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The Cayo Tour Guide Association has an article on the upgrading of the paths at Cahal Pech. Xunanatunich isn't the only Mayan site getting upgrades.

As the ferry at San Jose comes to completion , so does the path way into the site of Cahal Pech. For the pass few weeks we been seeing those men working hard and tourist zigzagging to make their way through. It was truly needed as the old path was very slick during the rainy days. The path is very wide and can accommodate groups of people leaving and entering the site. Itís also well over 300 feet long made from concrete and high enough so that water does not cover it during heavy rains infact it has proper drainage that goes under in several areas. itís still unknown, at least to me it is, if the path will have a railing that would be a great addition as a lot of elderly also visit the site.

Interesting note the water that passes under the pathway actually comes from the plaza drain holes from the site those where made by the ancient maya. When walking through The site keep your eyes open for these features.