A gang area which has not been designated as crime-ridden is Mayflower Street. But it was subjected to an extensive police operation this afternoon.

Over the years, the Mayflower area has developed a reputation as being the base for one of the most feared gangs in Belize City, the Ghost Town Crips.

But, there are also non gang affiliated residents of the area.

So today, 7News was called out there because some of the residents were upset by the actions of some of the officers. We were surprised to find a resident who had absolutely no problem with police doing their job. She says it's because she has nothing to hide:

Resident of Mayflower
"The police already came to my house. They entered my house, and they asked if I had drugs or weapons. I told them no, only my son and I live here. I just came from work, after I washed and cleaned up. I don't know what happens outside. I just stay inside with my son. We only go to work or school, and then back home."

"When I heard them knocking on the door, they said, 'it's the police, open the door.' I said, Okay, no problem.' And I opened the door. The police entered, and check everything in my house. They won't find anything because I don't have anything for them to find. They said, 'Okay, Ma'am, but we still have to check.' I told them it's okay and to go ahead. I don't have anything to hide."

But there was one family today who was furious because, according to them, the police acted in appropriately to a 13 year-old female by allegedly subjecting her to a strip search for no reason. Here are the comments of that aggrieved parent:

Voice of: Resident of Mayflower
"It's the way how the police they came just now. My 13 year old granddaughter was sleeping in her room and then two WPC along with 3 male officers went in there and wake her up and told her to take off all her clothes and they push their hands in her ........ I think it is totally uncalled for. What can a 12 year old do? That is craziness man."

Daniel Ortiz
"But miss we often have people who make these accusations."

Voice of: Resident of Mayflower
"The only thing that I don't do is tell lie on the police. I will not do that because I will get nowhere by telling lies on the police."

Daniel Ortiz
"This is one of the areas most feared by citizens of Belize because they believe that this neighborhood is infested by gang members. Your family lives through here and we are assuming that you are an law abiding citizen. How does if affect you that these area is reputed to be so bad?"

Voice of: Resident of Mayflower
"The people turn it to be that way. But this area it's not really that it is bad - you have people who don't live in this area come and do their crime and then they run through here. So then they class everybody the same through here."

We note that there were a number of different units in the operation, which included members of the Special Patrol Branch, CIB, K9 Unit, and Special Branch.

The officers also randomly stopped and searched vehicles which were moving along Vernon Street.

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