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The San Pedro Sun

Lands & Surveys Department upgrading land management system
The Government of Belize signed a loan agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on November 16, 2009, in the amount of US$2,500,000 to finance the execution of the Land Management Program Phase III (LMP III). The Project is for a period of three (3) years and is in its final stage of development. The objective of this Program is to consolidate and expand land management services country-wide, to improve quality, efficiency and access to all Belizeans. The LMP III consists of three components: (1) Expansion of the Parcel-Based Land Information System; (2) Improvement of Urban Land Information; and (3) Support for the Provision of Modern Land Management Services. The LMP III Program is being executed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture (MNRA) through the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS). In November 2012, the Program began execution of Component 1. As a result, the general public is hereby advised that the Lands & Surveys Department is currently migrating into this upgraded Land Management System. Due to this migration, services at the National Estate Section and all District Lands Offices are limited but will become fully operational over the next fifteen (15) business days. During this period, the Ministry asks for your patience as we continue our efforts to better serve the Belizean people.

Garifuna Calendar of events for San Pedro announced
The calendar of events leading up to National Garifuna Settlement Day celebration on November 19th in San Pedro Town has been officially released by the San Pedro Cultural Committee. The events have the endorsement of the National Garifuna Council and support at the local level as well as the Minister of Tourism and Culture Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. and the San Pedro Town Council. “We want to have a united celebration and we want all Garifunas to join in the celebration. We also invite our local residents and visitors to enjoy the rich culture that will be on full display during the course of the month,” said the Chairman of the San Pedro Cultural Committee Councilor Mito Paz. The calendar of events is being held under the theme “Wawansera Memeba Lau Lubafu Bungui Hama Ahari – We keep going forward with the Power of God and the Ancestors.”

Misc Belizean Sources

Miss Belize in Reina Internacional del Tropico
Karen Middleton, who was Miss Belize at the Costa Maya pageant, went to Honduras to represent Belize at the Reina Internacional del Tropico pageant. She was crowned Miss Friendship. Great job, Karen! "Karen Jasmine Middleton represented Belize at the Reina Internacional del Tropico 2012 Pageant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on November 9th, 2012. She did not place but was named Miss Friendship."

Fashion at Actun Chapat
Joris Hendrik has some great designs out there in some unique places. Great wedding dress in Xibalba. "I'm a hopeless romantic and I decided to go for wedding Dresses because I love the glamour there is at Weddings. On this occasion I called a very close friend of mine Ruth Salazar to be a part of this Fashion Pictorial. Photographer Lupita Banmann introduced me to the Cave Actun Chapaat and ofcourse I would say yes to an adventure. It was a beautiful day when we ventured into the Underworld."

Kontiki Family Fun Day
The Kontiki Neighborhood Watch is having their Family Fun day today on Figueroa street. It'll go from 9:00am until 6:00pm. They'll have food, fun, specials, a football competition, greasy pole, and more.


Trying Something New: Sandbar Bar & Restaurant
I love something new. Another sports bar in San Pedro? Serving wings and Belikins? Ho-hum. There are so many bars and restaurants in this town, that I do love it when someone has the creativity (or the money) to try something more. (It's VERY hard to come up with new ideas for a bar.) And yesterday, when I stopped by the new Sandbar (the former Playa Chel), I saw that they are doing just that. Let's get one thing straight from the get-go, they are absolutely blessed to be leasing one of the best locations on the island. And a really gorgeous set of buildings and furniture. Bless and ambitious. This rent can not be cheap. And you are right next to a few other bars...Ambergris Brewing Company and Wet Willy's. On the beautiful stretch of beach right on the northern edge of town, across from Wet Willy's, they have set up what I've been begging for...for years! A beach club. Comfy lounge chairs and a bartender to bring you cold Belikins. HURRAY!

I Couln’t Belize It
Why I want to experience the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice at Chaa Creek 9 years ago I found myself alone, raising a 7 month old little baby boy. It was not what I had planned or expected. So, I sat down and asked myself, what do I want for Jack and what would I want our future to look like. I created a vision for us. I knew that I had a special little guy and I decided that just because he only had me, he would have all the opportunities any child would have and I drew it out. I drew a picture of the world because I wanted him to understand that he was part of a bigger place, that he should be open to different people and cultures. I drew a picture of a tree because I wanted him to know that nature and the environment sustains us and we should protect it. I drew a picture of a group of people holding hands, surrounded by hearts. So that he would learn that people need each other and we should do what we can to support each other to grow, be happy and that love is the tool to making this happen. As the years passed, I’ve used this as my guide and have made our life an adventure. Canada is a beautiful country and we have camped all across Ontario. I bring him to museums. We were even able to visit the Lincoln Memorial so he can see how one person can do great things. We went to Savannah and saw dolphins swimming in the ocean. I bring him everywhere so he can meet and know many different types of people.

International Sources

Belize’s BCB Holdings Ltd: Is it turning the corner?
In April 1987, a group of Belizean investors bought the assets of Royal Bank of Canada in Belize and renamed the company The Belize Bank Ltd. This bank, together with Belize Bank International Ltd (formerly, British Caribbean Bank International Ltd), are now the two major subsidiaries of BCB Holdings Ltd (BCBH). The Belize Bank is the largest bank in Belize. With a total of 12 branches it enjoys a 41 per cent market share of loans and 37 per cent share of total deposits. In descending order according to asset size, the other major competitors in that market are Scotiabank, Atlantic Bank Ltd, FCIB and Heritage Bank Ltd. (Its operating currency is the Belizean dollar, which is equivalent to US$0.50. The reporting currency of the parent company, BCBH, is the US dollar.)

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