The country is filled with young aspiring individuals. They dream big and work hard towards accomplishing their goals. San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, is no different. As you walk the streets you come across hopeful musicians, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs. This week, The San Pedro Sun takes the opportunity to formally introduce our readers to a young man who has inspired many with his ambitions and amazing athleticism. At the young age of 17, Eric Donis has already accomplished much, having athletically competed both locally and internationally and represented very well - bringing home countless trophies and medals.

But did you know that as a child, Eric's interests did not include sports? He confessed to The San Pedro Sun that it wasn't until around the age of nine that he became interested. "I used to be the slowest at everything. This was until I turned nine, and then I started playing sports. I didn't really know anything about sports. Around that age I met a friend and he introduced me to another friend who was very athletic and got me into sports. I started off playing basketball and soccer. And then one day I went running with my brother and his friends. This is when I discovered what I was really good at. I quickly realized that unlike my brother and his friend, I didn't get tired. I noticed that I could have gone more and that's when I realized that I was a runner." This realization came to him at the tender age of 14.Since then, Eric has competed in approximately ten races. In those ten races, he has placed first in six of them. So just what is his motivation to compete and run? Eric says that he is really competitive, but there is a much more important reason to his drive. "I have a younger brother and I want to show him what racing is about. I want to make sure he grows up and sees the potential. I'd say I do it for the kids to show them that stuff is possible if you try hard enough."

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