The City Center, it's an eyesore for anyone in the public and a heart pain for athletes. What should be the premier indoor sporting facility in the country has been in a state of abandoned ruin for more than two years.

And, what's worse is that it seems to be frozen in time - almost like it's waiting to crumple to the ground - hoping no one will notice.

There's been talk about a new facility for over a year - but that's like a ship on the horizon that seems to never reach the shore.

The original plan was that the Mexicans would sponsor the new facility.

And since the Prime Minister recently went to Mexico to meet with the outgoing President - who had promised the new facility in the first place - we wondered if maybe he gave it as a farewell gift.

Well, there's no such luck, the PM says he'll have to talk to the incoming president:

Prime Minister Dean Barrow
"I am hopeful that President Elect Pena Nieto will be as forthcoming as President Calderon has been, and I have no doubt that generally speaking, that is going to be the case. If there are particular problems with the Civic Center project, then I repeat, I'm going to get it done locally if I have to, by way of a combined syndicated type of financing that will hopefully see SSB involved, GOB, and Belize Telemedia Limited."

Ballpark figures say a decent new indoor basketball facility would cost a minimum of 10 million Belize.

Channel 7