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Valid: Monday-Monday, Nov. 5- 12, 2012

An unstable northeasterly airflow coupled with a strengthening trough in the westerlies in the upper levels over the central Gulf of Mexico, will continue to induce outbreaks of showers and some moderate thunderstorms over Belize and coastal waters during the next 36 to 48 hours. A cold front will currently along the Gulf coast of the USA will become energized and will move southwards across the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday and Wednesday, reaching the NW Caribbean and Belize by Wednesday night.

The upper level trough will drift eastwards over the next 48 to 72 hours supporting the surface cold front in the Gulf of Mexico that is trailing a deepening low which will move NNE across the US East coast, battering the NE States that are just recovering from the impacts of hurricane Sandy.

No tropical cyclone is expected to form over or move into the Caribbean region during the next seven days.

Rainfall rates over Belize will be in the ranging from 0.75-1.50 inch on Tuesday and Wednesday in the heavier showers and thunderstorms induced by the pre-frontal trough forming over the NW Caribbean and Belize, especially along central and southern coastal waters and coastal areas, and also over the Stann Creek and Toledo districts. The daily rates will be in the range of 0.50-0.75 over other areas on Tuesday and Wednesday. Otherwise daily rainfall rates will be 0.10-0.25 over most districts on Sunday and Monday, reducing to less than 0.10 of-an-inch over most areas later on Thursday through Saturday. Daily rainfall accumulations will once again increase on Sunday and Monday to around 0.50-0.75 of-an-inch, but mostly over central coastal areas.

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This Week's Stories:

  • Cracking Down On Repeat Offenders: A San Ignacio man with prior burglary charges, aka "repeat offender" was today remanded to prison as he stands accused of brutally beating a Santa Elena man while burglarizing the man's house. San Ignacio police reports that on Sunday, October 28, 2012, Moises Flores, 27, Belizean laborer of a Collins Boulevard address in San Ignacio reported that he was at home in bed at around 4:30 pm on the day in question when Anthony Moody, with a piece of cement block in his hand, stormed into his room and stoned him with the cement hitting him to the left side of the face.
  • A Second Repeat Offender: A second repeat offender brought before the court this week is remanded to jail. On Tuesday, October 23, 2012, at about 10:30 am, Rolando Gonzalez, Belizean businessman of Unitedville Village visited the police station in Georgeville where he reported that his business place, R.G Home Builders located in his home village was burglarized. Gonzalez told the police that the thief made off with his grey and black Acer brand lap top computer valued at $1,200.
  • Disappointed by BEL's Actions: Many are the persons lining up at the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) office in San Ignacio all victims of what BEL calls a re-evaluation exercise. In my case, I received an October 5, letter from one Sherman S. Ferguson, BELCustomer Care Supervisor, informing of my "account not being billed the total monthly consumption for period January 7, 2011 to October 5, 2011. Therefore, your account has now been billed $1,284.40 for this period." For BEL and probably even for Mr. Ferguson, $1,200 might seem like a small amount but for us poor people, this is a lot of money. I have, for all these months been paying my electricity bill in accordance with the numbers recorded by the BEL meter attached to my house.
  • Minister Montero and BWS Team Visit Work Site In Santa Elena: Minister of Works and Transport, Hon. Rene Montero and Belize Water Services Limited officials today visited the work site of the Santa Elena/San Ignacio Bypass Project. The BWS team included Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alberto August; Chief Executive Officer, Alvan Haynes and Technical Services Manager, Keith Hardwick. The first phase of the project, with an estimated cost of over five million dollars, is being executed by CISCO Construction Company. It includes the construction of a round-about at the junction of George Price Highway and La Loma Luz Boulevard along with the construction of the carriageway encompassing almost all of that section on the Santa Elena side of the new bridge
  • BDF Soldier Remanded: A Belize Defense Force soldier accused of behaving badly against the estranged wife was remanded to prison for over a month It was around mid-day on Sunday, October 28, 2012, when Joanna Pineda, 38, Belizean domestic residing in Santa Familia village visited the station in San Ignacio where she filed a formal report against the ex-husband, BDF soldier, Luis Pineda, 42, residing in Central Farm home of the BDF Camp Beilzario. The wife told the police that she has been separated from the soldier for over a year and that on the day in question he entered her house as a trespasser and threatened to kill her. She told the police that whilst inside her house the soldier snatched a picture frame from the wall, slammed it on the ground, picked up a piece of the shattered glass with which he inflicted several cut wounds to her left arm.
  • Argentina Voting Age Lowered From 18 To 16: Argentina's Congress has approved a law to lower the voting age to 16, in a move that will take effect for key mid-term elections next year. President Cristina Fernandez has courted the youth vote and critics say the change is designed to boost her party's chances in the 2013 polls. Supporters of the move say it will widen political participation. Voting is obligatory in Argentina for people aged 18 to 70, but will be optional for those aged 16 and 17. The long and bitter session saw deputies trade accusations and most of the opposition walk out before the measure was put to the vote.
  • Cristo Rey Villages Captures Burglar Suspect: Continuing with the Cayo spirit to return peace and safety of the residents of the Cayo and Belize.... On Wednesday, October 31, 2012, the residents of Cristo Rey Village came out in force when a burglary suspect was recognized as a suspect in the theft of a bicycle and a bicycle pump the day before and was also thought to be a burglar from Bullet Tree. This man made a mistake for himself by returning to the scene of the crime. The villagers networked by cell phone and set out on foot and in vehicles, including a motor cycle, to search for and capture the suspect. Herman Tut helped to coordinate the search effort. Neighborhood Watch officers notified other Cristo Rey residents to be on the alert for any suspicious person(s). The suspected thief must have sensed that a search for him was going on and attempted the flee the village by cab or foot before he was apprehended by the brave Cristo Rey Village search party.
  • Response to Belize Citrus Mutual: We reproduce below the requests the membership of CGA requested of the Government of Belize. These requests will benefit all growers including those of the Belize Citrus Mutual. We await Government's response to our request namely to: - Issue a public statement after Tuesday's Cabinet meeting explaining government's position on the Alan Slusher email and clarifying once and for all government's policy and intention regarding the Citrus Growers Association, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, the Banana Growers Association, the Rice Growers Association and by extension any such Association like these that exist in our laws. - Until it is amended, ensure that the Citrus Processing and Production Act is adhered to so as to allow for the smooth operation of the industry.
  • St. Ignatius High School Proudly Represented Cayo In TIDE Festival: On Tuesday, October 13, 2012, St. Ignatius High School Participated in the Youth Conservation Competition hosted by TOLEDO INSTITUTE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENT (TIDE) at the Fr. Ring Parish Hall in Punta Gorda Town, Toledo. Under the theme " The Value of Belize Barrier Reef." 17 year old Annayelli Marin was the 4th year student who participated in the competition walking away as the second place winner. We were the only out district school and with just merely a week and a half before the competition. Food and Nutrition Teacher Ms. Flora Pereira received the information about the competition, she quickly identified one of the most talented fourth year students at the St. Ignatius Annayelli Marin and encouraged her to participate.
  • Prime Minister Dean Barrow's Address Business Forum "Partnering for Growth": Mr. Master of Ceremonies, Rev David Golf, Distinguished Members of the Business Community, Ministers of Government and Members of Cabinet, Chief Executive Officers and other Members of the Public Service Other Invited Guests, Representatives of the Media, Ladies and Gentlemen It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this the second Business Forum, the purpose of which is to provide an opportunity for Government and the Private Business Sector in Belize to continue the open dialogue on ways to expand incomes, jobs and the level of business and economic activity generally. All this, of course, with a view to accelerate the social and economic development of our country, and to improve the quality of life of every resident of Belize. There have been changes since we met here last year, some clearly positive, others clearly undesirable.
  • Cuba Leader Raul Castro Says Cuba 'hard hit' by Sandy: Eleven people died and more than 188,000 homes were damaged as the storm passed over Cuba last week. President Raul Castro said Cuba's second largest city, Santiago, looked like it had been bombed. He urged those affected not to lose hope and said that no one would be left destitute, but that the government would have to weigh up each case. "We'll get over this, you're fighting people, we've known that for more than fifty years," he told residents of Santiago on a tour of the worst affected areas. "The reality is much worse than what you can see in the pictures or on TV," President Castro said.
  • Back By Popular Demand "Teen Depression", A Guide for Parents And Teachers: Teenage depression isn't just bad moods and occasional melancholy- it's a serious problem that impacts every aspect of a teen's life. Teen depression can lead to problems at home and school, drug abuse, self-loathing-even violence or suicide. But as a concerned parent, teacher, or friend, there are many ways you can help. Talking about the problem and offering support can go a long way toward getting your teenager back on track. Understanding ForTeens If you're a teenager struggling with depression or you'd like to learn how to help a depressed friend. There are as many misconceptions about teen depression as there are about teenagers in general. Yes, the teen years are tough, but most teens balance the requisite angst with good friendships, success in school or outside activities, and the development of a strong sense of self.
  • Guatemala Indigenous Leader 'Escapes Street Attack': An indigenous leader in Guatemala who is an outspoken critic of the government says he has escaped an attempted shooting. Mario Itzep of the National Indigenous Observatory said two men on a motorbike opened fire on him in Guatemala City. He said he had recently received anonymous telephone calls telling him that unless he stopped bothering the government he would regret it. Itzep said he was not injured in the incident.
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The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of National Security gets $150K equipment donation from US Government
The Ministry of National Security has received a new donation from the United States Government to help upgrade security at key locations. The donation includes three (3) Smith Detection X-Ray Inspection Systems (HI-SCAN 6040i, 6030di, 7555i) and two (2) Walk-Through Detectors (METOR 200/MELS 1812, at a total value of US $156,000. The handover took place this morning at the Sir Edney Cain Administration Building in Belmopan, which houses the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance and other Government offices. Handing over the equipment on behalf of the US Government was Deputy Chief of Mission, Margaret Hawthorne, and receiving them on behalf of the Ministry of National Security was Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security.

56 year old tourist searches for the "Secret to Humanity" in northern Ambergris Caye
Believe it or not, there are many people who still believe that the Maya civilization holds the secret to the future of humanity; buried beneath the ruins yet to be discovered. Well that is what led a man from San Bruno near San Francisco California, USA to Belize and even more specifically, to San Pedro Ambergris Caye - who consequently got lost for almost 24 hours in the jungle of northern Ambergris Caye following his "Indiana Jones" type story. Harold Joseph Wulff, claims that he has studied the Maya civilization for most part of his life. He claims that he believes that buried somewhere under the remains of the Maya ruins here on Ambergris Caye are the secret to the future of human kind. He supports his theory by stating that documents from historians and archaeologists point the secret place as being Ambergris Caye. He claims that there was once a powerful Maya Queen who documented that the secret to the future of humanity and the world was buried beneath a temple at a location that "is not mountainous, once belonged to mainland but had been cut off by the Maya� is now an island surrounding by beautiful waters and disconnected from the continent�" so then the man claims "that place is Ambergris Caye." The 56 year old man flew in from USA, in search of clues that would lead him to the secret to "the future of humanity." The man decided to travel to northern Ambergris Caye, with help of satellite images, to locate a mount that holds the buried secrets. The man further claimed that he saw the remains of the mount, fitting the description given by many historians and archaeologists. He claimed that the ruin is about 25 feet high covered by the overgrown trees but is untouched near a cenote.

ACES introduces new intern
My name is Joshua Pierce and I am the newest addition to the ACES/American Crocodile Education Sanctuary team. Prior to my involvement with ACES, I had spent my life working with and around wildlife. This includes some critters that most people seem to shy away from; large mammalian carnivores and venomous snakes to name a few. Working with ACES has helped to fulfill a lifelong dream - conserving crocodilians in a very direct and effective manner. Experiences thus far have enabled me to learn effective trapping techniques which serve to benefit conservation of these animals by not simply killing, but rather relocating them. At the same time, effective wrangling and handling methods have been taught to me focusing on safety for both myself and the animal; something that is paramount for the success of what we do. Outside of the hands on trapping, wrangling, and adrenaline pumping excitement I have learned something truly equally as exciting: how to successfully operate an NGO (non-government-organization) with a conservation goal.

Ambergris Today

A Stellar Performance by The Belize Dance Company
San Pedro gave the Belize Dance Company the standing ovation it deserved after the group presented their spectacular "Belize - Diverse Cultures and Rhythms" show which it performed in a Europe tour as part of the Festival du Sud this past summer. The presentation on the island took place at the R. Angel Nu�ez Auditorium on Saturday, November 3, 2012, and was made possible by a number of sponsors that helped the Dance Company to put on the performance which was a benefit concert for Miss Rosita Baltazar who was diagnosed with breast cancer and forced to cut short her participation with the Belize contingent in Europe.

Celebrating Los Finados (Day of the Dead) in San Pedro
On Thursday, November 1 and Friday, November 2, 2012, Island residents commemorated and remembered their deceased loved ones in a religious celebration known as Los Finados; a tradition that has been kept alive and passed on generation after generation honoring our beloved dead relatives. November 1st is celebrated as All Saints Day by Catholics worldwide. In San Pedro, this past Thursday, November 1, 2012, the San Pedro House of Culture, along with the San Pedro RC Church, held a rosary and blessing of the food that is placed on the altar. Children were dressed as little angels and prayers were done in celebration of eternal life of he loved ones who have died. The Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) or All Souls Day is celebrated on November 2nd. Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, flowers, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed and visiting graves with these as gifts.

Pic of the Week: Flying Over Lighthouse Reef Atoll Belize
Here's a look at the northern-most tip of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll off the coast of Belize City. Beautiful mangrove islands and coral formations create this one-of-a-kind marine habitat that make Belize so beautiful and special. Belize has three of four atolls found in the Western Hemispher. - Picture by Dorian Nu�ez

How to Deal with Stress
Stress! Everybody, everyday� we all have stress. But not everybody knows how to deal with stress, so here are some ways to deal with stress. 1. Listen to music This is the one that is used the most. Just shut everything out and listen to music and after a while Bam! A lot of the stress is gone. Just don't listen to hate music because you will get yourself more stressed. 2. Talk about it If you talk about your problems you get less stress. Just make sure to talk about your problems to someone trusted, but like really trusted; not like a friend you just met yesterday. Venting out your stress/frustrations with somebody else really helps you calm down and you never know when that other person can help you out to fix the problem that is stressing you out.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize going up against US NGO to defend right to harvest conch
Belize's conch industry is valued at BZD$10 million (US$5 million) annually but it could virtually be wiped out if the United States Congress institutes a widespread ban against the importation of the seafood delicacy. Currently, the United States purchases 95% of Belize's queen conch harvest, but in March of this year the WildEarth Guardians, a non-governmental organisation in Denver, Colorado petitioned the US Secretary of Commerce, acting through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Fisheries Service, to have the species listed as threatened or endangered.

VIDEO: Joshua Berman Travel Writer in Belize
A day in the life of a travel writer in Belize. Author of Moon Belize, Joshua Berman, shows a brief glimpse of what it takes to update a guidebook.

FEIN (Garifuna Bread)
8 cups flour 1/4 cup sugar 1 Tab salt 1/4 cup shortening (optional) 1 1/2 cups coconut milk 2 Tbsp Yeast 1 cup lukewarm water 1 Tbsp sugar Combine yeast, water and sugar. Stir well and let stand until yeast rises. Add sugar, salt, melted shortening and coconut milk to yeast mixture. Place flour in bowl, make a well in the center and add the above liquid. Stir mixture or work with hand until well blended. Turn on lightly floured surface; let rest for 5 minutes. Knead until smooth and elastic.

Chess Club at GPC
Today at the George Price Centre, the Belize National Youth Chess Association, will be starting up their chess club again. Ages 8 and older can sign up for all levels. Sign up is 4:00pm sharp. "The chess club at the George Price Center will be starting up again November 6th at 4:00 pm! Please let everyone know and see further details in the attached flyer."

MSME Information Session at Welcome Center
Tonight, Tuesday, November 6th, Beltraide, the DFC, and the SISE Town Council will be having a Business Support Information Session for MSMEs. It'll be at the new Cayo Welcome Center, and start at 7:30.

Xunantunich Ferry Review
Funny news of the day. It seems like there are some minor design flaws in the new Xunantunich ferry. 4 vehicles can fit on it though. "So as I was crossing the ferry with a 2012 Toyota High Roof Hi Ace van the lip of the van scratched the ferry and as I made my way into it the butt of the van scratched on the pavement of the hill. We, me and the other van merely crossed the river. On the other side is also another matter I directed the other van to move first and he did. As it was moving off the back tires pushed the ferry away form the bank. the ferry man cranked it back to the edge and I was then given the go ahead to cross."

Cayo Birth Registration Campaign
This week, all around Cayo, they will be distributing birth certificates and doing birth registration. Check out the schedule to see when they'll be in your village. The cost is only $3.00. Make every child count!

Youth Week Basketball Tournament
It's Youth Week, and the Department of Youth Services in Benque is having an under 18 basketball tournament for west Cayo youth. They'll be having it each evening this week at Deacon's court. Contact Jimmy Leslie at 633-5050 for more information. Good luck, and happy Youth Week! It's here the long awaited U-18 Basketball Tourney for youths living in Benque Viejo or Cayo West! Starting Monday November 5 to Friday 9, 2012 All games are to take place at Deacon's Basketball Court from 6:00 p.m. onwards. Note: 1. Ten players per team! 2. All players must be able to present proof of age, if requested. 3. The overall winning team receives a trophy! 4. All games are to be played under FIBA rules

Channel 7

Mother of Two Killed In Gang War
Tonight, the city is recovering from another senseless killing - this time the victim is a woman. 27 year old Gayle Escarpeta was a working woman and a mother - but early on Saturday morning, she was caught in the crossfire of a gang war. How did it happen? Monica Bodden found out more:... Monica Bodden reporting 27 year old Gayle Escarpeta - an employee of Youth For the Future -was shot and killed early Saturday morning - It happened a little after 2:30am - while Escarpeta was travelling in a white Mazda Tribute along with her boyfriend. Their vehicle came under attack by 4 gunmen in a green car. Escarpeta was shot three times - two to the right arm and one to the right armpit. She was rushed to the KHMH by her boyfriend but was pronounced dead on arrival. Raphael Martinez - Police Press Officer "On Saturday 3rd November at approximately 3:00 in the afternoon police visited the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where they say the body of 27 year old Gayle Escarpeta, computer program assistant at Youth for the Future and a resident of 7657 Price Street in the Faber's Road area in Belize City was seen with 3 apparent gunshot wounds; two to the right arm and one to the right arm pit."

Crime-Ridden Area Not Demarcated Yet
The streets where that murder took place on West Canal is a hotbed for gang activity and had seen the fairly constant presence of a round the clock police patrol for years. But, it wasn't there on Saturday morning, - and that could be because police have been implementing their new strategy to re-deploy resources and swarm certain gang infested neighborhoods. It's a new strategy that was announced and implemented on Saturday but today we found out that the so called "Crime-ridden" areas have not been officially demarcated yet. So, right now police are just using their regular powers - but with additional manpower. CEO in the Ministry of National Security George Lovell explained:.. George Lovell - CEO - Ministry of National Security "The police department does have the authority to go into certain areas and do certain searches base on the laws that governs the police department and that is what they are currently using. When we have the areas identify as crime ridden areas - we find out that we have up until 30 days in which for us to be able to enforce the requirement of that act. I do know that we were in the PIV area; we were in the area known as back-a-town which is that area behind Berger Field. We were there yesterday and there are other areas that we will be in today."

Man Charged For Shooting Construction Foreman
Last week, 7News told you about the 43 year-old David Myvette, the employee of Maheia's United who was murdered on Electric Avenue while he was doing construction works on the street. Well tonight, 27 year-old Leon Yorke, a resident of Berry Street, is at prison after he was taken to court on the charge of murder. As we reported, at around 9:50 a.m. on October 31, Myvette was along with his co-workers on the corner of Electric and Lawrence Avenues, and they were laying down concrete on a section of the street. That's when 2 men arrived on separate bicycles, and one of the men pulled out a firearm and fired 12 shots at Myvette. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds, and died shortly after at the hospital. Police say that the man who pulled the trigger was Yorke, and he was charged with murder and escaping from lawful custody. He was arraigned before the Chief Magistrate today, where he explained that police ambushed him with this murder charge, and he had to escape to alert his family that he had been detained and charged.

Police Crackdown Produces Police Radio In Gang Turf
Earlier you heard the CEO in the Ministry of National Security detail that the PIV area was one of those they cracked down on - and that was visible at court today. Tonight, 5 people from the PIV area are facing charges after police found them with a police radio on Saturday. According to police, they conducted a search at the residence of #628 Lavender Street. Present at the time were 25 year-old Emmeth "Dada Dee" Baptist; his 50 year-old Mother, Raquel Baptist; his brother, 27 year-old Linval Baptist; 27 year-old Giovannie Smith; and 17 year-old Minor. The officers found a Motorola brand police radios on the TV stand, and as a result, all 5 persons were charged with possession of a communication apparatus without a license. They were arraigned before Magistrate Dale Cayetano today, where Emmeth Baptist attempted to plea guilty to the charge. He explained that he found the radio in front of the C B Hyde building on Administration Drive. He explained that he intended to sell it to a security firm.

Teenaged Female Sent To Jail For Weed
18 year-old Jaslyn Cadle, a resident of Supal Street is staring down a 3-year sentence after she was convicted of drug trafficking in Magistrate's Court. According the Gang Supression Unit, at around 6:25 p.m. on Saturday, they were on mobile patrol on Newtown Barracks, when they saw Cadle standing in front of the gate that the MCC Grounds with a knapsack. The officers decided to conduct a search on her, and they discovered 159 grams or 5.6 ounces of cannabis in the knapsack, and $195 in cash in her pocket. As a result, the officers charged her with drug trafficking, and she was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. She pleaded guilty to the charge, and she was sentenced to pay the mandatory fine of $10,000. She was ordered to pay $2,000 of that fine forthwith, or she would have to spend 2 years in prison. She must pay the entire fine by December 31, 2013, or she will spend 3 years in prison for it.

Man Gets 3 Years for Stealing Three Cheese Packs
58 year-old Henry Hulse, a resident of Barrack Road, is spending the first night of a 3 � year sentence, after he was convicted of stealing three packs of cheese in Magistrate's Court today. According to police, at around 10:20 a.m. yesterday, Hulse was seen inside Save U Supermarket, and he was caught shoplifting 3 packs of Cracker Barrel cheese, which amounted to a total value of $27 dollars. And after he walked out of the store without paying, the security guard detained him, searched him, and found the cheese in his pocket. The security guard called the police, who arrested Hulse, and charged him with theft. He pleaded guilty to the charge when he was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today, and he explained that he stole the cheese because he was hungry. As a result, he was sentenced to spend 18 months in prison, but it was discovered that he owed the court, for which he must now spend 2 years because he defaulted on payment.

Protecting the Principal: X-Ray Machines For Public Bldgs.
Since 9/11 - the US Government has become one of the most security conscious Governments in the world. And now they are bringing a part of that to Belize. The US Government today donated three X-Ray machines to the government. They're the kind you'd usually find at the airport - but one of these will be at the seat of power in the Sir Edney Cain building. Another will be at the CB Hyde building in Belize City and the last at the Kolbe Central Prison in Hattieville. These were handed over today - along with a pair of walk through metal detectors. The US Deputy Chief Of Mission, Nini Hawthorne says security is an increasingly relevant priority: Nini Hawthorne, Deputy Chief of Mission - US Embassy "Protecting our facilities is a key component of the United States Government operations just as it is important to the government of Belize. When we protect our facilities, we protect the people inside them. In fact we have an entire bureau within the State Department that focuses on this critical area. As recent tragic events in Libya have demonstrated protecting government buildings and facilities must remain a top priority in an increasingly unpredictable world. We know that Belize is everybody's concern about protecting the leaders who guide and serves citizens. The security of these leaders starts in places where they work and where they live. To do their effectively they need to know and feel that they are safe and secure from people who may want to harm them.

UNO Unhappy, Sol Gloomy
PUMA Energy took over from Esso Belize in the middle of this year - and now the company is changing the terms under which it does business with fuel wholesalers, UNO and SOL. PUMA presently imports and stores all the fuel that comes into the country - and then sells this to the wholesalers, who in turn sell it to their branded fuel stations. In the past, ESSO would give the wholesalers 15 days of credit. But now PUMA is changing it to ten days. It might not sound like that big a deal, but when you're dealing with thousands of gallons of fuel - that change can consequentially affect a company's cash flow. And that's just what UNO's Local Finance Officer told us 11 days ago. Andrea Eiley, Local Finance Officer "Well it will affect our cash flow and so right now what we are doing is the credit analysis to see how we could negotiate with them and come to a common ground because it hasn't been finalized as yet. But it does affect out cash flow."

More Cases to Court Since Crackdown
On average, every Monday, there are about 10 new matters which are lodged at the Magistrate's Court for defendants facing charges. That number may go up to as much as 15 if there is a spike in crime. Today, after one weekend of the crime crackdown, there were 22 persons who were brought before the court to be arraigned. Along with the cases we reported on earlier in the newscast, there were 3 persons charged with harm, 7 persons for drug possession, one for assaulting a police officer, and another for conspiracy to commit burglary. There was even one person who was charged with a nuisance charge drinking alcohol in public, and worse, one man charged with riding a bicycle without a bell. The spike in cases is attributable to the recent police crackdown in crime hotspots.

Schakron's Businesses in Disarray
2 weeks ago, 7News told you about the execution style killing of the well-known, well established businessman, 51 year-old Alfred Shakron. Well tonight, we note that 2 of his business have temporary closed. According to an advertisement in the November 4, 2012 issue of the Amandala Newspaper, the JEC and Mega Bingo businesses will be closed until further notice. The advertisement notes that the pawn customers will be given a free month, and begs the patience of the public during the family's time of mourning.

Youths Look for A Crime Solution
We've shown you earlier in the newscast what the Government of Belize is trying to do to curb the crime in Belize City. We now turn to a fledgling organization, which decided to make an effort to try to help with the situation. This organization calls itself the Youth Against Violence, and it an has been established in several Central American Countries. The Belizean chapter of the Youth Against Violence was officially introduced to the media on Saturday morning, and 7News stopped by. Here's what we found about their perspective on crime, which mostly affects young people who are in their age range: Cordelia Belizaire, Youth Against Violence - Belize "In 2012 Belize the 5th dangerous country in Central America with a homicide rate of 39 persons per every 100,000 inhabitants. This simply means that every day someone will lose their life due to violence. That person could be a relative, a friend, a brother, a sister, the person at the grocery store, the food vendor you frequently patronize but it could be someone you know." "Belizeans we are not alone in our fight. we are joined by the Central American youth movements and we are all aiming towards creating a safe Central American region."

Channel 5

Gayle Escarpeta, Youth for the Future employee, murdered
Last week the security forces were expected to increase its presence on the streets and to implement a lockdown on crime ridden areas in the city. The move has not been implemented as yet and despite additional police presence in hot zones, a woman in her twenties was murdered. She was an employee of the [...]

Crime Ridden Areas will come into effect after being gazette
Escarpeta was killed on George Street-considered a very hot spot of the City. Most observers would have expected George Street to fall into the Crime Ridden Area designation that the Ministry of National Security said came into effect on Thursday of last week. Well, we can confirm that the designation of crime ridden areas must [...]

Will honest citizens be affected for living in crime zone?
C.E.O. Lovell was keen on not mentioning which areas might fall into the designation of crime ridden areas; but he did mention a few areas where regular police drug searches took place over the weekend. Crime affects the entire city and areas where productive and honest citizens live and they too may fall into the [...]

GSU busts 2 women with illegal drugs
A pair of Belize City women are in the news tonight following charges of drug trafficking.� In separate incidents, personnel from the Gang Suppression Unit conducted stop and search operations on eighteen year old Joslyn Cadle and thirty-one year old Tanise Smith and netted several quantities of cannabis.� On Saturday, whilst on Newtown Barracks, Cadle, [...]

Woman alleges botched delivery at Northern Regional
News Five has been informed of several women who have alleged that they or their newborn developed complications while being treated at the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk. At least one mother has forwarded her case to the Belize Medical and Dental Association hoping that the organization of doctors could help find a solution. [...]

Medical and Dental Association concerned about Northern Regional Hospital
The several women who have alleged malpractice at the Northern regional Hospital wrote to the Belize Medical and Dental Association expressing their discontent and asking for a full investigation into their unfortunate experiences. But the BMDA does not have the power to effect any change; but it is in fact, the Medical Council headed by [...]

U.S. donated x-ray machine to protect office of the P.M. and Kolbe
The Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) has been one outlet through which the United States has assisted Belize's security forces with equipment worth millions of dollars to protect our borders, whether on land or sea. Today the U.S. Embassy handed over some more equipment to aid in security at the Kolbe Prison, the Charles [...]

Yorke arraigned for Electric Avenue murder
In court today, the murder case of forty-three year old David Myvette was heard.� Myvette was callously murdered on Electric Avenue last Wednesday while working on the job. And today, twenty-seven year old Berry Street resident, Leon Yorke was arraigned for his murder. Yorke appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith and he was charged. [...]

Stealing from the Police Commissioner's farm
Crime seems to have no bounds and over the weekend, the Commissioner of Police was targeted by a robber. According to reports, sometime around nine a.m. on Saturday, November third, David Henderson reported to police that on that same seventy-nine plantains were stolen from his farm. And today, Santana villager, Lincoln Kent Crawford, appeared before [...]

Youth Week celebrated at Youth for the Future
Youth Week 2012 officially commenced on Sunday with an interdenominational mass held in Belmopan.� Activities in Belize City have been dampened by the untimely death of Gayle Escarpeta, who was instrumental in organizing the weeklong festivities.� Despite the somber mood, an open day was held today at the organization's headquarters where primary and secondary school [...]

Make your own comic book
There are many ways that youths can keep out of trouble and that includes joining groups such as the YWCA, YMCA and the boys and girls scouts. But arts are also another way in which youths can channel their energy. Last week a team of comic book creators came to Belize to show our youths [...]

2 Orange Walk teens missing
A pair of students, one from Muffles High School and another from Muffles Junior College, has been reported missing by Orange Walk police.� Fifty year old Zacarias Copo reported to police that on Friday his thirteen year old daughter, Ami Lore Copo, left their residence on Burns Street in Orange Walk Town at six-forty a.m. [...]

A workshop to protect cultural heritage
It can be argued that cultures are the psychological DNA of a people. The unique strands of dance, folklore, traditions and even speech bind people within a national framework. That is why the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is attempting to sensitize Belizeans about the UNESCO's Intangible Heritage Convention which was launched [...]

Red Cross says Cuba battered by Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy tore through Cuba last week causing severe damage to infrastructure and crops; sixty percent of the population has been affected and over one hundred and thirty thousand families experienced disrepair to their homes. Substantial relief support is needed for Cuba and the Belize Red Cross is launching a relief appeal to assist its [...]

Amazing weekend sporting highlights with James Adderley
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is sports Monday.   Week 10 of the PLB Season saw a monster showdown inside the Isidiro Beaton Stadium on Saturday night as Police United played host to their arch-rivals Placencia Assassins as both teams looked to rebound after both suffered losses on the last schedule. Indeed it [...]


Five Charged for Possession of Police Radio
Five persons were charged with possession of a police hand held radio for which they did not have a license, when they appeared in court today. They are 50 year old Raquel Baptist, her sons 25 year old Emmet Baptist and 27 year old Linval Baptist, 27 year old Giovanni Smith and a 17 ye...

Teenager Fined 10k for Drug Trafficking
Eighteen year old Jaslyn Cadle, an unemployed of Supal Street charged with drug trafficking for 159 grams of cannabis, was fined 10 thousand dollars today by Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith after she pled guilty to the charge. Chief Magistrate Smith ordered her to pay $2,000.00 forthw...

Belize City Man Imprisoned for Stealing Cheese
Fifty-eight year old Henry Hulse, a salesman of 78 Barrack Road who stole three packs of Cracker Barrel cheese from Save-U supermarket, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment today after he pled guilty to the charge. Hulse will have to serve an additional two years because he owes cou...

Belize City Man Charged with Murder
Twenty-seven year old Leon Yorke, a resident of Berry Street, was charged with the murder of David Myvett when he appeared in Court today. Yorke was also charged with escape. According to the allegation, Yorke shot and killed Myvett on Electric Avenue on November 1. Yorke reporte...

Estereo Amor DJ Stabbed
A part time radio announcer was reportedly stabbed and robbed. Estereo Amor announcer, Rusel Marin, reported to police that shortly after ten on Saturday night he was walking through the BSI field when three youths riding bicycles attacked him and demanded money. Marin said...

Orange Walk Police Investigate Attempted Rape
Orange Walk police are investigating two incidents that took place over the weekend. A woman from the Petville area in the outskirts of Orange Walk Town reported that a man attacked her allegedly with the intention to rape her. According to the 50 year-old woman, at around ...

DAVCO Holds AGM in Cayo
The seventh annual general meeting of the Cayo District Association of Village Council was held today at the University of Belize Central Farm Campus. The AGM was called by the Chair person of DAVCO Mrs. Idolyn Adolphus and Rural Development officer Orlando Jiminez. Pre...


Miss Garifuna pageant is held at the Bliss
The celebration of Garifuna Settlement Day is still two weeks away; but preparations are already in full swing. Tonight, the Miss Garifuna Belize cultural pageant takes center stage at the Bliss Center for the performing Arts. Fidelis Mejia is the Secretary of the Dangriga Branch of the National Garifuna Council. The theme for this year's Garifuna Settlement Day is: "We keep going forward with the Power of God and the Ancestors."

Youth Against Crime was launch at the Radisson
There is a call for young people in Belize to unite against crime. Youths between the ages of thirteen and thirty are being invited to the Radisson Hotel tomorrow for the public launch of what is being called Youths Against Crime Belize. Three of the movers behind the formulation of the group stopped by our studios today to pitch the idea. Tomorrow launch of Youths Against Violence Belize will be held in the Caracol Room at the Radisson Hotel. During a scheduled press conference at eleven o'clock, a short video depicting the work of the group in other Central American countries will be shown.

A donation was made to Children's Home and YMCA
The Belize Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, BELAIFA, this morning donated food items to the Liberty Children's Home and the YMCA feeding programs. President of the Association Tessa Usher told us how they came up with the items. Director of Liberty Children's Home Delfina Mitchell says the donation could not have come at a better time. Ronald Reynolds is the Program Coordinator at the YMCA and he says they are grateful for the contribution. Reynolds says last year's donation helped not only their feeding program but also their after school program as well as some needy families they helped out.

PG hospital gets renovated
A renovation project on the pediatric ward is completed at the Punta Gorda Hospital. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports.

The National AIDS Commission released PASMOD
The findings of a survey to determine male sexuality, and particularly, what defines a real man have been revealed. The survey, conducted by the Pan American Social Marketing Organization, PASMO, was released today by the National AIDS Commission. The findings are the views of what women think constitutes a man, not only in Belize, but the Central American region. Isolda Fortin who conducted the research for PASMO, shared those findings with us. The Study provided information on gender relations, concepts of masculinities and HIV prevention.


Marcia Ortega reacts to her sister's murder
27 year old Gayle Escarpeta, a Computer program assistant at Youth for the Future and resident of the Faber's Road ...

US Donates over US $150 Thousand Worth of Equipment to Ministry of National Security
A new walk through metal detector and x-ray machine has been installed at the Sir Edney Cain building. The equipmen...

PM in US for super-bond negotiations
Prime Minister Dean Barrow left for the US over the weekend . He along with the super-bond negotiating team is sche...

Home invaders wear Halloween masks
A Chinese businessman got a real Halloween scare. 47 year old Kim Lun Chee, a naturalized Belizean Businessman of H...

Cayo businesses report counterfeit 50 dollar bills
A number of businesses within San Ignacio and Santa Elena have found themselves with fake $50 bills. Between the 2n...

Child Development Foundation hosts "Morality Matters" seminar on child abuse
A two nights Morality Matters Seminar starts tonight (NOV 5) at the Step of Faith church. It is being hosted by the...

"Rise and Shine" telethon raises just over 56 thousand dollars.
PlusTV hosted an appreciation day on Saturday November 3rd in the form of a telethon. The purpose was to raise fund...

Christian recording artist Nicole C Mullen ministers in Belmopan
Worshipers who attended a special church event at the Jaguar Auditorium on Sunday morning were in for a really grea...

Orange Walk Police arrest three persons for firearm offences
Orange Walk Police arrest three persons for firearm offences. On Thursday Police executed a Search Warrant at a hou...

Belmopan Police arrest two persons for firearm offences
Belmopan Police arrest two persons for firearm offences. On Friday morning at 4:30am, Police conducted a house sear...

Thieves net items worth $54,500 from Ladyville home.
Ladyville police are investigating an expensive burglary. Gareth Morey, a Program Coordinator for Government of Bel...

Two female students missing from Orange Walk
Orange Walk Police see the public's assistance in locating two missing persons. On Friday at 11:16am, Marleta Jacob...


Beauty of nature right outside our windows
I'm sure our regular readers have noticed that things have been kinda slow here on the blog lately. 'Tis true. With Barry partially out of commission with a pinched nerve in his upper back, he can't even ride his bike without a lot of pain, so we haven't been traveling, going out, or doing many interesting things of late. Hard to believe, but it's been six weeks since his injury. He's improved somewhat, but it's very slow going. I considered putting the blog on hiatus for awhile, but I decided that an occasional post was better than none at all. One thing we have been doing lately is taking photos of the stunningly beautiful scenery right outside our windows, mostly around sunset or moonrise time, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite photographs taken in the past week or so. I hope you enjoy them. Afterglow Afterglow peacefulness Egret at dusk Full moon rising Unfortunately, ugly plastic washes up among the sargassum in certain weather conditions. Ruddy Turnstones on the dock while storms brew beyond the reef Coastal Express water taxi loaded down with passengers Approaching storms

A Little Rain and A Lot of Sand Flies
After a week or more of perfect, GORGEOUS weather, the clouds have moved in bringing with them very heavy night time rains. Pools are back at their rims and cisterns are over flowing. Yesterday afternoon was very pretty but you could see those dark clouds lurking all day. Here is the view this morning...from the other side. I'm still thinking sun later this morning. I have no problem with the weather. In fact, I am loving it. Cool at night, it dipped into the mid-70s last night and I was double wrapped in blankets. "Baby making weather" some Belizeans like to call it. What I am not enjoying is the sand flies. Tiny little insects about the size of a pin head, these miniature flies live to annoy. Mosquitoes, I can respect for a few reasons. 1. They respect my bug repellent. If you don't forget to spritz yourself thoroughly before leaving the house in the evening, you can return bite free. I enjoy a bug that plays by the rules. 2. They are biting you for a reason. A poor mosquito mama is just trying to nurse her mosquitolings on your blood (or something like that). 3. They are pretty easy and satisfying to kill. They warn you that they are coming by buzzing, they linger a bit too long while biting. They give you a shot. Sand flies, no-see-ums, midges, sand fleas don't play by any of these rules. They could care less about my Off! Spray and you can hardly see them. There is a long list of remedies that people swear oil being top of the list. But it doesn't seem to work for me. All you feel is a pinprick little bite on your ankles. Always the ankles... But it is certainly not the end of the world. They only bother me a few days out of the year. Most hotels rake their sand daily and that cuts the number down seriously. And they leave no lasting bump on me. If this is the worst the tropics have to offer bug-wise, it's not that bad at all. A week by the lake in upstate NY leaves me much more itchy. I'm sure many have had different experiences. If you have a great remedy/repellent or even a horror story, definitely let me know. I'm sure many people would like to hear...

Fried Potato Wedges
I love French fries, but could never get them to be crispy. These fried potato wedges are awesome because they are crunchy and crispy, but still thick enough to satisfy.

International Sources

Tourism in Central America Up 7% This Year, Best in Americas
According to the U.N. World Tourism Organization, international tourism in Central America is up 7% this year (through August). That's the biggest increase in the Americas, ahead of the increase in South America (up 6%), the Caribbean (up 5%) and North America (Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, up 3%) International tourist arrivals grew by 4% between January and August 2012 compared to the same period of 2011 according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. The resilience of international tourism in a continuing uncertain economy is further confirmed by the positive data on tourism earnings and expenditure. The number of international tourists worldwide grew by 4% between January and August 2012 compared to the same eight months of 2011 (28 million more). With a record 705 million tourists up to August 2012, UNWTO remains confident that one billion international tourists will have travelled the world by the end of the year. "This growth is a very positive result in view of the global economic situation. We must remain cautious, however, as we have also observed some weaker months during the year, a trend that might return in the remainder of the year," said UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai.

Fox News Picks Belize's Best Eco Resorts
Two Belizean eco resorts highlighted in a recent Fox News feature listing Belize's most ecofriendly tourism destinations are partners in affordable all-inclusive "Rainforest to Reef" Belize vacation packages and this means that guests are able to experience Belize's lush inland rainforests and the Caribbean coast with two of "Belize's very best", according to Larry Waight, The Lodge at Chaa Creek's marketing administrator. In a feature titled "Eco-Friendly Stays in Belize" Fox news highlighted Chaa Creek, which is situated in a private 365 acre rainforest nature reserve in inland Belize, and Chabil Mar, which is located on the Belize's Caribbean Coast. "We were happy to see Chaa Creek picked as one of Fox News's best ecofriendly resorts, and then, I noticed that our good friends and partners in two all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, Chabil Mar, were also on the list," Mr Waight said. "What that means for our guests is that when you book one of those packages, you can rest assured that you're getting the best, most eco-friendly inland and Caribbean beach resorts. "It makes people confident that they are getting the best of the best while doing the right thing for the environment," he added. The Fox news feature article said that, "Chaa Creek, one of Belize's first eco-lodges, has evolved from its humble beginnings as a working farm to become a premier luxury retreat. This sophisticated operation includes rustic-luxe, thatched-roof cottages, wonderful service, and modern amenities such as an infinity pool with jungle views and a full-service spa. The riverside setting on a private rainforest reserve is phenomenal, and myriad tours and outdoor activities are offered through the hotel."

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