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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Tattoo of Love
A young woman's boyfriend put a tattoo of her face on his chest. Now he wants her to get a reciprocal tattoo...what does the doctor recommend?

Editorial: Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be
Parenting is the most important lifetime responsibility a person will ever have, and mistakes can have lifelong consequences. Sometimes the first parental mistake made is the pregnancy itself. When a young person irresponsibly conceives an unplanned pregnancy, it is hard to say what came first, the chicken or the egg? Where was the parent of this sexually active child when he/she was busy making babies? Was the child taught to be sexually responsible? Was the parent even aware of what was going on? Now, the child is blessed with the responsibility of not only being a parent, but an adult. Maturity plays a huge factor in this life altering role, and often young parents are not emotionally equipped to handle the responsibilities that come with raising a baby. Often, the parent who didn’t notice their child was busy having sex are now tasked with the responsibility of raising a grandbaby while their teenager is trying to grow up….or not. So what does it mean to be a parent? A parent is responsible for supporting his/her child – period. It does not matter that parents are not married, didn’t intend to become pregnant, are underage, are still in school or have other financial obligations. Being a parent is fun yet demanding, rewarding yet expensive, and difficult. As a parent, have you planned ahead for the future of your family? Do you really understand and embrace the consequences of becoming a parent? When it rains in Belize some refer to it as “baby making weather”. Do you really have to make a baby? Why not just practice? There is such a thing as “planned parenthood”.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Accident
Woofer takes a pun-ny turn with Dale, Susannah, Ali Baba '$15 Chiken' and a golf cart accident.

Misc Belizean Sources

SHC Fair pictures
Sacred Heart College has quite a few pictures from their annual pair and business expo. They have pictures from their parade through Cayo too.

Trekstop and Tropical Wings
Pictures of the Trek Stop and their butterfly farm, Tropical Wings. Tino and his family are great, and will take good care of you. It's a great butterfly farm to check out if one is visiting Xunantunich since they are both located in Succotz.


Friday morning Island Style coffee break
We both decided beach time was in order yesterday Friday morning and as luck would have it, Dick ad I had the same errand of getting some important papers printed. So we headed south down our favorite back road and wound our way towards the closest printer option, La Isla Bonita internet and crossed that off our high priority list. I was feeling very TGIF and officially on Belize time, Dick called it that we needed to get sidetracked at El Divino for chicken nachos. I went the extra mile towards kicking back and relaxing with a Cape Codder or two While there we got to check out progress on the new lounge area, an idea that has been long tossed around and is finally coming to fruition. It is situated where Monkey business tours used to be with new entrance from the bar. Dick and I both agreed the Martini lounge addition is definitely going to be a lot of peoples’ new favorite hangout. I will add a picture of the relocated tours area soon which is now in the cute white building with a terracotta roof and a colorful sign on the right side of the front drive, perfect spot. After our snack, we hit the beach for some dock time and boat watching. I could not think of a better way to do chill time, the weather was perfect and the clouds kept us comfortably shaded.

ANOTHER Afternoon Sailing on the Rum Punch II
Perhaps you are a bit sick of hearing about sailing on the Rum Punch II...but I'm never sick of sailing on it. So here are a few pictures of our afternoon sail this week... Conch season is open and the guys found 4 good sized ones. Spear fishing is not my thing at all but some seem to enjoy lancing a poor defenseless fishy. While others like cherry bombs at the Palapa Bar... A gorgeous night. Good times. And Happy Birthday Rob.

Winter Solstice: A Time to Celebrate
I have learned that if we open ourselves to the world around us, we can learn so much about everything. Day to day things, history, geography, people, family, emotions, even ourselves. Unfortunately, too many of us get caught up in a life of running ourselves into the ground, collecting possessions and never stopping to smell the roses. Or enjoy time with our kids. Or make family a priority. Or see our friends often enough. Thankfully, I have learned that there is a different way. I wish I’d have learned it when I was so much younger. We sold our home and all the “things” (possessions, taxes, wasted time due to upkeep) that went with it. In summer, we now camp in a small trailer, enjoying nature, healthy food, walking and catching up with family and friends. In winter, we escape the Canadian snow and cold by heading south, learning as we go, meeting amazingly friendly people and experiencing life, places and people through simplicity and open eyes. For two years, my husband, Paul, and I have gone to Arizona, enjoying the “Old West” history and present day preservation of the “Old West”, the desert and the mountains, the trails, the stunning scenery, and new friends.

What the Maya calendar really tells us about 2012
This really shouldn't be that hard of an essay to write, considering we are anxiously counting the days until our trip in December to visit Belize including San Ignacio and Xunantunich. The Maya have fascinated me since my first encounter with the movie, Apocalypto (as true or not as it might be). Since then, my family vacationed in Tulum, Mexico and my captivation grew as we explored Chichen Itza in the Yucatan. While my partner vacation in Belize before he met me, I am a first-time visitor. We cannot wait to ride a horse for the first time, get lost in the lush, tropical jungle trails, canoe down the Macal river, visit the butterfly farm and lounge by the pool. As if Maya culture, history and tradition are not reason enough to inspire 300 words of prose regarding our genuine enthusiasm for Chaa Creek’s planned activities including interactive workshops, seminars, lessons on Maya farming, arts & crafts, Maya medicine and holistic healing, I’ve managed to put off writing this for the better part of three weeks because I was looking for that extra spark to inspire me. Well, I found it…. Last week, Tuesday, October 23, out of the blue (no pun intended), my boyfriend of 2 ½ years PROPOSED! Already eager to take in the sights of Belize and experience this once in a lifetime adventure, now, our trip to celebrate the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice has new meaning. As the Mayan calendar turns another cycle, so will our relationship.

International Sources

Belize PM rushes to solve debt crisis, meets US advisors
Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow is scheduled to meet with financial advisors in the United States this week to discuss the restructuring of the country’s multi-million dollar foreign debt. The meeting is scheduled to take place in Miami, starting tomorrow. It comes a week after the country’s main opposition, the People’s United Party, claimed that negotiations had stalled between the government and international creditors on the so-called super bond. Even before the meeting, however, there were reports that a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was in Belize to review the government’s capacity to meet its debt obligations. Last week, Prime Minister Barrow met with members of the private sector to discuss economic issues and the second annual economic forum.

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