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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

48-year-old man charged for sexually abusing 10 year old child
San Pedro police have arrested and charged a man who is accused of sexually abusing a ten-year old female student multiple times. The man has been identified as 48 year old Candido Alamilla, a Belizean boat captain of Boca del Rio area of San Pedro Town. The minor, in the company of her mother visited the station and reported on October 30th that the man had not only fondled her on several occasion but also had sexual intercourse with her. According to police, the minor reported that on October 7th at about 1:30PM she went swimming at a pool where a person, who is a family friend for over three years, jumped into the water and touch her indecently. The ten-year old told police the man is Candido Alamilla. The girl also told police that sometime between the dates of October 8th and 12th, the male person picked her up from school and took her to his house where he proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her. Police say that on October 15th, at about midday the man picked the same girl from school and fondled her. The following day the same man went to the girl's school and told the teacher that the girl's mother sent him to pick her up. The girl was released into his care and according to the minor he took her to his house and fondled her again. On October 27, after showing psychological changes, the little girl told her mother what had been happening to her and as a result they visited the San Pedro Police Station and made a formal report.

Islanders demand action "NOW!" over the crime situation
Over the past few weeks, businesses as well as residents and visitors have been the targets of crime on the island. The incidents are rapidly becoming a major concern amongst islanders who hold a major stake in the tourism industry. Residents are beginning to fear that this may have a negative impact on our tourism dependent island and are calling on the police to "put more boots on the ground" and calling for the local elected authorities to "have the issue addressed promptly." During a well attended town meeting held on Tuesday evening, Oct. 30th at the Rafael Angel Nu�ez Auditorium, angry islanders had the opportunity to vent their frustrations about the crime situation on the island. "I have received cancellations from tourists and they are requesting their monies back because of the crime situation on this island� when I lose from this cancellation the tour guides lose, the tour companies lose, the restaurants lose, the community loses and the government loses from taxes," said an outspoken local business owner Nellie Gomez. The panel consisted of the Officer Commanding San Pedro Police Formation Assistant Superintended of Police Viennie Robinson, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of Eastern Division Police Formation, Elodio Aragon Jr, Commissioner of the Belize Police Department David Henderson, Minister of Tourism and Culture and Area Representative Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr and Mayor of San Pedro Daniel Guerrero. Elito Arceo, a tour operator on Ambergris Caye also explained to the panel that as a direct result of the crime situation on Ambergris Caye, a group of 30 students from a US university have cancelled coming to San Pedro Town. "We need to act now� we need a solution before worse happens," echoed each resident that went to voice their frustration.

UNICEF is willing to help SPTC in addressing San Mateo issues
On October 29th and 30th a representative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) was in San Pedro for a two-day working visit where she took the opportunity to meet with various stakeholders including the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). The visit is a follow-up to a previous meeting held in April 2012 with the SPTC. The purpose of the meeting is to see ways in which UNICEF can work along with the SPTC on issues affecting children and women on the island, especially in the area of San Mateo as it relates to a clean and safe environment. The stakeholders included the Ministry of Education (MoE) representatives on the island, Belize Water Service (BWS), the Public Health Inspector, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), school principals and councilors of the San Pedro Town Council. The San Mateo community lacks all proper basic infrastructure including electrification, water and sewer system and adequate roads and was the center of discussion. Early Childhood Development and Education Officer at UNCIEF Denise Robateau spoke with The San Pedro Sun and explained that they are willing to work with SPTC in addressing some of the issues in the area of San Mateo. "In terms of the issue of clean and safety environments; one of the trusts of the Quality Child Friendly School Imitative of the MoE is to have such a component in their framework� UNICEF had a discussion with the stakeholders in terms of how we can improve the conditions, especially in the area of San Mateo," said Robateau. With the promotion of clean and safety environments being taught at the school, it is the hope that the children will take it into their community and practice what is taught and trigger behavioral changes.

SP Lions celebrates 37th anniversary
The San Pedro Lions Club celebrated their 37 anniversary on Saturday, October 27th after being founded on October 25th, 1975. The event was celebrated in grand style, having the participation of Lions from other clubs countrywide. During the event, the speakers spoke of the many accomplishments of the club and the plan for the upcoming year. Jorge Aldana served as the Master of Ceremonies, and to officially welcome the guests and fellow Lions to the event was Lion Rigoberto Kumul of the San Pedro Lions Club. Shortly after, the President of the San Pedro Lions Club Murlene "Mel" Spain took the podium explaining that while there are no new Lions being installed, the event is worth celebrating. "The Lions Motto 'We Serve,' continues to be the goal today of this club as we celebrate its 37th birthday. As long as there is a need, the Lions Club will continue to do the best it can, to help the residents of this community and of Belize by assisting them with paying their medical bills and help them to get medications� I must say it saddens me that we are not installing any new members today but we will do so later in the New Year. I am very happy and proud to say that this club is one of the strongest clubs in Belize and it is because we have positive minded members," said President Spain.

Ambergris Today

Mayor Guerrero Secures 5 Additional Police for San Pedro
Only 15 hours after the public consultation meeting between our town leadership comprising of the police and residents of San Pedro, there is already good and positive news to report. Mayor Daniel Guerrero informed Ambergris Today that the Minister of National Security has immediately assigned five new police officers to be dispatched to San Pedro. This is an additional five besides the ten to be assigned to San Pedro Town in January of 2013.

World AIDS Day Activities in San Pedro
The San Pedro AIDS Commission is gearing up for World AIDS Day and has planned a weekend full of activities leading to World AIDS Day. In speaking with Felix Ayuso, Chairman of the San Pedro AIDS Commission, he was very happy to mention that the commission is growing and currently has 41 active members.

Transformed into Dia De Los Muertos
Halloween is one of my favorite time of the year. In September I came across a picture from one of my followers on instragram and I had to do it. I traveled to Merida, Yucatan for my vacation and came across some great ideas for my costume, which is "Dia De Los Muertos." I admired the impressive patterns and colors on the decorated skeleton; so I decided to stick with the traditional look ,but put a twist. After going through many pictures online, I noticed that in Los Angeles the Dia De Los Muertos designs have become very popular in the tattoo world. Also, many have started decorating their homes with these figurines and also inspired in clothing lines. Thankfully I know a great friend of mine who is a well known tattoo artist in Belize by the name of Wimpas Sosa. He gladly took on the task in transforming me into a Dia de Los Muertos. The painting took twenty-five minutes and I was ready to head out to the party and show off my Dia De Los Muertos Hollywood Style costume.

25 Years Ago: Dia De Los Muertos "All Saints Day"
Throughout Mexico, Central America and most parts of Belize we celebrate Dia de los Muertos or All Saints Day. It is a family, social, religious and cultural celebration and it coincides right after Halloween. November 1st Dia de los Muertos is celebrated in honor of the children who have passed away and November 2nd is celebrated to honor the adults who have been laid to their eternal rest. So, is this a regular dance party with lots of food and drinks galore like we have for Halloween and so many other celebrations? Not quite so! This is how this celebration goes. Days before the celebrated day, the village or town folks go to the cemetery to give it a thorough cleanup and paint the tombs. For November 1st mom first bakes a large batch of sweet bread known as Pan de Muertos or Cross Buns. It is sweet bread with a cross marked on it. This bread is put on the home altar which is arranged with candles, flowers, images or small statues of saints, and a cup of any pop drink. At midday, the family prays a rosary for the repose of the soul of the beloved deceased, and then the family goes to the cemetery to lay flowers or wreaths on the tombs.

Misc Belizean Sources

Mexican Day of the Dead celebration in Belize
The Embassy of Mexico cordially invites the public to the traditional celebration of the DAY OF THE DEAD, on Friday, November 2nd, at the Institute of Mexico in Belize City. This Mexican tradition combines the beliefs of ancient cultures with those of the Catholic religion. Mexico has always had its own approach to the concept of death. On the Day of the Dead, the souls of the ancestors are invited to join in festivities including food and dancing. Candy skulls are given to loved ones and funny poems about death are shared. The indigenous festivity dedicated of the dead was inscribed by UNESCO in 2008, on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Kim Simplis Barrow
Great series of photos of the Barrow family taken by Olivera Rusu.....

The best dog costume of all time
this is rad, sent to me from Jesse!!!

Bobby Banks fundraiser, please help....
Belize Electricity Limited is currently embarking on a fundraising effort to assist one of our valued employees who has recently fallen ill and has been undergoing a series of medical treatments. To this end, we here at BEL are asking your support through the purchase of tickets. Kindly see the attached flyer for details and please pass on to your fellow colleagues and family. Tickets can be obtained from me at [email protected] or by contacting me at 227-0954 ext. 1105. You may also feel free to use one of the contact numbers/extensions listed on the flyer. Your support will be greatly anticipated and appreciated.

After 40 years, a new ferry was inaugurated in San Jose Succotz crossing the river to Xunantunich. It was a combination of culture, tourism and local community. Xunantunich was the first site open to the public in the 1950's. The site's name has been changed numerous times and Dr. Jaime Awe from the Institute of Archeaology, enlightened those that gathered for this landmark occasion. Initially, it was called Mount Moloney in name of Sir Alfred Moloney. Then it was deemed an inappropriate name and called Benque Viejo. As this thriving community was almost named the capital of Cayo. But having a Spanish name was also considered inappropriate. An acheaologist officionado, Thomas Gann thought it fitting to name it Xunantunich, which ancient Mayas called Clay Mountain. Xunantunich refers to the ghost of a woman claimed by several people to inhabit the site, beginning in 1892. She is dressed completely in white, and has fire-red glowing eyes. She generally appears in front of "El Castillo", ascends the stone stairs, and disappears into a stone wall. Launching this ferry is a milestone of progress to protect and enhance tourism. Cultural toursim as Min. Heredia noted is a key factor in development. The Ministry is endeavoring more efforts in Placencia, Cayo and Ambergris Caye. Here in Cayo, there is work on the ATM Caves, Cayo Welcome Center and Cahal Pech. Our Archeaological Parks represent heritage and education. After all the Minister noted, a country that does not honor it's history, is like a man wihtout a soul! They have made efforts to preserve the hand crank mechanism that the ferry is reknown for. And as 'with every new begininning, there are moments of reflection' and Ms Diane Haylock, noted Escandar Bedran Sr. who was the creator of the old ferry. The old ferry will be relocated in San Jose Succotz and not just disgarded. It is after all an important part of history!

Xunantunich Ferry Inauguration
New Ferry makes "Maiden Voyage" across the Mopan River to the "Maiden of the Rock" Maya site , Xunantunich��

Xunantunich Ferry the Day Before Removal
The old ferry the day before its decommission. It was a great day to see Xunantunich, and Dino is a fantastic guide.

VIDEO: Wicked Jelly Fish, Bait Ball and Swim Through Tunnels
Local Diving, Never a dull moment! Ambergris Caye Belize

Jada's Pizza
My teenage daughter Jada, has been cooking and creating in the kitchen since she was about 11 years old. This pizza uses store bought french bread with Jada's own eclectic toppings and a sauce that's made from scratch. This is quick meal that Jada always makes when she has friends over.

October's Photo of the Month
This photo was taken on our beautiful Rendezvous Caye at night with the moon full on New Years Eve of this year! Uros Kekus was the brilliant photographer - we have very much enjoyed looking through all his photos but this one particularly identifies Raggamuffin! Thank you Uros for your wonderful photos - this one will now be our new cover photo!

Belize City resident will start paying a new bill come January, 2013. It's called a "Garbage Fee" and will be charged at $10 per household. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, the new "Garbage Fee" will assist the Belize City Council in defraying the coast of the soon to be launched municipal Bond. The prospectus for the Municipal Bond will be issued on November 15. According to Mayor Bradley, the $10 Garbage Fee will be added on to City residents' water bill, thereby making Belize Water Services a collection agency for City Hall. The first Garbage Fee bill will be issued the middle of December and becomes payable by the middle of January, 2013.

Channel 7

"Antichrist" Guilty!
Today a jury of 7 women and 5 men needed only three hours to find Laverne "Antichrist" Longsworth guilty of the 2010 murder of her 32 year-old common-law husband, David White. After the verdict was issued, 38 year old Longsworth quietly shook her head in seeming disbelief. And when she was being escorted out of court, she broke away form police and tried to physically attacked photojournalist Rowland Parks. And so, tonight, the 38 year-old Longsworth is at prison awaiting her sentence - which is likely to be life in prison. In the month-long, highly controversial case, the prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Shenieza Smith, summoned media personnel from both Channel 5 and Channel 7 who contributed to the recording, broadcast, and storage of 4 interviews Longsworth conducted. In those interviews, Longsworth admitted that on the night of July 15, 2010, she threw gasoline on White and lit him on fire. He died 17 days later at the KHMH from burn injuries. And Crown Counsel Smith managed to get the court to admit those interviews into evidence, which is a precedent, since electronic evidence is very rarely used in a criminal trial. In her defence, Longsworth gave a dock statement in which she accepted that she did wrong when she through gasoline White and lit him on fire, but she maintains that she did it in self-defence. She also told the court that White physically abused her many times throughout their relationship. She also said that White, as part of the wrongs he did her, caused her to contract HIV from him.

Bandwidth Breakthrough: BTL Doubles Up Internet Speeds
A recent survey of the Caribbean showed that Belize's internet rates were the among the highest and its bandwidth among the lowest. Telemedia, the nationally owned phone company has been roundly criticized and condemned for it. ,p> And now, the company is doing something about it: they're doubling the speed again, but halving the price at the same time. The Prime Minister broke the news at his Business Forum this morning. Here's how he explained it:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize "Now comes what I consider to be a seminal new development; icing on the cake, with whip cream and cherry on top. Yesterday the BTL boards of directors agree that the company will once more give its internet customers increased bandwidth at reduce prices. According the 128k internet speed will go from $49 per month to $25 per month. All other DSL internet speeds will double but for less than the current price. As examples: one megabit which currently cost $300 will now sell for $140 per month, and two megabits sold now for $500 will cost only $240. So that going to back to the one megabit example; the customer currently pays $300 per month but that customer can now go up to two megabits for $240 for less than $300 that he currently pays for one megabit he can go up to two megabits. I really think ladies and gentlemen this is something."

Citrus Standoff Could Be Settled By a Buyout
And at today's forum the Prime Minister also spoke about the standoff in the citrus industry. The Citrus Products of Belize plant unilaterally opened one week ago - and the Citrus Growers Association announced that its members would be suspending deliveries - and protesting against what they hold is an illegal, unauthorized opening of the factory. More than that, the CGA says it stands to lose millions of dollars - if it accepts the price unilaterally declared by CPBL. Well, dialogue with the government and on the price has been ongoing, and tonight the news is that the CGA is relaxing its hardline, its farmers are on line to start deliveries - after productive dialogue. A release sent out this evening says that, quote, "representatives of the CGA had a very positive meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Gasper Vega," end quote. It adds that the meeting discussed, quote, "the transformation of the industry along with the buying out of Banks Holdings Ltd. shares in CPBL." Today at the business forum, the Prime Minister announced Government's support for that:..

9 Year Old Who Fell Out Of Bus Is Recovering; What Will Minister Do?
Tonight 9 year old Martin Noble is slowly recovering at the KHMH -after falling from a moving bus. The standard 4 student of Holy Redeemer was a standee on an overcrowded Haylock's bus -when the backdoor of the bus flung open. The child tumbled out of the bus unto the Northern Highway at mile 7 -into the path of oncoming traffic. Luckily he was spotted by drivers who managed to avoid hitting him. The incident has raised many concerns about the Transport System. This morning the airwaves were buzzing with angry citizens who voiced their dissatisfaction on what they believe is pure incompetence on behalf of the Ministry of Transport. But despite the many criticisms of the Transport system, Minister of Transport Edmund Castro took time out of his busy schedule to pay Noble a visit at the hospital today. While there, he gave the media an interview. Hon. Edmund Castro - Minister of State/Transport "It is so unfortunate. We have been trying to re-engineer the entire bus transportation and transport system in the country. We, for over the past 3 months, have actively played an advertisement over the radio asking for the bus owners and operators to obey the law."

Mexican Carried Major Weapons At the Free Zone
Tonight, 22 year-old Zurisaday Villasenor Mendez, a Mexican from Quintana Roo, is at the Belize Central Prison after he was busted with a frightening stash of weapons near the Corozal Free Zone. Police strongly believe that he was some kind of drug trafficker or assassin, because of the weaponry and gadgets that he was found with. On Tuesday, at around 11:20 a.m., acting on intelligence gathered by Corozal Police, a joint operation of security forces descended on rooms #102, and 103 of the Las Vegas Hotel, which is near to the Santa Elena Border. Mendes was found inside room #103 along with 1 black Glock .40 mm pistol, which contained 14 live rounds of ammunition; a black and grey Ruger brand 9mm pistol, which was loaded with 16 live rounds of Aguila brand ammunition; a silver and black magazine which contained 10 live rounds of 9mm ammunition; a transparent plastic bag which contained 28 grams of suspected cocaine; a zip lock plastic bag containing of 2 grams of suspected cannabis; a transparent plastic bag containing 7 grams of suspected cannabis; an assortment of radio communication devices; antennas; cell phones; a green face-mask; and 2 pieces of jewelry.

Killed His Ex's New Love; Convicted Of Manslaughter
He killed his ex's new boyfriend and 38 year-old Alvaro Gregorio was convicted of manslaughter for it. He is spending a second night in prison as he awaits his sentence from Justice Troadio Gonzalez. In October 2008 he stabbed 37 year-old Salvadoran National Roberto Jimenez Juarez Marroquin to death. It happened in the San Mateo area of San Pedro. On October 8, 2008, Gregorio allegedly went to his wife's home and was talking to her when Marroquin arrived 15 minutes later. The men argued, and Gregorio stabbed Marroquin in the chest with a kitchen knife, causing him to bleed to death. Gregorio, in his defence, gave a dock statement in which he didn't deny that Marroquin died of a stab wound from a fight between them. However, he said that he didn't inflict the wound himself; it happened when Marroquin attacked him with the knife, and he defended himself.

PM Woos Pvt Sector At Business Forum
We've already shown you the newsy bits of today's Business Forum with the Prime Minister - but the forum itself was news - if only for the fact that so many business people think the Barrow government just can't get it right when it comes to business. The forum represents an attempt to do just that - and today the Prime Minister's office put its best foot forward for the business community. Here's how it went:.. Jules Vasquez reporting Held under the theme Partnering for Growth - the Business Forum played to a full house at the Jungle Pavilion at Old Belize. Almost all of the 200 plus seats were filled - and the event was hosted by the Economic Development Council - a body which came out of last year's summit and is now a secretariat in the Prime Minister's Office which meets bi-weekly. Kay Menzies, Co chairman Economic Development Council "The year since the Prime Minister held the first economic forum has truly been a learning experience. It is not an easy thing to: one, get the public and private sector to speak and understand each other's language. Two, decide what from a fairly long list of urgent issues should and can be tackled first. Three, decide how best to tackle that what which we decide to tackle."

PM Says Ashcroft Alliance Trying to Torpedo Superbond 2.0
And there's one more bit of news coming out of today's event. The PM also discussed the progress - or lack thereof - with the superbond negotiations. The Opposition went all Chicken Little on it earlier this week - but the PM, while not overly-enthusiastic, showed cautious optimism. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I see that we have been scolded for not keeping you sufficiently informed about super bond re-structuring. The report could be summarized very shortly - the negotiations are ongoing." "On August 8 our liability management team published three options for a sustainable debt exchange offer. These indicative scenarios have formed the basis for ongoing negotiations with a Creditor Committee and with non-Committee Bondholders over the last 10 weeks - nobody ever said it would be easy, the negotiations continue." "I go up to Miami this weekend to meet with our advisors preparatory to a face to face meeting that they will then have with the people representing the creditor committee." "As the negotiations proceed, our stance remains resolute: for any outcome to be acceptable, it must be based on reasonable, realistic and-above all-sustainable assumptions."

Alleged Street Shooter Is Ex-BDF
On Tuesday, a group of men caused so much ruckus with wild gunfire in the Lake-I area that one media house even reported a murder when there was none. Well police caught them in a high-speed chase and took them to court today. The accused are 25 year-old BDF Soldier Brendon Cacho and a 16 year-old minor, and tonight, they are at prison. At 6:30p.m., Police responded to shots being fired on La Croix Boulevard, and when they arrived at corner of Mahogany and Linda Vista Streets, the officers saw a dark blue Toyota Camry without any license plates speeding away from the scene. The police set chase after the vehicle, which ended up crashing into a fence at #168 Linda Vista Street, and 3 men were seen fleeing from the damaged vehicle. The officers managed to detain 2 of those men: Cacho and the 16 year-old male.

Brighton Cordova Passes
And before we go to break, we note the sad passing of Brighton Cordova, the ten year old who was seriously injured when a house fell on him in July of this year. It happened in Orange Walk Town when Brighton and another boy were playing with a pair of puppies. Brighton received brain injuries, which left him in a vegetative state. After doctors couldn't do any more for him, his family took him back to Orange Walk where they cared for him as best they could. He is reported to have passed away early this morning.

Cayo Man Caught With Cash, Shotgun
Tonight, 26 year-old year-old Adan Tesecum, a laborer of El Progresso Village in the Cayo District, is in prison after he was arraigned for burglary and firearm offences. Jorge Galdamez, a farmer of El Progresso Village, reported that on Sunday, between the hours of 7 p.m., and 10 p.m., someone broke into his home and stole his 16 gauge shotgun and $2,000 in cash. Police conducted their investigation and recovered the stolen shotgun and $1,600 of the stolen money in the position of Tesecum, and as a result, they charged him with keeping an unlicensed firearm, burglary. He was arraigned the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court and remanded on those charges.

The Old Succotz Ferry Is Retired
Since it was installed in 1975, the old hand-cranked Succotz Ferry has probably served more visitors to Xunantunich than McDonalds has served burgers. And while it is quaint - it's also out-dated - and the motorized Succotz Ferry 2.0 was launched today. It is longer and can carry more weight. It was replaced with funds from the Sustainable Tourism Programme - and at the launching today, the programme's director told the Press Office more:.. Christy Mastry, Sustainable Tourism Project "Today we launched the new ferry that will now hold up to 4 small autos and 2 of the minivans than come across over to the Xunantunich site. It's really exciting for us, the old ferry is incredibly historical, it's been working for 37 years all on a hand crank and we mention the long line of people who did the cranking over the many years. It's really exciting to be uniting history and culture, the tourism sector and a lot of the really active local communities in the area because it's really been involvement in the STP with the twins towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio and now Benque Del Carmen and especially now San Jose Succotz which is really the home of the ferry and where we will establish the old ferry as a landmark at the entrance to the town itself."

PROFILE: Darius Avila
If you've ever been to PG, then you should know Darius Avila. He's one of the leaders of that community and the owner of Beya Suites. But how did he become so well established? Tonight, he tells his story in the "I Am Belize" profile.

Day Of The Dead Observed
Last night trick or treaters took to the city streets in all kinds of costumed craziness enjoying the fun of the Halloween celebrations. But in the northern communities of the country, they are not so much into Halloween as they are into their tradition called "Day of the Dead" - which is celebrated on the first and second of November. It's a 500 year old tradition, where it is believed that the souls of ancestors return to join the living, in festivities that include food and dancing. The Mexican Embassy is hosting an exhibition on the - Day of the Dead- to display the traditional celebration. 7news stopped by to check out preparations. Marcelino Miranda, Mexican Embassy "The Mexican Embassy is pleased to invite the Belizean public to attend this cultural presentation on the Day of the Dead. There are different activities that are going to be included in this presentation. One of them is that the Institute of Mexico is going to become a complete full representation of reproduction of Mexican cemetery."

Channel 5

Guns, drugs and ammunition in Mexican's Las Vegas Casino hotel room
Las Vegas Casino at the Corozal Free Zone. We broke that story on Tuesday, but police have only today released the information. It is reported that one of the most notorious drug cartels is linked, but what we can confirm is that the bust took place before noon at two hotel rooms at the swanky [...]

Citrus Growers intend to buy out Banks Holdings shares in C.P.B.L.
The Citrus Growers Association has ended its two days of protest against Citrus Products of Belize Limited and its business partner Banks Holdings of Barbados. The breaking news is that the CGA has met with the government to chart a way forward to buy out Banks shares in C.P.B.L. The government sat down with CGA [...]

P.M. says Slusher/Alpuche dissolution letter is much to do about nothing
And as Zabaneh sticks by his release, so does the PM stick by his man, Slusher. PM Barrow made it clear today that he holds all confidence in Slusher. The PM had intervened in 2011, and advised Banks Holdings and CGA to facilitate a discussion of the dispute that would have taken place in Barbados. [...]

Antichrist convicted of murder
The domestic dispute that ended in the death of David White in 2010, has now resulted in the murder conviction of a woman. It took the jury of seven women and five men only three hours and six minutes of deliberation to come up with a unanimous guilty verdict in the case against thirty-eight year [...]

School boy recovering after falling out of bus
A young school boy suffered a horrible ordeal on Wednesday evening when he was flung from an overcrowded bus of the Haylock Bus Line fleet. Martin Noble remains in the hospital and at least for now, it looks as if he is fortunately out of danger. But the Transport Board is to meet to decide [...]

Another Northern Regional case of malpractice and childbirth
Since September first, a number of women who went to the Northern Regional Hospital for child birth or obstetrics left the hospital with life threatening complications. While the Ministry of Health has remained mum, more and more cases are surfacing and tonight we report on the gripping story of Magdalena Chable and her baby Romelly. [...]

Child who was crushed by falling house passes away
Just two weeks ago, we reported the good news that the Belize Bank and Hand in Hand Ministries had assisted the Cordova family in Orange Walk, whose house collapsed on July twenty-fifth. Ten year old Brithon Cordova, who was playing under the house when it fell on him. Well tonight, there is sad news as [...]

Business Forum opens to bridge private and public sector
With the economic engine barely stuttering, the second Business Forum under the motto Partnering for Growth, opened today at Old Belize. The forum is designed to provide an opportunity for Government and the private sector in Belize to discuss ways to improve opportunities and expand jobs on all levels. At the first forum last year, [...]

PM asked cabinet to approve cash for slain Guatemalan
Earlier in the news the PM came out in support of Alan Slusher, his special advisor; he also came out in support of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The newly formed Belizean Coalition for Justice and the Peoples United Party have called for the removal of Wilfred 'Sedi' Elrington.� Elrington told News Five that the [...]

Prior to age of consent relationship, but consummated when legal
In January of this year, twenty-three year old Jason Tingling was accused of Carnal Knowledge by a high school student who claimed he had sex with her on four occasions between June 2010 when she was only fourteen and November, 2011.� The allegations landed Tingling behind bars for twenty-one days before he was released on [...]

$10 to pick up your garbage
But the following story is not a lie; Belize City residents can expect to receive an additional monthly bill for garbage collection as of mid-December, to be paid during the Mawga season in January 2013.� The ten dollar fee will apply to households and not businesses, according to Mayor Darrell Bradley and will be used [...]

Providing security for city council workers
Forty-three year old David Myvette was shot and killed as he supervised a team of workmen, who were paving a section of Electric Avenue on Wednesday morning.� The father of five was mortally injured in a spray of bullets let loose by a pair of gunmen, who accosted him while on duty.� As many as [...]

Dia de los Muertos; Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead
Today, November first, is recognized in several countries around the world as El Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.� The day focuses on the gathering of family and friends to remember loved ones who passed away. It is a huge traditional celebration across the border in Mexico and our friends at the [...]

APAMO outlines more holes in the U.S. Capital EIA
The three hundred page document known as the U.S. Capital Energy's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was not easily digested by the Mayan villagers in Toledo. A language barrier and the technical nature of the EIA made it close to impossible for the villagers. It was, however, thoroughly reviewed by Edilberto Romero, executive director of Program [...]

Superstar finalists are Ladyville high school students
There’s a third finalist in the Be The Next Superstar competition; that's the drama trio of Colin Smith, Kristen Fuentes and Ashanti Garbutt. The Ladyville group has brought comedy and drama to the stage and has rocked the live and viewing audience with every performance. Unlike the two other finalists, the trio is considered the [...]

Healthy Living reduces the chance of catching a stroke
World Stroke Day was observed on October twenty-ninth; it went by without much fanfare but according to one specialist, Belizeans suffer far more strokes than we realize.� Poor lifestyle habits, hypertension and diabetes contribute to the risk of stroke.� Healthy Living tonight looks at the causes of a stroke and what you can do to [...]


Minister of National Security Speaks on New Strategies to Fight Crime
Minister of National Security John Saldivar today announced a number of new crime fighting measures. The announcement came at the Prime Minister's second business forum. Hon. John Saldivar Minister of National Security Belize "The Police Commissioner w...

BDF Soldier and Minor Charged Following High Speed Chase with Police
25 year old BDF soldier Brendon Cacho and a 16 year old boy, who allegedly had a stolen car and were involved in a high speed chase with the police were charged with two offences when they appeared in court today. They were charged with kept firearm without a gun license and handli...

Mother of Three Found Guilty of Murdering Spouse
Thirty eight year old Lavern Longsworth was found guilty of murder today. Longsworth, a mother of three was charged with the murder of her common-law husband 33-year- old David White. The jury of 7 women and 5 men deliberated for about three hours before it arrived at its...

Young Boy Dies Months After His House Collapsed on Him
Ten year old Brighton Cordova who was injured when his house fell on him in July has died. Cordova died early this morning in Orange Walk. He had been hospitalized in Belize City while undergoing medical treatment but taken back to Orange Walk last month. The Orange Wal...

Prime Minister of Belize Holds Business Forum Tackling Issues of Corruption, Crime, Citrus and Super Bond
Almost one year ago the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow held a business forum with the private sector to discuss partnering efforts with the government. At the same location at Old Belize, the PM met again today with the same group as furtherance to that discussion on the development...


Remembering 10 Year Old Brithon Cordova
Tonight we are sad to report the death 10 year old Brithon Cordova who passed away early this morning. As you might recall, on July 26th, Brithon Cordova and his 7 year old nephew were playing underneath their elevated house located in the Marcus Canul Area when the house collapsed on them. Brithon received massive head and body injuries causing 90% of his body to become paralyzed. Brithon was unable to talk and had constant trouble breathing. The Cordova family recently moved into their new house that was built by Belize Bank Limited and Hand in Hand Ministries. That is where Brithon Cordova took his last breath. Our condolence goes out to the family.

Corozal Police Hit The Jackpot, Armory Of Firearm And Ammunition Confiscated
In last night's newscast we listed the armory of firearms and ammunitions that were ceased during an operation conducted by the Corozal Police Department on Tuesday morning. The search took place at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, specifically in room 102 and 103 where police found several firearms and 22 year Mexican National of Chetumal Quintana Roo, Zurisaday Villasenor Mendez. Mendez was arrested and has been charged for the offences of kept prohibited Firearm, kept prohibited ammunition, kept firearm without a gun license, kept ammunition without a gun license, drug trafficking and possession of controlled drugs. This morning when Villasenor Mendez appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court he was denied bail and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until his next court date on November 11th. As mentioned last night, during the raid authorities also confiscated several radio and communication devices along with four vehicles including a white and grey double cab Ford pickup truck Mexican license plates in which officers found additional firearms and ammunition behind the passenger's seat. More weapons and bullets were also found inside a garbage bin behind the hotel's compound.

Five Detained For Firearm And Ammunition Charge, One Pleads Guilty
In other news from Corozal five persons have been charged for possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition in the Corozal Magistrate Court. On Tuesday October 30th, at around 9:00am, police officers executed a search warrant at the Aldana's residence located on 8th Avenue, Corozal Town. Present at the search were 52 year old Randolph Aldana of Corozal Town, 49 year old Latayna Aldana, 50 year old Cesario Mossiah, 81 year old Marcelo Aldana and 42 year old Josephine Aldana all of Calcutta Village. The search led police to the discovery of a chrome .380 special pistol Kurz brand with serial number 5073127 and magazine containing (6) FC .380 live rounds of ammunition. Today in court, Randolph Aldana pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. All charges against Latayna Aldana, Cesario Mossiah, Marcelo Aldana and Josephine Aldana were dropped.

Residents Of San Antonio Road Demand That The Road Be Fixed
For the past years residents of Orange Walk Town have been complaining about the deplorable state that San Antonio Road finds itself in. Despite several promises that the road will be upgraded, Government has failed to do so and instead have relied in the quick patching of pot holes to solve the problem. But the craters found on San Antonio Road are just one cause of concern. The dust that is created due to the dilapidated road condition has proven to be a headache for residents of the area. So much so that this morning a group of them decided to take matters into their hands and visited the Ministry of Works to lodge a complaint. But from what we found out, not much was accomplished since the response that they got is not what they expected. Carmelita Perez- Reporting For years now residents of Orange Walk Town especially those living along San Antonio Road have been asking for the road to be fixed. To put it plainly the street is in dire need of a facelift and as time goes by it deteriorates even more. Government has relied on quick patching and grading to alleviate the pothole problem. In fact two months ago the grader was seen in the area leveling the potholes at the same time doing away with the little stretch of pavement that was left. But instead of alleviating the problem it only made matters worse and today residents of San Antonio Road say they are living in a sand dune. As you can observe dust is everywhere blanketing the vehicles, trees and even homes. For residents the situation has become unbearable.

Kardia Life Ministries Making A Difference
Earlier in the newscast you saw how missionaries from Kardia Life Ministries were assisting villagers of San Pablo to keep a healthy smile while a second team set up shop at the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church. Their mission was to assist villagers with medications. The second team for Kardia Life Ministries, a non-profit organization, was hard at work inside the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church in San Pablo Village. The goal of the 16 member team was to conduct general checkups on the patients and thereafter provide them with free pharmaceuticals. Leigh Giffin, General Doctor "First they are seen by our examiners over here and they have pieces of paper, documentation of what is wrong with them and then based on that I decided what medications that they are given so what we at the table we look at the medication and we decide that they go over to the lady here who labels them and then we have an interpreter to help us make sure that we get the instructions correct and that there is no mixed up with any language barriers and whatever community we are." By midday the team had seen over 90 patients, according Doctor Leigh Giffin. Leigh Giffin- General Doctor "We are treating a lot of different problems so we give out cough and cold medications, vitamins, worm pills for the appropriate age, the government does some of that, the health nurse do it and we do the other ones, we give out some anti-biotic for infections and we give out some medications for stomach problems and those are only some of the things that we do. We have some anti-biotic and we have different cough and cold medications like Benadryl for cough and cold and we have some several different vitamins so we have quite a few that we use for that.

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Striving For a Healthy Smile
Today a group of missionaries were hard at work at the Village of San Pablo in the Orange Walk District. They came under the banner of Kardia Life Ministries, a non-profit organization that travels to third world countries offering their services in dental and general health to people living in rural areas. Kardia Life Ministries has been visiting Belize for the past 12 years and since Monday have attended to a number of patients. Today the group, split in two teams, was in San Pablo. We first take a look at how the missionaries helped villagers to keep a healthy smile. Hipolito Novelo- Reporting For the past 12 years, Kardia Life Ministries has been visiting Belize assisting people living in rural areas with their dental health. This morning the group of about 15 missionaries was in the Village of San Pablo in the District of Orange Walk. By noon the group had attended to over 40 patients who were in need of dental care. James Spear, Periodontist "We started out just taking out bad teeth, getting people out of pain and out of infection and we are doing cleaning and fillings and so we are able to do more each year. A lot of cavities in the younger people, we don't see it that much in the States, these are adult teeth that they were not able to say it so that is really a big concern or something that weighs heavy on us that we are having to take teeth out of younger people that need those teeth for later on in life. Some of the different areas we go to you'll see some decaying more and more in one area then like yesterday we were in a different village we saw more of the gum diseases problem there, so it does vary as to what we see from place to place, some teeth are more decayed in this area."

Another Report of Malpractice Made Against The NRH
Tonight another woman from the Orange Walk District has come forward accusing the Northern Regional Hospital of malpractice. The list seems to be never ending and the accusations are serious. During the People's United Party press conference on Tuesday, Orange Walk East Area Representative Doctor Marco Tulio Mendez related the story of 41 year old Maria Chable who was admitted at the Northern Regional Hospital at around 4:30am on September 1st with labor pains. For Chable it was a glorious occasion since she was about to give birth to her second child. At the same time she was preoccupied since 20 years ago she had a difficult delivery and as a result gave birth to a child with brain damage. Today when we spoke to Chable she told us that her nightmare of 20 years ago was relived the moment she set foot at the NRH on September 1st. Magdalena Chable- Accuses NRH of Negligence "Desde el principio que yo empec� cl�nica yo les dije que como yo ya tengo mis 41 years yo quer�a a que me corten pero me dicen que no que yo tengo que hablar con la ginecóloga y ella me dijo que no que tiene que ir por todo el proceso de dolor pues ni modos porque mi primer nene que tuve me fue mal y no quisiera otra experiencia y pues a mi cada dos horas me estaban chequeando y me confundieron porque no estaban consistentes de lo que hac�an y hasta como a las dos me iban a cortar y nada." At 2:00pm Chable was rolled into the operating theater were an emergency c-section was performed, but by that time, it was too late. Chable's baby girl was born with severe asphyxia and was transferred to the KHMH the following morning due to multiple seizures and difficulty in breathing

Orange Walkena Honours All Saints Day
Under Catholic beliefs, today is observed as "All Souls Day" or as it is most popularly known in the north, Los Finados. The day is set aside on the 1st and 2nd of November to commemorate those that have died, those that are in purgatory and those in heaven. The traditional practice dates back to early Christianity and for us it is a part of our Mayan/Mestizo culture as Catholics. Today we visited Estella Grajalez who has been honoring the tradition the past 45 years. Hipolito Novelo- Reporting In the glorious Maya days there were no cemeteries and families kept their loved ones close to home by burying them in their back yards. Every year the family would offer the dead their favourite foods and fruits thus giving rise to the genesis of the traditional Hanal Pixan. The tradition was brought to Belize from Yucatan during the Caste War in 1848. Today the first day of November, is dedicated to the souls of children and infants that died at a very young age. The day is known as Dia De Los Inocentes and as you can observe, Estella Grajalez has put together a banquet in honor of the little souls. Estella Grajalez, Coordinates the Novena "Es tradición que levaba mi mama y mi abuela ellos levaban de hacer los finados y entonces nosotros lo seguimos. Se hace el rosario primero y despu�s el rezado despu�s cantan y ya todo duro como hora y media."


Placencia community teams up with the police to fight crime
Earlier in the newscast we told you about the residents of Cristo Rey village in Cayo coming together to apprehend an alleged burglar. Tonight another group of residents is teaming up with the cops to fight crime � this time in the south. Love TV's Marion Ali and video journalist report.

Pediatric ward added to Belize Cancer Center
The Belize Cancer Centre in Dangriga has added a wing to its operation. Love TV's Natalie Novelo and video journalist Myles Gillett were present for the inauguration and bring you the following report.

Mexican national arrested and charged following raid at Corozal hotel
Mexican national 22-year-old Zurisaday Villa Senor Mendez appeared in Corozal Magistrate Court where he was charged with kept ammunition without a gun licence, kept firearm without licence, possession of controlled drugs, kept ammunition and kept prohibited firearm. He was remanded to Central Prison in Hattieville until November 29. Acting upon information received, Corozal police conducted a pre dawn operation yesterday. Love News understands that the raid of the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino near the Belize Mexico border took several hours. Police searched two rooms, inside one of the rooms was a Hispanic man later identified as a Mexican national. A search of the room resulted in the discovery of a nine millimeter pistol and a point 40 millimeter pistol which is a prohibited firearm and ammunition, radio communication devices and airplane landing gadgets and tracking devices, cell phones, lap top computers and other electronic device, some clothing and a green mask. Also recovered from the room were 28 grams of cocaine and two grams of cannabis. An extensive search was conducted and inside a garbage bin outside the building, the team found a point 38 pistol with 38 rounds of ammunition wrapped inside a plastic bag. Police later impounded four SUVs believed to belong to the group men who had rented the rooms. The vehicles were taken into Corozal Town where a further search of a white pickup truck led to the discovery of two AK47 assault rifles and magazine and ammunition behind the driver's seat, a nine millimeter pistol with its magazine and ammunition and six point five grams of cocaine. During the raid a Mexican national was apprehended while two others escaped. Love News has also been reliably informed that last week a check by customs officers at the border also resulted in the discovery of two bullet proof vests inside a car that was being driven by a Mexican National entering the country. The driver was accompanied at the time by another Mexican man. They were both taken to the Corozal Police Station for questioning. It is uncertain if these two incidents are related.

Crisis in the citrus industry continues
A planned second day of demonstration by the Citrus Growers Association has been called off. Hundreds of growers marched on the Citrus Products of Belize in Pomona Valley on Tuesday to highlight their discontent with the way the company is being managed and allegations of a move to dismantle the CGA and redistribute its assets to certain individuals and groups. A statement from CGA says that after discussion with all of its partners, a decision was taken to postpone today's demonstration. The CGA says that their agreed terms of their permit to demonstrate were violated by the police yesterday, when officers prevented the demonstrators from using their tractors, vehicles and busses in the procession which went from the Pomona football field to in front of the CPBL compound. CGA says that it now awaits a response from government clarifying once and for all its position regarding the Association in light of an email being circulated, purportedly from advisor to the Prime Minister Allan Slusher. The CGA is also hoping for government's support to transform the industry from a juice industry to a tropical fruit industry by assisting with the buying out of the Banks Holding Limited shares in CPBL. The Citrus Growers Association release ends by saying that government's response will determine further action by the citrus growers. When he appeared on the Love FM Morning Show today, CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture Jose Alpuche declined to directly address calls for his removal saying instead that the effort is better spent on moving the citrus industry forward. Late this evening, the CGA issued a press release accusing Belize Citrus Mutual of interfering in the business of the Association. According to the CGA release, the Association owns and represents fifty five percent of the fruit production, contrary to what Belize Citrus Mutual has been saying in a paid statement broadcasted on radio this week. And in a stinging indictment of Belize Citrus Mutual, the CGA says they are intent on bringing down the CGA in the hope that the association's assets will be distributed to BCM; that Belize Citrus Mutual does not contribute to the efforts to control the plant health issues affecting the industry and that members want to benefit without paying.

Teenage boy apprehended with weapon in Belize City
Two people, including a sixteen year old boy are in police detention following an overnight shooting incident. According to police reports, they responded to shots being fired on La Croix Boulevard around eight thirty last night. The police press officer provided more details.

Would be robber shot in San Pedro
A shooting incident in San Pedro town has left a would-be robber injured. Police say Rivers has been able to identity to the authorities the man who shot him. That man is now in police custody.

New rules of engagement for BDF soldiers on border patrol
Last week, Minister Saldivar announced that BDF outfits on patrol along the borders will now have an additional element of non-lethal weapons. Today BDF Commander, Dario Tapia explained how that the procedure will give the soldier who stumbles upon incursions by Guatemalans the choice to now use this weapon before he engages his M 16 rifle. BDF gets vehicles Patrols along the border points - at least the ones that are accessible, will now be made that much shorter with the infusion of tractor patrols. Today the BDF received the first few of a fleet of vehicles from the Ministry of National Security. Commander of the BDF, Brigadier General Dario Tapia, shared the news with reporters. Trucks for the BDF The vehicles and tractor, according to Minister John Saldivar, were purchased through extra funds that his Ministry had after thrifty practices. The tractor and vehicles were purchased at a cost of just under 220 thousand dollars.

Cristo Rey villagers apprehend burglary suspect
The police are often asking for assistance from the community in solving crime, and today, law enforcement officers in Cayo got a helping hand from residents of Cristo Rey village. The residents banded together this morning to apprehend a suspect in a burglary in the village on Tuesday. Love News spoke by telephone with Cristo Rey village Herman Tut who told us how he and his villagers come together to catch a criminal. According to reports from Cristo Rey, the villagers networked, using cell phones for communication to apprehend the alleged burglar and handed him over to the San Ignacio police. Tut says that the suspect was caught as he tried to flee the village. Police have not yet released any information on the incident or the particulars of the man who was taken into custody this morning.

Construction supervisor shot dead at the workplace
A man was shot dead this morning in Belize City. The victim has been identified as Sand Hill village resident David Myvett, also known as "Hog." Preliminary reports are that Myvett, who is a supervisor for the work crew that is cementing Electric Avenue in Belize City, was on the site around the o'clock this morning, when he was killed. Reports are that the gunman was inquiring for someone, and then opened fire on Myvett hitting him multiple times. At the scene, Love News observed close to ten markings from the Scenes of Crimes technicians, indicating that multiple shots were fired at Myvett. Police Press Officer Rafael Martinez provided some more details. Following the shooting, people in the area, including some of the same men who were working on the street fixing, rushed Myvett to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a vehicle; but he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police investigations are ongoing.

Schoolboy injured after falling out of moving bus
A primary school boy was seriously injured in a road traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson highway this afternoon. Sometime after four o'clock this afternoon, a passenger bus came to a complete stop on the Phillip Goldson Highway after a the door on the rear of the bus opened while the bus was moving and a nine year old Holy Redeemer Primary School Student, from Lord's Bank fell out. The boy has been identified as Martin Noble. When Love News arrived at the scene, the ambulance had already transported the child to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but several students who were onboard gave us account of what transpired. And if it weren't for the precautions of the good Samaritan driving behind, another tragedy would have occurred. Martin's brother Mark Noble, who was still shaken by the incident, told Love News what happened with his little brother. Fortunato Noble, who is employed at the Government Press Office is Martin's father, blames the bus driver for the accident that caused the injury to his son. Noble says he will take action to get justice for the irresponsibility. Martin Noble remains hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial in Belize City.


PM addresses key national issues at "Partnering for Growth" forum
The second annual Private and Public Sector business forum was held this morning under the theme "Partnering for Gr...

Workman murdered on job-site
The body of man who was employed on the municipal street rehabilitation project lies in the Belize City morgue. 43 ...

Solid Waste Management Project for the Western Corridor of Belize
The Solid Waste Management Authority (SWMA) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment are in the pr...

Suspect charged with manslaughter by negligence
Shane Dougal a Security guard with Harpy Security was knocked down and killed on Sept 8 of this year. Jason Rodney ...

Arrest made after firearms were discovered at Las Vegas Hotel
On Tuesday 30th October, 2012, about 11:20am, acting upon information received police officers conducted searches i...

New ferry for the crossing at the Xunantunich Maya ruin
Today the crossing at the Xunantunich Maya ruin got a ferry lift. The old ferry, although historic, was in a state ...

Two teenagers charged for unlawful carnal knowledge
A shocking crime has been committed against 14yr. old Belizean Student of Trial Farm Village accompanied by her mot...

Corozol resident begins jail-term for firearm offences
The long arm of the law has caught up with one COROZAL resident. On Tuesday night (Oct 30) Corozal Police conducted...

The Guardian

Tail wags the Dog: Government intervenes in Citrus Industry Power Struggle
"I begged the growers, 'Do not say yes to that agreement. If we do that we will be dead'."- Denzil Jenkins, Citrus Growers Association's (CGA) appointed Director on the Board of Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL). The CGA is like an impregnated victim of rape that can never forget the horrible ordeal because they need to maintain and develop a child whose prosperous future is of extreme importance. Citrus growers were scared into entering a relationship with Banks Holdings of Barbados Limited. They were told that the CPBL was in dire straits and without a strategic investor, the entire citrus industry would collapse. Leaders of the Association led the farmers into bed with Banks. Banks proposed an investment agreement that would expand the company and transform it into a first class enterprise. By all accounts, Banks has done exactly that. The question, however, is to the benefit of whom. Eccleston Irving, Chairman of the CGA, and other members are saying "certainly not to the benefit of farmers". Though they only own 47% of the company, Banks make 100% of the decisions and the CGA, who owns 51% of the company, has no decision-making authority. That is because in the Investment Agreement between CGA and Banks, there was one line which stated that all decisions made by the Board of CPBL must be approved by the two directors appointed by Banks. Signing that agreement meant the CGA signed over control of the company to Banks. Since the agreement was signed, the company has consistently made decisions against the will of the CGA. Those decisions have resulted in multiple demonstrations in the last few years. The most recent decision being challenged by CGA was declaration of open season and the unilateral establishment of prices by CPBL. On Tuesday, October 30th, leaders of the citrus industry and other community activists took turns to address a little less than 300 farmers on the state of the citrus industry. In 2 hours and 20 minutes, speakers repeated the same message. Everyone encouraged the farmers to let their dissatisfaction with the unilateral decisions of Banks be heard loud and clear. They were told not to continue allowing "the tail to wag the dog". They were told that sometimes one needs to "break an injured leg in order to fix it". Hector Silva, former PUP member of Cabinet, echoed the late Hon. Phillip S.W. Goldson's philosophy in context of the citrus crisis: "The time to fight for your company is before you lose it." Melvin Hulse, former UDP member of Cabinet, said, "Every major change that has happened in Belize is because the people took to the streets." However, the CGA had pounded the pavement before but they only realized temporary improvements. Hulse said that is because the focus has been on personalities and not the underlying issues.

Belmopan's Facelift underway
The Belize Municipal Development project is well underway to being implemented in Belmopan and on Wednesday, the application of Hotmix asphalt was completed at the bus terminal. The project is being conducted by Belize Roadway Construction at a cost of $278,382.50. It will include the paving of the street around the bus terminal in Belmopan, the realignment of streets and drains, as well as the construction of a drop off and pick up point. There will be a provision for a taxi stand park that will accommodate between 4 and 5 taxis in an alternating basis. Signage and street markings will also be included in the program. The work on the area started about 3 weeks ago. Work is also being done on Nimli Punit street, Hummingbird Drive, Racoon street with those being paved and drains being installed. The total value of the BMDP project in Belmopan is 825 thousand dollars. The work being done so far is phase 1 of a two phase program. The second phase will be implemented after consultations are conducted with residents of Belmopan. The first of such consultations took place on Wednesday night.

9-year-old Falls out of Moving Bus
A 9-year-old Standard 4 student of Holy Redeemer School is receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he fell out of a moving bus. The student, Martin Noble, fell out of a bus while it was travelling between Mile 6 and 7 on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Wednesday sometime around 4:30 p.m. Reports are that the boy was travelling inside a Haylock Bus and was pressed to the rear when the back door flung opened and Martin tumbled out. His older brother, Mauricio, who was also travelling along with Martin frantically tried to get the bus to stop banging on it to get the driver to stop. His calls were not heeded to until the bus had reached well over half a mile away. Meanwhile, Martin had been flung into the path of oncoming vehicles, Dennis Gabourel, who was travelling behind the bus said that the bus had just overtaken him when he say the boy fly out in his path. He quickly swerved his vehicle out of the way and ran to the aid of Martin. Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrived and took the 9-year -old to the hospital where he remains for treatment.

ANNUAL CRISIS: Pamona's 300 takes on the Mighty Banks Empire
Like the in the movie, Sparta where King Leonidas led his 300 to face the mighty Persian Empire, Eccleston Irving led a group of about 300 citrus growers in a march to challenge those seeking to oppress them in Pamona Valley on Tuesday, October 30th. Leonidas said, "A new age has begun, an age of freedom. And all will know that 300 Spartans gave their last breath to defend." Irving is the Chairman of the Belize Citrus Growers Association (CGA). While their lives may not be on the line, the livelihood of 450 citrus farmers and their family is as the growers are being offered almost $6 million less for their products than they believe they deserve. The perceived villain in this story is the Banks Holdings of Barbados Limited, and what they lack in numbers, they make up for in corporate strength. Banks owns approximately 47% of the shares of the Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL) and the growers own 51%, yet Banks continues to operate the company unilaterally and often completely against the will of the "owners". Unlike the Greeks, the CGA has elected not to fight with swords. Instead, they will fight with words - words to Almighty God, words to their membership, words to Banks Limited and words to the Government of Belize. It seems like every year there is a crisis in the citrus industry. That is because the CGA and Banks are engaged in what appears to be an ugly overextended divorce process. It is clear that the relationship between the two parties is beyond repair and unless there is a mutual agreement to focus on reaching acceptable parting terms, the industry will never be able to flourish. In January of 2010, Belize had the opportunity to capitalize on an Arctic air attack on Florida's citrus plantations. The cold temperature caused massive damage to Florida's crops - more than 5% of orchids were destroyed. That unfortunate situation meant that Belize would benefit from Florida's woes, which resulted in higher market prices for citrus products. Instead, the CGA and Banks were fighting over prices then dividends and finally, control of the Board of Directors. In 2011, Belize could have benefited from an early boom that was one positive result of Hurricane Richard. Instead, CPBL refused to accept early delivery of oranges despite the fact that there were thousands of boxes of oranges ready for processing. That again led to wrestling for control of the Board of Directors of the company between the CGA and Banks. 2012 now stands as no exception to this annual saga. The faces are the same and so are the subjects of dispute - prices and control of the company.

Teachers Down South graduate from Training Course
The Banana Belt Teacher Training Program has provided an opportunity for almost one hundred percent of teachers in the Southern districts to be trained in modern pedagogical techniques with concentration in English, mathematics, science, social sciences and Spanish. The program is financed by the European Union at $1.2 million and is aimed at upgrading the quality of education for primary school students in the Banana Belt communities of Southern Belize. The project includes professional development training for teachers in key areas such as early childhood education, reading, mathematics and science. It also provides professional training for school administrators and parenting support. On Sunday, October 28th, the University of Belize held a graduation ceremony for 87 student teachers in the Banana Belt communities, who received Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and a Diploma in Education Methodology for successfully completing their Professional Development Programme at the Georgetown Technical High School (GTHS). Since becoming Minister of Education in 2008, Hon. Patrick Faber has stressed the importance of teacher training for the development of Belize's education system. At the time the Banana Belt program started in 2010, only about 15% of the teachers were trained in early childhood education. There were approximately 45% trained primary school teachers and 30% trained secondary school teachers. Those numbers have improved due to initiatives such as the certificate program in Primary Education which trained more than 860 teachers with pedagogy skills.

Accused of stealing church equipment
On Monday, October 29th, Ronald Gill appeared in Belize City Magistrate's Court where he was charged with one count of burglary. He appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer, who said she was very disturbed by the allegations against Gill and remanded him to prison despite the fact that the prosecution did not object to bail. Gill appeared unrepresented and was remanded until December 18th. Between October 25th, and October 26th, 2012, he and another person entered as trespassers into Mount Olive 7th Day Adventist Church. The burglars then stole speakers, an amplifiers, a tape recorder and other equipment valued at $2,790. Police were in the area at the time and detained Gill.

Primary Schools Football heat up at the MCC
The Belize City Primary Schools Football Competition continued at the MCC Grounds with quite a number of games played over the last two weeks. On Tuesday, October 30th 2012, in the female game played, Holy Redeemer School defeated St. Martin De Porres School by the score of 5-0. The goal scorers for Holy Redeemer School were Jada Myvette (2), Jennifer Estrada (2) and Kelsey Rodriguez. In the first of three male games played, St. Martin De Porres School defeated Holy Redeemer School by the score of 5-0. The goal scorers for St. Martin De Porres were Glen Arzu (3), Melroy Pelayo and Marquis Conorique, who scored a goal each. In game two, Salvation Army School defeated Belize Elementary School by the score of 4-1. The goal scorers for Salvation Army School were Marvin Martinez (2) and Keron Patnett (2), while the only goal of the game for Belize Elementary was scored by Liam Chebat. In game three, Ebenezer Methodist School blanked Queen Square Anglican by the score of 1-0. The goal scorer for Ebenezer was Tyreek Muschamp.

Teenager and Minor charged for Armed Robbery
A 15-year-old minor, who could barely speak properly due to an impediment and a teenager, were before the court on Monday, October 30th. They appeared after being arrested in connection with the broad daylight robbery at Moon Grocery Store on Coney Drive on Friday afternoon. The 19-year-old was identified as Lloyd Parchue. He along with the 15-year-old appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer in Court #2 where they were jointly charged with the robbery of businesswoman, Yue Di Kuang, 38, owner of Moon Grocery Store, located on Coney Drive. The duo was unrepresented but the minor's sister was in court to hear the charges read to him. They were charged with the robbery of Moon Grocery Store in which $2,400 in cash along with two cell phones were stolen from Ye Di Kuang. Parchue was additionally charged with two counts of attempted murder upon two police officers, as Cpl. Renaldo Bruhier and Police Officer, Emelio Ack, who responded to the robbery report. In court, both Parchue and the minor pleaded not guilty to the charges of robbery.

Gregory Bowen charged for the Attempted Murder of Cop
29-year-old PC#1044, Marcelino Sam, attached to the Caribbean Shores Sub-Station in Belize City, reported to police that on Friday, October 26th, 2012 at about 1:50 p.m., whilst he was on mobile patrol, he responded to a robbery report during, which he detained 30-year-old Gregory Bowen. Bowen was placed in the pan of a police pickup truck along with a bicycle. According to PC Sam, after he placed Bowen into the pan of the police vehicle, he also sat in it. The mobile was in the process of taking Bowen to the police station but when they reached at the corner of Princess Margaret and Coney Drives, Bowen suddenly pushed the bicycle with both hands hitting PC Sam on his feet causing him to lose his balance and fall out of the vehicle. As a result of the fall, Sam sustained injuries to the elbow, knees, back and head. He was rush to the KHMH where he is receiving medical attention. On Monday, October 29th, Bowen, appeared before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith where he was charged with attempted murder and dangerous harm uponthe officer. He was additionally charged with damage to property of police-issued equipment, which officer Sam had in his possession at the time when he fell. No plea was taken from Bowen and due to the nature of the offense, he was denied bail and remanded to the Belize Central Prison until November 29th. Bowen is one of many culprits, who police chased in connection with the robbery at Moon Grocery Store. Bowen was not charged in connection with the robbery.

Busted with a 9 mm Pistol and Ammunition!
On Monday, October 29th, 23-year-old Ronald Michael, a Delivery man of Lovely Lane was charged for keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license. He appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer in Court #2 where he was unrepresented. He pleaded not guilty to the charges but due to the nature of the offence was remanded to prison until December 11th. On Friday, October 26th, Michael was found in possession of a black 9 mm pistol along with 4 live rounds of 9 mm ammunition. At about 4:55 p.m. officers were on mobile patrol on Giles Street when they spotted Michael walking. He was acting suspiciously and as a result he was stopped and a search was conducted on him, which led to the discovery of the firearm that stuck in his pants waist.

Belmopan Bandits lead in PLB Competition
The 2012 Premier League of Belize Football Competition continued over the weekend and as the results of the games played started to come in, it was clear that the Belmopan Bandits are at the top of the standings all alone. On Saturday, October 27th, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, the visiting RG City Boys United was able hold the league's leading Belmopan Bandits to a 0-0 draw. The competition then continued on Sunday, October 28th, with five more games across the country. At the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town, the home team, San Pedro Seadogs won over the visiting San Ignacio United by the score of 1-0. The only goal of the game was scored by Angel Cantun in the 41st minute of play. At the San Felipe Football Field in Orange Walk, Paradise/ Freedom Fighters defeated FC San Felipe Barcelona by the score of 4-3. The home team, San Felipe Barcelona was able to get on the scoreboard first when Clifton West scored his team's 1st goal in the 5th minute of play to give his team an early lead. The lead was further extended when Orin Wade scored his team's 2nd goal in the 18th minute of play for a 2-0 lead. The visiting Paradise/Freedom Fighters were able to cut the deficit to one when Vicente Acal scored his team's 1st goal of the game in the 29th minute of play. However, the San Felipe Barcelona lead was again extended to 2 when Clifton West scored his team 3rd goal of the game in the 33rd minute of play for a 3-1 lead.

Airport maintains lead in Firms Basketball Competition
The Belize District Basketball Association Firms and U-23 Competitions continued at the Bird's Isle over the weekend. On Friday, October 26th, in the first of three games in the Firms Competition, Central Bank defeated Smart by the score of 63-46. The top scorers for Central Bank were Wilfred Richards with 21 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 4 steals; and Benedict Terry with 12 points, 18 rebounds, 1assist and 4 steals. For Smart, the top scorers were Scott Duncan with 22 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist and 4 steals; and Jason Gentle and Alain Lovell with 8 points each. In game two, Airport continued on its winning path when it defeated Belize Bank by the score of 82-52. The top scorers for Airport were Vince Lamb and Paul Swasey with 23 points each. For the Belize Bank, the top scorers were Chris McGann with 19 points, 8 rebounds; and Dominique Guzman with 15 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals. In the final game of the evening, Port of Belize edged BWSL by the score of 43-40. The top scorers for Port of Belize were Ian Augustine with 17 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal; and Lennox Bowman with 14 points, 6 rebounds and 2assists. For BWSL, the top scorers were Lindburg Graham with 8 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal; and Ashley Hemsley with 8 points, 1 rebound and 3 assists and 2 steals. The competition then continued on Saturday October 27th with two games in the U-23 competition. In game one, Tuff E Nuff defeated Celluar World by the score of 75-71. The top scorers for Tuff E Nuff were Farron Louriano with 27 points and Jamal Kelly with 17 points. Meanwhile, the top scorers for Cellular World were Justin Wade with 25 points and Marvin Skeet with 24 points.

St. Catherine Academy and St. John's College advance to Central Region Volleyball Finals
The Central Region Secondary Schools Volleyball Competition entered its semi-final round on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012, at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium. In the first game in the female semi-finals, St. Catherine Academy eliminated Pallotti High School in three sets by the score of 25-8, 25-16 and 25-3 to advance yet to another championship round of the Central Region Secondary Schools Volleyball Competition. St. Catherine Academy will play the winner from the second semi-final series between Wesley College and Ladyville Technical that is scheduled for Wednesday, October 31st, 2012. In the male semi-final round, St. John's College eliminated Ladyville Technical High School by the score of 23-25, 25-10, 25-23, and 25-10 to advance to the championship round. St. John's College will take on the winner from the Sadie Vernon Technical and Anglican Cathedral College game scheduled for Wednesday, October 31st. The finals will be played on Friday, November 2nd, 2012, at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium at 4:30 pm.

Of Passport and Prophets
Anywhere I turned this weekend in OW, and especially at my place work, there were so many questions concerning the identity theft of Naim Matar. It amused me to note how many conclusions people drew after listening to the news; one person even jokingly asked me how much I made off the deal! In reality, it was a simple and quick matter to resolve. Naim is one of my younger brothers, who was born here in Orange Walk Town but who later migrated to the United States. When I got the call from the Immigration Officer asking about Naim's whereabouts I told him that as far as I knew, my brother was in the States and has not visited Belize recently. I immediately called Chicago and spoke directly to Naim and told him what was going on. As expected, he was incensed and asked me to please tell Immigration that he has never authorized any person to act on his behalf or to apply for any official document in Belize. I promptly called back Mr. Arzu and well, you heard the news: the imposter was apprehended, arraigned and convicted. The key issue I want to highlight here is that the imposter is 61 and my brother is 46 years old. This man got hold of those official papers about ten years ago, since it was a passport renewal instead of first issue, and maybe even before that. Someone should have noticed the age difference on the certificate and the physical appearance of the applicant. It seems that the history of fraud in obtaining birth certificates is deep-rooted, and it makes me wonder how many more false Belizeans are out there. The good thing out of all this is that with the new procedures in place, the Immigration Department caught this culprit very quickly and easily. I encourage them to keep up the vigilance. Not to deviate from promoting some of the human virtues we should try to adopt, I must comment on a TV newscast aired two weeks ago, where yet another "radical" committee, Coalition for Justice, was having a press conference. In the summary version of this press conference, I got to understand that the new group seemed focused on three main objectives: to denounce the granting of compensation to the family of the Guatemalan who was killed by our BDF; to initiate a campaign to reject the ICJ as an option to settle the Guatemalan claim; and the removal of the Foreign Minister from office.

Ride Across Belize 2012 held
The yearly event organized by Social Security, Ride Across Belize has successfully been held. Dozens of cyclists have taken a strenuous route, across Belize, to assist Crime Stoppers Belize and the Belize Missing Child Emergency Response Team.

Teachers Down South graduate from Training Course
The Banana Belt Teacher Training Program has provided an opportunity for almost one hundred percent of teachers in the Southern districts to be trained in modern pedagogical techniques with concentration in English, mathematics, science, social sciences and Spanish. The program is financed by the European Union at $1.2 million and is aimed at upgrading the quality of education for primary school students in the Banana Belt communities of Southern Belize. The project includes professional development training for teachers in key areas such as early childhood education, reading, mathematics and science. It also provides professional training for school administrators and parenting support.

More Vehicles, Better Mobility for the BDF
Hon. John Saldivar hands over vehicles to General Dario Tapia Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar handed over three new Mahindra Double Cab pickup trucks and a new tractor to BDF commander, General Dario Tapia on Wednesday, October 31st.

Government acts to increase Number of Small Businesses
According to the Executive Director of the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), Mike Singh, eighty percent of jobs in Belize are created by small - and medium-sized enterprises. That is why government has committed to increase the number of small and medium -sized businesses in the country by creating an environment favorable for investment. The first real step towards that goal was taken when the Government of Belize opened Belize's first Small Business Development Center (SMDC) on Wednesday, October 31st.

BWS Team visits Work Site
As the tremendous amount of civil works continue in Belize City, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL), Alberto August, accompanied by the company's Chief Executive Officer, Alvan Haynes and members of the Technical Services Department, visited the BWS work site on Freetown Road on Wednesday, October 24th, where the Chairman was afforded the opportunity to personally appreciate the magnitude of works currently underway.

Cayo North and South have new committees.
The United Democratic Party continued with its process of selecting committees to represent constituencies across the country. On Saturday, October 27th, the Cayo North division saw the election of Dean Williams as the Chairman. Also elected as members were as follows: George Herrera, Omar Figueroa, Martin Galvez, Isais Franco, Antonio Herrera, Harry Guy, Rufino Pott, Ricardo Roches, Wilfredo Zetina, Amir Escobar, Lupita Orellana - Ferguson, Marvin Garcia, Jaime Garcia, and Mike Gamez. Alternates elected are as follows: Luis Morey, Victor Pott, Melvin Rivera, and Sabino Pinelo. Caretaker for the division is current Mayor for San Ignacio and Santa Elena, John August.

Ministry of Health commemorates Dental Health Week
The Belize Dental Department of the Ministry of Health declares opened Dental Health Week under the theme: "Healthy Eating, Daily Brushing, Brighter Smiles for a Healthy Belize" from 28th October to the 3rd November.

Business Expo held in Cayo
Hon. Herman Longsworth with winning players Sacred Heart College held a fair on October 26th and 27th, 2012 in San Ignacio Town. Both the Sacred Heart High School and Junior College teamed up for two days where a variety of shows were on the agenda. The fair last Friday started with students from the High School getting involved in dances, skits and a disco at the main campus located in San Ignacio Town.

New Xunantunich Ferry complete
On June 8th 2012, Tracy Panton, CEO of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, signed a contract for BZ $142,130.16 with Liam Stewart of Cayo Steel Works for the construction of the new Xunantunich Ferry. Now, the new ferry is complete and it will come into operation on Thursday, October 31st. It was financed through the Sustainable Tourism Program.

Better Policing for Placencia
COMPOL, David Henderson, Minister John Saldivar, Stuart Krohn and Charles Leslie sign On Wednesday, October 31st, Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar, Commissioner of Police, David Henderson; Chairman of the Placencia Village Council, Charles Leslie and member of the Steering Committee of the Peninsula 20/20 Initiative, Stuart Krohn signed on to a memorandum of understanding to see improved policing on the Placencia Peninsula.

New Dorms at Queen Street for Police Officers
National Security Minister inspects the work done on the dorms On Thursday, October 24th, Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar accompanied by Officer Commanding Eastern Division, Elodio Aragon; Deputy Commissioner Alan Whylie and Officer Commanding Patrol Branch in Belize City, Alford Grinage toured the Rafael Fonseca building located on Queen Street. The purpose of the tour was for them to inspect the work that has been completed so far in refurbishing dorm facilities in the building.

New Police Sub-Station inaugurated in San Roman - Orange Walk
On Monday, October 29th, 2012, a new Police Sub-Station was inaugurated in the village of San Roman in the Orange Walk District.

Thirty-Two Scholarships for Belize Youths
(L-R) Mr Daniel Cano, SIF's Executive Director, and representatives of vocational training institutions signing the contract agreement Thirty-two Belizean youths from across the country have received scholarships to complete a vocational training career as a result of a contract agreement signed the Social Investment Fund and five local vocational training institutions on Wednesday, October 31st.

Association of Public Service Senior Managers holds AGM
The Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM) held its Annual General Meeting in Belize City on Thursday, October 25th, 2012. Attendance exceeded 65% of membership. Topics covered during the meeting included Government's proposed 2012 Public Service Regulation, update on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Partial Collective Agreement Between Public Service Union of Belize, Belize National Teachers' Union, Association of Public Service Senior Managers And Government of Belize) and, a proposed insurance scheme for members. Elections were held for a New Executive Council. The New Council will serve for 2 years and consists of the following persons. President, Jose M. Castellanos; Vice President, Sharon Fraser; Treasurer, Francisco Z��iga; Secretary, Michele Longsworth; Counselors, Dr. Michael Pitts and Ivan Williams. For the two-year period (2012-2014) of newly-elected Council, the registered office of the Association shall be the Office of the Policy Analyst, Ministry of Natural Resources & Agriculture, H.M Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard, Belmopan City. The Elected Executive thanks all members for their vote of confidence, commits to working together with the Belize National Teachers' Union, the Public Service Union of Belize and Government of Belize in enhancing -public service efficiency, productivity and addressing challenges facing public officers.

Major Works Continue in Cayo
Major upgrading of principal roads in the Twin Towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town are now ongoing, along with the almost completion of a Welcome Center. Close to one million dollars is being spent on the improvements of 18th and West Streets in San Ignacio and Eden Drive in Santa Elena, Cayo with funding coming from the World Bank under a Municipal Project. The latter has been geared to assisting some seven municipalities in Belize. At least, a first coating has been done on 18th Street and a tractor is now working on West Street. The paving of Eden Drive - good news to the students at the Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School - is expected to begin shortly.


Foul Weather
Yesterday I was having a foul weather day inside my head, very stormy and it only got worse when a job I was trying to finish turned into a big can of worms. I suddenly went from being optimistic on finishing in a timely manner to feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. As I was sitting at my desk stewing I decided my best course of action would be to go for a walk and shake it off. So I packed up my music player walked over to Lucky 13 house for some chill out time. I found Dick and Dave sitting in the screen porch discussing planting coconut trees and where to put the new ones, the old trees had to be cut down because of yellow palm disease. Within 10 minutes I was feeling much more relaxed and less stormy in my head, way better than Prozac. We hung out and snacked on fruit, rearranged coconuts in the yard and went up to the newly built second floor to catch the sunset. To find out more about Lethal Yellowing you can read the guest post Saving Long Caye from Coconut Disease in the 90?s by Lucy Wallingford of Slick Rock Adventures.

An Amazing Sunset and A New Restaurant Opening: The Black Orchid Restaurant
The weather here has been amazing. Incredible perfection. Good hair weather. Low humidity, ideal sunshine, warm but not too warm. Sunrises have been perfect and sunsets amazing. And this isn't even the side of the island where the sun sets. I am feeling a Sick I guess but I am sick of being sick! My new intern Krista, who I am taking TOTAL advantage of, went to the newest restaurant opening in town. And sent me pictures. At 6am this morning. Isn't she the best? The new restaurant is called Black Orchid. And JudyAnn and Tom had an opening party last night. Here are the pictures... The place was packed! Gorgeous mural done by Melody Wolfe (aka Belizean Melody)... The kids... And adults... An awesome Halloween spread... Cookies shaped like fingers are good times. Love the mural.

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