Dr. Louis Lm, Ashley Czezh, Tammie Zemke, Dr. Efrain Cima and Dr. Dave Buelow

Students of San Pedro RC School will have brighter, healthier smiles to boast as a group of volunteer dentists are back at the Smile Center at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic II providing free checkups. Dr. Louis Lam is a dentist with over 23 years of experience and has been coming to the island and rendering his service for over ten years. It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Lam and his team working along with Dr. Efrain Cima at the Poly Clinic. Dr. Lam and his team are in San Pedro for a week providing their free services to children between the ages of 8 and 10. So far the team has seen over 40 patients and will be seeing more until the end of the week performing clean-ups, fillings, root canals and much more.

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