle a gritar cosas y nosotros los ignoramos pero hoy en la ma�ana fue el definitivo, yo y mi mama est�bamos cortando pollo cuando vino la vecina ac� en la orilla de su cerco y le dijo a su hija que salga a buscar su gallo y ella no le hizo caso; tu no oyes que vayas a buscar el gallo porque de aqu� va a desaparecer, de aqu� lo van a comer y lo �nico que se los juro a delante de Dios que mi mama grito no me lo voy a comer dijo mi mama as�; y empezaron todos sus hijas justos con ellos a gritotear y dijo mi mama sabe que hija me voy a cambiar porque me van a traer pólice y ella fue y se cambio y acabando de cambiar llega Mr. Fuentes y le preguntamos que son los charges y Mr. Fuentes dijo que no quiere o�r nada, entonces agarran a mi mama. Eso es lo que yo quiero, ahorita mi hermanita acaba de venir de el Pólice Station y Fuente no le quiere hacer caso all� tiene a mi mama sentada y eso paso como las ocho de la ma�ana y hasta ahorita y no le quieren hacer caso y si uno los deja por su gusto de ellos la van a dejar encerada all� todo el d�a."

Two Houses Burglarized In Corozal
Apart from an attempted rape there were two burglaries in the Corozal District. In the first reported case Noemi Alcoser reported to police that between the hours of 9:00am and 8:30pm on Friday October 26th, her store, located in the Finca Solana area, was broken into. The burglar or burglars stole a meilium brand 5500 watts generator valued at $2,341.00. Also burglarized on the 26th of October, was home of Cecilia Majil located in the Chula Vista Area of Corozal Town. Majil told police that between the hours of 3:00pm on October 26th and 4:00am on October 27th, her house was broken into. The thief or thieves made good their escape with a 27" sharp TV, a Coby brand DVD player and a variety of perfumes valued at a total of $1,390.00. Up to news time no one has been detained and none of the items have been recovered. Viewers are reminded that it is against the law to purchase stolen items. If you have any information that can assist Corozal police you can contact them at telephone number 402-0022.

Corozal Resident Charged For Attempted Rape
A woman from the Corozal District was at the verge of being raped while walking in the Village of San Narciso on Saturday morning. The 29 year old woman reported to Corozal Police that at around 4:15am on Saturday, she was walking home in the company of her brother-in-law when they were approached by one Alejo Casimiro Ek, a laborer from the village of San Narciso. According to the female, Ek threatened her brother- in- law who ran away fearing for his life. The 29 year claims that Ek then grabbed her by the arm and told her in Spanish "Tu vas a hacer mia hoy". He then punched her on the face causing her to fall. At that instance Ek climbed on top of the female, brought down her underwear and began touching her private parts. While struggling with her attacker, the 29 year old screamed for help and managed to capture the attention of neighbors who immediately came to her rescue. Upon sighting the neighbors Ek made good his escape but quick police response led to his arrest that same morning. Ek has been charged with attempted rape and is now awaiting bail.

Cane Farmer's Third Payment Is As Sweet As Sugar
Last week CTV3 News reported that indications were that the 3rd payment for cane farmers would be around $7.81 to $9.16 depending on the quality of cane delivered to the factory by each test group. As mentioned, that was merely the estimated payment and today the good news is that the final average cane price is in and it stands at $72.13 per ton of cane. This means that for the 2011/2012 crop season, cane farmers will receive a third payment of $9.01 to $10.57. The estimate is based on the final production figures of 114,519 tons of sugar, 31,013 tons of final molasses and 142 tons of B molasses of which 16,416 tons of sugar, 9413 tons of the final molasses and all the B molasses have been earmarked for the local market. It is estimated that with the third payment, more than ten million dollars will be pumped into the economy. Alfredo Ortega- Chairman, BSCFA Committee of Management "Ya tenemos la estimación ahora final para el tercer pago y estamos en $72.13 ese es across the board , ese es el pago por tonelada de cana pero entregamos por diferente test group por medio de la calidad as� es que varea en los diferentes grupos de test que se dieron y el grupo que alto mas alto que es San Narciso que est�n consiguiendo $75.19 y el mas bajo es de $64.10 as� es que dentro de ese espacio hace range los diferentes test groups que van a conseguir este Mi�rcoles 31 de octubre de 2012."

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ASR Realign's BSI's Operational And Business Systems
While cane farmers will be receiving their 3rd payment tomorrow, there is some news coming out from the management of BSI which has now been acquired by American Sugar Refinery who purchased 78.6% of the sugar factory at a cost of US$64.8 millions. The news tonight is that ASR has begun re-aligning BSI's operational and business systems. According to an information bulletin circulated to all employees on Friday October 26th, as part of the realignment process, the BSI Group executive management team's role has been altered. Joey Montalvo has relinquished the title of Managing Director but will continue as the Chief Executive Officer of the BSI Group. Montalvo is responsible for the leadership and management of the BSI Group and for implementation of the overall organization's strategy and the policies of the Board. Paul Hough, who held the post of Group General Manager, is now the Chief Operating Officer of the BSI Group. Hough's responsibilities include all the aspects of the BSI Group operations covering fields, factory and power plant. The C.O.O will also monitor and seek ways to improve the performance of the BSI Group and ensure that all operational targets are met. As the Chief Operating Officer, Hough will also be responsible for BSI's sugar and molasses logistic operations and for the management and development of Human Resources, information technology and Environment.

Celebrating Dental Health Week
As you may already know, on Friday the Orange Walk Town Council held their first open town meeting since taking over office in March of 2012. As mentioned last night, several issues were discussed during the meeting as each councilor outlined their accomplishments based on their individual portfolios. Speaking on Internet Projects, Public Safety and Health, was Councilor Ian Cal who touched basis on all three areas but expanded on public safety. Ian Cal- Councilor "We don't want this to get out of control, what we as a councillor have been doing is we have been working in conjunction with the police department, the municipal transport which we use as well to put check points for safe keeping of Orange Walk and the people's coalition. We met with the officer in charge and we pledge that as councillors we will do our part, we will do our patrols around town because as councillor we have a duty to you the public, we do have patrols and see anything is going wrong in any area and we call the police station and we have been confirmed the we have priority when a councillor would call in on a specific issue. Establishing neighbourhood watch around town, currently we have three active neighbourhood watch in Orange Walk Town, starting next month on the 7th and the 8th, the 14th and 15th, 21st and the 22nd, we will conducting our neighbourhood meetings, where again we will be informing the public of what we are doing and there and then we will be having an officer Sergeant Cob who will be judging us to help us establish these neighbourhood watch groups, because this is important people, it is important to work together and we as a council will do our part but you as the people of Orange Walk need to do your part as well in keeping our town safe especially our neighbourhood."

Keeping Orange Walkenos Informed
Do you know that regular dentist visits can do more than keep your smile attractive - they can tell dentists a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be developing a disease like diabetes. New research suggests that the health of your mouth mirrors the condition of your body as a whole. For example, when your mouth is healthy, chances are your overall health is good, too. On the other hand, if you have poor oral health, you may have other health problems. Research also shows that good oral health may actually prevent certain diseases from occurring. Here in Belize the Dental Department has seen an increase of patients accessing the dental clinics nationwide from approximately 20,000 in 2009 to a record 31,430 in 2011. This proves that Belizeans are placing more interest in their dental hygiene. And probably that's because from October 28th to November 2nd, Belizeans and the entire globe are educated on the importance of keeping a healthy smile. This year Dental Health Week is being celebrated under the theme "Healthy eating, daily brushing, brighter smiles for a Healthy Belize". The main focus of celebrating Dental Health Week is to generate awareness about the importance of keeping our dentures healthy, according to a release issued by the Ministry of Health. It is expected that throughout the week a number of activities will take place in commemoration of dental health week.


Garbage disposal in PG disrupted temporarily
The Punta Gorda Town Council Sanitation Work Program was disrupted from its garbage disposal schedule today. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.

CGA boss responds to Citrus Mutual claims
Late this evening, the CGA responded to the Citrus Mutual claims by saying it's all just to create noise and distract from the real issue at hand. Anderson says the budget and audited financial reports referred to by Belize Citrus Mutual are in hand and ready for presentation to the Citrus Control Board whenever that body is properly constituted and ready to meet for purposes other than crisis management. That was Henry Anderson, the Chief Executive Officer of the Citrus Growers Association.

Citrus Mutual accuses CGA of wrong doing
And while the CGA summoned the media to Belmopan today to make its case; Belize Citrus Mutual used the electronic mail system and a paid advertisement to get its message out. It slammed the Citrus Growers Association, saying that the Committee of Management has been making unfounded accusations and unreasonable demands of the government. Belize Citrus Mutual in its release says that charges of the factory opening for processing too soon and illegally is totally without merit. It based its assertion on a 2010 Supreme Court ruling in which Belize Citrus Mutual says the high court ruled that the Citrus Act provisions which the CGA is relying on are unconstitutional. Furthermore, Belize Citrus Mutual says that with tens of thousands of boxes of grapefruits ready for harvesting any attempt to stop or delay delivery of those fruits brings into serious question whether the CGA's Committee of Management really has the best interests of the citrus industry at heart or does if it is merely acting out of bitterness. Belize Citrus Mutual claims that the only thing that should drive the opening of the factory is a commercial decision based on the availability of adequate mature fruit. The Belize Citrus Mutual ends its press release by blasting the Citrus Growers Association for its illegal Committee of Management, failing to hold an AGM to elect a new Committee for three years and failure to submit a budget for approval by the Citrus Control Board for the past two years.

Crisis in the Citrus Industry
The Citrus industry is the number one income earner in the agribusiness sector and second only to petroleum as an industry. But tonight the twenty two percent contribution that citrus makes to Belize's export earnings is in serious jeopardy because of infighting. It is the kind of infighting that sees the country's largest representative of citrus growers as odds with its one processing company, the Citrus Products of Belize Limited and a smaller, relatively new comer to the industry Belize Citrus Mutual. It is a tangled mess, and today in Belmopan, the Citrus Growers Association hosted a press conference to announce the launch of its offensive designed to restore normalcy to an industry which key stakeholders say is in controlled chaos. To put the current crisis in perspective, it all started when the Citrus Products of Belize Limited went ahead and opened its processing facility last week to receive fruits, without first following the prescribed protocols, such as the submission of price formulas to the CGA. The CGA objected and instead proposed a delay in the opening of the factory to allow for the price submissions and discussions of the proposed prices. But it all fell on deaf ears as of last week some growers have been delivering fruits. Today at the CGA press conference, a call was made to right what is clearly wrong and move forward. The litany of complaints outlined by the CGA at its press conference today includes allegations of corruption; collusion and a disregard for established rules governing the Citrus industry. That is why the CGA is holding a demonstration on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, to put the spotlight squarely on the crisis in the citrus industry. It is at the same time, calling on the government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow to intervene to end the chaos and restore normalcy to the multi-million dollar citrus industry. Eccleston Irving is the Chairman of CGA's Committee of Management. The Citrus Growers Association is asking for a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Gaspar Vega on Wednesday in Pomona village, Stann Creek to discuss the current crisis and to advise him on the way forward. And the Citrus Growers are not happy with the Chairman of the Citrus Control Board, Chief Executive Officer Jose Alpuche, accusing him of not properly advising the Minister of Agriculture on this vital issue.

Man charged for keeping firearm without a license
Twenty-three year old Ronald Michael, a part time delivery man of 31 Lovely Lane, was charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license when he appeared in court today. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser explained to him that the court cannot offer him bail because of the Firearm Act. She remanded him into custody until December 11. The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Friday, October 26. The police reported that they were on motorcycle on Giles Street in the St. Martin De Porres area when they saw Michael and another person walking on Giles Street. The police said that Michael began to act suspicious when he saw them so they stopped Michael and searched him. The search resulted in the discovery of a black Jericho brand nine millimetre pistol, Jericho brand with four rounds of ammunition in its magazine in the waist of his pants. As a result, Michael was taken into custody and charged. The firearm and ammunition were labeled as exhibits.

Man charged with attempted murder of a policeman
Thirty year old Gregory Bowen, a laborer of Croton Lane, was charged with the attempted murder of 29 year old police constable Marcelino Sam when he appeared in court today. Bowen was remanded into custody until November 29. The police reported that when they responded to the robbery at Moon Grocery they picked up Bowen and put him and his bicycle into the pan of their pick-up truck. They said that when they reached the corner of Princess Margaret Drive and Coney Drive, Bowen pushed Sam out of the pan of the vehicle and Sam fell into the drain and struck his head on the pavement. Sam was taken to KHMH where his condition was listed as critical but stable.

Two people, including teenage boy charged with robbery
Two persons, 19 year old Lloyd Parchue and a 15 year old boy, were charged with the robbery of Moon Grocery Shop on Coney Drive, when they appeared in court today. Parchue alone was charged with two counts of attempted murder. Parchue and the minor pleaded not guilty to robbery. No plea was taken for the attempted murder charges because they are indictable offences. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser remanded the minor to Youth Hostel and Parchue to Belize Central Prison. They are to return to court on December 17. The incident occurred around 1:45 p.m. on Friday, October 26.Thirty-eight year old Yue Di Kuang, the owner of Moon Grocery Shop, reported to police that she and her daughter were in the shop when three persons entered, one of them armed with a pistol. She said the gunman held her up and the stole $2,400.00 and two cellular phones. The police reported that when they responded to the robbery they saw two persons fleeing on foot from the area and one of them whom they identified as Parchue, fired several shots at Corporal Reynaldo Bruhier and police constable Emilio Ack but they were not injured. The police said they apprehended Parchue and the minor when they ran into the swamp.

Carpenter charged for church burglary
Twenty-eight year old Ronald Gill, a carpenter of Faber's Road, who allegedly broke into Mount Olive Seventh Day Adventist Church on Faber's Road, was charged with burglary when he appeared in court today. Gill pleaded not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor did not object to bail. But Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser said she has a problem with a person charged with breaking into a church and not even the church is safe anymore. So she denied Gill bail and remanded him into custody until December 18. The incident occurred between 8:30 p.m. on October 25 and 12:10 a.m. on October 26.Michael Sylvestre Cain, a deacon of the church, reported that the lock on the front door of the church was cut and the church was burglarized and the items that were stolen included two speakers, two amplifiers and some wire, which amounted to $2, 470.00. The police, who were in the area, reported that they saw Gill acting suspicious and when they apprehended him he took them to an empty apartment across the street from the church and they recovered the stolen items.

New members for Association for Public Service Senior Managers
A new executive was elected for the Association of Public Service Senior Managers at its annual general meeting held last week. Jose M. Castellanos was elected President, Sharon Fraser Vice President, Francisco Zuniga Treasurer, Michele Longsworth Treasurer and Counselors Dr. Michael Pitts and Ivan Williams. Topics covered during the meeting included Government's proposed 2012 Public Service regulation, update on the Collective Bargaining Agreement and a proposed insurance scheme for members. The New Council will serve for two years.

FECTAB still has outstanding issues it wants addressed
The Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize, FECTAB has come forward to address some of what they call "troubling issues" which are directed at the Ministry of Tourism, the Belize Tourism Board and NICH. President of FECTAB, Tom Greenwood, says the Federation recognizes the work done by these institutions in keeping up the tourism industry at the level that it needs to be, however they believe there are still a number of problems to be addressed. Greenwood says that all these issues start by affecting the Tour Guides who are connected to families and tour operations which are in turn connected to hotels, therefore making it a step ladder for the entire tourism industry to become affected. When we asked Greenwood why he believes the specific Tour Company has full Government support, he said if he were to say what's on his mind, he would definitely be sued. Greenwood told Love News that since they decided to step up and discuss these issues, FECTAB is getting tremendous support from all over the nation. He said the Federation is a part of the newly formed the Belize Coalition for Justice.

Police press officer updates on weekend crimes
Love News has reported about a chopping incident in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek on Saturday evening which claimed the life of a man and left two more, including a child, injured. The Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez, shared the details. Police are investigating whether the chopping was the result of a relationship that went sour between the alleged machete man and Olivia Coc. Meanwhile, a policeman is in a critical condition following an incident last Friday evening when he was pushed out of the pan of a police patrol pick-up truck, allegedly by a man in detention. Martinez, gave the details of the incident. The Police Press Officer could not confirm other incidents that we have received reports about, namely: an alleged attempted ambush of a bus sometime around four this morning on the Philip Goldson Highway during which the bus was shot at after it did not stop at an obstruction of burning tires in the middle of the road. No one was hurt in that incident.

Youth murdered in Belize City
The murder and mayhem continued over the weekend in the old capital. Love TV's Marion Ali reports.

Church outing ends in tragedy
A Church retreat turned tragic on Sunday evening. Pastor Pedro Ochoa reported to Belmopan Police that he along with 11 church members went on a retreat near the Belize Old River yesterday. Pastor Ochoa said sometime in the evening one of his church members, 32-year-old Girven Ramon Trujillo expressed a desire to hunt iguana and swam across the river. Trujillo was swimming back when he suddenly went under water and did not resurface. An immediate search for the body was executed which led to its quick recovery. The body was retrieved and transported to the Western Regional Hospital where at sometime around nine o'clock last night Girven Ramon Trujillo was pronounced dead.


Two men charged for Moon Grocery robbery
Last night we told of the robbery of Moon Grocery Store on Coney Drive in Belize City. Police have apprehended and ...

New Police Station for San Roman
On Monday October 29, 2012, a new Police Sub-Station was inaugurated in the village of San Roman in the Orange Walk...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Garbage Warriors are at it again!
There will be another trash pickup day on Saturday, November 17 starting at 8 a.m. Any one who wants to participate is to meet at the south cemetery. Feel free to bring your own trash bags, gloves and buckets and water will be provided but you are also welcome to bring your own. Any one has any questions, you can contact Noelle Gray at 626-4632. See you then, Garbage Warriors!


Just as another season for the harvesting of grapefruit and oranges is poised to kick off, unresolved conflicts within the citrus industry are spawning a new wave of protests at Pomona Valley this week. Members of the Citrus Growers Association (CGA) are planning to stage two days of protests outside the Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL) on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 30 and 31, to send a message both to their Bajan counterparts and the Government of Belize that they are not happy with the status quo. The protest, scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. in front of the factory, is being led by citrus growers, who were the ones who applied for the permit to protest, said CGA chairman Eccleston Irving. Asked what they hope to achieve by the protest, Irving told Amandala that a group led by Anthony Chanona, a citrus grower who once served as mayor of the capital city, Belmopan, is saying that this crop should not begin without the necessary particulars of the ongoing crisis with CPBL being settled-particularly its relationship with Banks Holdings of Barbados, the minority shareholder of CPBL. Irving said that CPBL still does not have a substantive chairman, as Julian Murillo, the newly appointed chair, has been limited to only overseeing board meetings. Growers are saying they want to be respected; they want to ensure due diligence is followed and that if any changes are made in the industry, they are agreed to by all parties, Irving added. He said that the central issue today is the governance structure of CPBL.

The University of Belize issued a press statement this afternoon, informing that a working draft of an external audit commissioned by President Dr. Cary Fraser has been presented to the board of trustees. The audit was conducted earlier this year by Castillo Sanchez & Burrell, LLP, and it focused on two departments: human resources, and budget and finance. The review was done for the period August 2010 to July 2011. A significant portion of the audit addresses the employment and salary of its Human Resources Director. In April 2011, she was awarded a salary increase of nearly $10,000 per annum retroactive nearly a year, to the date of her first employment in May 2010. There had been ongoing negotiations to address the salary of the HR director. The salary offer made in March 2011 was adjusted on April 13, 2011. The proposed salary was under-budget because a 15% gratuity was excluded, since the HR director, a former government employee, is also entitled to pension/gratuity from the government, and she "cannot double-dip," as a UB official explained via e-mail correspondences addressing payment to the HR director.

She told the court she did it to feed her babies, because she has no job and no money Claudia Ramos, 18, an unemployed mother of two young children, was taken before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart, where a charge of theft was read to her, to which she pleaded guilty. What is sad is that after she pleaded guilty to the charge, she explained to the court that she did not have any money to buy the items and her children needed the food. According to the police report, at 3:30 p.m. on Friday October 26, 2012, a security guard working at James Brodie Company Limited observed a woman putting a tin of Nestle Nestum Wheat and Honey Cereal and a tin of Klim Powder Milk into her black purse, items she had taken from off the shelf in the store.

A deadly weekend has seen five people shot, chopped or stabbed to death in Belize City and in the Stann Creek and Orange Walk Districts. Twenty-one hours after what could be termed a double murder occurred on North Front Street on Thursday night, a man was shot to death on Mahogany Street. On Saturday evening, in Hopkins, Stann Creek District, a man was chopped to death, and seventeen hours later, another man was stabbed to death in Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District. The tragic weekend of killings began on Thursday night, October 25. Police say that they were called to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) around 11:20 p.m., and saw Frank James, 35, a labourer of #2 Pickstock Street, dead. He had been declared dead on arrival about five minutes earlier. James had been shot once in the left side of the abdomen, twice in the right calf and once in the left wrist. Later, police went to the dockyard on North Front Street, where they found Robert Young, 43, a labourer of the dockyard, motionless. He appeared to have been shot once in the left ear, once in the right side of his head, once in the right side of the neck and twice in the right hand. Police investigations revealed that at about 10:50 that night, multiple gunshots had been heard on North Front Street, and thereafter, Frank James was seen injured on the street. He was taken to the KHMH, but pronounced dead there.

The vastly divided opinions of the Maya of Toledo on the very contentious issue of petroleum exploration have rival rural factions at loggerheads, with leading environmental and cultural activists from the south waging a new battle against both the Government of Belize and US Capital Energy, which they contend are not acting in their interest-but solely on the basis of the wealth private individuals can amass from the industry. The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM), the Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA), the Toledo Alcaldes Association (TAA), and the four communities represented by SATIIM: Graham Creek, Crique Sarco, Conejo and Midway, have issued a joint public statement condemning last Thursday's consultation held in Sunday Wood, Toledo, after Greg Ch'oc, spokesperson for the buffer communities of the Sarstoon-Temash National Park, was barred from continuing his 10-page presentation on the petroleum exploration project which is expected to span vast acreages of ancestral lands. Officials at the consultation killed Ch'oc's microphone, we are told, ten minutes into his presentation, and thereafter, speakers from the floor were advised that they had a one-minute time limit to put in their questions to the presenters from the Department of the Environment and US Capital Energy Limited.

Roughly 200 Maya farmers from over 20 villages in Toledo supply organic cacao to a Toledo-based company, Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd (MMC), whose primary market is overseas. Emily Stone, co-founder and managing director of the company, told Amandala that 20 metric tons were produced last year at US$4,500 a metric ton, representing growth of 300% over the previous year. Farmers are paid BZ$2.50 a pound if the cacao is dry but 85 cents a pound if wet, she explained. The Toledo cacao, which was featured at an organic fair in Punta Gorda this weekend, is supplied locally to Moho Chocolate (located at the Tourism Village in Belize City), as well as US companies such as Taza Chocolate (Boston, MA, USA) and Mast Brothers Chocolate (New York, NY, USA). The world market is gaining a whole new appreciation for organic farming. Maya Mountain Cacao works with Toledo farmers, certifying their farms as organic under USDA standards. The company says that it also provides technical assistance to farmers and it guarantees them fair and stable prices for produce. On Friday, Stone, a member of the Belize National Organic Council, participated in a forum held in Punta Gorda, at which organic agriculture was the focus of discussions.


"Son," the old guys says, "you are now going out into the wide, wide world to make your own way, and it is a very good thing to do, as there are no more opportunities for you in this burg. I am only sorry," he says, "that I am not able to bankroll you to a very large start, but," he says, "not having any potatoes to give you, I am now going to stake you to some very valuable advice, which I personally collect in my years of experience around and about, and I hope and trust you will always bear this advice in mind. "Son," the old guy says, "no matter how far you travel, or how smart you get, always remember this: Some day, somewhere," he says, "a guy is going to come to you and show you a nice brand-new deck of cards on which the seal is never broken, and this guy is going to offer to bet you that the jack of spades will jump out of this deck and squirt cider in your ear. But, son," the old guy says, "do not bet him, for as sure as you do you are going to get an ear full of cider." - from THE IDYLL OF MISS SARAH BROWN, by Damon Runyon The PUDP politicians in this country of ours used to have the electronic media absolutely choked by the neck. The PUP were following in the footsteps of the British, and the UDP, when they finally came to power, did nothing more than follow in the footsteps of the PUP. Radio Belize remained a government monopoly after Dr. Manuel Esquivel's UDP took over in December of 1984.

The Belize Times online said last week that two journalists reported incidents they consider to be intimidation. The PUP media journalist, Vaughan Gill, claimed that someone had loosened the nuts on one of his car wheels, and the Plus TV television journalist, Louis Wade, stated that someone had smashed one of his vehicle's windows. Both these gentlemen live in Belmopan, although Mr. Gill travels into Belize City two or three times a week to participate in the PUP radio talk show on Positive Vibes. There are no national or municipal elections scheduled for the near future here. Village council elections will be held next year, but these are not normally earthshaking events. The political climate has been somewhat tense for a long time, however, because of the serious, multiple Ashcroft lawsuits against the Government of Belize, because the PUP came very close to winning this year's national elections and took a long time getting over it, and because of referenda which will be held simultaneously in Belize and Guatemala next year October to decide whether the Guatemalan claim should go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Throw in the fact that the levels of crime and violence are frighteningly high, along with emotional issues like the fight for gay rights (UNIBAM) and the marijuana decriminalization matter, add the recent turmoil in sugar and citrus, mix in the overall malaise in the Belizean economy, and we would say that things are not all that copacetic. On the Gill and Wade incidents, we would say that they should have reported these incidents to all the legitimate media houses. We saw the Wade report on a Channel 7 newscast, but did not hear this story on the only radio station with a national signal - LOVE FM. The Gill story received even less coverage, to the best of our knowledge.

BDF drop Police; F.C. Belize burn Placencia There has probably never been a race as hot as this one in the history of semipro football in Belize. With four weeks of out-of-zone meetings completed, and 5 games each remaining in the second round, each zone, North and South, have 3 teams jostling at the top, with 2 more still in striking distance. Only 2 teams from each zone will make it to the 4-team semifinal playoffs. (See standings below.) The only Saturday night game this past weekend saw R.G. City Boys United visit the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan and hold North Zone leaders Belmopan Bandits to a scoreless draw. The much anticipated battle of the security forces was at the Norman Broaster Stadium on Sunday, and it was Belize Defense Force defending their home turf with a 3-1 victory, and putting an end to the Police United winning streak. BDF had goals from Ralph Flores (33 min), Vallan Symms (48 min PK) and Richard "Cheety" Jimenez (82 min); while Danny Jimenez (45+ min) got the only Police goal. The San Pedro Seadogs celebrated their first home game at the Ambergris Stadium by registering a 1-0 win over San Ignacio United. Angel Cantun (41 min) scored for San Pedro. Both are practically out of the playoff race, but will be playing for pride down the stretch.

It is always a pleasure when we receive some information, especially with pictures, on athletes of times past. Some have already passed on, but some are still with us, and it is sometimes good for today's youths to remember that the elderly gentleman they see on the street was once a 'baller too. Retired B.E.C. employee Walter Bradley provided us today with the above picture of the BEC football team he played with that was Runner-up in the 1959 Belize City Football Knockout Competition played at the then Edwards Park (now Rogers Stadium). In those days, the regular football competition, which started in late September-early October and ended in February or March of the following year, was always followed by a Knockout Competition, which was almost as prestigious as the regular season. According to Walter's recollection, Dunlop was the 1958-59 champion, but BEC played and lost to the British Army squad in the 1959 Knockout finals. BEC did go on to win the regular season championship a couple years later in the 1960-61 season, Walter's last active competition, when Wilfred "Palmer" Davis was their goalkeeper. Missing from the above picture, taken immediately after the 1959 Knockout championship game, was then team member Jim Murphy, who was away from the country at the time.

Ronald Gill, 28, a carpenter of #70 Fabers Road, was today taken before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer to answer a single charge of burglary. Police alleged that Gill, sometime between October 25 and October 26, broke into the Mount Olive Seventh Day Adventist Church and stole (1) black speaker valued at $500; (2) grey speakers valued at $300 each; (1) black and gold amplifier valued at $900; (1) grey amplifier valued at $500; (1) silver tape recorder valued at $150; (1) black microphone valued at $50; and (3) black wire cords valued at $30 each, all to a total value of $2,790. The items were recovered from a vacant room located opposite the church on Fabers Road. Gill pleaded not guilty to the charge and, although the prosecutor had not objected to bail, the Senior Magistrate did, calling the act "inexcusable - to break into a church. Not even the church is safe now, she said. Gill was remanded to the Hattieville Prison until his next court appearance on December 18, 2012.


Dave's Errand Run
I was ready for a work break yesterday morning and and texted Dick to see if he was into going to town. I waited a bit and decided to call and see what was up for the day at Lucky 13 house. Dave answered the phone, told me to come over and we could go for a walk and that Dick and Heather were still sleeping. When I arrived, Dick was up and heading off to take care of a few things in town and our walk had turned into an errand run, Dave had to go return empties and get water. We left Heather sleeping in as that is what vacations are for. As we drove down the back road a guy nicely pointed out our tire was low on air, Dave knew this already and plan was to drop the empties off go get air at the gas station down the road, come back and pick up the water jugs. When we arrived at the Belikin Beer distributor the guy that was helping us sort our empties noticed our tire and offered to put air in for us, now that is good service. Dave returned four cases of Belikin beer for a credit of around $30 bzd and purchased four, five gallon containers of water $14 bzd. Next we headed south on the main road and Dave said we needed a quick pit stop for a new golf cart lock as Zac's combination lock had stopped working for some reason. [general consensus was weather related rust somewhere inside]

2 large ripe plantains or bananas, peeled 1 cup flour 1 small onion, cut into wedges 1/4 teaspoon salt Dash pepper Oil for deep-fat frying Place plantains in a food processor; cover and process until smooth. Add the flour, onion, salt and pepper; cover and process until blended. Batter will be moist. Drop tablespoonfuls of batter, a few at a time, into hot oil. Cook for 1 minute on each side or until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. ENJOY!

International Sources

Meet the Romney's of Mexico
Mitt Romney's father was born in Mexico, but the Republican candidate seldom speaks of his family's time there. It turns out that some of his extended clan still live south of the border. The Romney's of Mexico reside in the hills of Casas Grandes (meaning "big houses") in Chihuahua, about 190 miles from Texas. The town is home to some 8,000 people. As many as 50 of them claim to be related to the man in a tight race with Barack Obamato be America's next president. Of those relatives, many of the men have Anglo names and speak fluent English. They are taller and have fairer hair and complexion than most of their Mexican neighbors. Some bear a striking resemblance to the former Massachusetts governor. They are members of Mexico's Mormon community, whose roots can be traced to pioneers who ventured from Arizona and Utah in the late 1800s. And they are by no means humble "campesinos." They worship at a temple made of marble, with a lavish gold-trim interior that no one but Mormons are allowed to enter. Their homes are mansions by Mexican standards-featuring three floors, many rooms and manicured yards with French-style fountains. Romney's Mexican clan are powerful farmers. They grow vast fields of peppers, peaches, pears and apples. Through a farm cooperative called Paquime, they export the high-quality produce to the United States.

Pestalozzi Village Trust
THE most difficult obstacle I've ever faced was going to high school every day knowing that after I completed, despite all my efforts, there was no way I could go on to tertiary education." Rudolph Parham is a young man from Belize, who recently arrived in East Sussex on a two year educational scholarship from Pestalozzi. Rudolph and his countryman Daniel Hernandez are the first Belizeans to come to Pestalozzi in Sedlescombe and to study for their International Baccalaureate diploma at Sussex Coast College in Hastings. Like all Pestalozzi students, Rudolph and Daniel come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Rudolph explains, "The Pestalozzi scholarship offers me the chance to make something more than expected of myself. "Many people in my community didn't have the opportunity to go to school. "Even though they have brilliant ideas and are very wise, they can't fully contribute because they lack education." In fact, only 1 in 20 Belizean students from similar circumstances are able to complete their schooling - so this is an exciting opportunity for Rudolph and Daniel. Rudolph is keen to get the most out of his scholarship. He said: "I would like to make changes in the world, perhaps through the development of technology in my country. "When the opportunity arises to make a difference, I will take that path." The pair will study alongside other students on Pestalozzi scholarships from India, Nepal, the Tibetan communities in exile, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Pestalozzi's unique two year scholarship programme offers academically bright, but economically disadvantaged 16-19 year old students from developing countries the chance to realise their potential by studying in the UK.

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