gregorio garcia

In news of a political nature, there is trouble tonight in the usually united Northern Caucus of the P.U.P. According to reports, Florencio Marin, Deputy Party Leader and Corozal South East Representative Florencio Marin Jr. is trying to flex his muscle in the caucus by endorsing a New Executive in the Corozal Bay. At the last meeting of the Northern Caucus, it was decided that new constituency executives would be elected or endorsed until January 2013.  But out of the blue and without giving prior notice, the Corozal Bay Executive headed by Roberto Pasos, has called for an election this Saturday.   Pasos, it is said, placed phone calls to select members of the executive saying that there were instructions from the leadership to endorse and appoint a new executive as soon as this Saturday. A demonstration is being planned to stop the elections which is seen as an attempt to remove Gregorio “Papas” Garcia who contested the last general elections as standard bearer for the opposition in the Bay. Garcia is considered an ally to former party Leader John Briceño.

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